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> Five hundred and ninetieth chapters Sun Chengzong back to Beijing Wenhua in the crowd to see the emperor so go on, even a Bingbushangshu did not specify that some people really anxious up, it seems, the emperor still hold a grudge, still temper. wWw, qUAnBEn, CoM can hold a grudge grudge go, we can not not Bingbushangshu right? Phenamine rì the offer prisoners ceremony Is it really yellow? By this time, a lot of people but really anxious up, anyway, is a large Ming Dynasty ceremony offer prisoners rare prosperity, if we really yellow, and we are to Da Banzai ass, and history books are indispensable to note that a dirty thing, rì after their generation descendants of distraction is an object. Many people began Anhen Cao Yu Bian, This Old Thing selfish refreshing, now, we all have to suffer, not to appoint Bingbushangshu emperor really angry, of course, the emperor was laughed at, and swept the face, do not like them too? See today's situation, for fear that the emperor still hold a grudge. See the emperor to go, not only Han Kuang anxious up, even Cao Yu Bian are beginning to worry them, he also has several hand ready, also have their own plans, he MingMian opposition, we jointly elected Yuanchonghuan when Bingbushangshu, In fact, he is the king of his cards contact, he is confident Yuanchonghuan impossible when Bingbushangshu because not save emergency, contact the king and the emperor is also good impression, in order to clear rì the ceremony, for fear that they have to squeeze it nose recognized, I did not expect, the emperor directly rejected, but also set an unknown soldier, did not record allowed when Bingbushangshu rules, is not even clear rì ceremony of offer prisoners are desperate, and Cao Yu Bian is Some really do not see that the emperor is to sing at the? Is it really makes this offer prisoners highlight the emperor martial ceremony yellow out? He did not get the emperor Momen? This Wenhua Lane crowd, really are anxious together. "Your Majesty, must not, Ming rì the offer prisoners ceremony ......" "Your Majesty, must not grudge ah! ......" "Your Majesty, that in affairs of state as the most important ......" The minister of state, see the emperor an unhappy, aggrieved look away, followed immediately shout slogans, if not shout back, it can be really a big problem. See the emperor to disappear at the door, many people began to angry gaze to the opposition, led by Cao Yu Bian, all these guys, do these things now, so a big happy event became engaged funeral today , after we have the nerve to see people do? Today rì obviously young emperor, swallow, and everyone blocking gas, and we want to come to a "die." Cao Yu Bian also frightened, the emperor did not actually offer prisoners the ceremony seriously, preferring to offer prisoners ceremony yellow away, is not willing to throw in the towel with their own, that is, this is not the emperor's Vital, if these things spread out , although there is loss of prestige of the emperor, to more people, will be sympathetic to the emperor, scolding them that these people are "jiān minister." Emperor figure, finally disappeared in the door. Leaving a place restless minister. Many people are aligned with the flaming eyes Cao Yu Bian, eventful hate these people may have no idea, but that may not harsh words, they can only get angry gaze Cao Yu Bian. Cao Yu Bian even got to the wall thickness of the nerve, also can not stand people stare, my heart is a mess, he claims himself Road, jīng in calculating, can face up to the emperor, he shot, there have been mistakes, the emperor thought the emperor to do, often different from ordinary people, and now, he is most reluctant to see things moving in the situation develops, the emperor did not even offer prisoners the ceremony, at most prestige lost by some, but he offend people, they do not know how much. "Gentlemen, how to do? Ming rì offer prisoners the ceremony, you can never stop not ah!" Someone speaking anxiety. "Gentlemen, this is juvenile sire heart xìng, in a fit of anger it ......" It was also said. "Gentlemen, I do not eat immediately went to ask Her Majesty ah! Otherwise, do not put Bingbushangshu settle down, to the Ming rì, I waited but I could Daming sinners!" More people think, or have to go ask the emperor to go. "Right, right, right, or to beg His Majesty to go! Offer prisoners ceremony this matter, anyway, it may not stop ah!" Everyone to seek counsel with the emperor, and many people think, it seems the emperor to make a small xì ; ng son, and we grudge it. Deliberated for a while, come and let Shi Feng graduated from Yan to go, after all, the two