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> "There are some old meters? Chen meters?" Yang reform was thrilled, and so to say, they can charge a fee of less? "Qi Bing emperor, yes, always within the library have saved enough rice to prepare for contingencies. Www, quanBEn, cOM" Wang Chengen is an old eunuch,Coach Bags Sale, and for these, it is still clear. Grain? Young reforms mind a move, think of it, this capital, is the Royal powerhouse, dignitaries their settlements, grain reserves is impossible not to remember the history of the Ming Dynasty, Later Jin previous siege on the capital, robbery, lasted several months, but have not heard of the capital of food is not enough, there may be some tension, but absolutely no point to it for dinner, we can see that the Ming Reserve System, is very complete. "Internal inventory meters? Grain? Would not it be said that I can pay for these old rice, white bread as this year's slightly?" Wang Chengen bite the bullet, replied: "Back to the emperor, yes, but it is not enough alone Chan m , also need to pay some silver estimated is enough, to be replaced by new rice storage next year, you can just emptied the calendar year, Chen m ...... "Wang Chengen also under the cruel, the decision would rather offend all the officials, eunuchs, Beijing camp, etc. the people, let them eat Chen meters, but also to the Emperor save some money, no matter what, Emperor Wang Chengen are standing firm on this side. "...... Haha, good, great companions, the idea is good, the new rice into old rice warehouse,Air Jordan Outlet, you can also save a huge amount of expenses ......" Yang Wang Chengen this idea for reform very much appreciated, which can save much money ! This year is not going into the customs boar skin, that is, this year's reserve system, you can temporarily clear the next adventure warehouse, next year put new rice, waiting for the arrival of wild boar skin, Yang reform and happy together, for they know the history, calmly feel very fortunate. Of course, for those who rely on the capital in white bread to live every day to eat white bread, and this is not good news, and their hatred, Young reforms now feel. If Young reforms know, will say to him: To hate, hate that made of white bread shall avoid it. ...... Nap. Although today by those who minister kill knife, bleeding for a while, but Yang Chen meters reform decided to pay this year's white bread, you can save a lot of money, much less the actual cost can be said that the midst of sadness. Although some tangled, but still acceptable. Nap time is not long, only one hour, and soon a small eunuch wake of the emperor. Young reforms ready to go wash up training the new army barracks, training gun loyalty. Wang Chengen came and said: "Qibing emperor, Li Fu asked to see it, have something important to say that the emperor should report it." "Lee Lai Fu? Auctions is that the responsibility to engage in that?" Young reforms to get up, still a little confused. "Back to the emperor, was this person. Emperor summoned happen?" Wang Chengen asked. Young reforms also thinking about whether or not summoned him to his own things, but one also Meiban Cheng, so he sold the palace collection, one did not sell, ready to let him sell the lottery, lottery results did not engage in it. This may really be a hapless. Themselves but also do not waste time on him ...... Lee Crawford also nervous walking in the palace door, very, very nervous, since the first palace, the emperor received the task begins, Li Fu no stable one day, all day In considering how to sell this palace collection, it is regrettable that the palace eunuchs are obvious to his mark, who would buy? It can be said that the eunuch to the pit was, of course, he did not end well, to burn incense to Fengyang go. The second time, the emperor prepare yourself what to sell lottery tickets, prepare yourself a big, unfortunately, came the news of the lottery does not go out, which makes Li Fook very anxious, and the emperor finally catch the line, so do the? Li Fu much thought, I felt that I could pick up this lottery, this lottery it would go, the emperor will be see yourself, so, after a long suffering, Li Fu finally "design" out of a relatively simple "lottery" No emperor said anything as complex security system and what each rì collection and so on, then immediately packed to see the emperor, hoping to seize this last chance, Li Fu also thought good rì Exalted Exalted ; son. Do not want only a businessman. Li Fu in uneasy among like his "adjudicator", a messenger of the small eunuch. Li Fu hurry to meet her, ingratiating asked: "father, but the emperor wanted to see me?" That little bit impatient eunuch said: "Wang Zongguan told me to sent