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29.05.2013 09:01
Ding Lu stubbornly holding the forest antworten
Forest not looked at Ding Chongru sincerely say: "uncle really powerful, you really have a well-deserved reputation. '.. "" of course, my dad at home but come first on the list of Chinese medicine, I said he fame is humility that day." Ding Lumei said, when she again Zizi, nerves. She stood up to Ding Chongru's side, holding the old man 's arm said anxiously: "Dad, you tell me how to cure him of the disease!?" "This I have to carefully look at." Ding Chongru frowned, and with a worried face s è. "Dad, I know you can think of a way, come on!" Ding Lu was shaking Ding Chongru by the arm and stamped her feet. Ding Chongru also took a daughter, no way, had to endure x ì ng smile: "Lulu, you should be quiet, let dad think." "Good boy, don't bother your father, sit back." Ding Mu in the side to comfort road. Lin Fei smile, like this with the demon J ī ng that he is very touched. Ding Chongru thought for a moment, looked up at the forest not said softly: "Lin non, I want to listen to you on the disease, what kind of view." "Dad, you are a doctor, you can ask the patient?" Ding Lu angry away Ding Chongru's arm, pulled Ding mother's hand: "Mom, you see my dad, he is it right? Confused today? Otherwise is to deliberately do not help Lin non!" "You this boy, don't forget, Lin non knows some medicine, and had the book read several times." Ding mother smiled and squeezed Ding Lu pink little face, "you dad said, he is a genius." "Not even then,Oakley Radar clearance, if he knows how to cure diseases, but also to find father do?!" Ding Lu pouted glances at Lin Fei, to see how like the bad guy. "Uncle, I know your thoughts, my in the mind clear, general medicine in my body simply can not absorb." Forest not calmly said: "since it has been understood, so can not cure. I will try to control their emotions, in addition, if the Y ī n evil gas attack again, I want to with their own genuine Qi can contend with. Anyway, after the past the body no big impact, you don't have to worry about me." Ding Chongru shook his head, glanced at Lin Fei,Coach New Arrivals USA, and looked at the side of the Ding Lu, said softly: "I believe that, with your internal force can be completely in vivo y ī n evil gas down, however, the disease is not only to cure, but must be radical." Forest not understand Ding Chongru has many years of experience, so naturally has his reasons, nodded. Ding Chongru stood up to Lin Fei said: "you come with me to the library." "Good." Forest not up with Ding Chongru to go to the library. "I want to go." Ding Lu in Lin Fei after the side hugged his arm. "Lulu, you in the waiting room." Ding Chongru slightly sunken face, whispered: "listen, you let go of Lin non......" "Don't!" Ding Lu stubbornly holding the forest not arm not to put, "you don't want to my secret, whether forest non body will happen, whether can be cured, I have to go to face him,Nike Air Jordan 13 Sale, even death and I will accompany him!" D >
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