men are God party, the emperor's henchmen, even temper, could face his henchmen seek in, they still can not give sort of face? Quite a while later. They also minister of state gathered at the Wenhua in other news, to see that they have come back, immediately stepped forward to ask the message. "How? Shi Shou Fu, Bi adults? Majesty but promised?" Everyone immediately asked. "Oh ......" Shi Feng to the surface is not know whether to laugh or cry, in short, is not difficult to see, but definitely not really good-looking, a strange look. "Grand Secretary, you'd say ah! That was a big thing, can we allow kidding?" Some people can not wait. Graduated from strict to the side, silently, secretly distraction and said: You know this is a big thing,oakley sunglasses store, wait a few days will not work? This is not something you do out? "Oh, ...... Her Majesty did not agree to assign new Bingbushangshu ......" Shi phoenix said something strange. Phrase outburst, everyone hopes that point, went out, it appears that the emperor is decorum skin, do not offer prisoners this ceremony, the ceremony would rather destroy offer prisoners, nor concessions to the opposition. "...... This is the end ...... This time look good ......" Some people said. "...... Oh ......" Some people sigh. "...... However, other means of His Majesty also gave me a way ......" and so everyone sorry too, Shi Feng to say a word and just strange. "Grand Secretary, in the end is what road ah?" Everyone has quickly asked. "Your Majesty said, there will be a next rì Bingbushangshu to the capital, to cover seal, who can help ......" Shi said phoenix weird. "Ah! Who? ......" "Ah!?? ......" Someone was surprised, it was surprised, it was puzzled. "But Grand Secretary said Sunge Lao?" Some think of it, who is not Withdraw the Sun Chengzong Bingbushangshu the title you have? People face to face glimpse, this is how calculated? People still waiting for the seal of the Ministry of War raised him under it, which you raised him something to put people out there, and let people chop? What is this thing ah? Absurd, these imperial minister feeling inside, only this word. Although it was slightly ridiculous, but do not, and the rules, you can say, it barely acceptable, whatever the outcome, it is also a Bingbushangshu. "His Majesty said, had deliberately let Yuanchonghuan as Bingbushangshu, unfortunately, now rushed to the capital is too late, and then, the East Krupp things underway bō fold, there are changes in Liaodong Majesty worry, there for the time being but also inseparable Yuanchonghuan Therefore, Bingbushangshu things, rì then speak. "Bi Yan has since added a. People face to face again, peep, absurdity is all consistent feel. ...... Fifth day. Is a good rì child. The sky was clear and cloudless, sailed the wind blowing the earth, the birds twittering in the branches cried, beaming school scene. This offer prisoners the ceremony began. The first, or the Guji community temple, this part, too, and the emperor does not matter, Guji completed after the temple community, and only then they get afternoon outside those prisoners. The whole process, but added there are countless people look fresh, packed, absolutely not talk about. Afternoon outside the main place is the offer prisoners. Here already ready. Subject to prisoners, ministers have come, the emperor was the morning the door, on the Meridian Gate, ministers to the emperor first salute, salute after the offer prisoners the ceremony began. But first triumph music, Kaile after another read "lù fabric" that is triumphant, and so took over, only then charge over the prisoners, these prisoners were wearing red Red Hat has twelve hundred. Then Punishments Book divisions played: ...... DuShi Sun Chengzong offer Sancha victory of the offer prisoners, requesting disposition and so on. At this step, considered as the opening turn Young reforms, Yang reform touches on the goodwill of these prisoners is not much, casually said something: "Chemical control of compliance bureau sent into slavery." Determines the fate of these people, let these people to Zunhua go to coal mining. Young reform commanded the phrase, the side of officials loudly repeating: His Majesty has purpose, the prisoners sent to comply with chemical control bureau as slaves. Then is the meal Shan Hu Long live, all kowtow, a variety of complicated rules, here, and offer prisoners also almost the same. Young reforms re-do the Pacers back. Offer prisoners be completely the end of the ceremony. The whole process, to say the lively crowd of people that is more, the road is crowded, the actual, the emperor also in the afternoon lù a face on the