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29.05.2013 09:21
and which Zhibu Ding rì antworten
v> Sun Chengzong to the emperor, then Reid is not light,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, glared emperor quite a while. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM "Master Sun Do not you think? Yuanchong Hua that set, slightly altered, could not be better used to fight naval battles." Young reforms laughing. "Uh ......, this may be right ......" Sun Chengzong somewhat stunned. "...... In addition to playing battle, I still feel, rì after the set of methods used to fight colony, perhaps more good ......" Yang reform continued. "Uh ......" Sun Chengzong do not know how to interface it. Young reforms actually laughed. Sun Chengzong not understand, which in the end is the emperor put what ah? ...... With the winter months to come. War machine gradually start the war atmosphere, more and more anxious, on the road to the north, the sea road, transport materials everywhere fleet fleet. This machine is a large Ming been a long time so efficient running up too,Jordan 5 Sale, and the start up of the war machine, people feel emboldened big Ming Dynasty, people feel restless atmosphere. The weather is getting cold, this people, but it is gradually restlessness, flame, in the heart leapt. ...... Savannah. Is Lindan Han manic satire, and yellow Daikichi on confrontation, and sacrificed a lot of people and tribes, the loss of no small cattle property. Khan accounts of people, all silence, do not want to provoke rage in Lindan Han, despite Lindan Han where the vent. Lindan Han rave, vent a pass, finally stop down. "National Division, that rì is the sweat in the end how to do?" Lindan Han curse enough, people are sober down, they had to ask their country division and the minister. Sha Erba Hutuketu and that rì are all silent, rì child more and more difficult, although there are a steady stream of supplies Ming, but this was the first thing, the other one has sent Huang Daikichi, the supplementary is guns, weapons, food, silver cloth or something, lost people, animals, lost the pasture, which is undoubtedly Lindan Han can not afford, although this is Lindan Han cut meat, can aid the Ming Dynasty, and Let Lindan Han reluctant, Ming is really very generous, even then a mean person, met the Ming Dynasty was a steady stream of aid, have to admit, the Ming really quite terrific, really quite generous. Ming generous, is built on the basis Lindan Han alliance is built on and play with Huang Ming Daikichi basis, and should not this, the Ming able generosity, it really is something fishy about it. That is to say, yellow Daikichi can not walk, we must sustain the current front ...... Sha Erba Hutuketu do not know how to persuade Lindan Han, now in the form, it is Lindan Han unfavorable one, and yellow Daikichi right on only to lose parts, Sha Erba Hutuketu was originally a relatively firm leaving school, but now, more and more of Sha Erba Hutuketu think Lindan Han Ming is to pour poison, which continuously aid is slow xìng poison, Sha Erba Hutuketu had expected to be able to support Lindan Han Ming Wong Daikichi offensive, then, good rì Lindan Han Son came, it seems, I'm afraid is little hope. Ming was a steady stream of support, see Sha Erba Hutuketu chilling, has been listening to instructions Huang generous, heroic, generous work there now, Ming Huang Sha Erba Hutuketu be felt emboldened and mine the . Faced with such a powerful Ming Huang, Sha Erba Hutuketu feeling scared but very ...... that rì Lindan Han veteran, and relying on the prairie unique intuition, but he did leave a relatively firm faction, may have seen a steady stream of support over the Ming Dynasty, has been relatively firm that rì are also hesitated, Lindan Han loss is too great, and the assistance of the Ming Dynasty, and is really endless, this go, then I'm afraid it can not get the support of the Ming Dynasty, which are all good things ah! If you are gone, I'm afraid, and Ming joint point, I'm afraid it is unpredictable consequences. That rì are on their own intuition also had a doubt. "Profusely, said Ming Dynasty replaced the Liaodong governor, the Yuan Manzi do Bingbushangshu withdrawn, and sent a new governor over Liaodong ......" National Division Sha Erba Hutuketu thought,nike air jordan, looking for a something to start a conversation, a direct answer Lindan Han, then, really do not know how to answer. "Ming Liaodong governor