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29.05.2013 08:31
Yuanchonghuan with depressed antworten
> Yellow Daikichi do not believe this is true, since a few months, in which Matsuyama Castle outside when the savage over rì child, in the end, still had to follow Ming Huang arranged for him the way to go. Www, QUAnben, CoM yellow Daikichi willing, unwilling to admit defeat, but also more and more important in the eyes of hostility, from time to time to poison the evil looked at Matsuyama Castle, unconsciously clenched hands, he feels that he What seems less hands. Outstretched palm a look, surprised to find his hands empty-handed, "only a few nails palm print" was originally in the hands of the telescope has not hands, the focus of attention extends to the ground, it was found, was originally in the hands of the The telescope, fell on the ground. Wilt Daikichi squatted down to pick up a telescope "eyes of hostility also only dissipate some telescope to be picked up, looked telescope is still intact." Constitutional fight, you say, the sweat now how to do? "Huang Daikichi mouth wěn asked in a calm, but inside is struggling to resist the pull of fate." ...... Back to the master, I thought, now, or as soon as possible to Sancha good, if they can beat the three Chahe Ming reinforcements, then I Daikin's prowess surpassed ...... "Pham Van Cheng thought, bow, said." Oh, you must go to Sanchahe? The Khan reconciled ah! "Yellow Daikichi faint, but it is also doing jī intense inner conflict." Back to the master "not Sancha unpredictable consequences, sweating can hold back, to other big Baylor" may not be able to hold back, "Pham Van Cheng cautioned "That three Baylor Daikin may Khan looked eyeing it. "Where the Khan ordered it?" Yellow Daikichi straining squeezed telescope, an inability to control their own destiny feel completely enveloped the whole body can be yellow Daikichi or ready to resist yourself well aware of the Ming dynasty boasted, "but now the Ming Dynasty it is the point of his death xué, he Daikin although only a profusely that he may be there are other three Baylor, but also can sit south side, it can retire the masters, others not in Liaoning Shen, how can Guan Dele other three Baylor? Liao Shen troops, is almost inevitable. Huang Daikichi can not imagine the loss in front of hundreds of thousands of men, these big Baylor who can we resist, troops can expect almost toes "Ming Huang Daikin see them very thoroughly, knowing that once landed in Sancha" He can not do Daikin's main battlefield is inevitable to be transferred to Sancha's "away Sancha, undoubtedly represents siege Matsuyama Fort fails, no doubt that "he is not a Ming emperor Huang Daikichi opponents led by the nose by the Ming emperor,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket, abandon Matsuyama Castle, these days the siege of the loss does not say, but also trek hundreds of miles to go to Sancha, have then play three Chahe weary gesture, of which only the bitter yellow Daikichi know. "strictly effectively as masters, Liaoning Shenyang avoiding war no, I Daikin loss of hundreds or thousands of troops up, the result is that soldiers Feng Ming reinforcements morale rose frustration for me after Daikin rì operations "extremely unfavorable, it is not no good, if you ignore the Ming army Sancha, still around Matsuyama Castle, the Ming emperor still want to Matsuyama Fort, you can say "initiative went back to my hand ...... but also afraid Ming Huang is a ruthless Lord" really give Matsuyama Castle Regardless, any time I Daikin siege, until then, "I Daikin even attack Under Matsuyama Castle, which is got a ghost town, the city must have been nothing at all, while the casualties will surely greatly, by that time, "If we add Yuanchonghuan hands of the head, you figure" Ming Huang hands, for fear that There are hundreds, thousands of my big Jinyong Shi's head in hand, rendering these heads, I fear, will not necessarily come ...... Ming Huang, "Pham Van Cheng to the point, and looked up and began sharp eyes have changed it was God, no longer afraid of the slightest Daikichi that eating yellow eyes, your mind seems to already have in mind, even this taboo words are without reservation that out. "call ......" yellow Daikichi to see the dead eyes stare general Pham Van Cheng looked forward to for a long time, after a long time before a deep absorption a breath, his whole people have been sucked into the whirlpool of fate, now that is nothing more futile struggle, go to the left "yellow Daikichi heart also have several , and Pham Van Cheng's words, although very red, very straight, very