door, officials, that is the last time this afternoon outside Zaozhao ceremony, which is that's it, this offer prisoners, and more, is for people to see. ...... Offer prisoners ceremony ended. More things before the official start. Platform. Yang and Sun Chengzong reforms take time to talk, to exchange views. "Master Sun, you come back like, this time, but told I ate burned, or Master Sun around better." Young said reform. "Your Majesty, but Bingbushangshu thing?" Sun Chengzong immediately asked, frowning, Bingbushangshu thing, he must know that those who lost impeachment Liu Ting Yuan, the results offer prisoners the ceremony, and many other matters not made to do, only the paperwork sent to him and let him chop is, indeed, very absurd. "Yes, Master Sun was right, this time, I considered eating no small loss, thanks to know in advance, with the preparation, did not lose a mess, otherwise, do not know how to do it? This hand, really hit I crucial point, this Liu Ting Yuan, also in too blame the ...... "Yang Sun Chengzong a reform to be back on the large inverted grievances. "Your Majesty, this is indeed a great relationship, and obstruction to His Majesty several strategies to today's trend point of view, although some loss of His Majesty should also does not matter." Sun Chengzong brows wrinkled higher, the Sancha River victory is certainly victory, can Sun Chengzong know Chodo, there will be a bigger, invisible blood fight, even more than the more brutal fighting on the battlefield, a mistake that Ming dynasty beyond redemption, and the East Krupp lost the fight, Ming also the opportunity to come back, after the Ming Dynasty in East Krupp, is a monster, but if it is Chodo battle lost, the emperor made all the efforts that the basic vain, Ming inevitably doomed. "Ah, that it touches, this Chodo battle, has become increasingly jī intense, and this tax and non-tax between surely die one ah!" Young reforms emotion, he told nobody negotiable rì son, can be really tough, and now someone can talk things over, Young reforms only slightly better. "...... Your Majesty, may all ready? Made up my mind?" Sun Chengzong frowned higher, and he was involved in quite a lot of the emperor, a large secrets, know many of the emperor's layout, the face of the emperor "Guards" The plan, in addition to Sun Chengzong admiration, it can only gasp in admiration, it can only wholeheartedly assisting the emperor Finish "Guards" move. "Ah, I was determined, and those who come to a battle, in one fell swoop dàng a clean sweep of those who now have a lot of planning and layout down, I believe I will win." Yang said the reform very confident . Young reforms tried every possible means, and only then send a tax rally around themselves, finally established a controllable and reliable interest groups, ready to use this new class replaces the existing hierarchy Ming Dynasty, in order to achieve the purpose of reform . Nowadays a lot of layout and planning are assessed to the point, and became, from a large Ming skyrocket; lose, big Ming return to the old road, certainly less than seventeen years have linked anti. Young reforms felt worse still worse than before in the history of the outcome? Therefore, to deal with this, it is not so afraid, yet full of fighting jī situation. Sun Chengzong a long silence, the emperor's plans and ideas, it is too complex, and to his age, thinking up, there has been hard for. "...... Dedicated assistant minister since when His Majesty." Sun Chengzong said. A little silence for a while. "I'd not worry about the things government troops demobilized, it touches something ...... worry navy" Young reforms see this topic some heavy and bulky, they changed the subject, the topic says smaller. "Your Majesty, but pulling navy dispatched went?" Sun Chengzong asked. As government troops demobilized things, it said that when the General Assembly Kaifeng tour to a sudden change in military medals retired, jobs thing, this thing, Sun Chengzong know, also had his one play, Sun Chengzong think, this, To achieve, not difficult, on the one hand, and now Ming dynasty government troops achieved unprecedented victory; On the other hand, raised him after the victory can be considered incomplete decommissioning and jobs. But this is not a complete decommissioning and jobs are limited to officers and ordinary soldiers did not have much relationship, but this time the goal is to benefit to the soldier class, the creation of a new system, so that the emperor standing army completely side. "Yes ah! I feel the energy of those who they are, a bit smaller, I prepared to give them a plus point energy, I turn on the water division ready to go