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even though he knew antworten
> Six hundred and thirtieth chapters Zhang Xian Yong said, the old monk epiphany time to time, it seems to be freezing up, time flies abnormal slow. WWw. quANBEn. Com the people in this house, all wide eyes stared at the two bottles. An exposure to a skew in the retort. Come here to watch the people, but also an endless stream, but also not without opening their eyes to see what will happen in the end result. The old monk is indeed the proper way round Satoru monks, broke a futon sat on the floor, has insisted the night here, and also did not go the rest of the mean. Scripture in his mouth silently, read a passage, then opened his eyes and look at the two bottles, then closed his eyes and began to continue chanting the text, and so on, sit overnight. The next day, open the bottle, and finally has begun to emerge changed, from a layer of thin things. The old monk opened his eyes again, and now he has determined that exposure to the bottle of broth, I'm afraid that has gone bad. "Amitabha, Good, good Good, good ......" Although the old monk did not eat meat, but this obvious difference between these two bottles of stuff there, then why is there differences? One of the reasons it? The presence of people are talking about, is a bowl of soup poured out house, but not the same as the bottle is installed, but the result is very different, it is illustrative. Zhang Xian Yong might also know the news, also arrived in this house. This came in, and immediately became the focus of the crowd of onlookers, many people give Zhang Xian Yong salute, this enlightenment expert, "fairy" status, considered essential to be sure, the saying goes, seeing is believing, and now saw for bottles things are different, naturally want to believe. Zhang Xian Yong other people have had the house to say hello before we came to the front of the old monk, it touches on serious bowed, and said: "Master hard, indeed the enlightenment of the people, in this meditation for so long has been observed , Pindao admire! "Zhang Xian Yong touches more and more respect for their old monk up meditation night can not move, stuck here observe, but quite difficult. "Amitabha, the real kind, the saying goes, hear the Tao Xi be dead, and now can be personally involved sermons, old monk is wish for, what is said ...... there is hard," said the old monk look of calm, the sound and not be slow , is actually very peaceful. "Amitayus blessing ......" Zhang Xian Yong bowed again, and then sat down in his seat That up, the results have been announced today, and it should do the next thing. Or, as the last like that, the room filled with people, or the old monk starts, however, and the last difference is that this is no longer to give basic Zhang Xian Yong finding fault, it's all to listen to Zhang Xian Yong, "said", which times everyone's eyes, obviously devout a lot. Zhang Xian Yong radiant sit down with one of the expert look, sat down, and they looked around the eyes, sure is so unlike the last time, "poor", the heart of finally settling down slightly. "Amitayus blessing ......" Zhang Xian Yong give everyone saluted. "...... Of you, as seen today, the two bottle broth, there have been changes, a still clear, one appeared in the muddy ......" Zhang Xian Yong began to continue his experiments. Listen Zhang Xian Yong said the results, everyone began to talk together. "Amitabha, this is really true, Pindao can testify." Old monk singing voice chanted, come forward to confirm this thing, this thing from start to finish, he is personally seen, this naturally qualified to speak to his identity, also have this qualification it. When they heard that the old monk to speak, are quiet, people who come here, far more than the last, we can say very crowded, more people come to watch, for the previous pass is not very understanding, see the old monk to testify , are also no longer be silent, and did not need someone else asked again. "Amitayus blessing, thank you master the ......" Zhang Xian Yong thanks again. Zhang Xian Yong Yuan Wu also feel that this is indeed a master of the proper way people speak is very fair, not because of different denominations wanton attacks on him. "Amitabha, the Department of fact, no real polite, and now there have been two bottles of soup difference, though real also said that the Department microscopic creatures at work, or would like to ask the monk can live, I do not know something real is able to explain ...... "the old monk is really immersed in this" sermon "in the world, and was very polite to Zhang Xian Yong advice. "Amitayus blessing, Masters polite, did not dare to ask when, only when it is mutually learn from it ......" Zhang Xian Yong quickly