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29.05.2013 09:16
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> Sun Chengzong see the emperor spoke of household registration, talked about the customs, foreign land problems, all the more serious the problem, although now it is not so from the eye, actually, related to the future of large Ming Dynasty hundreds of years, even centuries development issues. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM hukou household registration is by no means a simple problem, along comes bundled household, it is a series of rights and corresponding obligations, this problem, depth of thought, it is humbling enough. Sun Chengzong mind watching with a touch of the emperor, but also want a vision than this. "Your Majesty forethought, household things, there really is a top priority, no matter of domicile can not buy land, viable, ...... Majesty which is to be launched in the household?" Said Sun Chengzong, household things for a while before the emperor rì talked to him, when we talk in general terms, has not yet formally started, just a statement, see the emperor say this, Sun Chengzong know that the emperor is to be launched in the household registration policy. "Forethought can not say, some things must be done in the hands I got out, I now born into this world, and as I Ming dynasty emperor, was doomed to assume this responsibility." Young reforms faint , said that, in fact, but his thoughts drifted somewhere else. "......" Sun Chengzong silent, watching with a touch of the emperor thoughts, my heart is with unspeakable taste, he also lived for several decades, the actual speaking, also the emperor's right hand man when it one or two years to live most jīng color, so many things in their own hands an a woven out of the impact on future generations may stretches for hundreds of years and even centuries. Too many things, which he had to think about now, but also do a one out, or is about to do it. A lot of things, is that he simply can not match previously, only followed the young emperor, those who simply can not match his previous stuff was gradually lù out clear. Many things in the Sun Chengzong view, is simply a blur, which is a year or two, a lot of things that look to the line of sight, only to gradually clear up. Excessively watched the young emperor, Sun Chengzong addition to emotion, can only sigh. "Great partners, go to the complete self-Yan Zhao, I have something, in addition, the Xiao Shunzi called, I have something ......" Yang Wang Chengen reform suddenly turned and said. "Slaves Zunzhi!" Wang Chengen immediately agreed, and then to arrange it. Been to a decree, Young reforms went strolling in this good rì rain sunny yard, air is particularly clear, people's thinking, but also exceptionally smooth. Sun Chengzong accompanied the emperor still walk, I heard the Emperor Zhao graduated from the strict, know the Emperor to arrange for specific things, evidently, still and household related to the level of said low point is outside the ground on and off, and then say to that level , that is, outside the war on and off. This series of planning, layers of interlocking ring is connected, it will go in, the final outcome is, how can outsiders know? Only until get to the bottom, and outsiders will marvel, that was it. "Master Sun much about Buddhism?" Young reforms gone for a while, suddenly asked Sun Chengzong this question. "Buddhism? Huibing Majesty, the minister has also been covered, I do not know Your Majesty what to ask?" Sun Chengzong see the emperor asked this question, it touches concentrate quasi Do not give the emperor explained that the emperor although foresight, with ordinary people difficult to match the vision that is also After all, young, a lot of knowledge is still lacking, in this regard, the Sun Chengzong just think that he might be worthy of the emperor called the sound of the master. "Some former rì son, Yuan Wu masters to see that I said some things about Buddhism, I heard, they felt a bit mean ......" Yang reform, laughing, do "Living Buddha" thing Yang reform has not a holistic consideration, and now, we can only give a little of Sun Chengzong mention. "......" Sun Chengzong not know how to pick a word to the Emperor's heart xìng, can by no means be a Buddhist influence people to do things throughout the emperor, the emperor's idea of ​​heaven and earth and both are stand between heaven and earth struggle to life, creating the first of BES, and the Buddha was not a general far away. "...... Sun master of Lamaism have to understand you?" Young reforms see Sun Chengzong silent, then asked. "Huibing Majesty, also know some have dabbled." Sun Chengzong and replied, in these places, it shows his usefulness, and Scholars origin who dabbled in general are relatively wide, knowledge quite rich, Scholars of gold, but quite high. "...... But His Majesty said that prairie Lama?" Sun Chengzong suddenly remembered what it seems, and that such a