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> Pham Van Cheng's remarks, so anxious uneasy Huangtai Gian heart a lot. WWw! QUANBen! COM "In other words, now the circle can not be transferred according to the Ming emperor, he hit his calculations, we Daikin, should also have their own plans .... seven .., 'something like a pair of yellow Daikichi Pham Van Cheng said, it seems to be talking to himself. Pham Van Cheng Zhang mouth a few times, took the incumbent would be no next, yellow eyes Daikichi obviously not on him, but not far from the ground, in the more distant place on the land,Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, and Matsuyama Castle. ...... constitutional fight ah! opinion, always so around Matsuyama Castle, fear is not enough, and have some pressure to Matsuyama Castle, otherwise, the Ming should put here forgotten. "Yellow Daikichi seemed under what determination, said. "Cha ......" Pham Van Cheng Ying a sentence, thought to myself, evidently, was the siege, the siege would have to face it rained like grenades, but also indispensable to digging, Pham Van Cheng also followed looked at his feet, stepped on the foot, which also began to loose soil, do not like the cold is so previously, you can dig move, does fit digging, digging, and ...... this battle, it is not always Daikin expertise Matsuyama Castle, but a hard nut to crack ah! Even really bite down, but also how much the harvest? How many casualties? Pham Van Cheng's mind more drift farther. Forbidden City. Young reform is correcting homework, too many things, this job will more and more, Young reforms had more time to smoke a day to change these operations, in addition to these duties, memorials or something, also marking the column, Young reform think that this thing every day more and more, less and less free time. After correcting the job, but also correcting a few of the memorials, Yang reform suddenly turn a bit mean memorials. The memorials, is a censor impeachment consort Qi praise yuan, impeach him oppressed people, beating people, requesting punished. The reason for beating people, it is said, is to grab people's what "patent", the people refused to sell, consort must buy, then collapse, according to, and then later, this is the people being beaten, and now, has been under not a bed, the censor to be very dedicated, one finds that Consort Qi praise million dry. Patent? The word, long time did not appear in Young's mind reform, which suddenly heard in the Ming Dynasty patent word, Young reforms and some not accustomed to think of it, it does have a patent office, and that was their last get. "Great companion ......" Yang Reform cried. "Slave aunt in ......" Wang Chengen rushed in. promised. "Consort Qi praise yuan hit something, you know?" Young reforms asked. ...... Back to His Majesty, slaves know some, but ...... "Wang Chengen replied, this matter, and the Guard on the Patent Office is hanging in the Guard following that up on this matter and the Patent Office, the Patent Office has hit the face of the suspects , otherwise, this impeachment consort memorials, generally can not get here, the emperor, the emperor may have no desire to see. "Oh, how is it? Tell me. "Young little interest in reform, said." Back to His Majesty, things cause, presumably to a patent ...... "Wang Chengen begin said.," And so on, in order that the patent? "Young reforms immediately interrupted, since it involves patents, must be new things, Young reforms have interested if worth the investment, Yang reform insert hand touches do not mind." Back to Your Majesty, this patent, the patent seems to be something briquettes, There is a delivery of coal briquettes coal workers made a ......, what is like asking what briquettes, briquettes is to the middle of playing a few holes with a honeycomb appearance ......, I heard that by burning briquettes, fire more large, much cheaper than coal balls, but also much cleaner, I heard that many people are using this honeycomb ...... "Wang Chengen start recalls." honeycomb? ...... "Yang Reform half did not regain consciousness, such as Wang Chengen said for a long time, Yang reform finally recovered, and Wang Chengen say is honeycomb Yang reform surprised asked them." Back to His Majesty, yes, it is called honeycomb. "Wang Chengen positive road." Honeycomb ...... "Yang reform surprised stood up, briquette was invented? It is a bit surprising, this is what technology in the outbreak?" That's consort, and that what coal workers The conflict is because of