uncomfortable, but this is a fact, Huangtai Jinu forces hold back the hearts of the intention to kill the child. "...... Seems that the Khan had to go Sancha," and "yellow Daikichi turned looked distant Matsuyama Castle, Matsuyama Castle remains the same, while he was leaving." Back to the master, according to I see, photophobia go Sancha is not enough, have to do another hand preparation. "Pham Van Cheng said confidently, did not care what means Daikichi yellow eyes watching him, her eyes filled with a firm." Oh, but also what to expect? Could it be, the constitution also allows the sweat bucket Matsuyama Castle in part of the troops to stay? This can not, that Yuan Manzi is a tough guy, if the sweat away, for fear that no one tries to dominate him, "his hands, but also some jīng sharp, leaving some troops, the fear is not, two divide our forces operations." committed a military commander taboo. "Yellow Daikichi also Pham Van Cheng kind of" upright "" loyalty "" perseverance, "the eyes of the infection, see Pham Van Cheng eyes, Qingming a lot, discourse sound, but also reduced a lot, is extremely mild. Huang Daikichi can not leaving some troops in Matsuyama Castle, where the truth of natural simplicity, strength once dispersed from the rear to this Matsuyama Castle "hundreds of miles of distance, never afraid to forage transportation security, and now he is still Matsuyama Castle, Ming Huang dare sent off his posterior, and if he is gone, "Ming emperor sent directly ashore in Matsuyama Castle this place is not impossible, they face a sea Ming Huang Daikichi is now, finally, have a more intuitive understanding . "master, I do not mean to divide our forces, I say" light to deal with the Ming Dynasty reinforcements Sancha is not enough. "said Pham Van Cheng very confident. Oh, why? Yellow Daikichi asked, frowning. For a time, my heart filled with putting thoughts. "Profusely, imagine, as in Sancha combat, sweating can guarantee will be able to beat the opposition? Also like around Matsuyama Castle so, relying on long trapped win?" Yellow with yellow loud Daikichi Daikichi theory up an "Zheng Chen "flavor. "This fear is impossible, since the Ming army landed in Sancha, must rely on coastal fortification" is not afraid of the sweat full power, nor can Besieged City "Ming army relies on ships, almost invincible ......" I thought a little yellow Daikichi, you come to this startling conclusion people, Sancha, "he was almost impossible to win" after the finish "yellow Daikichi on Pham Van Cheng looked surprised." back to the master, yes, "this go Sanchahe , at most, the Ming army is to catch the sea, if they can catch them annihilate them a powerhouse, it was all very lucky, to have the number seized, minister fear is unknown, known masters, I Daikin start of the year came out war "The home is to be four sāo One" harvest was sharply reduced, if not a foreign financial year, this year, the fear is too bad, "Pham Van Cheng bluntly. Daikichi heart yellow fire came up again, "Pham Van Cheng staring eyes, has changed again" That is, you can poke him in the place of pain. "That constitution meant fighting?" Yellow Daikichi surface, still modest asked. "Master, it is time to prepare the other hand, the ...... westward, white West ......" Pham Van Cheng whisper reminds us. , "" West? ...... "Huang Daikichi's a little bit shocked, Pham Van Cheng immediately understood the meaning of" fighting again and again now, the family has been sāo interference, the home has no surplus, while this year it has not landed the spoils of war "Even Sanchahe defeated the Ming Dynasty, fear at home can not open the pot, until the heavy snow "do nothing to boil the taste, can upset the" natural to get a huge windfall years ago, otherwise, he do not have this profusely when the "to West, that play Lindan Han idea, if you can grab one or two large tribes, some people can not only swept to supplement the loss of population, which has also been a New Year's thing, by the way also played Lindan Han, up yourself the army. More importantly, there is food, and his prestige in the Daikin Lane, will be more reliable, and now several people south side sat his spy Khan. "Ah, our sweat know, thank constitution bucket reminder, otherwise, the sweat almost missed the event." Huang Taiwan Jiming white Pham Van Cheng said, meaning "eyes immediately Qingming many,Sunglasses Coach Cheap, troubles also will be a lot less." Masters too serious the "I could not endure." Pham Van Cheng nodded repeatedly. "Get up, Oh, the sweat is not said, not a constitutional one I fight, so look zoning, still to concede defeat it, or bluntly