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29.05.2013 08:17
the East can pass Liaodong antworten
> March of Zhangjiakou, according 1rì is very cold, according 1rì is a brown, occasionally a few green sè, yellow dotted in this world. wWw, QuANBEn, Com Tsushima off for a few months, and re-open. Many tribal people near and far have gathered here, ready to change some lives must rì supplies back, large Ming Dynasty once retreat for too long, their lives will surely not live, no tea, eat, people will go crazy, no wok, you miss a meal warming cattle nǎi, no salt cloth, it can only be a wild man. This is a school field, Huang co-leader of the military, large and small, to help lead are gathered here, we all heard a thing, that is about to reopen horse market, therefore, all beaming, dressed too polite, as far as possible The grooming himself for a moment, trying to be more civilized. "I have heard, this horse market to re-open the ah!" An imperial army subchiefs Road Association. "It is certain, this off the external spread, horse market re-opened, but also a fake?" Said the man again immediately. "I heard that, and now here, the city is open to let Huang HS army, others Yigai no copies, this is it true?" Someone asked to. "It's not necessarily it, if only to let Huang HS army opened, then why today come as much of other tribes? Obviously not to let Huang HS army opened." Someone said. "No, my first few rì explore the full captaincy tone, he may say, this time, but the court dedicated to fight this thing for a long time, or the majesty of our imperial army Association opened a hole, deliberately opened the side City, otherwise, alone before the child that some rì Merchants case that strong, so fast this horse market will re-open? do not forget, the Ming and Daikin played badly, but it ...... "Another Royal Society Army leaders also vowed said. "Moult, also Daikin it, you believe it or not, I'll go tell the full captaincy, Baozhun you eat whip ......" next to another imperial army chiefs immediately threatened Association. "East Krupp, East prisoner, I am wrong, you do not tell the full captaincy, or I can eat whip ......" This just said the words Huang Ge co army chiefs immediately accompany laughs. "I'd think that if we give the Ming emperor sent their pay, and that nice? Also do not like the new army is so full of high captaincy month twelve silver is enough ......" another said. "Right,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK, right, right ......" "Yes, let's mention that with the captaincy, light With that point seized, not eat them!" Immediately there was support. The school field talking about. Suddenly came the cry: "full captaincy to ......." Lord of the imperial military chieftains This agreement stopped talking and to start waiting for the arrival of full-Gui. Full Gui strode on point sets, looking around the crowd. ...,. Stand gave me a little ...... "full Gui looked scattered in one place, under the control of the imperial army co-leader of the various tribes, some disgust said, but added he is now used to seeing that uniform queue for this rabble the general arrangement of the team, very offensive. congregation imperial army tribal chieftain That agreement as sparse stand of the team look better, so that the full captaincy provoke angry. "rì open horse market today, many things we can not say, come, read the names, read it up to the collar votes, picking up votes, which officially began Tsushima ...... "full Gui looked at this laze team, the offensive, had also prepared a some rhetoric, now do not want to say, let these people directly picking up a variety of ticket trouble, picking up votes will know these people would vote "merit." Royal Society of arms tribal leaders have looked puzzled size full Gui , first a joy, then they are confused, they asked each other these people. ...,. gave me stand a little ...... "full Gui looked scattered in one place, under the control of the military co-emperor from each tribe chieftain spoon, some disgust The said, but added he is now used to seeing that uniform queue for this ragtag team of general arrangement, very offensive. Chung Huang Jun tribal chieftain That agreement as sparse stand of the team look better, so that the full captaincy provoke angry. "Rì open horse market today, many things we will not say, come, read the name, read it up to the collar votes, picking up votes, which officially began Tsushima ......" full Gui looked The team laze on offensive, had also prepared some rhetoric, and now not want to say, and direct these people picking up a variety of ticket trouble, picking up votes will know these people would vote "merit." Royal Society of arms tribal leaders have looked puzzled size full Gui, first a joy, then they are confused, they asked each other which in the end is how it is, how should lead ticket? Could the military vote? Soldier's pay? It touches a lot of people excited. "Bor economic tribe to do?" Full Gui behind a beadle see adults said they would start their own invoices, and also do not hesitate to follow up and began to read the list. "To the, to the." Bor aid tribal leaders, fart Britain Britain ran up, hair army ticket? These things can be really surprising, just do not know how many votes they can be sent to this old military tickets