humility. "...... This little trick, Pindao is to prove the existence of tiny creatures, broth spoiled, but in reality, and it is related to these tiny creatures, such as the broth does not touch these tiny creatures, it is not bad, it is why the same bowl broth will appear two distinct situations ...... "Zhang Xian Yong began to explain it, this science, he did not exercise less, and now regarded as very much at home. "...... As you all can see, the first one is the exposure glass bottles, glass bottles of this exposure, the top open, this tiny creature four floating dàng, you can easily fall into this broth above go, these tiny creatures continue to multiply in the broth, which naturally will soon degenerate broth ...... "Zhang Xian Yong said. "Amitabha, Good, good, I am afraid to interrupt Laona, reality is that this tiny creature is constantly multiply eh?" The old monk really could not help Wen Tao. "Amitayus blessing, precisely, tiny creatures everywhere, carried by the wind dàng, met the right place will self-reproduction, expanding ......" Zhang Xian Yong said. "Amitabha, I question reality, really is so whether the confirmation of?" The old monk hastened to confirm Road, was not willing to believe him, but this thing is too ...... if it really is, as he drank down the saliva that really is to drink the thousands of "living" creatures, and that claims to not kill, do not eat meat precepts, but just a big joke, this thing can imagine the impact on their Buddhism, if this It is true, I'm afraid they have to change the rules of Buddhism, otherwise, this is a more in any case not the last ridge, this is the root cause of the problem. "Amitayus blessing, Pindao personally seen, naturally convinced that only these minute creatures very small, ordinary people do not perceive nothing, and then, if these tiny creatures can not breed, and that so long years under Yan can continue exist? "Zhang Xian Yong has asked. This rhetorical question, but completely stumped the old monk, also asked to live a lot of people suspect huò, really ah! If those little things can not reproduce themselves, that epoch so long, how can we still exist? If this little thing has existed from eternity, does it mean that these little things in the "longevity"? Obviously, these tiny creatures such as Zhang Xian Yong said, will own breeding. "Amitabha, Good, good Good, good, old monk understand ......" the old monk is also a wise man once asked this question, he would understand that they ask is wrong, the cycle of birth and death only creatures, there is no immortality, even the Buddha has passed away a said. In fact, this problem is not hard to understand, also belong to the kind you can want to understand, it can be deduced, but do not want to want to understand, unwilling to believe that their reasoning is such a problem, has now been confirmed that the old monk bitter moments together. Zhang Xian Yong I was not anxious to speak, the crowd waiting for the first talk for a while, seeing a lot of the old monk suddenly sluggish, Zhang Xian Yong also Antan, if not the emperor valued him, support him, I'm afraid that position now sits on the old monk who There he is. "Amitayus blessing, precisely because these tiny creatures at work, therefore, is the second in a glass, it is still clear broth reasons ...... these tiny creatures though ubiquitous, can be very subtle, itself do not have much ability to zìyóu's Gone dàng, only the wind and the line, this bottle skew, bending, these tiny creatures are naturally not easy to go into the broth, which naturally broth there will be no change ...... "Zhang Xian Yong continued. All while noisy, this commentary was the first time they hear that they have not seen what kind of subtle creatures, but now Zhang Xian Yong eloquence, they do not believe they have believed. "Amitabha, old monk understood, previous live fire to boil the broth should take is to make these tiny creatures in the whole broth a clean fight it?" Jī move some old monk said. This is a bigger problem, like the tiny creatures do exist, Zhang Xian Yong did not say lies, that is to say, they are monks burned boy, is a sin, because the fire can be burned to death do not know How many creatures, this killing and not killing, do not eat raw precepts that really is a joke, and his self-confidence can not eat meat, do not drink, but we absolutely can not do without water, even drink water, can not be more raw water, drinking water is to kill those creatures drink, drink unboiled water directly to "eat" those creatures, the old monk of the world has almost collapsed. "Amitayus blessing, masters are right, this is Pindao say, the discovery of this microscopic world, is able to break worthy of illness and death, although no drugs bones of