Wen Cheng is also OK," Ha ha ha "," yellow Daikichi greatly appreciated Tao Ran, discourse, full the warmth. "Xie Zhuzi Ron, Wen Cheng understand." Pham Van Cheng This stand up. "Oh, it seems, was to say goodbye to Matsuyama Castle, and come ah! Which heralds go" Ready seed money ...... "yellow Daikichi Xiaohe said. Eyes of Matsuyama Castle stream lù out unwilling and dismay." who watched all understand. "Profusely Wait a minute, there is something else you want to report it Wen Cheng.", Pham Van Cheng as "Zheng Chen," the face of continued. "Oh, what the Constitution say fighting?" Yellow Daikichi asked. "Profusely, according to the text Cheng's view, this Matsuyama Castle, also can not possibly give up, and had to send troops capable of a continuing around Matsuyama Castle, otherwise, would not be two not landed? Only that such Sanchahe edge implemented, which Matsuyama Castle to withdraw, "said Pham Van Cheng own plan" Although Ming Daikin is forced powerful, may have a place, but also the Ming Dynasty not scruple to the place, and that is Lindan Han, although Lindan Han and Ming Dynasty ganged up on Daikin, can the gap between Lindan Han and Ming Dynasty, is not generally large, Ming Huang even powerful, but can not do Lindan Han Lord, do not move more tune Lindan Han, ideas "Nature was playing in Lindan Han body. Pham Van Cheng few words on the finish of this, but it has been saying for a long time, more and more small voice "mixed in the wind, has not heard it. Huang Daikichi then heard nodded, his brow loose a lot. Yu Yuan . Yuanchonghuan generals watching this house, and my heart really was not the taste, he is also just three Chahe back there, participated in by other ge lao presided over the "Coordination", just ashore, ready to convey what "combat jīng God." . roomful of generals, from the look of view, all good, all grin, both on the front of the Yuan Futai adults was very impressed, that thousands of people had "tens of thousands of people hit others riding combat program, though very perishable, can also leverage effect, just as their representative, now collected head, has far exceeded the Kam Ning Dajie, according to the head count credit, which is set a brocade rather than the year Kam Ning Dajie bigger credit, therefore, views on Yuanchonghuan "is also a big change," no longer think this mainly as a war were under way. "What is man?" Yuanchonghuan since participated in the "Coordination", it has been very depressed, not mind the taste, "convey" combat jīng God, "the General Assembly, the vocal is this one. Captains officials baffled Suansha this problem? Supervisor Army eunuch Wang Ying of frowned up, it is said what? Is not man? It's not right to call him the eunuch, "then included eyes stared fiercely want Yuanchonghuan" great call you do not give an explanation looking mean. Yuanchonghuan eunuch Wang Jianjun should be on the eyes stare uncomfortable "thought address him innocent, saying these words," He was just excited about generals want jī soldiers who did not expect, but it offended the eunuch, saying this, and really want to Yuanchonghuan palm of their mouths. "Futai, let not man up how? Let's record this year, Jin Ning, much stronger than a few years ago now, and even the Tartars are not easily over Matsuyama Castle of ...... "There department will understand the question." Is, Futai, we but pure man " Other people also followed booing. jianjun eunuch of the king should be more ugly face sè Although the emperor army just let them observe and record "let them easily military intervention, it does not mean they are the figurines can. "Well," Yuanchonghuan coughed, ready to speak do not explain that these estimates eunuch fell out. "Then Sunge Lao Chuan raccoon under the holy commandment" Yuanchonghuan said something serious. The sizes below generals heard that holy commandment, one immediately dropped to one knee, ready Jiezhi "immediately became serious." His Majesty has ordered purpose of my visit to participate in combat Ningguan Jun Jin, still follow the city do not care about gains and losses "Do not care about winning or losing retreat, do not care about the combat battle damage it ...... life, ..." Yuanchonghuan do not know how to say these words, "because it is finished" the emperor demands on their Kam Ning is still too low to be lower "even also possible defeat "The only requirement is that even if you lost the battle" also went back to playing on the line in the world, could not find in lower than the requirements of this. "Chen Zunzhi! "It was beaming official captains Lingzhi, this battle can be really comfortable, the