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29.05.2013 08:48
let the Bingbushangshu this antworten
> Face heartbreak over the ground within the crowd, Yang reform know, how to say these people do not understand, can only take things one step, and the first training government troops say those who want to change jobs, such as those who opened situation. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm these people will understand their meaning, this thing, start to develop, to grow, to form the overwhelming power, not one or two days, one or two years to form, and colonial expansion thing, easily a hundred years time there was that Young grass touches in no hurry to change, believe that they have plenty of time to get this done. "Today rì days sè not late, I can not leave you a lot, gentlemen back then,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, exceedingly rest now and then to be placed immediately reported up the list of government troops, this thing, the sooner the better, do not there will be a corresponding master charter to everyone. "Young reforms saw heaven sè not late, although his plan we might not be so understanding, can only be the case, choosing to say, the first practice, while practice side improvements, things must move forward in the direction they want. "Chen Lingzhi!" Everyone consistent promised, today rì a war, some happy, some people worry. Emperor there is victory, gathered together to celebrate those who lost, are pitching in, also gathered in one place. This restaurant, in the restaurants throughout běijīng city, not so conspicuous, seems to have deserted, however, this restaurant, casual ear is not what people can come, without a certain grade, others do not look at you. Day sè was dark down, lanterns, little lights that lit the běijīng city, this restaurant where the people, but also by the light together and were discussing something. The entire restaurant is relatively quiet but occasionally from a distance came a constant hustle,Nike Air Jordan 10 Sale, bustle as the content, but also hear. Sè restaurant where people face is not so good, this rì lost people moving in classroom, that is them. Han Cao Yu Bian et al, on impressively in them. Stuffy tea drinking for a while, and finally someone spoke. "His Majesty is now increasingly faint head, opened a precedent rì so evil, how repression of Beowulf? Swordsman of chaos is not far from the truth ......" dark years, came out of such a sentence. Rì Chodo today, we did not please, lose too badly, and now gather here to discuss countermeasures, the mood is still very low no back to life, to the emperor that the overwhelming weight of momentum like a terrible thing. "It seems that His Majesty is my intention to take the swordsman to suppress such Fumiomi, the next, you had better swordsman's status rose I can not sit still, etc., must be wary of political chaos swordsman ......" Finally someone interface to it. Today, the meaning is very clear, and the emperor foster played a swordsman AGL, Hoon expensive to suppress writers, although usually in the affairs of state by the civil officials responsible, available at a critical moment Wenwu your Xun were all present, they Fumiomi immediately at a disadvantage, which It has been staged several times, the first time was when merchants do this once and then twice the interests of the consequences are greatly Fumiomi loss lose very badly. "How the?'ll Let the generals who hoon expensive Shangchao?" Said a person uncomfortable. Gang, Gang said that sentence is obviously nonsense, even knew the emperor and the swordsman, who wore a kù hoon your child and how, they can still bite you eat them ah? Let alone Fumiomi in the "traitor" child. Words here, the atmosphere of a sudden it became silent, nobody went to the interface, and do not let the generals and your Xun court, it is impossible, even if they are only a few times per year towards the other dominated entirely by civil officials, But that will give them considerable opportunity, like on Today this court, immediately let Chodo situation reversed, the emperor had a chance, as long as a year come so many times, you can play a large balance for the emperor the game, you can win a lot of things. ...... Well, those vile person, even placed and how, if relocated to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, is to let them know that I went to the powerful, able to kill arbitrarily tax year eunuchs, can now kill random placement of Beowulf, called kill scourge punish poison ...... "A man teeth bitterly this outburst, and immediately get a lot of people in favor, when dealing with tax eunuch, they are so dry, the emperor sent eunuchs can go to collect taxes They will be able to get rid of eunuchs, but also to those who kill the tax eunuchs erected, to the local level, they can be really afraid of Emperor Han as the opposition leader, but added that some people look down on them, and my heart shook his head , this means too nèn a bit, did not hear this rì Chodo emperor say it? can be placed into a large Ryukyu go, that can be referred to the Secretary for Agriculture Division, now the control of Secretary for Agriculture Secretary spanning more than half of large Ming Dynasty, those who relocated to the site of Secretary for Agriculture Secretary, here you also get round blind cāo heart? Secretary for Agriculture Secretary who should control? Xu Guangqi, it was the emperor's right hand man, that was able to listen to you? Korea is now increasingly feel that the emperor's powerful, not moving sound sè, regarding the Secretary for Agriculture Secretary Zhezhi relief by hand, will control more than half in the hands of large Ming Dynasty, Xu Guangqi hands of the rich now, Some people have righteous, more emperor, has the support of the army, more real power, just like a little, with the real power, "court", and has a faint and six strength to compete, and now half the Secretary for Agriculture Secretary Ming may have an immigration officer, managing resettlement work, the actual disaster coming, unusual counties, but there is nothing to do and immigration does not matter how