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29.05.2013 08:09
fear of dirty bad selling. But you see antworten
Should. .. "White ruo-yun tiny Cu eyebrow, his face covered with a sympathetic s è. She thought, pull Lin non, two people stopped, a woman with a pitying eyes staring at the ground of cross-stitch, light tone way: "husband, we must help, but it is not a simple almsgiving,Jordan 13 Shoes, people with dignity, you look at the cross stitch, might as well do it on top of it." "Wife, you're really smart, and I think together." Lin non smiled and nodded. "See, this woman is not filial piety, but also very backbone. Life is so hard, she still hope that through his hands from the force. So, I think she will not easily accept us." Lin Fei's eyes flashing light, whispered: "wife, we separate the two past, pretending not to know, the cross-stitch price raised up some. I think in this way, she accepted comfortable." "Is the way." Bai Ruoyun smile, frown lightly way: "husband, you how much cash?" Lin non whispered: "almost two thousand." "If she will be a high price?" Bai Ruoyun asked. "The intuition tells me, she will not be very high." Lin non whispered: "the size of the cross stitch on the arts and crafts shop is only seven hundred or eight hundred yuan. I think she is very concerned about this cross-stitch,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK, fear of dirty bad selling. But you see,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, with a thin layer of dust the cross-stitch, that at least a few days. Again, this late hour, with the youngest still here waiting for customers, that she be anxious when urgent mood. The most important point, there is no a few people interested in this kind of ordinary things." Bai Ruoyun nodded, she felt a certain truth, Lin Fei said softly: "well, I go first, but the last pay person is you." "I know, my wife is now a billionaire." Lin not to white ruo-yun wink. Disgusting. White ruo-yun stared one eye, the first to the last. Lin is not standing in the distance if cloud ten meters away, watching them, quietly listening. Bai Ruoyun went to the cross stitch the front, stop, to the woman asked: "sister, the cross-stitch is it right? To sell?" "! Is! Is!" Is to appease the child women finally see the questions asked, her eyes in a excited like s è, and could not help nodding. "How much money?" Bai Ruoyun squatted on the ground gently stroked cross-stitch embroidered with colored thread J ī ng pattern. Women watching white if cloud, she felt the eyes of the outstanding temperament, dress elegant woman must be a rich man, but she did not price oneself out of the market, but said softly: "this young lady, I am a rural woman, to tell you the truth, this cross-stitch was originally intended for the age of the son. But the homesick in events, no way, I'm going to sell it and change some road money. In order to stitch it I have stayed for eleven nights, according to one night fifty pieces of wages, it is worth more than five hundred, you see there are dust, I'm a little bit less, five hundred dollars." Bai Ruoyun listened to these simple words is very mixed feelings, she stood up.
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