a message to you and say the emperor to see you, come with Zan Come home. "eunuch finish, with the palace of Li Fook. Li Fu was finally relieved. "Cao Min Li Fu Koujian save the Queen Long live Long live." Li Fu'm serious kowtow. "Lee Lai Fu? Heard that you have a very important thing to I?" Yang reform find this hapless hair seemed all white, a few days ago to see if he were not so, evidently, he also suffers ah! Have been very impatient to see this man so with the mind, tried, and then it embarrassed him impatient. That kind of fire previously, it has not finished his. "Qi Bing emperor, Caomin rì night pondering, and finally to the emperor came up with a new kind of 'lottery', the lottery of the play is very simple, quick to buy, immediately Duijiang, does not require a lot of security, only pre-printed well then, do not need to manually collect every rì documents ...... "Lee Crawford go some breathless, but said his" inventions ", do not gasp at once, seems quite confident. Heck? Which means that the right of the lottery? This ...... Young reforms silent, Young reforms in fact ready to get about the lottery, which agents of the poor, "painkiller", Yang reform in any case, is not ready to give up, but too busy these days, no time to engage in this thing, no one thought, one of the Ming Dynasty who said several times on the lottery just listen to yourself play, study and understanding out on their own which means that the right type of lottery, which makes Yang reform quite shocked! "...... Really? Means that the right type of lottery?" Yang thought he was dreaming of reform. Hand touched the eyes, obviously, not a dream. "Qi Bing emperor, Caomin really made this simple lottery, Caomin these rì, rì night pondering all the emperor said lottery games are played, as simplification, and finally pays off, making it Caomin kind of simple lottery, guaranteed selling cheap, no one is fake ...... "There is pressure to have the power, watching Li Fu a white hair, Young reforms mind somewhat touched, this a few days, a still relatively dark hair, it white, visible, this terrible mental consumption. ...... Young reforms to Fu Lee impression big change from just unfortunate impression becomes a persistent, there is resistance to xìng, motivated strongman. Thus, for Lee Crawford voice becomes "soft" some of the. "Lee Lai Fu, do you have a sample?" "Qi Bing emperor, Caomin there,Jordan New School Shoes, Caomin been made good. Please look over the emperor ......" Then, Li Fu carefully from his clothes out of his pocket a red cloth, carefully Open the red cloth, there are a few small card the same thing. Lee Lai-fu in his hand, respectfully held in the head, waiting for the emperor to look over. Wang Chengen walked over, took it a red envelope, carefully looked at, from the inside out a few "card", in his hand touched, this carefully presented to the emperor's table. And did not let Yang reform directly with the hand "card", it seems, Wang Chengen still very concerned about the safety of the emperor. Young reforms noted that the card is slightly harder made of paper, cut into a rectangle, than the kind of future generations to a large number of scratch cards, then the cards, one side is painted with a technique similar to sketch some designs, the other side, wrote some words, there are some figures, estimated number of what, "you things, to how to use it?" Young reforms asked. "Qi Bing emperor, Caomin this thing, just to seal the back cover of the local paper thrown off, you can see inside the mark Caomin with a needle, stick some ink, paper above the point at which some mark ...... "Young reforms carefully looked, and sure enough, writing numbers on this side, the following is sealed with cardboard, the edge of the hole there is a tear, Yang reform uncover an opening, which is a few pin-point mark , seems to be a few "stars" or something. This, and the Hereafter Young reforms memory, scratch scratch nineties that almost no difference, of course, as bright and colorful pattern than later, as the paper is not as future generations, "good", there is no production at such a jīng good, they do not. " scraping "On awarding area. This makes Yang reform remembered nineties that time, the city sell this scratch scratch, village throngs of people into the village into the village people to go to town to scratch lottery scene. Also remember is awarding big horn sound stage so and so who won awards announced, and who led a motorcycle, and occasionally, in a small prize awarding district, housewives as against an umbrella or a coat hanger and worry. ...... [Midnight to send the last chapter, be compensated a little something for everyone. 】 <
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