this patent the sky? "Young reforms asked, surprised." Back to His Majesty, yes, it is said honeycomb because cheap, clean, well done, burned a lot of people want to buy the consort of the briquette coal worker's patent, I heard a thousand to two silver but by 1rì this coal workers refused to sell, then this coal workers will be beaten, that estimate was later heard censor went ...... "Wang Chengen explained, in fact, it says it, or they patent Bureau, the Guard in a battle of wits and consort, consort of the emperor's relatives, and that coal workers have held the patent, the two parties fight, can be regarded as the flood rushed into the Dragon King Temple, and this thing, still have to give the emperor Holy cut, otherwise, the Patent Office was beaten face, rì may not post rì son had a. "Oh, is that so ah! In this way, you are sent to consort house, and immediately got him, Zhen Yao personally asked him ...... "Yang said the reform immediately." Slave Salim obeyed! 'll Go ...... "Wang Chengen promised." On the other, to get some coal that what the lotus, the Zhenyao see in the end is how best to get hold of a furnace burning coal briquettes. "Young reforms and said this, Yang reform think, have to pay attention that he finally inspired craftsmen to create a positive xìng, just had some achievements, and if it is so easily beaten face, it would not be his vain? "slaves obeyed! "Wang Chengen they replied." Yes, these things also, and the Patent Office on, now who is responsible for the Patent Office? Also called. "Young little reform of thought, and said, From this point of view, this patent is not enough strong, but added that it is necessary to strengthen the energy of the Patent Office." Slaves obeyed! "Wang Chengen they replied. Wang Chengen go edicts went., Yang will step up reform of marking memorials for the early completion of marking, and a good deal with this" patent "event, this thing does have a ~ given on behalf xìng A moment later, Wang Chengen report it on the back. "Qibing Majesty, briquettes get, is this thing very dirty ......" Wang Chengen intrinsic embarrassing reports, the emperor wanted to see coal I seek, this is nothing, but this is the briquettes is dirty, and if the rich get dry clean, it can be really unseemly. "Oh, you know, and so put the batch of finished ......" Yang reform rush job for a while, have put the few remaining jobs, memorials marking finished, finished the last one batch, and came out dry clean rich. outside the Palace of Heavenly Purity, gather these few eunuchs, around something. Yang reform one to see, this is indeed honeycomb, honeycomb shape and future generations do not different, except honeycomb hole and the Hereafter is somewhat different, now see the eyes of the honeycomb, the hole is not very uniform, not later is so neat, is not very full, how to say Nick, should belong to the manpower to do it, and mechanisms There are a big difference. "This is that what briquette? "Young reforms asked." Back to His Majesty, this is the honeycomb, speaking, although it is in the middle of playing a few briquettes eye, can this drill, this stove fire on the big different, previously coal balls, which are burned not clean, and now this fight limit, which basically briquettes burn clean, therefore, a large fire, but also clean, no smoke, and now, a lot of people, actually spend this up ...... "Wang Chengen hastened to explain." Oh, This I know, there are stoves do? Did not see a stove ah! "Young read a while this reform briquettes, then asked, where only coal, but can not see the stove. Wang Chengen was about to answer, but to the side of a small eunuch, and even in a hurry." Your Majesty, Liaodong telegraph! "Small eunuch hurry intrinsic coverage." Liaodong? Anything? "Young reforms quickly asked, not very peaceful Liaodong now what? How suddenly anxious reported?" Back to His Majesty, Sunge Lao said, wantonly East Krupp siege! "Little eunuch quickly said." Siege? Matsuyama Castle finally started to play up? "Young reforms muttered, I heard that siege, the first reaction is to fight Matsuyama Castle of wild boar skin." Go, go platform. "Young reforms immediately go to platform, which four months, wild boar skin is finally picking does not go by, and finally to the siege. Platform Sun Chengzong already waiting, see the emperor from immediately salute, the platform where the atmosphere has sharply rì in tension than the flat. "How, Sun master? "Young reforms directly asked." Back to His Majesty, the latest news is now being