can be worthless, no, how much money the military vote on the value of the mouth BiJ! "Bor economic tribal month total, two hundred pounds of food stamps, tea ticket a hundred pounds, two pounds of sugar ticket, ticket ...... cloth, salt votes ...... gun votes ...... needle ticket twenty ...... wine ticket a jin ...... "beadle's voice was loud, although sand border in March by 1rì, but can not hide his voice. Food stamps? Tea tickets? Cloth ticket? What is this 7 - Dry Huang HS army dumbfounded. "Captaincy, this, these tickets can be a silver to make it?" Bor aid tribal chieftains carefully asked, why is this such a small share of all votes yet Nick? "When they can not make money, however, is more valuable than money." Touches a good mood and full of Gui Bor economy of this tribal chieftains said, his eyes with some play ignorant. "Captaincy, this, this, this ......" Bor Gui Ji see his face full of smile, full of fear at Gui coercion, would not dare too much to ask. "Do not worry, you since it is co-emperor army, sire since when caregivers, will not let you suffer ......" full Gui smiled and said. "That is, it is ......" This bor aid tribal leaders immediately promised road. "To be honest, if not for the imperial army Association, His Majesty would not open this horse market, do not think of you, in my North and the East Krupp hit and killed on the occasion, will be open to the east Tsushima Krupp pass messages? Give East Krupp deliver supplies? "full Gui by 1rì is slightly smile said. Full Gui this smile, so the presence of tribal chieftains feel chills size. "Your Majesty Holy Spirit, His Majesty Holy Spirit ......" Bor economic repeatedly said. The sizes below chieftains also not sure how it is today, in the end, they have to follow said. "Both give you chap, but also anti-Krupp is someone pass the message to the East, do not you think, which is what the difficulty?" Full Gui continued laughing. "That is, it is ......" bor aid promised again and again. "That is, both to make of you rì son flies down, but also to prevent pass prisoner, but also to prevent Arsenal,Crossbodys Coach Online, grain flows east Krupp, therefore, also have this ticket, rì and buy things, may With this vote was the appropriate thing to buy, I looked also forced to whom, to strictly control through Krupp n network! ...... "Man Gui said, laughing. "Ah! ......" "Hey ......" Size tribal chieftains even more surprised up, this is never heard. "I dare captaincy, that is to say, this time, we only got a bunch of paper, others get nothing, we followed the Ming Dynasty had rì son, their lives to the Ming Dynasty, in the end, something had to buy a ticket This, captaincy, which take us too imperial army as an outsider Association of the bar, we co-emperor of the Ming army since the refuge, the natural majesty will sacrifice their lives, so do not trust captaincy and how we do? "Imperial Army, Association, out a more sober mind who began to reason with a full GUI. "Is ......" "That, we thought it was to farthings, did not expect, is actually a pile of paper, the balls used ......" ...,. Let's not put too Ming when people read ...... "Imperial Army, Society,Air Jordan 3 Sale, and immediately it was noisy, suddenly a must buy things after his rì ticket, that is the net worth xìng life are pinched in the Ming Dynasty hand ah! immediately noisy together. "Quiet! "Man Gui beside attendants shouted again and again. Loud voice immediately quiet down, looked at full Gui Gui see full how to say." Hey, you do not want to dry Huang may have among the army of the Association? Now you can leave, we never force big Ming Dynasty who immediately want to get out of the roll, leaving, in accordance with His Majesty said to do, Your Majesty to give you open this door, but withstand the pressure of courtiers to you to win , and you dare not appreciate ...... "Man Gui strange smile, to the point, want to struggle? then may it 7 - Groups of goods waiting to die and all the tribal leaders do not want to watch a full-Gui dry to get out of posture, looking at a full-Gui doing all, it is not sure, full GUI will not launch an attack on the spot, kill them all, one by one forced by the pressure of full-Gui, are afraid to attack, however, this neck Pinch rì child in someone else's hands, can be really bad too, once the ticket is really true, that they want to eat twenty-two meters, had to consent to it through the Ming Dynasty, it was completely lost zì ; yóu, completely reduced to the Ming thugs. "said, and I looked Majesty's reputation has always been very good, nor is it did not give you a way out, you do not always clamor for payment of salaries it? This year, although no payment of salaries, but these votes, than the rates better, more valuable, Bor economy, you do not have a few mouthfuls of that tribe pot a year now, you see, you're holding a ticket to buy this pot pot , but as long as twenty-two money can buy, but if you do not have this pot ticket, you have to dig at least 42 silver, that's the price of a fine horse, you have to calculate, just this one pot ticket, you What department do not dry, earned a net profit of two ounces of silver, which was twice the price of other things? His Majesty to you with military votes, in fact, gave you deserve a redundant These tickets give you the