many? called immigration, real power, no more than usual county magistrate, Little known to the state how much money the hands of immigration, more supervision of the Imperial College of Health, supported by the local scholar to follow, but no shortage of people, even more peculiar is that immigration officers are still Godfather, Shinco speak with disabilities, are sure to be done in the future officer, with the official product itself is in the offices, into magistrate Ye Hao, Ye Hao into the official state capital, into the court experience is good, do not mind this thought can be foreseen that these people followed Xu Guangqi, which is followed Emperor dry to relief efforts now, those who want to the results, it really is a piece of cake, and so these people took out these achievements officer, then naturally, do not let yourself be discredited past achievements , then the natural, you have to protect their achievements, these are all the future promotion of the capital. means that these people would definitely have to support the emperor, at least most of the people will be the case, at least not that hardcore support is also close to the emperor emperor nobody will hit their roots feet, take their roots foot joke that is, the emperor does not move between sound sè be re-established a self-functioning, "the court" Although this "court" now also quite small, the atmosphere is very weak, be able to perform a good account of the emperor down thing, that is, which is actually where the emperor's emboldened emperor and Chodo has now afraid of these people fell out, even and Chodo these people fell out, so what? Chodo what can these people to threaten the emperor? lazy politics? money? plead? "money is not to say the emperor money, known to the world, ...... dead remonstrance is not said, to get his head against the wall at every turn is not a thing. Say lazy this past political weapon against the emperor, and now have nothing to deal with the emperor, and now a major event in the world in addition to disaster relief, what else? As long as no mob, the world counties, no officer, Han felt a little afraid of the people living more wishful. Korea think this is also afraid of the emperor who dare moving in classroom with Fumiomi fell again and again the reason, this heart has emboldened hands of cards, and let these people how naughty they are, in short, not afraid ...... Han emperor heart and the sun smiled a return over and over again how people around talking about how to "deal with" the emperor, Han * only in the heart secretly sigh, these people that can fight with the emperor not the slightest bit bad, what placement government troops kill kill tax supervisor The trick, it is boring, but also old-fashioned. Now think of the emperor's duty supervisor to let them pay taxes, pay taxes have to talk about eligibility, must ask for help through the back door, Korea had to smile in my heart, the emperor playing these people, that's playing with a slide. Kill tax year prison using a nuisance, that now it? Others forbid you pay taxes, you said that you are not allowed tax also does harm you? So obviously, this time placed government troops, the emperor will not casually the resettlement areas will obviously be the site of Secretary for Agriculture Secretary, Secretary for Agriculture Secretary's site where it is that old, the "small court" imperial scholar Xu Guangqi personally took, Shoudexia a big ticket Godfather, Shinco Scholars, tolerate you intervene? Today, says these means, but consoled himself fills their own, if the emperor heard that, I'm afraid will laugh. Listened a while, more and more bored Korea, to discuss things in here that is, not as it is to vent their dissatisfaction with the means to these people alone, the emperor wanted to fight, that really is not enough weight. As sketched out in my mind that the Emperor, "small court" layout, Korea did not intend to tell anyone in Korea seems that this fantasy thing, even knew only buried to the heart, which can say? There are more than three hundred people Shinco Scholars do, you say people build another court, they do not tell you desperately strange, no proof no basis such things can only be rotten in the heart, Han felt, he became the Imperial opposition first person, in fact, is also a good choice, talk about the future with the emperor, the emperor could not say anything to him the whole point of doing things celebrity legacy. Korea also think that he really untimely, and too old point, if younger, you can follow the emperor says no longer dry period when rì, you can not say a whole lot bigger career come. The restaurants are everywhere vent, swearing, curses sound. But some people, simply to drink tea, it did not bother them too much bickering. ............ Well, those cheap bastard, that resettlement can change chéngrén Exalted, that runners with a Guanpin do something, you can superior, knowing that they dry errand runners, even this generation is not slut, the next generation, it must be the slut, they want those old Jinian officials contend, not the slightest bit afraid of the poor, they robbed the old officials who plot jobs, how can those old officials who let them ? Ho ho ......, gentlemen, I did not curse them who Wang, gentlemen watching, or a decade or two, wait for them to come out of those who whelp who look for a job, they do not become a slut is improper, and now do not They look beautiful and will forever when the slut's life ...... ho ho ...... "Someone with a poisonous evil curse said. placed these people that even when placed runners Outpost with Guanpin do something, is the official body, would not join the membership base can be made to seek their sons, I also had to do things in the fathers to find a bureaucratic errand runners, still or get into cheap nationality. "......, right, now do not They look beautiful, so after a decade or two, those who knew what His Majesty is not good for them ...... "Immediately it was agreed, however, agree with the sound is not so much, very few, keep our noses to drink more of a Cha Han also keep our noses to drink tea, this rhetoric, it seems worth