wantonly East Krupp siege, the fourth day, grenades rang the night, according to Spies said near East Krupp siege approaches, but also, and Zhenjiang Fort exactly the same, Also digging pit ...... "Sun Chengzong explained." Oh, so ah! It seems, the East Krupp also recovered, and now fear is to see something come ...... "Yang Sun Chengzong reform listened, then muttered." Yes ah! His Majesty, the East Krupp see what the fear is, fear is in force me to send troops towards it. "Sun Chengzong said." Oh, ah! This also sent troops to the rescue ah! "Young reforms Xiaohe said, has been so long since Young reforms are playing boar skin, so that tens of thousands of people that what Yuanchonghuan Spies executed strategy, so that this is the wild boar leather reinforcements, has been in and Yuanchonghuan bucket, in fact, Yang was stepping up the training reform, fight for their time and boar skin also estimated the loss scruples siege, but has not been forced siege, just die circumference, which makes Matsuyama Castle lot easier, though, and played Yuanchonghuan months, estimates, also see the problem coming, so now begin the siege. "Your Majesty, ah! East Krupp know what fear is, therefore anxious siege and wanted to be my persecutors towards the troops, the Yuan freely there, for fear that persist much longer. "Sun Chengzong said Yuanchonghuan East prisoner there and playing scout war can really let go Yuanchonghuan Matsuyama Castle, this definitely is to send food, therefore, have been playing scout, Yuanchong Yuan has never been the main force." Ah ...... "Young reforms Enliaoyisheng, camouflage a few months, dragged East prisoner for months, is also quite good, stick to white soldiers to fight a lot of time, which is enough, even now Tartars know what time is passed, it is impossible to recover, but, since the Tartars have discovered their intentions, then, they would have stepped up to act up. "Master Sun Ray Dayong How long before they come back? "Young reforms asked." Back to His Majesty, about the middle of the can to Tianjin. "Sun Chengzong replied." Mid ah! Did a few days, and this time it touches just to catch up. "Yang said the word reform, wild boar skin at this point in time suddenly launched an attack, Ji Gong Matsuyama Castle, That would be a good time, although more dangerous Matsuyama Castle, in certain things, and yet act in their favor. Lei Dayong Tianjin, the fleet is coming, that is, the Northern Fleet, or northern naval establishment rì son, came over,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet, and now there are wild boar ran into the skin Ji Gong Matsuyama Castle, which is a unified maritime powers laid the foundation, if it wants to rescue Matsuyama Castle, if it wants to open a second front, this sea landing is required, tens of thousands of people across the sea, not a joke, this sea powers, so naturally unified, the Navy established, that is, Naturally, Ji Gong prisoner by the pressure of the East, just a little of their own put some pressure, they can achieve their goal, once the Navy built, may not even think about re-dissolved. Yang reform thinking for a while, and no to Matsuyama Castle anxious, but I feel good, to be honest, Yang reform is not very worried about Matsuyama Castle, Matsuyama Castle, three thousand defense, to take to the Tartars, with their bows and arrows? This difficulty is not generally large, but regular brick fort Matsuyama City Wei, wrapped in a brick, not Zhenjiang Fort comparable. really bring life to fill in, fill too much? five thousand or ten thousand? Tartars fill afford it? Now, the reason why Ji Gong, is not forcing themselves having to rescue, well, this opportunity to wish for it oneself, Yang reform figured out, and looked relaxed down. speaking, it is a good thing. "Your Majesty, is not to make Yuan freely more positive? Do more action? "Sun Chengzong want to do is to know the emperor, the emperor heard say that time just to catch up,Oakley Sunglasses UK, to understand what the emperor mean, thought, and also suggested that road, let Yuanchonghuan more active, that is, make things bigger, and more on what some of the telegraph , so that the DPRK's eyes to look at a Liaodong, courtiers were desperate prisoner East, it will not be too close sea power against the emperor, after all, is a scourge East prisoner. "ah, then there are labor Sun master, the other , but also to go to a letter Mao Wenlong, Matsuyama Castle is tight, so he stepped up the offensive, to the east prisoner with greater