the dead back to life skill, can also prevent disease, prolong life way too Pindao common people dare to boast to the world sermon, increasing world human life element, but also dare to boast to change practice, Dao method ...... "Zhang Xian Yong said seriously, seeing the old monk looks quite jī moving and sluggish, though I do not know The old monk heart in the end what they thought, could also roughly guessed some of his Taoism and Buddhism almost certain aspects, there are certain aspects of the discipline, and now this tiny creature a lot of the rules had changed, like the original,Coach Bags Online, and his look no better than the old monk is good, it is also insane for a long time and saw that the old monk jī dynamic look, but also secretly shook his head, this is a great era ah! Do not follow the change, and always will be abandoned by the times, thought of this, Zhang Xian Yong is strengthened their confidence. The crowd was another sigh, Zhang Xian Yong and old monk, they have heard, the old monk is so the characters are agreed with Zhang Xian Yong, it is sufficient to explain the problem, and now more and more facts prove, Zhang Xian Yong said not lie, is not empty words. "Amitabha, Good, good Good, good ......" sigh among the crowd, but to keep the old monk recite numbers, in order to quell the inner vibration. Sadly become hot from the crowd up, the sound is also growing. Zhang Xian Yong Here, also a lot of emotion, he had no mind to continue the conversation, heart jīdàng enough, also ceasing efforts to quell their inner jīdàng. "I dare live, I can wait a concept that world? A view of those tiny creatures? Hao Xie my other heart míhuò?" Some people can not help, you want to see those tiny creatures in the end what is kind. "Yes ah! Live, so I waited a look at it." This crowded room and kept someone seeking Zhang Xian Yong it. The face of all the plea agreement, Zhang Xian Yong actually do not care, and even some pride, that if let you casually read, this thing is like a gust of wind would not like to fast, to go faster? Only put you hanging like now so that you will continue to focus on this matter, but he would like to use this opportunity to "holy flesh" mean, you do not pay attention, how do I "holiness"? "Amitayus blessing to all of you ...... not Pindao not see, it is a holy commandment life difficult ah! Matter relates to my Daming fortunes for hundreds of years, have to be careful ah!" Zhang Xian Yong looked embarrassed, and a look of compassion said. Everyone listened, was another disappointment, is now more and more interested in on this thing, and my heart piece itch, itch is more and more. "Well, I dare live, please wait for me to elaborate on that world, while avoiding disadvantages, how do I wait?" Some people can not see that the world saw in favor of seeking Secondly, it asked how to avoid the disease. "Yes ah! Live, please wait for me to explain this subtle relationship between the creature and the illness and death? In the end how can while avoiding disadvantages?" Follow the crowd said, now regarded as basically confirmed the existence of subtle creatures, now depends on how Zhang Xian Yong This tiny creatures and explain the relationship between the illness and death. "Amitayus blessing ......" Zhang Xian Yong From walking in the feet of God, began to explain it. "...... As you are seen, this first soup rot, but subtle creatures haunting, Pindao do this little trick before, had to boil the broth in order to ensure the broth is not bad, that is, the water boil and drink is justified, can be avoided with these tiny creatures also drink into the belly, which is the head of a conclusion can not drink unboiled water, must drink boiled water, if they can do this one, I believe that the sick Opportunities will reduce a lot, disease decreased, which will extend the life of nature ...... "Zhang Xian Yong said seriously. So to speak, on the scene the moment someone is not happy, this be what "truth"? Who does not know not to drink unboiled water? So also need proof? "...... I am afraid the next rude, this one, do not permit, we all know it, this one is not ......" Immediately another man cried. "Amitayus blessing of you are right, indeed overwhelmed reason is simple, it has long been known around the world, which is, Pindao does not deny, however, this is simple, but it is subtle creatures in Pindao ground up to be verification, but in reality, the impact of subtle creatures to the world, this is the key to prove not drink unboiled water, but nothing is inevitable ...... "Zhang Xian Yong calmly explained. "Amitabha, Good, good Good, good, this reason is simple, our predecessors have long been known, may have to say, is just enough, I do not know why, now regarded know why, and be