Mongol tribes who did not vote this year, get hold of a few thousand taels of silver, can be really difficult, Your Majesty to you, but very thoughtful of ...... "full Gui said smiling." ah! ...... "" Uh! ...... "And this one says Huang co military chieftains of large and small, and immediately talk together, there is such a good thing, if you really like this, it really tricky than that what their pay, before they had to Ming Dynasty "Please rates" thing, even if was, how much it can? Even the Ming Dynasty really give rates, and assigned to them under the name of, nor some money, but now it is different, light a blog Er Ji tribe a year can get thousands of ounces of silver, that they do? almost can not get these money? veiled doing, what your rates comparable to more cost-effective. "captaincy, which is really so how? "Bor economic tribal chieftain thought, embarrassing asked, he also wants to clear, which in the end of the Ming emperors until they are good, or until they are poor." Hey, want more money, there is only one way, and that is a good errand, and strive for His Majesty the enemy, the greater credit, this vote is much more naturally points, today's vote, are based on last year's credit for you to points, sire look at credit, there is merit in what to say, salt, tea, wine, sugar, cloth, grain, iron, ranch ...... whatever you want, I can give Ming dynasty, however, if you steal jiān Shuahua want to muddle with over rì child, then I'm sorry, this votes, is Gai did not ...... "full Gui said. ...," underground man, is talking about, this thing in the end is a good thing or a bad thing? "Captaincy adult, if I want to make Ouchi, grenades do? Can switch to it?" A small tribal leaders cried, though loud, but noticeable, with a careful tone. "Do not worry, you can change, you can get all kinds of extra tickets to exchange for other various things, such as Ouchi made guns, grenades, this is no problem ......" Man Gui said with a smile, grenades this question, he also others say he is really afraid of smuggling arms to the Mongols, these grenades, do not even put where, had not two years, it gradually began to "wake up", and that the power of gunpowder will gradually decrease, and perhaps a few other years, it can put a grenade was noon, but maybe it, not to mention the guns, not the ammunition guns, not as Shaohuo yet. "Wow ......" This outburst, everyone is talking about, so it seems, the Ming can not really stingy, it's not available to them as outsiders, have excited. "Captaincy, I do not know how many votes we can receive tribe, which we brought a ticket, good enchant things ah!" An imperial army of small tribal chieftains Association can not wait, clamored essentials tickets go shopping. Full Gui waved aside Xiaoli immediately comprehend and began to continue the work of the invoice. Side of the city to open more than one Zhangjiakou, there xifengkou. This side of Zhangjiakou City, and there's not the same xifengkou, xifengkou, but after last year's "clean," and basically Huang Association army, not imperial army Association is the prestige of the trophy, but this did Zhangjiakou not the same, the East can pass Liaodong Lindan Han north, the west, it is attached to the Department of the Secretary Wolfowitz children, Tumote tribes, and the situation is completely xifengkou general, for those who have not mastered the Mongol tribes, naturally not a pole and killed, and made and xifengkou general, therefore, here a "rationing" of the situation and xifengkou very different, in addition to a variety of rationing tickets, as well as outside the ticket "bargain", you can get a higher price to the materials, the "bargain", usually taking more than twice the ticket to buy things, so that neither the Mongol tribes who supplies locked channels, but also makes the imperial army in this agreement, there are great profit margins, a reminder that the imperial army Association to fight for the votes. Edge City re-opened, many tribal pastoralists have come to change things. "Pot votes, what pot ticket?" Rapturous a tribal herdsmen to edge city, he took a fancy to a pot, put the pot ready to buy back can be a question, this selling pot pot small two asked him to vote He was not touched this door. "Yes, now, did not pan votes, pot may be able to sell you ......" waiter said confidently. "Why? I do not give money to you?" That herders asked quickly. "This is not money problems, and now no vote, who would sell something to you, a pass count of Krupp buckle down, nothing if head would also like to eat a few bowls of rice it ......" waiter does not care that the money in his hand, pastoralists . "Do not sell not sell ......" That is a hard temper herders, see this refused to sell, and looked back, it seems that not far from there a are selling pot, ready to buy is not here, for one, he do not believe that held the money, can not buy something that is not you here to buy, look at what you earn money. The waiter looked herders turned to leave, did not care, laughed within herself, this moron, I thought to buy elsewhere, afraid I do not know, now this horse market, there are so many businesses do not look at doing business, in fact, behind it an owner, you want to shop around and that is impossible. (<
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