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29.05.2013 09:30
I see men catch and shoot it antworten
"Mom,Poppy Collection Coach Sale, traffickers is not our national patents, there are in the world." Lin non said lightly, "in order to benefit to the people to every corner of the earth." "Hey, is money!" Wu Mayao shook his head, "Sir, I see men catch and shoot it, then certainly not do such things people do things offensive to God and reason!" Lin non ha ha smiled, "Mom, I found you are sometimes very cute, but I and you talk about, even in harsh criminal law, in the huge interest someone will still exist fluky psychology, which is why some people will know the law but break it." "I listen to a head ache, do not disturb the master, to prepare for breakfast." Wu mother out of the living room. Lin non took out a small bottle pocket,Jordan Flight 9 Sale, he gently open the bottle cap,Nike Air Jordan 6, white on the inside s è powder makes his eyebrows slightly pressed, the powder was too familiar, he took a little bit on the tip of the tongue on the taste, the heart has several, the powder containing high purity cocaine, which is usually people often say that cocaine, but there are other components. He put the little bottle cover, remembering the words of Su Feiya, will contact all the details she described together, stood up and walked to the door...... Around ten in the morning, Lin is not home, several women have sat at the table. Bai Ruoyun is talking to Aileen, she saw no spoon is used, the door hurriedly said: "husband, go wash your hands, eating." "Cousin, cousin bed is looking for you everywhere, I asked her, she wouldn't say." Sophia silvery laugh. "Hurry up with your mouth!" White ruo-yun clip a steamed jiaozi directly into her mouth. It is the poem language chuckle: "Yeah, sister to feed her a, she fed a small fat man, who let her morning not tease me just teasing you!" Aileen in the side of the light way: "if the cloud, don't give her, otherwise these steamed jiaozi are eaten by her." Lin Fei side hand while listening to women's discourse, heart, since Su Feiya came into the house, the whole house filled with a relaxed atmosphere, even the gentle yet poetic language is driven very lively. He went to the dining room to sit to Bai Ruoyun side, "wife, Sophie said is true?" Bai Ruoyun glanced at Lin Fei, with a straight face said: "what really false, hurry to eat, one family is waiting for you, in addition to this little!" Lin Fei looked at her and have a look on the table in the rest of the steamer steamed jiaozi, "Sophia, these steamed Jiaozi is you eat?" Hey. Sophia generous smile, "is this miss eat?" Bai Ruoyun looked at her innocent and cute, finally could not help but laugh, "you are worthy of being cousins, can be seen from the appetite." Suddenly reminded of what is poetic language, she was holding Su Feiya by the shoulders, please smile: "little miss Su Feiya miss, can not be imparted to us to eat so much and not fat tips? If you tell us, wait for after dinner I asked you to go bowling." Su Feiya with a serious face looking at all the beauty, she cleared her throat, "said tips...... I don't know, I just do not >
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