mentioning in the Han emperor now people engaged in education for all, do not say let all the people really read a letter that lets people read most courtiers letter that really can do it, and now the two million taels allocated each year in, to do to fight this, almost no difficulty, twelve years later, even those who do not teach his son to study swordsman, their son certainly do not read? emperor that the EFA is to do it to whom? It really do not mind talking to people ah! still twelve years, and now the His Majesty the Emperor only a few years, more than a few hundred large Ming Dynasty between the change, you can foresee the situation after ten or twenty years? If you really have this ability, and now it will not lose so miserable. Han heart contempt a lot, mind went to the paradox that go, and in the end is that we are reading is good, or only a few people read? supposedly "saints philosophy, which was the more people the better reading, you can clear, reading many people, this is not enough of the more official "This is a big paradox ah! future will certainly be a big problem, or that will lead to great changes Crafts, heart random thought for a while, see these people are still talking about this thing, it is not going to listen up." In the dim light, put down the cup, cleared his throat, "and said:" Gentlemen, listen to the old lady to say something. "People see Hange Lao to speak, immediately quiet down," Gentlemen, now the most critical thing is Bingbushangshu a job, is said to His Majesty also interested Yuan freely, but unfortunately, now prisoner again in the East where the account Lindan Han great deal, a great revival posture, so Liaodong there, Yuan freely for the time being will not get away, even if His Majesty preferred, but also a time not to be afraid of office of the "Korea openings down to business on the topics mentioned. crowd heard these things, they talk opened. "ge lao, I'll wait when the force Chen Majesty, Yuan freely when Bingbushangshu, most appropriate," "right, ge lao, Yuan freely do Bingbushangshu, could not be better, but also comply with the rules of His Majesty, that exploits, but also record, but also brought a soldier, but I know that soldiers, His Majesty the rules laid down for ourselves, surely impress ...... "everyone speaking at once around this topic. unanimously in favor of force tǐng Yuanchonghuan . "...... of you just sit tight, according to the old lady analysis, Majesty fear is preferred Yuanchonghuan, this post, do not be afraid of competition, otherwise, do not let His Majesty temporarily ge lao Hyobu the" Han said with a smile, he was Yuanchonghuan seat division, Yuanchonghuan can become Bingbushangshu, that his strength, nature has gone up a lot, is naturally happy, "That ge lao mean? "People did not understand, and since even the emperor Bingbushangshu post Yuanchonghuan prefer, they are more to push Yuanchonghuan, then take this post what is difficult? Also need it to fight?" ......, Gentlemen, the old saying is that freely to serve the Ministry of War, that this Liaodong governor, whom should we? "Han explained. Everyone knew they had to fight the governor's office Liaodong, this post is a key position, do not say anything else, just bare hands over a year from Liaodong governor of money, it is worth the fight. Crowd suddenly, they began to struggle up the governor who serves as the Liaodong Han people see the topic lead up to it, only a little comfortable number, they began to drink tea alone, and put these guys in here to discuss who should go when Liaodong governor, who meritorious deeds go Tateyama Korea listened to some people〗 〖words of my heart more shaking his head, you alone, I want to get hold of fame? look in the mirror does not take himself, did not allow the emperor, the emperor did not support, you can When Liaodong governor? fear is dreaming,Oakley Sunglasses Juliet, the emperor in the Liaodong invested so much effort and jīng force, did I let you go ruined? emperors feared also have preferred the person who, otherwise, will not let the Bingbushangshu this post. Cao Yu Bian today rì, words are always much, do not know is too old, or be scared of this rì scenes, Duanzhaochabei hand to shake it from time to time to hear these people talk of how how to deal with the emperor, Cao Yu Bian a burst of irritability, if the emperor so good deal, there would be no today rì the defeat, and if those resettled so good against government troops, the emperor would huā so much effort to engage in this matter? want to use so many resources to do this, do it after the last merchants, merchants that the emperor had to do much profit? If cf do merchants to count, the emperor of this harvest, at least not merchants do much less, unfortunately, until now, he can not see the emperor's intentions where? longer a place to retire government troops? Although this will bring many benefits to the emperor may Cao Yu Bian think, obviously, Emperor's pay and harvest less in proportion, and now large Ryukyu, Liaodong a lot of ground, essays painted pieces, with his more heroic, government troops have also placed, you can run inside Why go off? heard Korea said the governor's office to fight Liaodong, Cao Yu Bian mind more chaos, who is suitable to become governor of Liaodong? who might go? emperor and who prefer to go? have not seen through the layout of the emperor on the matter, this matter also planning 1, and Cao Yu Bian feel, and I feel really upset. irritability place, Cao Yu Bian is cursed in front of these things is not a device, the emperor just pick one person can pick a large beam, but they gang do? white Do not give the emperor Huang dìdū. see Korea in a quiet cup of tea, and my heart swore Korea fox, things always hold back, this time, it touches on so he got a great deal, originally thought it would suddenly force picking FLAC cheap there know, or Korea see more accurate, the emperor did not even look the other way over his FLAC, mercilessly refused, and even established a Rule No ......, now Yuanchonghuan when Bingbushangshu, fear is a virtual certainty. @ <
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