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General constitution antworten
> Six hundred and twentieth eight chapters sensational běijīng city has some of the surging meaning Chodo, the fighting has some traces běijīng jī city. WWw. quANBEn. Com instantly freeze a thing, or that it completely break up the original situation, completely ready to end this long battle. A minister of state to visit some of the Taoist back immediately accountable confidant confidant, changed direction, and comprehend the people immediately understood, and instantly changed the wind direction, the family immediately bet down to his own net worth tax sent. However, very few people able to do so, the emperor has long been accountable, non-disclosure, they even put the emperor's edict a discount, you can also not shining on the emperor's decree violated. People who can do that, no not these relationships very secret minister who is also a very small range, even if the emperor would know, not blame. Everyone also mō vain mind, how the emperor led so many bigwigs go so a humble Taoist? The next day Dibao one out, be regarded as a ground-breaking. This morning's Dibao, has been sold crazy, have to chenshi, and Dibao still mad printed overtime because rì headlines today, it is so wonderful. "...... Zhang live worthy of breaking illness and death ......" newsboy who has called hoarse throat, however, between this rì business too good, does not know how many times taken from Di Bao newspaper, so, it's still selling was extremely hard. "...... Zhang live worthy of breaking illness and death of ......" "...... Zhang live worthy of breaking illness and death of ......" newsboy's voice, so the whole city was běijīng halt without him, the news, it is too shocked, if to rì are some news on Chodo, and ordinary people does not matter, everyone is listening to a lively, can now rì the news, you can really Madden, but have a relationship with everyone! Who would not want immortality? Today, the court actually said in Dibao wantonly illness and death worthy of breaking the secret, this is simply ...... restaurant tavern where people have long been gathered to burst, many people took Dibao in the restaurant, tavern, ask for information. Although many people do not read, can be so important news, there is a necessary Dibao saved, so it touches staffing a Dibao, took Dibao interpreted by the people they have to understand the meaning of the inside, so , and gathered in the teahouse restaurant where, inquire about inside information. Or the teahouse, where the old man to be able to explain the court a minor celebrity gossip and insider information. Today rì, who came to be regarded as the teahouse tumbled, the old man arrived, surrounded the old man is put in three layers, the outer layer, must listen to the old man how do you interpret this message, how do you interpret it . The old man now rì changed early on to go rì habits, late today, perhaps things are too important causes. "The old man,air jordan sale, until finally you very much ......" Some people immediately surrounded by tiers of Old Master welcomed into Theravada. "The old man, you can come, do not come, we may have to go to hit the door of your home ......" Another man saw the old man, that backbone has come, it is enough to stir the news, it is a stone breaking shaking, no personal explanation, do listen to the streets almost more mass the more rumors of God, which is the heart Zuobulezhu. "The old man, you will soon speak, today we will go wine hospitality with good meat tea, you can certainly give us a statement ah ......" more people resorted to early rì means to good eat drink to entertain the old man. This old man, read the book for a lifetime, nor a breath, it touches now an old man, live gusto up, my heart is repeated with emotion, after listening to everyone sought after, and his heart is particularly appreciative of others had previously been holding him so, food and drink have to see someone's face sè. "Keke ......" the old man finally coughed, ready to speak, this rì this thing, to be honest, he was now, also mímí gooey, his own understanding of this matter, have spent a long time to Otherwise, how will the "late" mean? But now these people have to enlighten, the old man's feelings is a lot of life to this age, and to have met so many vigorous events, can be considered not lived this life,Air Jordan Superfly Sale, but unfortunately, the older it is big, do not see to the end of a lot of things, and some regret. Everyone an old man had to say, and immediately quiet down, helplessly watching the old man. As the old man sat down to rì general, glanced around helplessly thousand eyes. "This Dibao on the matter, Gordon was yesterday rì thing, like yesterday rì Majesty is so outside the city to go to the parade, we all heard it, His Majesty so rare to outside the city, who see Over precedent? "Old Master rì not read this newspaper, and we think this Dibao are turned rotten, and now everyone is to listen to one insider, listen to some commentary, the average person's explanation is simply everything, without his credible, nor did he accurately, he is inside information. "That is the old man, is so yesterday rì parade, I knew something big happened, did not expect, turned out to be this thing, this sensation than even the gods come ah! If really as saying on Dibao Zhang Lao Shenxian illness and death that what can be done, let it not be after rì everyone can live forever? "someone would immediately echoed, worthy of breaking illness and death, people's understanding is that everyone can be a god, and this message if it is a charlatan , we will laugh, letter is an idiot, do not believe is clever, but now actually on the court this Dibao also true that it may not talk so simple, with no prospect of a solution, the emperor could bring so much to minister Look? No point Zhunxin can say on the Dibao? "Yes ah! Old man, which in the end is not really ah?" Immediately I had to ask someone to open