pressure and, of course, we need to protect yourself ...... "Yang said the reform." Chen Zunzhi! "Sun Chengzong said." Let those bounty hunters work harder, and now to the critical juncture, to the output of the time. "Young reforms also arranged Road." Hill avoidance purpose! "Sun Chengzong promised." Qibing Majesty, the minister thought, is not the number of ships and troops prepared in Chinese island feel ready, in case of Matsuyama Castle can not withstand, you can also let these people immediately ashore, attracting about East prisoner's attention ...... "Sun Chengzong suggested." ah, the matter, Sun Master figure it out, and now there is a month from June to the end of June, then two months, the two months, or to Kangzhu Matsuyama Castle, and do some preparation is correct. "Young reforms nodded, agreed to the proposal of Sun Chengzong Today is the race against time, the operation of sea power their side also need some rì son, shot on white soldiers training is also needed more rì child, to try to buy some time Better. "Chen Zunzhi! "Sun Chengzong they promised." Ms. Qin Lao there turn out to be how the? "Young reforms asked again and this deal killer boar skin, Yang reform has been very concerned about, often asked, and now you want to play right away." Back to His Majesty, all in accordance with the expected conduct, because regardless of the cost of live ammunition exercises, thus and progress very fast, and has basically been a prisoner of war and the strength of the East. "Sun Chengzong replied once again." Oh, this is good, but also to Ms. Qin Lao say, say East Krupp in Ji Gong Matsuyama Castle, the time may advance on the battlefield, so Ms. Qin Lao prepare as much as possible, I requested do the order, we should be able to on the battlefield. "Young said reform." Chen Zunzhi! "Sun Chengzong they promised." Sea vessels enough? "Young reforms asked again." Back to His Majesty, His Majesty sea vessels not worry, as long as His Majesty gave the order, you can organize freely enough fleet to His Majesty's prestige and reputation, is not difficult. "Sun Chengzong this matter, it is not worried, and immediately promise, and now the emperor own hands to grasp boat did not say, perhaps Wei almost war ship, used to transport people but there is no problem, but also merchant more than that, in addition to and more seek refuge with the emperor's affairs, but there is a lot of preparations emperor surrendered maritime, expropriation of these vessels, the problem is not large, say, the emperor and now to all people and Granville shipbuilding subsidies alone this , nor that dare not buy the emperor's account, therefore, requisition enough ships transporting login government troops, it can be really no problem, even once shipped in the past, is not impossible. "ah, then good, vessels things should always maintain a certain number of situations in case of Matsuyama Castle misfortune, to have enough vessels transporting troops across the sea. "Young reform adds." Chen Zunzhi! "Sun Chengzong said again." Ah, then good! Today, all is almost ready, to see Matsuyama Castle, the best lodging in June went just fine. "Young reforms and said. Sun Chengzong said nothing. Now is May, and from the originally scheduled in June, but a month, on the whole, the arrangements went smoothly this year, the basic design is in accordance with the Staff go east Krupp this suddenly become abnormal, suddenly Ji Gong Matsuyama Castle, although some unexpected, can, do not affect the overall situation, the white soldiers had shot live ammunition training for a few months, and have been running the new army rì sub-paragraph, and already on the battlefield, and even now on the battlefield, nor will suffer. "Qibing Majesty, that is full of Gui Zhao rate taught not to recall coming? Against the Mongols, the new army is enough. "Sun Chengzong asked again." This, for the time being is not, and still have to prepare for the point Mongols, I heard recently, the Mongols surprisingly restless. "Young reform thought, said that since the implementation of a variety of ticket horse market after 'Association who are not imperial army Mongol tribes, began restless, there are series of the suspects, it seems stupid stupid yù move, Young reforms actually do not mind pack Mongols, those who waste wood, the Ming army to fight them, very psychological advantage, even if they do not get involved, Young also intends to find an excuse to move the reform them. (<
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