sentence. Grasslands things can get now this situation, the actual, Lamaism also inside bō help push Lan plays the role that the white point is mixed with almost a struggle for power thing. These things, because the relationship to the military, the situation related to customs, so Sun Chengzong understanding in this regard, or more, to hear the emperor asked, and immediately thought of this coming. "Ah, Sun master how to look for these monks?" Young reforms asked. Young reforms on those who engage in things Lama nothing good impression, prairie Lindan Han suddenly grab something crazy four killings, the Ming Dynasty "fence" riddled addition and climate-related, but in reality, they still Lama and those related to religion and promoters of peace-doped on the prairie changes. Young Reform Strategy years, did not put them as anything, but they are biased, I did not think with their energy and, if those monks and their plans conflict with Young reforms do not mind employing head piled up a seat "Beijing concept", if they are timely close hand, know that retreat, and he may as well give them a living space, but also thought them completely uprooted. But now, Yang reform ideas have changed, these monks, it seems, it is still useful. "Those people? Stirring wind stirred the rain, pushing bō fuel to the flames, for I looked, there are huge harm ......" Sun Chengzong also voiced their views, through a variety of intelligence, grasslands on the matter, Sun Chengzong can be done at a glance , before many is not clear, do not understand something, now all in the blink of an eye Sun Chengzong those monks do, Sun Chengzong naturally also know, for those monks, naturally unpleasant, religious dispute caused a great conflict on the prairie, mixed with other factors, and gradually evolved into a massacre, evolved into a violent war, a large Ming raised twelve hundred years of the "fence" so did the loss of large, difficult to measure, to those who have a crush on Sun Chengzong , it is really up. "Oh, indeed, as Master Sun said, pushing bō help those Lama Lan touches a players, say the monks to compassion, I think they can not have this compassion ......" Yang smiled and commented reform. Young remembered himself to reform the old monk's attitude, not Yang reform Buddhism are without prejudice to be seen what Buddhism, it is really up. "Huibing Majesty, to say the monks to compassion, I'd done a good job lands east Buddhism, Lamaism much stronger than that ......" Sun Chengzong said, to see the emperor said a local monk, and said prairie Lama, immediately a comparison of the two. "...... This is not bad, I did not doped lands east of Buddhism almost secular rights, peace is much more natural look to compassion, but also plausible that Lamaism doped almost secular rights, which help push bō Lan up and compassion word, it is a far cry ...... "Yang reform laughing. "Your Majesty say is ......" Sun Chengzong road. "...... Majesty to talk about these monks, is it, Your Majesty what's new for those Lama's views, or need to adjust some of the strategies?" Sun Chengzong suddenly thought, the emperor is not no reason to say this, and now the emperor's concern for the war in the north, is exceptionally hard, talking Lama issue, Sun Chengzong think and this may be related. "Ah, really may want to adjust some of the strategies, however, specifically how to deal with, I have not yet formed an idea of ​​how to do ...... also considering in the end," Young admits reform, something about the Buddha, involves actually relatively broad, For a time, Young did not reform a concrete way to do things Buddha, also temporarily unspeakable. "Uh ......" Sun Chengzong did not dare to ask, like if you really want to adjust the strategy, I'm afraid there will be quite a big adjustment, and now treat those Lama's policy is very simple, the enemy,Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses, destroy; was not the enemy, no matter too much, whether it is an enemy or not, for "insiders" or whatever, can not cause harm to a large Ming Dynasty, the Ming could not snatch the benefit, otherwise they are "the enemy." ...... Just then, Wang Chengen report it, Xiao Shunzi arrived, a little while, they told, Bi Yan came from. Wang Chengen wait on the Emperor side, slightly behind some of some of the Emperor, Xiao Shunzi then again in Wang Chengen behind, the other side, it is the Sun Chengzong and graduated from Yan. "Is also a rare encounter this rì so refreshing weather ah! ......" Yang reform touches the first to talk about the weather, běijīng city of the sun for a few months, things windblown sand off the land, even within the Palace which inevitably , in which the fresh air, it is rare, do not boast about is not acceptable. "......" "...... It is ......" "back to His Majesty, this rì is indeed a good weather, so the capital in a rare good weather ......" Bi say a few words from Yan, Sun Chengzong word unissued . Xiao Shunzi up only if, of course, Wang Chengen did not