it. "I think it is true, not always on the rumors, His Majesty can communicate with God do? Me, this Probably a sire by Zhang Lao Shenxian mouth out with it ......" It was also immediately shift the gossip, the rumors, be the most widely circulated, is all the more believed, ordinary people would still believe the emperor, others do not believe. "Keke ......" the old man see getting more and more outrageous, and quickly cough few times. Once again the old man helplessly watching, ready to hear the old man talk. "In the old lady to see that the matter should be credible, Your Majesty has always been not just lip service to the people, very heavy reputation, as so grand to say this, but also must be taken shape, and this point should be no doubt ......" immediately before the old man confirms this. The old man through all the news say that the people around beaming face immediately come, if the court's policy and its own far can this thing, and indeed the real deal with their own relationship, ah, do not say that the gods can live several more years is good ah! "Well, old man, since this is true, then it is also true that cough?" Someone asked anxiously up immediately. "Oh, what is it?" The old man saw that the person is more urgent, and questioning. "Is the tax dispute ah! Said His Majesty to pressure those who matter do not pay taxes to send one, if it is true, that is, now that fear is not a tax sent all over, but the emperor was uprooted ah ! "This man immediately jī moving said Madden level of this news, it is slightly more than the things not quite immortal, to see so many people have bad luck, can upset you? "I said those people right match for the emperor, the emperor but the emperor, its own gods blessing, how can mere mortals can Doude Guo's? Now know that much of it, looking at it, and now I do not know how many people want to have bad luck ...... "Between a considerable number of people to be unlucky, immediately followed by the masses have applauded it, look unlucky, inherently fun. "The old man, how do you see? Touches commentary commentary ah!" Some people think that other people's news is too unreliable, or ask the old man more concrete, immediate reminders old man. Once again the consistency of the eyes to see the old man, no longer speak. Also some unhappy old man, now rì everyone so happy, and took him several times a Buddist. "Well, this thing, and now is a clear eye knows, Zhang Lao Shenxian It could be one day or two days to get out? Probably Majesty is well prepared, those who act recklessly, keep fighting Majesty, this result are inevitable, and now almost worthy of breaking with the prospect of illness and death, which would no longer emigration is not difficult, then what smoke miasma of the land, then I'm afraid it is not smoke miasma of the land, those people also how to stop Majesty? Nowadays everybody I'm afraid is to break the head to follow His Majesty to make money overseas to enclosure, who do not pay taxes with a man who mixed play? naturally tax faction victory ...... "the old man said angrily some, This statement is considered quite "official" statement. "That is that makes sense ......" "the old man right in saying ......" echoed the crowd followed, this one, and everyone now understand everything it touches without human interpretation put on Dibao plainly. "But, old man, how do we feel so hanging it? Goes Lao Shenxian really have such ability? Would not brag about it?" Was also suspected, do not blame the man suspected,Coach Bags Outlet, but this news is really too large to cast doubt. Zhang Lao Shenxian people to Zhang Xian Yong is now a new nickname. Worthy of illness and death can not break what is immortal? "This is how would be false? ......" Someone would immediately yell. "...... Zhang, and you dare to doubt His Majesty, you may make this heart is broken ......" immediately scold someone who just mentioned questions. Emperor's prestige among the ordinary people quite high, can not tolerate some doubt, can not tolerate some people say bad things about the emperor. "...... This thing ......" the old man see the crowds and clamor opened immediately explained. People see the old man had to say, and look to the old man. "...... This thing, but added no doubt, it should not be a fake, gentlemen, think about it, this Dibao who is also the name of the column up?" The old man hurried explanation. "The old man, who is also listed up?" Someone quickly asked. "...... I always constitution Caozong Xian Ming ......" whispered the old man said. "...... Of you think about it, this Caozong Xian is confrontational and His Majesty, is the head of those people, he went to see, and this is also listed on Dibao his name, if this thing is a fake, he can do not say anything? him to swallow? until now have not heard Cao Zongxian stand up and say these things, is not it, that can be heard ......? "the old man hastened to explain that a lot of puzzled mind and contradictions, can only temporarily pressed down, and quickly explain things good ...... "Oh ......" "Oh ......" "So, that was it ......" "...... really ah! how I say it is not the same today, turned out to be those people did not say anything ah! that say, this thing can be is Kazunari ten it is true ...... "the old man so an explanation, the crowd immediately dawned, and the emperor to rì most of those who do not deal with this rì I did not say anything ah ! If there are strange things yesterday rì, I'm afraid they would Skywarp, and also by the pressure of the things they? "Sure, I said, they are nothing but the emperor, the emperor to see how brilliant, can they Doude Guo, and now even the gods are helping the emperor, he also lost it Debu injustice ......" Immediately someone schadenfreude. "Ah, ah! View, the this struggle is coming to an end, this rì after tax faction are all dominated ......" "What is the rì after tax faction of the world is, does the , now it is not His Majesty the Emperor? "Immediately someone correct this person's