the solution of the hearts of big Pindao huò, ...... Sure enough, right, Road to Jane ah! "would be the old monk, read a sound chanted, quite seriously admit it. The old monk remarks, it touches a lot of people in prison blocked sāo. Some people listened to the words of Zhang Xian Yong, seems to have realized. "Admire, admire, live worthy of enlightenment of the people, said a very rational, reason this is important is not how a simple, but a demonstration of the method, since the proof of the existence of subtle creatures, so naturally when this as a basis for evaluation and demonstration of things, indeed, as reality said, argumentation can not drink unboiled water, but by the way, powerful creatures from the microscopic point of view of the problem, look at this world ...... Oh ......, so to say indeed opened a window ah! herein the truth, it is a wonderful, wonderful ah ...... "Some people want to understand the key to prove not drink unboiled water is simply not what Zhang Xian Yong fried leftovers , but in a new attitude,Air Jordan 2, new ideas, new perspective to consider the issue, once thought, everything Xiangde Tong. People see someone seems to realize the road in general, happy dancing, have cast doubt huò eyes. Is someone asked: "Could Lin geniuses have income? Can share any?" "...... Wonderful, wonderful ah! Have to say, Zhang Zhen really on when the 'gods' word, a lot of things, the next is completely figured the ...... "This is someone who called Lin geniuses, more dancing together. Many people suspect huò puzzled looked at the doctor, although this reason is simple, not everyone can understand, oh. The old monk might also want to understand a lot of sense, and a look of envy looking at the dancing forest geniuses. Zhang Xian Yong is a look of calm watching, he did not care about these questions is now available. "...... ...... Rash, rash of ......, gentlemen, forgive me!" That is called a forest geniuses laugh for a while, came to a halt, and quickly bowed submissively to the people around, to admit mistakes. "I dare Linxian Di, this is somewhat got? Do not know if I'll wait to share with?" Someone once Wen Tao. "Do not say when, really do not deserve it, ashamed to say, this man had just been listening to Zhang Tan Tao, suddenly be enlightened, therefore rash of ......" This is called a forest geniuses again apologize. "I dare Xiandi, may have income?" This man again asked. "...... But in reality is simple, Zhang Zhen actually confirmed the existence of a microscopic world, are microscopic creatures confirmed the existence of these creatures, everywhere, carried by the wind dàng, endless, next as a famous doctor who quite often want to create for the patient, the affected area is often purulent, often narrow escape, and now have to live open solution sheets, just understand that this time those tiny creatures at work, if they can avoid these tiny creatures cause trouble, which were pioneered, rì worry after the natural Nine Lives, do not say that all good doctors, half could be healed, but also very, very large charity, great merit, Zhang Zhen said, as the world witnesses Road, increasing world Life element as it does not empty words, really, really ah ...... "This forest geniuses, immediately put their own experiences that out. This outburst, and immediately got a few people agree. "Yes, yes! True!" "Yes! Precisely this reason!" Could break the illness and death of this worthy event and this illness related to a lot of doctors, a hear this rhetoric, immediately give birth to share, and immediately came out in favor of the argument, and as said do not leave, it can be said that doctors, patients with the Gospel. In fact, this little understood early on that a lot of people, but did not say nothing. Understand people's eyes look to Zhang Xian Yong become joy and madman, who still do not quite understand, is still míhuò, but look at the people around one understands the meaning also "understand" it. "Amitabha, please wait for me real solution huò, when created, how to prevent the wound by those tiny creatures cause trouble?" The old monk has also long been speculated to this layer, see someone asked out, and immediately asked to Zhang Xian Yong truth. Although Buddhism's main business is not a doctor, can Buddhism in medical school are also many, usually in four walks, but also indispensable to give men and women saving lives, so this is actually very important to understand. Such an old monk said to the crowd's mood, and have asked them. "Amitayus blessing ......" Zhang Xian Yong touches in no hurry, underground passage, you finally asked this layer, and I'm in preparing it. "...... This, is there, gentlemen know jīng wine bar, creating the time, on the instrument, specially coated