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national urgent solution bitter antworten
> Five hundred and eighty second chapter debate běijīng town. Www, quanBEn, cOM this officialdom, in the preparation and the emperor bucket, ready to gain more benefits. This Shihlin, reading between people, or that between a young scholar, but it is debated in the bustling New Interpretation of Confucianism word. Xi is one of the very active one. ...... This restaurant, and is now, is still debated both sides of the battlefield. "I'd have to ask Taichong brother, Taichong brother keeps saying that people need is Confucianism, scholars, when people need to address, the country needs as their responsibility, then, if there are a farmer, because of inability to cultivate land, Taichong brother whether to give He went to farming? like to artisans sick and can not work, Taichong brother could go to work instead of those craftsmen ......? "The scholar surnamed Huang, it touches on this debate Captain, come on, it asks for xi the core problem, if people need to Confucianism as a new solution, then, that this work, to do agriculture, the boundaries between business, there will be no, because, according to human needs "Confucian" explanation, someone needs you to have to do it, you need to have to go to work the workers, businessmen need you have to go to do business, be completely overturn the interpretation of Confucianism. This problem is indeed the xi stumped. Xi take a trip to the back, and have nothing to reply. This restaurant, filled with people, almost packed, the sidewalks are to attend the Young Scholars, so this restaurant, full of vitality. Xi side, naturally can not let xi defeat, see xi difficult, as it was immediately xi problem-solving. Crowd, people started clapping rhythmically. "Pops ......, pops ......" shoot applause sounded ...... "cover your mouth, ...... pops ......" a group of young, cheerful shouting, jī intense debate to the Department, such as respective sides applauded, booing thing came out, the young people clapping hand side, the name of the beat, the other side, it is warm toward each other shouting, every shot or two hands on violent shout word. "His nose, ......" "pops ......" Then a burst of neat clap is heard shouting. "No breathing, ......" "pops ......" "...... coax ......" the last sentence there is strong and neat yelling and clapping after a burst of laughter. This cry of laughter, the atmosphere reached its apex, the debate, in fact, is xi in the wind, but when support xi young people shouting when they chant, which obviously is not the same atmosphere victory also to the xi here, because this one one, the opposite will often speechless, in addition to embarrassment, that is embarrassing. A few days people can not eat, can one day without water, without a moment alone can not breathe. "Ha ha ha ......" xi cheers after this, with a winner's attitude chuckle again. "...... Gentlemen, you can not agree with my point of view, can we still have breath ah! If you oppose my point of view, is the big time to breathe, then I kneel down to beg for mercy Hwang immediately recognize lost ......" xi asked with a smile. And xi fight opposing young scholar who, one by one blushing, either xi shame here, this is no way to do, xi take breath that matter, who can not breathe? Breathing, then, he was caught xi handle, and you can not do without both breathe and do not agree with the first breath is human needs, this is not a contradiction here? "Yellow Taichong, what are you quibble, I could not breathe and other natural, but this breathing and the saints, and the relationship between my holy church? Why are you blindly irrational? Even breathing, survival is the people's most fundamental and most important, the first one needs, but also the relationship between Confucianism and me, why you must put them together forcibly tied to it? If yellow Taichong you can say it clear, I prefer to serve you, if you do not know, you do not always use it This trick ...... "a humiliation of the powerful young scholar, see xi have used this trick often beat them, so sent allowed xi Yongzhe Zhao requirements. "Loss you claim Confucian children, this point also see through? I Confucian classics, that one was not talking to the world heart? That one was not talking to pepole destiny? Breathing but was born with,Coach New Arrivals Sale, but must be some rights, the need to breathe, that is, the right to life, since I want to pepole Confucian destiny, how to survive and able to leave this right? I Confucianism Confucianism this word, why write chéngrén need? sages already seen through it all, but I'll wait for posterity dull, delays can not comprehend the meaning of saints and holy people, and now, too Majesty enlighten, did he realize ...... "xi had to Parried, some problems, although he figured , and may be some problems, is completely subvert the dominant view today's society, he also had to think about, trying to find the answer, the answer easy to find. "Irrational ......" xi opposite young scholar who blush plus shortness of breath, xi saint is carried out, it is the emperor carried out, it would say something harsh words will not work, say, then it is alive Bie back. The people in the restaurant, a burst of applause. See opponents beaten, do not know who is naughty, immediately shouted chant. "Cover your mouth ......" This naughty man shouted up. "...... Pops ......" everyone recovered,Air Jordan 12 UK, immediately applauded collusion. "His nose ......" That person has a high shouted. "...... Pops ......" everyone clapped their hands in a more enthusiastic response of this occasion, it is happy, many people, about the same age, like-minded people and great, does fit here wanton unrestrained madness. "No breath ......" everyone finally agreed shouted. "Ha ha ha ha ......" chanted after the same crowd laughed. Xi gently laughed, this hand, can be really killer, every spare faint head by others, or can not stand the time that the festival this trick out, the other almost overwhelmed, and who can not but Breath ah! More can not be too rude for today Majesty, after all, that people need to "Confucianism", which was first proposed by the emperor. Xi opponent, it is angry, angry, all ashamed, but lost the battle, defeat was confusedly ............ these young scholars positive spin happy, enjoy yourself, outside the restaurant, a dash Scholars into the restaurant. Cengceng rub on board the teahouse. Then Kuangguan a pot of tea. "Ember, how the? Why such a hurry?" Someone once asked, look at this guy's posture, than fire beams themselves more anxious, oh, I do not know what happened event. All will stop the debate, carefully looked at the rush to the scholar. "...... A major event! A major event!" This scholar Kuangguan a belly of water, long sigh, then squeezed out from the mouth the words, but because the gas rapidly, only shortness of breath can be a while again. "Slow down, Ember, in the end how the? Anxious to see you guys, do not fire someone channeling beams, right?" Xi asked. "......, Hoo, hoo, or Taichong brother said,Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, well, this is the life breath largest demand, this rì be realized, which can be breathed Zhenshuang Come on! ......" This man while violent breath, While adjusting laughing. "Ember, you do not guessing, hurry to tell us what happened in the end it ......" xi immediately asked. "Hey! Victory, victory Liaodong Sancha, the eradication of twenty thousand Tartars, self-injury, but one thousand, in one fell swoop the Tartars back to his home ......" This breathless young scholar, and finally broke irreparably. This message is a young scholar who that surprised, shocked the heart, can only say that, to be added. "Ember, remark in earnest? This is not a joke? This is the outcome of the poor, no joke." Xi sullenly, seriously asked. Everyone is staring at Ember this is called, it can be really not a joke, this is a military affair. "Hey! That can have false? This is my father and passed from my knight there to listen to the news of the beginning, I thought I got it wrong, but also to find my father asked, it absolutely can not go wrong, is absolutely true , the three Chahe victory, killing twenty thousand casualties, but I'm more than a thousand army casualties, an exercise is rare victory. "this young scholar, rubbed his mouth, serious and serious, said, his eyes full of with joy. "Incredible, incredible ah!" Xi listened to so in the affirmative, can only use these words to represent their feelings. "Is really incredible, which is more than Taichong brother sophistry is more people feel incredible ......" Someone once these things and xi debate linked to together. Xi said he saw a man that just does not intend to bicker, but turned to the child who called jade, and then asked: "But you know how to play? Whether fully informed?" Xi think it over bicker more important. "Taichong brother, I heard, is Qin Liangyu, Qin commander by night approaching Tartars big business, taking advantage of the darkness, a torch with a hot air balloon Tartars burned ruins of the camp, and then soldiers cover forward, chasing behind surprise attack, the Tartars defeated and fled, That there is now such a triumphant rì ...... "This is called Ember man, immediately tell the truth. "...... Hum ......" This teahouse, a buzzing sound sounded, this is is amazing, twenty thousand more than a thousand, this outcome disparity victory or defeat, it is too outrageous, his mind a time also can not accept. "Hot air balloon? Was manned fly to heaven that can be something?" Someone once open to discussion. "I've seen last year, Mid-Autumn Festival, also performed over it, really spectacular, did not expect this rì built outstanding service to the ......" It was also followed by envy said. "That thing, I have seen ......" Someone outdone, also clamored. "......" Buzz of the crowd, suddenly big up, restaurant, and again became noisy. Xi listening to the news, had in mind and with the crowd is not bragging, boasting a glorious past, but the thought of something. Getting faster and faster, getting faster and faster, hands constantly smashing in his hands, a love of the pole, if that's the look. Xi move, immediately attracted everyone's attention, do not know why would this piece of grotesque xi. "Taichong? Taichong? How do you?" Someone asked quietly beside someone would immediately stop, look xi appearance, obviously one way all the proceeds, if interrupted his train of thought, maybe this life and then he can not think of this problem. Atmosphere suddenly thickened, and everyone there accompanied xi daze, not talk the talk. Take quite a while, xi finally recovered from joy. "Oh, enlightened! Enlightened ah!" Xi Bash his hand, his face joyful expression, and loneliness. "Taichong brother, in the end realized what? Could share with me wait?" Someone once asked. "Ah! Really ashamed, often can understand Confucianism word pride, did not envisage, so this rì facts before us, but it is illiterate, almost missed ......" xi laughing. "In the end what is going ah? Taichong brother quickly said and I waited." Some people can not wait xi guessing. "Gentlemen, do not think that this rì this victory, is it not exactly explain why human need, what is the Confucian do? Human need and the relationship between Confucianism, at the moment, has never been so clear too ah! ...... Think I lost Ming dynasty was defeated in the customs, national impaired people died, this is how the pain? national urgent solution bitter, people urgent solution Ecuador, artifact hot air balloon turned out a fire a Tartars jīng light, only this rì of victory, ...... of you, the country, the people's needs, it's not my pursuit of such scholars? ...... continue to holy secret, open the eternal peace, do not say this do? I'll wait for scholars, when the suffering of the people, the country's misery as their efforts in the direction his life, when people suffer, suffering country when I need to wait, I wait when tǐng body out of the destiny for the people, for the country to open peace ...... previously with my dear friend asked I am, if someone needs me to learn to do other odd scholars yín artifice, I need to wait scholars farming, work, and even in business, I scholars, is not that people learn to farmers farming, artisans learn to work, learn to do business businessman ? Now I can officially tell xi with my dear friend, when the country's need, when people need the time, I'll wait when tǐng body out, doing farm or, after business is good, work or whatever, should go, as it relates to the country's suffering, the people's fate, I'll wait scholars do not go, who is going? unity of knowledge, not only to know that the more expensive in practice ...... "xi a big relief appearance said. In spite of these words down, and some scholars, seemingly understand what end face, a serious pondering, while others are confused, do not know, but see a lot of people are suffering like Sims, also followed to continue pondering strive to understand some of the truth. Quite a while later. "Worthy is yellow Taichong indeed right in saying that some words of uprightness, so that the next admire the five-body cast, I'm here to give my colleagues Taichong yellow bow brother, brother Taichong concept, ultra-me too, this, I lost the battle ......, failure was convinced ...... "The Battle of previous and xi Scholars debate is an admirable said, to honest remark, is quite powerful, and now this great victory listen to the message put together, even more awe-inspiring righteousness. ro @. <
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