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has been squatting on the floor of antworten
Bai Ruoyun is one Leng first, then eyeful delightedly watched the black s è car. The j ng in its legislation in place like a fool, they dare not believe my eyes. "Bang!" The door opened, Lin not walked down from the car. When the old man shouted excitedly: "Lin non!" "Uncle." Forest not smiled, shouted at the old man nodded, but when he saw a red face, the eyebrows is wrinkly for a while, he seemed to understand what just happened. Forest not went to the Bentley and BMW car, carefully looked at the skid marks on the ground, then opened the door for BMW, sitting in the car before it comes out, go toward the white if cloud. "Wife, are you okay." Forest not walk to Bai Ruoyun side, gently embrace her waist. "Husband, I am okay." Bai Ruoyun suddenly felt very safe, at the same time in the heart and grievances, if not in a public occasion, she really want to stubbornly holding the forest not put. "Come, eat a piece of n ǎ I cream, strawberry." Lin Fei is removed from the n ǎ I cheese box has been opened in a small plug directly into Bai Ruoyun's mouth opened slightly tan. "Oh......" Bai Ruoyun did not think of forest will not have such a move,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, but since it has happened, she also had to quietly chew. "Wife, give you acid n ǎ I, original......" Lin Fei was like magic, a pack of acid n ǎ I plug into the hands of Bai Ruoyun. "Well......" White ruo-yun cocked Dai eyebrow, I really do not know Lin Fei have anything to. The woman is clear, in this environment, capable of such things to people only him...... "Thank you, dude, you look for help my wife like that." Forest not go with him God s è small tan side, patted his shoulder, holding up his n ǎ I cheese laughed: "to say thank you, start with a piece of n ǎ I cheese, taste good, my wife's love." "Thank you, I don't eat......" Small tan shook his head. The horse has come to Lin Fei's side, and Bai Ruoyun did not see the forest of intimacy, and heard two people talk, he blinked his eyes, heart fully understand,Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses, say with smile: "Lin non, originally this girl is your wife!" "Yes, uncle. She is my wife ruo-yun, white." Lin non took Bai Ruoyun's hand, said to her: "wife, one of my best friends, uncle. Yes, our family is uncle do beef in brown sauce." "Uncle Hello, thank you for your!" Bai Ruoyun nodded and smiled at the old ma. At this time, has been squatting on the floor of the Bentley man look fierce stood up, he endured the pain on the face, not a few people staring at the forest. Quickly go to the chopper, bent down to pick up a machete. Forest not sneer, quickly reaching, no other Bentley man hand machetes, then locked his neck, toward Bai Ruoyun to say: "wife, uncle's face is it right? Is this kid?" "Well......" Bai Ruoyun nodded. Damn it. Forest not big with a jerk, directly to the Bentley man out of ten metres away. Bentley man be fell heavily,Oakley Sunglasses M FRAME Cheap, two legs stared back several times over, like a dead pig as lying in the road on the edge of the lawn. "Good...... Good......" The crowd burst into warm >
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