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29.05.2013 09:23
a happy talk can't stop. Well antworten
Wife of shop-owner poured a cup of plum soup to Bai Ruoyun continued: "we this small Menlianer is not big, the developers had to a set of three rooms of the house with more than 100 square meters of shops along the street. Compensation..: also gave us so much." She held up two fingers in the forest not before shaking. Two hundred thousand. Forest not laughed and said: "a lot of it, you got rich." The boss gave Lin Fei a look, "you really, white with such good cars, have not seen the money! Two hundred thousand as for my joy into it?" She is biting tooth whispered: "two million!" Forest not suddenly thought, this shop is in the outside east area, also belong to the static Maple construction company responsible for the demolition and reconstruction project. Watching the boss because demolition compensation reasonable and so satisfied,Oakley Monster Dog, Lin not mind at ease a lot, too comfortable a lot...... The boss looked at the forest not help laughing, "envy me, you earn money and investment, there is a risk. We go, is a positive! To tell you the truth, this life never dreamed of such a good thing." Lin non chuckled once and did not answer. Wife of shop-owner rise continued: "you say, think that developers everywhere to our household business, always afraid of people suffer, their heart sounds so good? This year in this society is unique, don't they are Bodhisattva reincarnation, so infinite compassion and mercy, do good deeds?" Lin non gently in the table pulled Bai Ruoyun hand, said: "what the Buddha, they most is the conscience of the businessman." "You are right, the developer's original is not like this, the old wicked, compensation conditions they offer can't let people live. Those who do and joint law enforcement team will follow the developers put a leg pants, the surface of work actually secretly deceive the people, it is playing soft. The whole hard more dirty people, developers to hire black people, call them what Demolition Company, that bastard calf a powerful blast, bareheaded, with gold chains, all day in the streets of blind walk, from time to time into the house, the old! We the people thought this is you, honest Baji people were forced to sign. Who knows, a few days in the old Chen did a strange thing, is said to be the master Chen's son appeared, those poor se demolition crews beaten black and blue, which frightened the underworld people scare the shit out of sb., from then on, they never come. Then there is the today's developers, and you say,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, here people of good fortune is it right? A few life to repair the!" Wife of shop-owner eyebrow flew s è dance said, "well, I was a bright woman, a happy talk can't stop. Well, do not bother you, young couple chat, I give you the copper pot." Lin Fei looked at the boss left a face white ruo-yun indifferent smile, he said softly: "this time I make a big, married an infinite compassion and mercy Buddha when wife." White ruo-yun gave Lin Fei a glance, with a straight face, DIA way: "know nonsense, you put yourself as what, also dare marry Bodhisattva, careful thunder chasing cut you!" "Wife,Coach Kristin Clearance, you people do a great good, this >
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