argument. Teahouses, restaurants, streets, rumors about this thing, gradually attributed to unity, and that is tax faction won, do not pay taxes to send completely lost, and lose temper, that eighty percent Lao Shenxian thing is true, If the time to catch up, says no it can live for several years. rì later, this will be a big hit overseas migration, to go abroad enclosure will become a shortcut to make money overseas, people become more concerned about things, because these can be the real deal profitable. ...... Cao Yu Bian your home quite lively. Entrance gathered a lot of officials, we are asked to come to Cao Yu Bian Zhunxin, ask specific circumstances, the situation is somewhat yesterday rì wrong, this rì this Dibao one, be a ground-breaking, if in accordance with the Dibao said, they considered completely lost, and lost it completely, many people do not believe this is true, it is too hard to imagine the one, and secondly, to look at is not their leader Cao Yu Bian is not being threatened or something. But some on Dibao name, that is, he recognized yesterday rì thing. "We want to see Cao adults ......" "We want to see Cao adults ......" "Cao is being given hijack adults, will have this thing ......" These follow Cao Yu Bian officials continue to impact on Cao House, Had the official body in the body, I'm afraid what the rules are refused, many people can be pressed up treasures in Cao Yu Bian here, now lose sleepwalk, get away, as one looks forward Cao Yu Bian is affected by stress, being control of the emperor, this thing really a lot of money, but also, and then followed by the emperor fight. "Gentlemen adults, my lord really unwell, not suitable for guest, you adults please return it ......" steward kept persuasion, and now this situation, in addition to his efforts Haoshenghaoqi persuasion, but also what to do behold, their lord rì came back yesterday, has been in weeping, crying the night. "Steward, take the trouble, and also please re-circulated once, so many colleagues and other ways ...... here is not always" Here comes a man speaking items. Housekeeper see this person, not good then shirk, this person is not so good refuse, he came to rì have no intrinsic porter biography, directly on the incoming. Butler report the sound sin, and who entered. Soon, Butler out again, the situation has changed, Cao Yu Bian finally see people. Discuss a little of the officials, it came out a few representative figures, see Cao Yu Bian go together. Cao Yu Bian crying one night, but the water had a hour, now sitting there, but also have a bit jīng God. People come in, see Cao Yu Bian intact, except for somewhat less than jīng God, did nothing wrong, not everyone threatened by the emperor legend, the emperor went to the East what the factory. "General constitution, said today rì Dibao the ......" That representatives of several government officials come too late what the salute, directly asked yesterday rì thing, this is too much in fact, refused to take any etiquette it. Cao Yu Bian still sat there, silent, the emperor broke his decades of faith, belief, will, etc. smashed to pieces, to the present, but also back to the breath, and it was a means to persuade the emperor , not the slightest breath of heart. "General constitution, but someone hijack?, Or subject to a threat? Such as desperate as I discuss a fair ...... total Gazette" someone once asked, even though most of them believe that the city now běijīng Dibao said is true, But they also hold a glimmer still remnants of hope, do the last fight. "Yes ah! Always constitution, I'll wait for bones or hard, not afraid to play ......" someone answered immediately cavity. Cao Yu Bian sit there, do not know how to say earlier, he and these people are also saying that we must categorically how how how how has vowed to, but now, everything is like clouds in general, nothing, they lose, and lose very badly, the emperor win, win pretty, chic win, earning him convinced. "General constitution, you'd have a word ah! Such things not to say on Dibao like that, I'll wait for when plead ......" a government official said anxiously. "Oh ......" Cao Yu Bian finally speak up, sigh, undying bitterness. "...... This is true, Dibao on to say, without the slightest false, the old lady did not suffer any threat, did not suffer any stress, ...... tax dispute, but fur, fur while I waited for fight , and indeed, Your Majesty for my fortunes century Ming dynasty, between the two lower, compete with established stars, I waited lose Debu injustice, you wait rì good after adjuvant Majesty, Her Majesty's bright but not the world I am, Lord Ming dynasty in His Majesty under the governance, will far Maihan Tang, meritorious achievement supreme ...... "Cao Yu Bian said softly, until now, he admits it all out, and the emperor originally planned vigorous fighting a back to a dead admonish , blood spattered Chodo something, even beat the emperor, but also looking to the emperor, but now this thing one, he then commit suicide, but also what to play Assault Chodo is a clown, a clown. Everyone one, and my heart hope that point is completely gone, some people face sè finally changed, and here began under the re-injection ah! Nowadays lose a mess. "General constitution, inform yesterday rì details?" Or someone willing, ready to ask yesterday rì details, pick some good things from the inside out, continue to struggle. "Do not ask, hundreds of these relates to large fortunes Ming thing, naturally, is inconvenient to casually through lù details can be informed, and now have both informed on Dibao out ......" Cao Yu Bian touches immediately rejected , and now lose completely, he won fair and square win the emperor, he felt again playing what means, what thoughts do not need to keep on playing, and then pull on this matter, it has been part of the villain. Cao Yu Bian is to say, a complete fantasy with no way out of some officials, the last bit of hope dashed. RO @. <
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