speak, Wang Chengen generally only when it is in Jiezhi speak, other times, the emperor did not ask him, he was not accosted. "Money thing, the Ministry may have difficulty?" Young reforms boast over the weather, began to say get down to business, looking for a topic as the entry point. "Huibing Majesty, Her Majesty's money but ask support Lindan Han?" Bi Yan see the emperor from the Ministry asking is something,OP Art Coach, quickly promised. "Ah ......" Yang reform ah the sound. "Huibing Majesty, now the Ministry of money fairly adequate, Yiershiwan overhead, but also the support was down ......" Bi since Yan quickly agreed. "Ah, support Lindan Han overhead, all from the I out here, without the Ministry pays ......" Yang said the reform. "...... Chen Zunzhi!" Bi Yan from some wonder, and see the emperor asked about the money thing, but also that the emperor was to pay to support the Ministry of Lindan Han, did not expect, or emperor of his own pocket. Since the emperor or his own pocket, and that the emperor also ask this why? Would not it be superfluous? "Bi Qingjia Liaodong see how the war?" Young reforms and asked with a smile. "Huibing Majesty, I looked dominant, larger odds, you can suppress the East prisoner, but to winning, premature ......" Bi Yan even more puzzled since he knows are still the emperor told him of it, the emperor also how ask him? This thing is not to ask Sunge Lao do? He may really is amateurs. "Oh, that Qingjia be thought war was over something?" See the face of depressed graduated from Yan, Yang reforms asked with a smile. "...... War was over? Here, Your Majesty ......, it is naturally swept East Krupp, regain lost ground, a shameful, I Ming dynasty martial arts hehe." Graduated from Yan said again. "That's something Liaodong investment, but also how well the progress?" Young reforms and asked with a smile, these things, Yang graduated from the strict reform is much clearer than that, the Ministry in this matter, or is it with those who actually led , or Yang reform themselves. "Huibing Majesty, the minister are in accordance obeyed His Majesty's ......" Bi Yan only be so self-answered, indeed, he was in the Liaodong Development Ministry on this matter can be Zuobulezhu, circle the place to , may under his Ministry tube; Who went enclosure, more fail to get the Ministry to manage his Ministry can do is a good lap to others, what's got the lease to seal the Ministry son, There is a Ministry record so who bought land there, how much to buy, how much of the tax, which the Ministry can receive tax, land tax which is the actual one, the other, they still fail to get the Ministry of to collect. On land sales money, um, more fail to get the Ministry to manage. "Ah ......" Yang reform paused, looking puzzled, depressed graduated from strict. Know a lot of things, Bi Yan did not know from which level is lower a bit, and Sun Chengzong not like to speak so to speak. "...... Liaodong investment thing, I thought, would like to add a rule to go inside, and the Ministry for ......, Xiao Shunzi, too, and you are there for ......" Yang thought reform rhetoric, says , Bi Yan from Sun Chengzong since there is a considerable gap, a lot of things that can and Sun Chengzong discuss, but will not, and graduated from Yan said many times, they can only let graduated from Yan to do so, and he said without reason, while commanded from Yan Bi, while commanded Xiao Shunzi, Xiao Shunzi is controlled northern tax supervisor eunuch. "I dare Majesty, is to add any rules?" Bi since Yan asked. "Back to His Majesty, slaves'm listening ......" Xiao Shunzi also promised. "Is to add a domicile requirement, rì Liaodong after going to buy land, investment buying, selling, is a premise that the people must be I must hold my Daming household job ......" Yang said the reform. "Plus household? Only hold my talents Daming household can buy land?" Bi Yan heard from this requirement, a bit surprised, but also a little surprised, a time not sure what this means. "Slaves Zunzhi!" Xiao Shunzi actually did not think, listen to understand, then, immediately promised, he was responsible for managing who can go Liaodong enclosure, pipe taxes, since the emperor to be preceded by a household in which The premise is that he has to do. Thus in the Ministry of the right touches bigger, Xiao Shunzi look ministers graduated from Yan. "Yes, this is a must premise, without me Daming household who can not buy land in the Liaodong ......" Yang reform thought, said. "Chen Lingzhi." Graduated from Yan listen to understand, but also promised, though they do not completely understand what it meant, looked no impression on the Ministry, more than this requirement, it seems to have the benefit of his Ministry. "...... I dare Majesty, why add this requirement?" Bi since Yan finished answering, asked again. "In fact, it is simple, this rì Lindan Han continue to help, want to come this Liaodong also reached a critical juncture of the ......" Yang reform