out, playing to, incidentally, live in maritime trade, those who do not pay taxes faction, is not even think of any one ship open to the sea, Ha ha ha, this year's harvest season to ...... "Yang said the reform here, start with some" yīn laugh ", and to this year, is the annual harvest season, Young would like to see reform Those guys can not sell something after harvest looks like. "Your Majesty, be careful ah! Thus, I'm afraid Majesty the pressure increased sharply ah!" Sun Chengzong know what the idea of ​​playing the emperor, is to take the battleship sea, so that those who can not sail a boat, just put tax faction ship sea, do not pay taxes camp naturally can not trade, not trade, then they come out of production this year, such as silk, cloth, and so things are not sell it, the big loser, allowing only tax sent to the sea, it is obvious that do not pay taxes to suppress faction, supporting tax faction, although this idea is very good, you can also have to say, the pressure is quite large, that time, Jiangnan those people will definitely accusation, to see the emperor how to resolve it. "Ha ha ha, anyway, I suspect their strength is a bit smaller, prepared to allow them to engage in a large number of forces, so that was interesting to play with, but now I Sun master back side, and I have nothing to fear, I would like to take this opportunity to get them once. "Young reforms laughed, and the Ming literati jīng England have played against so many rounds, Yang reform'd had the idea to catch them, and now, also have this ability. "Your Majesty! ......" Sun Chengzong do not know what to say, if this is really the Emperor won this war, it can be said that the entire Great Ming, must change the world, and in the past a large Ming those rules, have to give Emperor change overnight. Change over large Ming Dynasty, there would be unthinkable. Large Ming Dynasty no longer short of money, let alone deal with an East Krupp, even against ten, Ming dynasty would not be afraid, as acts of God, this is purely a question of money, as long as the money can be simultaneously on ten large-scale migration, ten million also give you removed, the key is a question of money. "Ha ha ha, rest assured, Sun Master, I now say, naturally confident,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, now a kick turn them to the ground, but also avoid rì trouble again." Young said reform. "......" Sun Chengzong still do not know what to say, but in my mind over and over again over the emperor's plans. "...... I'd take the navy was a little worried that matter, that time, Master Sun had better support I ah!" Young reforms laughing. "Your Majesty is afraid of someone you want to disband the Navy?'d Not worry about this minister, and now East Krupp did not destroy, the fact that I looked at the Navy has to deal with the East Krupp Dayong, can be a means to support the East River and fast Kam Ning, Without the Navy, this battle will be difficult to play, so, the minister assured there Caitai Navy is unexpected danger ...... "Sun Chengzong said quickly, today's Sun Chengzong is particularly fond of the Navy, and that night, the night of the Yuanchonghuan Kam Ning transferred from Sancha things, gave Sun Chengzong much feeling, and now, can be considered a tough Navy faction, to dissolve the Navy, Sun Chengzong is not allowed. "Oh, so much the better, the Navy's role has become increasingly obvious, I'm afraid some people in order sī Lee, I will compel the dissolution of the Navy, just for instance when Admiral of the fleet ......" Yang reform laughing. "Your Majesty, should not the ......" Sun Chengzong said, but, obviously,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, frowned higher, and Jiangnan people about whom the emperor to Sike, people about whom do not work against the emperor? This Sike, Navy is certainly the focal point of both sides, things I'm afraid there will be misfortune ......, Sun Chengzong and worried. "Oh, Master Sun, I remember, and now in July, also seemed to harvest it." Young said suddenly reform, and Sun Chengzong chat, Yang reform touches unrestrained, think of what to say. "Back to His Majesty, it is!" Sun Chengzong immediately affirmed. "Oh, that'd arrived just in time, also this two months ago, I and those who will see the outcome of the battle." Young said thoughtfully reform. Within two months, you can see the outcome? Tax dispute end? Taxes do not pay taxes to send to send down? Sun Chengzong even known as the Emperor's right hand man, one of the best confidant, may nonetheless felt more and see through the emperor really have so much faith? ro @. <
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