surface of the skin and surrounding wine jīng, indeed can prevent these tiny creatures cause trouble, although we can not say with special effects, you can also a good idea, after Pindao observations to smear over wine jīng instrument, which is not easy to subtle creatures alive ...... "Zhang Xian Yong once said, the rhetoric in this regard, he prepared a number, and not afraid to ask others . "...... The next polite, wine jīng painting equipment and the affected area, which is indeed there, but also really effective, but reality says that special wine jīng seems quite expensive, is not what people are using affordable ah ! can in other ways? "Immediately someone stand up and admit it, but now this wine jīng still did not proliferate, because that is too expensive. "Amitayus blessing ......" Zhang Xian Yong Some want to laugh, and then said: "...... This wine jīng now it is expensive, however, but have the virtue of His Majesty, and now is not the massive popularity of sweet potato in it? This sweet potato and more , this wine jīng naturally cheap world of Lebanon for the benefit of His Majesty, the intentions of the care and thought, Oh ...... "Zhang Xian Yong face rhetoric, the crowd was filled with emotion, abruptly speechless, speechless ... ..., to say the world common people, the emperor could really have good intentions when the words. "Your Majesty Holy Spirit!" "Your Majesty Holy Spirit!" Some people take the lead in the direction of kowtow to the Forbidden City, the people have followed the kowtow, to the point that many people feel the emperor's different, mind is indescribable. Zhang Xian Yong also seriously Koushou. Koushou finished, the crowd was silent for a while, and only then talked about this topic to the top. "...... I dare live, in addition to wine jīng, there are other ways not?" Some people go on. "Amitayus blessing, nature is there!" Zhang Xian Yong was very confident said. "Please live view." Zhang Xian Yong crowd and immediately please explain. "...... Now that the world has now confirmed the presence of a lot of things is the culprit, it is naturally, timely clean-up and kill those haunting creatures, nature can avoid many problems, such as the donor to ask, can also There are other ways? With this tiny world creatures, based on naturally derived many useful ways to ...... "Zhang Xian Yong immediately replied, but added to the microscopic world completely established it meant everything to the microscopic world there is a basis to infer that this premise, once established, will be the status of his Taoist consolidation, rì any subsequent discoveries in this area, are inseparable from his Taoist credit. Priests actually also called ordinary donor ...... "...... on the instance, such as the donor said, how to avoid the emergence less evil disease, say Pindao points for you for reference, first, naturally, is in creating before hand To wash, preferably with wine jīng wipe your hands, equipment, patient department; Furthermore, diagnosis and treatment of patients, it is naturally possible to achieve a clean, such as houses, such as chuáng pad, chuáng single, bedding, such as covering the affected area of ​​the cloth bundle of these, it is best to boil over ...... "Zhang Xian Yong continued. "Reality is justified, water should be boiled before drinking, these clothes, blankets above must have been covered with tiny creatures, if they can boil once, these tiny creatures will be killed once, naturally much cleaner, Indeed, this is true ...... "Immediately another doctor, doctors feel justified, verbally agree. "...... In fact, this method can be used to deal with a large epidemic ......" Zhang Xian Yong and added. "Zhang live quite right, it is said that immigration is doing so, the new immigrants must be isolated, bringing clothing worn, must be boiled, faeces are also to be buried, drink, never drink boiled water, said that these rules are very serious, presumably, is the reason ...... no wonder that such a large-scale immigration, no major epidemic occurred, no wonder, that was it ...... "Immediately another person interface, said such a large Ming Dynasty There are large-scale immigration of all tightly, no large-scale epidemic, which had said it was a miracle, people also came to realize that, no wonder so strict immigration rules, I'm afraid not only the selection of a number of simple ways to deal with the plague. Words one, everyone is feeling good feeling, have tan, and the emperor who fight, lose Debu injustice. "This is a bit of good fortune that I Ming dynasty, there is the big deal with the epidemic way, he rì to emigration is no longer a difficult task men, God Bless my Daming ah!" Was concluded, it may be time to tax indisputable victory camp, listening to Zhang Xian