road. "...... Majesty mean, I looked and the East soon Krupp decisive battle?" Bi Yan from some joy and unexpected verbally asked, what about when the Eastern emperor prisoner hands speculation has always been numerous, Although nowadays Ming dynasty big prevail, although we all know, the Ming win, but nobody said draw conclusive news. For this matter the decision, depends on the emperor, an outsider is difficult to influence and shake the emperor's meaning. To hear the conclusive news of East Krupp hands, Bi Yan was very pleased since. "Yes, the situation of growing distress Lindan Han, my East prisoner containment strategy toward, I'm afraid not last long, so, decisive thing, it will definitely come, I estimate mō, probably next year we should separate the two outcome ...... "Yang reforms to their several confidants said. "Congratulations, Your Majesty, Hershey Majesty ......" Xiao Shunzi ass sent immediately, he may not the same and foreign minister, the emperor's family, I was not talking too much restraint, all in order to curry favor with the emperor as the most important thing. "Congratulations, Your Majesty ......" Bi Yan had to keep from saying so one. "Congratulations things aside, I brought you this rì summoned, but in reality is to say that next year there will be Liaodong war, war is not a problem, I would say that what happened after World War II, once I won the East towards the prisoner , then there will be a large number of Liaodong immediately No Man's Land, the land, I sell are to be used to reform ...... Yang said. "......! "Bi since Yan very surprised, to say the emperor is not Liaodong war, but right after World War II land thing, this thinking, this view, this vision, indeed, and not the same as normal." Congratulations, Your Majesty, Hershey Majesty ...... "Little Junko then immediately send congratulations and Hershey, so many, if sold today are learning that money income of natural Needless to say. "ah, this congratulations aside, or the first things done, today rì ; I called you to,Oakley Sunglasses Fast Jacket Cheap, say two things, first, that the customs ground, it must sell everything, and this point, may I lay east Krupp, the requirement will be some people out white to this need early prevention ; Then this household things, must be implemented, no domicile, not to allow him to buy land, that all the land outside the customs of buyer's household must have a clear, must be clearly stated in the verification and how to buy land, pay How much tax ...... "Yang said the reform." ...... As for why, but in reality is simple, once the East Krupp was clear, I'm afraid there will be many who will secretly mōmō of the Liaodong go find your own piece of land, their own accounts to till, thinking that it is his own, and if so, then I lay the costly overhead of Liaodong supposed to? If have a suit, which is also how to sell Liaodong ground? Therefore, the household must be something extra attention, we must make household and Liaodong tied up with household and sold the land, and must be followed by household binding, must state how much land, how much tax, no domicile, I is not protected, otherwise, who pay taxes? Nobody pay taxes, I take what idea that? What can maintain peace? ...... "Yang reform continued, explaining some of the important household xìng." Huibing Majesty, the minister understand, Chen Lingzhi. "Bi Yan heard from the emperor's explanation, it touches listen to understand, and immediately promised that the original, indeed fight a decisive battle, the emperor was doing after the battle to prevent it." Huibing Majesty, slaves Zunzhi. "Xiao Shunzi also promised, it is well understood, is now selling quite Liaodong ground fire, if not a threat to the East Krupp, everyone secretly mōmō to go Liaodong farming, that this is also how to sell? Emperor's business not be wasted? "In addition, Xiao Shunzi, Liaodong buy land on something, you can relax some range, if little people want to buy, it might as well let him buy, if busy, you can look at the bureaucratic expansion, but the rules must do. "Yang said the reform of Yang Zhang Wei reform since seen their risk aversion Yin ability, that still can not put all your eggs in one basket to put the past Yang reform touches with a large business delegation to consider the pattern of development of Liaodong, in order to collect taxes, It now appears that the expansion of thing, you can not count on them, or to "take care" to more people more reliable, more people rely on it more reliable, although more cumbersome. Then this household registration policy, and also the implementation of the , this is a good opportunity to reform the original Yang household, there are many means of implementation, however, the fact that the household is too great, it touches not suddenly pushed overall, only gradual implementation, now, can off the ground pretty good. "slaves Zunzhi! "Xiao Shunzi immediately promised. RO!. <
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