heart." Futai, or His Majesty knows soldiers, and only now so play to win the Tartars ah! This year I want to get Kam Ning's head, can be a lot ah! Then you win a few years, the Tartars of the head may be we should get the light Kam Ning. "A beaming Department will lead a purpose, but also elated to say something nice, then shoot Yuanchonghuan ass. Captains officer is in a good mood joking." Yuanchonghuan! "A shrill voice suddenly sounded" overwhelm the room everyone Lehe sound, silent, it jianjun eunuch Wang Ying period. "Father, please listen to the official explanation." Yuanchonghuan of the king should get him, I knew I said something wrong, very wrong, or hastened to explain well, he had wanted to explain early, but did not say if it had been. "Yuanchonghuan, you make it clear to our family," Is not that our house is a clay Buddha, good bully, so our family pastime? Although the intervention of His Majesty will not let our family more than you, but you do not go too far ...... "Wang Ying period really could not resist, Yuanchonghuan in a large crowd under the insult him, not seriously, extreme annoyance." Father pacified, please listen to the official explanation "Oh ......" Yuanchonghuan an injustice,Nike Air Jordan, for no reason again got into this eunuch. "...... Is not something the officer said father, but this battle, I assigned tasks and Majesty Kam Ning Kam Ning for my requirements and different from others, therefore, the officer with a feeling, not for father, also Please forgive me father. "Yuanchonghuan depressed apologies that good bottle" Oh, then please Yuan adults careful to talk about, in the end is how the matter. "eunuch Wang Jianjun period should be asked to hold back anger" look Yuanchonghuan a seriously depressed expression, the king should also think of "fear really have another situation. "...... Well, that come to shame the dead, His Majesty told me Kam Ning request is do not care about city gains and losses, do not care about winning or losing retreat, do not care about battle damage, I can always retreat Ningguan Jun Jin, escape shoes chase, while the white bar Qin Liangyu Ms. Qin Lao soldiers, but it is a different requirement, His Majesty requested Ms. Qin Lao white rod soldiers, no order shall not retreat flag on top of older people died, the total dead flag atop the flag. " one hundred dead flag on top of the total, one thousand one hundred dead on top, and so on, up to the commander down to the soldier, "one of my colleagues, people can die, but the array can not be arbitrary, no cause can never take a step back, Back by shoot to kill "" Yuanchonghuan with depressed tone said, was originally a scrappy people, and now, it is very dejected, to rì the NORTH PEAK style, has been to see the multitudes heard that embarrassment and shame "These two under comparison, which people still live not live ah? A roomful of generals, that nerve, is really no place to put, all anxious to find a way to seam drilling. Even the eunuch Wang Jianjun also be on the face of the red, although he is not man, can also Ning Jin Jianjun, can be considered part of Kam Ning, requesting confirmation of this distinct repair humiliated him no place to hide. The presence of people, all of them regard the head low down, anxious to put his head buried in the crotch kù go, you can not argue "It can be really hurt hurt home of the" people Qin Liangyu is a woman, but it requires and shoes fight to the death, and they These men were required to be able to retreat, you can run away, do not fight to the death, it really is their Kam Ning as the eunuch did not eggs, not as good as than women. "Oh, I say, gentlemen, let Kam Ning also menfolk what? Or what man?" Yuanchonghuan watching a house flushed generals, depressed, said, saying that in the end, is already in the stern of the ask. Meanwhile, far above the sea, there is also a person, in talking about: this is the man it? This person is none other than to participate in the Sun Chengzong "coordination meeting" of Mao Wenlong, he also went to participate in the "war mobilization", and what happened to him and Yuanchonghuan as emperor gave him a low to no longer low requirements, you can retreat, can defeat that can damage Mrs. Ma, do not care about city gains and losses, the only requirement is failed then play, stalker on the line. This is no longer the low low to requirements "Mao Wenlong originally liked, that the emperor was known to soldiers, you can hear the last emperor Qin Liangyu demands" immediate and Yuanchonghuan like his head low to kù crotch gone. Shame! ! @. <
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