withdrawal will not be dismantled, and the sweat has anything to do with? Ming Dynasty and the sweat is not linked to the governor of Liaodong, but that Liu envoy, aid, through his hands to the ......, the country Teachers say this, but found out what the problem? "Lindan Han said some unpleasant, anger has not totally disappeared, Lindan Han why can stay here, supporting him, is entirely the Ming Dynasty was a steady stream, very generous assisted. "Profusely, though without the assistance of the Ming Liaodong governor's hand, can point substitutions Ming, Ming is afraid to make a move up ......" National Master Sha Erba Hutuketu said about this things, he would think, well good Yuanchonghuan hijacked the Ming dynasty, for a novice over, not what fun thing, if it is before, with his understanding of the Ming dynasty, I'm afraid he will this thing comes down internal power struggle to the Ming Dynasty, this thing into a good thing summed to a novice, says no defense there will be loopholes in the Ming Dynasty, the pressure on the yellow Daikichi, would not be so big, so no yellow Daikichi great pressure, and naturally not dwell Lindan Han grab something, perhaps, you can attract the eyes of yellow Daikichi past. Of course, with his understanding of the Ming dynasty now, so he did not dare to judge, the Ming emperor did not stupid, idiot sent over, unless North Korea can not grasp the Ming emperor Bureau would, and the problems do not go away Lindan Han , not to mention ...... "...... If you do not understand the Ming Dynasty sent a soldier scholar, Huang Ming Dynasty Daikichi this pressure, I'm afraid will be smaller, as profusely opportunity came, speaking , Huang Ming is the sworn enemy of Daikichi ...... "National Division Sha Erba Hutuketu said. "National Division are right in saying, however, it will send a really useless Ming scholar to palm soldiers do?" Lindan Han suspect asked Lindan Han is not an idiot, holding a Ming emperor generous assistance, he does not I believe Ming emperor would make this mistake. Ming emperor's intention, he do not know or do not is to take material support so that he and Huang Daikichi Sike do? Can know go know Lindan Han had to admit, the Ming emperor to take things did get was a bit soft on it. "Profusely, no matter how to say, and now the newly appointed governor of Liaodong just appointed, yellow Daikichi rì needs some time to become familiar with the ins and outs of this new governor of Liaodong I am afraid that many points jīng force in the past, such as the new governor of Liaodong is a scholar, Huang Ming Daikichi will certainly find trouble, if new to the Liaodong governor is a hard hand, yellow Daikichi mō clear bottom line, did not dare to act rashly, sweating, Ming Liaodong time for the governor, it touches on the sweat favorable ...... "National Division Sha Erba Hutuketu is relatively firm hard tǐng faction, still standing in the position of the hard tǐng hard tǐng. Lindan Han's eyes in the face of the National Division patrol for a long time, this look back. "National Division're actually makes sense, the Ming Liaodong new for the governor, no matter how, yellow Daikichi must first figure out the ins and outs of this man, which is the sweat, indeed more favorable ......" Lindan Han admitted that he did is to give Huangtai Kedah pain, if you can quiet a few days, Lindan Han are all wish for. National Division Lindan Han heard the proposal, again turn a blind eye has been turned to the minister that rì is hope that rì is give suggestions. "Longevity God bless ...... as soon as snow ......" Minister seems to feel that rì is Lindan Han's eyes and murmured that rì a relatively firm but leave school, but come on now this critical juncture, it is rì are also hesitated to go? Or not to go? Walking indeed avoided and gold contacts to avoid war, and yellow Daikichi, we can get back far? Prairie, a few days of effort, you can go hundreds of thousands of miles in this retreat, retreat too far? To come back, can be difficult, completely cut off the supply of the Ming Dynasty did not say, I'm afraid, and also finished joint Ming Dynasty, and now coming in November, and if lucky, survive the next sub-section rì , would not say snow, snow, this prairie, it gradually settled down, and if luck no matter how little, to a heavy snow or something, this prairie, not even to go This year it passed, boil down to the Ming Dynasty more supplies or advise Lindan Han leave immediately? To be