Yong argument, immediately think rì after emigration thing. "God Save My Ming dynasty ......" "God Save My Ming dynasty ......" everyone was another touted, also the direction of the Forbidden City to kneel again. Zhang Xian Yong See atmosphere seemed off track, and thought, decided to throw his bombshell. "Amitayus blessing, in fact, some of these are nothing but fur, the real key is not here ......" Zhang Xian Yong broke his forehead again, God stick temperament. People also say that Zhang Xian Yong finished it, ready to withdrawal symptoms, did not expect, Zhang Xian Yong actually burst out such things, these are the fur, then what is the key? People are all highly anticipated. "Amitabha, Good, good Good, good, please also real argument." Old monk jī move, if said just now are superficial, then obviously, this would say is more secret and did not know what would be the terrible secret . "Amitayus blessing, but in reality, something more important is that since I have such tiny creatures have confirmed the existence of many problems that it is the culprit, you can ever think of you? Since it is these subtle creatures that eat what? Drink? "Zhang Xian Yong frowning, broke the stick of God's temperament, an inscrutable look. "Ah! ......" "Well ......" everyone is incredible widened eyes staring Zhang Xian Yong, to see those tiny creatures, as well as eating one say it? This really did not expect! The old monk is really stunned, and he may never thought about this issue, bedazzled eyes look unto the two bottles, the bottle of water, a hundred thousand people in life, rì a while to make, rì off The interest ......, so a life of farming men and women weave figure appeared in the old monk's mind. Zhang Xian Yong proud to see the crowd, had, he also the question "madness" for a long time, and now see so many people, "dementia", but added quite a sense of accomplishment. "Amitabha, please also real solutions monk aftertaste long time, finally recovered, clean and asked." Amitayus blessing, but in reality, only a very simple result, since it is a creature, as we are bound people in general, want to eat meat , to drink water, eat something, Pindao gave him a more appropriate name, 'swallowed' ...... "Zhang Xian Yong show off road, infinite God stick temperament outbreak this house, only a group of" cuckoo "in the sound of swallowing saliva and this problem do not want, do not say do not matter, can that said, all the talent that should also be true, since it confirms the existence of creatures, and that this "eating and sleeping" problem, there is naturally ......, this absurd idea, indeed severely compacted the crowd thinking. Zhang Xian Yong here today, be smashed his head once. "Amitabha, I question reality, really seen such a thing? "Tough old monk asked, now rì this topic completely beyond his comprehension, he is hard to imagine that a small bottle, a hundred thousand" people "in life, it is a kind of scene? "Amitayus blessing, have seen, however, between Pindao capacity is limited, we can only say, partly visible, the more you can not conceivable, however,Coach New Arrivals, it can also be so, it touches a lot can be drawn conclusions. "Zhang Xian Yong continued to show off. Zhang Xian Yong said he saw such a thing, many people are staring down to put up, I do not know this little one small bottle" man "devour each other is what kind of scene, see people will not collapse, and everyone thought of this evil, could not help playing chills come. "Amitayus blessing, knowing that Pindao said, Men may feel surprised, can not accept, you can Pindao have to say, this is my man's blessing, sickness and death are we worthy of breaking a shortcut, or that the only way ...... "Zhang Xian Yong continue to erupt his god stick temperament, he saw that he speak for all the people were frightened, and immediately put it another way." Amitabha, please real argument. "Tough old monk began, and now his problem is not a question of eating creatures, but eating" people "problem, Zhang Xian Yong previously did not say creatures" eat and drink Lazard "The problem, he also felt creatures are creatures, too subtle, even creatures that have nothing, even the "last resort" Drink, "cook" these creatures, is excusable thing, but now Zhang Xian Yong told him that these creatures also have to "eat and drink Lazard ", and what is the difference between this and the people there? old monk no longer be able to imagine themselves in the future how to do, is to continue to drink water or that the continued killing?" Amitayus blessing, this is actually a good thing, since it is now confirmed that the illness is slightly creatures from everything, then I can not wait inferred, is a certain kind of subtle creatures cause a disease? For