honest, seeing a steady stream of support to the Ming Dynasty, it rì are also some hesitation. Say suffering, among these people, that rì is perhaps more than some others are suffering badly. That rì is the best hope rì child can be like open book in general, click on the turn over one, but this rì child, but always so long, seems to never end, he "woke up" the number is more and more. "...... Profusely, it is better to wait for some rì child again, the National Division is right now for a new Liaodong Ming governor Huang Daikichi will divert the attention I'm afraid that the matter was worth stay for some time rì, ...... and now it is already in November, you can also further support the Ming emperor to a group, if you still go, you can excuse coming winter, and retreated to the depths of the desert to go ...... "That rì but a relatively strong leave school, but this time, he also felt that I could then wait and see what, after all, there is a new situation, and that rì is what excuse do not want to give the Ming Dynasty. Now, however, only in November, to the snow, but also do not know a month, or a few days, then rì, it is suffering people. Go or not to go, it is both difficult decision. Lindan Han again turned his eyes look to the National Division, which is important to his two counselors, who dedicated to him ideas. "Profusely, you can wait for some rì child, then you can be a number of support ...... but still have to do to get away to prepare, as is the minister said that rì, winter, which find a place for the winter ... ... "National Division Sha Erba Hutuketu'd want to leave, and now his heart cold, worse cold weather. Also look unto rì Lindan Han is the hope that rì is then say something. But this beard grizzled old man, but with their eyes shut. "Well, then again to a number of support ...... Ming Huang" Lindan Han said finally, Ming outpouring of support, so that a large blood loss Lindan Han back a lot of blood, it touches all the more want Lindan Han Ming supports. Eat other people's shortest, take people's hands short, something to eat more, is addictive. ...... Liaodong, mountains and between. Ming Dynasty replaced the governor of Liaodong news also reached here. And Ming contact side, has been *** very dead, basically impossible to penetrate to get any news, it touches on this side of the contact and Lindan Han, became yellow Daikichi important window to understand trends in the Ming Dynasty, fortunately Ming North and Lindan Han or allies, it touches on the prevention side Lindan Han little touches intelligence can easily get there from Lindan Han, Ming trends, and gradually the show in a yellow Daikichi field of vision. "Constitutional fight ah! Liaodong governor for the Ming Dynasty, in the end is a blessing or a curse?" Yellow Daikichi because again there is understanding of the movements of the Ming Dynasty, was dormant up share ambitions, but also big up gradually, between words, self-confidence came back, everything seems to be under control. "Huibing sweat, the result of which is an opportunity for me Daikin ......" Pham Van Cheng thought, said, saying it was the opportunity to Pham Van Cheng think that this probably is a death knell, of course, these words can not say, have to say something nice. "Oh, constitutional struggle" yellow Daikichi asked. "Khan, the governor of the Ming Liaodong change, no matter what, the newly appointed governor of Liaodong rì take some time to become familiar with the situation, I'm afraid not easily be action, that is, this year there will be no big moves Ming , not to worry Ming attack Mukden! "Pham Van Cheng said. "Ah, yes ......, constitutional struggle went on to say." Huang Daikichi said. "...... In addition, this will depend on the ability of the governor of Liaodong trust, if it is an ability sloppy person, I'm afraid or I Daikin great opportunity to re-cast into the sea to the Ming Dynasty, is not impossible, or even breath hit Kam Ning City go ...... "Pham Van Cheng continued. "Ah ......" yellow Daikichi constantly nodding, these things, he also has to consider, however, but still allow Fan Wenchen that good from Pham Van Cheng's words to find some, and they are not the same point of view, to prepare in order to supplement their own point of view. "...... Such as the newly appointed governor of Liaodong ability strong, or flat and Yuan Manzi, I'm afraid I Daikin addition to the west, and on no other way of ......, but also an opportunity, at least I have