example, some can cause smallpox, and some can cause typhoid fever, and some can cause diarrhea? ...... "Zhang Xian Yong Xie Tao opened the multitudes consistent a loss, this issue is too esoteric." ...... If this hypothesis is correct, then look back these creatures 'eating and drinking Lazard' problem, that we can not believes that these tiny creatures pathogenic may fall ill, will also die of old age, there will be many problems? Also be other subtle creatures 'swallowed' swap? "Zhang Xian Yong and its mysterious asked. Such a metaphor borrowed from the world of fine words, indeed, a lot of people the creeps, may also have to say, really quite apt. Someone finally recovered up." Well, the next understand, real mean, this world rats and more, played a rodent, nature can let the cat come forward to deal with mice, are not you? In a creature devour another creature, and to achieve a natural balance? Eliminate the disease? But this rationale? "Some people difficult to tell their own opinions." Amitayus blessing, good, all things are equal grams, it is the truth, subtle creatures there are many, and if we can find the restraint or to 'devour' smallpox eating tiny creatures, which will undoubtedly be one of the greatest thing ever, and so on, if you can find the subtle restraint typhoid creatures, such as the number of illnesses to find subtle restraint creatures Pindao say, do not say worthy of breaking illness and death, people live several more years, even decades, is not difficult, I do not know of you think? "Zhang Xian Yong asked. Zhang Xian Yong said his biggest relied broken, and that is" swallowed "theory, these tiny creatures anthropomorphism, the future development of these things hoped fledged placed in the world's eyes, do not worry about the world on the road, but also worry about the world does not give him "canonization." the house is a sound of swallowing saliva, Zhang Xian Yong said that it is too esoteric, but it is also easy to understand, according to this rhetoric, it is undoubtedly, treatment of the disease in the world and then not so difficult, to increase the life of the world, nor is lying, that the additional year of life element of the argument, and now it seems, is a fairly cautious, the premise is to find the kind of restraint and "swallowed" the corresponding disease subtle creatures ...... "Amitabha to creatures devouring creatures, is too cruel? I Buddha of compassion, even to treat disease, can also really difficult for people to accept. "The old monk really can not stand." Cannibalism ", can not stand people" swallowed "people's ideas, even though he knew it was only a metaphor. Nowadays, the old monk's head has been crushed to Zhang Xian Yong, has been unable to think about the problem." Oh Oh ...... "Zhang Xian Yong laughed his head, a xiōng successful bamboo look. everyone else feel old monk right, Zhang Xian Yong say too" cruel "the." ...... Master touches the like, not even Wen, Road to Road, very Avenue, name that can be named name ...... "Zhang Xian Yong laugh for a while, said such a sentence, enlightenment expert look full. these words to explain this thing to say, is a natural channel presence, not because people recognize the existence, nor because people do not realize and disappear, so that the world sentimentality is not necessary, they already exist for a long time the old monk was Zhang Xian Yong said such a sentence, beginning looks tight lock up, there seems to income. "...... Master Qi Buwen nameless beginning of heaven and earth, the famous mother of all things ......" Zhang Xian Yong again open solution enlightenment expert look old monk. pending Speaking phrase, the old monk's looks have been Loosen up, a Koki appearance, obviously, Zhang Xian Yong two sentences, let him enlightenment, and completely let go of mind. old monk could be really delighted the extreme, so suddenly jumped up, scared everyone daylights This difficult moves, it is hard to imagine. "epiphany also, epiphany too! Thank sobering reality, Laona understand, please be Laona a worship ...... "the old monk suddenly prostrate on the ground, to Zhang Xian Yong Koushou up. Apparently, Zhang Xian Yong few words, let him completely liberalized knot, epiphany , this kind of epiphany moment of liberation, it is unspeakable wonderful, old monk is a real xìng love the person, the person open solution epiphany, nature is to be thankful for, this epiphany, it is worth prostrate Kouxie multitudes all surprised Watching this scene surprisingly, the old monk, can be considered representative of Buddhism, and this how, Zhang Xian Yong gave a few words to kneel? shocked! deeply shocked! look back Zhang Xian Yong just said, it is shocking ! RO!. <
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