a few Daikin When rì month to prepare for the westward ...... "Pham Van Cheng continued, will do both good and bad things from the analysis. "Constitutional bucket right, makes sense, that is, now the governor of Liaodong Hongxing, I need to test the Daikin his ability?" Yellow Daikichi asked. "......" Pham Van Cheng's face some dark, wandering mind in live, think for a while, and was finally made up his mind, and said: "profusely, I should say something to say, please profusely indulgences ... ... "" What if the Constitution bucket just say ...... "yellow Daikichi said blankly. "...... Profusely, I say may be unpleasant, but it is good to Daikin ......" said Pham Van Cheng difficult to yellow Daikichi such a wise man to do policy makers, it is difficult, it can be said that some may say, think hiding something, he is not hiding in front of the yellow Daikichi down, but some things had to say it. "Constitutional bucket Well ......" yellow Daikichi is still said blankly. "...... Profusely, according to the news from the Ming Dynasty, who are specially selected from the Ming emperor, I heard that too, Professor Ming Huang personally, do not say how much skill, but to get into the eyes of the Ming emperor who, skill should not be commonplace, sweating, I really should not look down upon Daikin Liaodong this new governor, I'm afraid to enemies or to treat ...... "Pham Van Cheng had to put up others and prestige, to vent their own morale speak out . Yellow Daikichi silent for a moment, then nodded and said: "It is the Constitution bucket right to treat this person, do not underestimate the enemy, it touches to be taken seriously ......" yellow Daikichi because it can re-learn the customs of the trends, born out of a number of self-confidence, Pham Van Cheng gave it hit gone. Although some hurtful words, you can not yellow Daikichi can not understand, he is a wise man can naturally understand the meaning of these words in the Ming emperor insisted nothing had enough, do not understand anything send an idiot to when the Liaodong governor, Is this possible? Previous yellow Daikichi think it is possible now to see how yellow Daikichi how think there is no possibility. "...... Sweat, I have but one word, do not know what to say should not say." Pham Van Cheng lower his head even lower, continued. "Constitutional bucket just have something to say." Huang Daikichi nodded. "......, According to I see, tentatively that the newly appointed governor of Liaodong is important, but profusely jīng force, but it should be placed on the west, and now is in November, and which Zhibu Ding rì on snow closing off hills, such as in heavy snow before the relentless fishing one, I think, perhaps, than temptation that the newly appointed governor of Liaodong more useful ...... "Pham Van Cheng said, be considered to be all their jīng forces are assisted into how this yellow Daikichi above come, can be said to spare no effort. Yellow Daikichi indifference, and Pham Van Cheng these words mean is very clear, some hurt, words that Pham Van Cheng told him, or do not fight the idea of ​​the Ming Dynasty, with its idea of ​​playing the Ming Dynasty, as the idea of ​​playing Lindan Han, and Ming Dynasty head-on, it is better to grab a Lindan Han, Happy New Year, essay way it is "optimistic" that the new governor of Liaodong ability to feel no hope. But the words on the yellow Daikichi not a small blow, yellow Daikichi can only recognize words and truth, Pham Van Cheng did not tell lies, to put it really is the truth. Today delusions Ming Dynasty own Hunzhao, pick yourself a great deal, is it possible? It's not deceive yourself do? "The Constitution is indeed fighting Zhuge Khan, right justified, in that case, it will not go to trial that the sweat of Liaodong new governor, and let others go, to deal with the sweat or Lindan Han got here, I heard, Lindan Han Ming Huang in there that you want to discuss a lot of good things, and now just to give the Khan ...... "yellow Daikichi laughing. "Sweat Holy Spirit ......" Pham Van Cheng to see their views have been accepted, there is a little proud hearts, yellow Daikichi still very attached to his. However, this will be a short one, essay way back too wet, Daikichi that dull yellow eyes, giving a great deal of pressure to give yellow Daikichi when policy makers, he was not the slightest concealment, this in front of others Red luǒluǒ feeling really upset. ! . <
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