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29.05.2013 08:06
but this boat transport antworten
> Chongzhen years. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM February 17. Wenhua. Several ministers Some frown on Wenhua proceedings. Young reforming these rì son, a lot of trouble, and I feel bad, but fortunately his son was born, upgrade Dangdie, nothing can amuse his son to play, you can break up the monotony a lot, now the face of an ever-growing situation, more and more difficult The deduction, Young reforms fret, although the win merchants may then what should I do? Young reform is confused A sense of loss after the conquest of peaks and dazed feeling, deeply troubled Young reforms. "In other words, over the report that came out early this year to open chūn slightly?" Young reforms asked. "Back to His Majesty, yes, and now all over the newspaper, open chūn bloom early this year, today's weather is too warm spot, for fear this year is a drought year ......" Shi Feng to quickly Buddist, said. "Oh, open chūn long droughts represent what?" Young reforms asked. "Back to the Majesty, is, according to this trend Chung opened this year, according to past experience, when it is drought, Your Majesty!" Shi Feng to frown said. "Oh, is that so ah! Seems a foregone conclusion this year's drought in the." Young lamented reform, although he predicted ten years of drought, but also do a lot of preparation, but when the years comes true, is still full of pressure, the weight of pressure in the head Scourge taste, can be painful. "Back to the Majesty, as nothing else, when it is a foregone conclusion, ...... however, beating His Majesty already expected and already countermeasures, and now I acetabulum by large-scale migration continues, the country are stepping up preparedness chūn farming, drought preparedness, Cabinet also prepared to strict supervision over the implementation of the sweet potato cultivation, there are many measures, the famine, we should not too bad ...... "Shi Feng to quickly replied. "Oh ......" Yang reform sigh of relief. Zhong Chen is also silent, this is not a good thing, has moved from one side of the prophecy proved true emperor xìng, Chung opened this year opened so early, when still only February, this abnormal warm weather on this year, definitely was a year of drought, now coming together from all over the information display, this arid region quite broad, Shaanxi and Shanxi exceptionally abnormal situations, estimated to have a widespread drought, Shandong, Shuntian, Henan, these places are also some exceptions, even no drought, drought is not run small, the situation is more serious than last year estimated that how much the victims? Although nowadays preparedness measures can be described as very powerful, the message will still be blocking B spoon people to tears, though millions of immigrants is unprecedented disaster relief efforts, but now only one million victims of what? Some people are my heart cold sweat, that if these measures are not prepared for the emperor, and that this did not really know what the scene is. Monarch tribal silence silent. "This is all open Chung early nor too bad Well, I just got a message that Changlu salt has salt drying out of the first game, the harvest of the first ten thousand rock salt, it would be a good start, Ha ha ha ...... "Yang reform picking up a good news to break this people dull atmosphere, up to now, the things merchants considered as finished, and only their Nengchan salt, and this salt to be considered as completely in their own hands Lane, the "Salt", and finally become history, though ten thousand more than rock salt constantly be symbolism is not small. See the emperor Speaking saltworks auspicious event, his court and only slightly squeeze some smiles. Congratulations to the emperor have hitch receiver saltworks. Although Yang reform as much as possible trying to do a more optimistic atmosphere, but this news is a lot to be happy, the atmosphere soon quiet down, which will be big in several provinces in northern drought, which in any case is not a pleasing up the news, though still just a sign. Today you can use to describe this dreary proceedings, Yang reform is also uninteresting, this is no way to do, troubles and increasing a, Yang reform to be more bored. Scattered proceedings, out of Wenhua, Yang reform mood and go some. "Great companion, Master Xu there news? Shi Kefa how this building program has not brought to Shanghai?" Young reforms began to complain, and this year is a big year of drought, have to do more to prepare, just the last year, Shaanxi , the pressure there is such a big relief, but this year the number of provinces will have drought, this situation much more serious than last year, and had to think more ways to deal with ah! "Back to the words of His Majesty, for the time being there is not Xu master sent messages, reckon, have to wait for history to go to Shanghai adults will have the message." Wang Chengen replied. "Uh, you know, give a message to the other side Xu master it, say now arid soon, Shanghai to start building as soon as possible, and now is in mid-February, and up to five in June,Oakley M FRAME Outlet, which have a large number of victims is estimated from hunger, and to prepare them to receive the preparation, Shanghai to Dajian, purpose-built to attract a sufficient number of victims work, Shanghai planning and preparatory work, be sure the end of April to complete ...... "Yang told Road reform frowning. FFW, since ancient times is the only choice relief, although many victims is a problem, can also represent this artificial cheap, as long tube fed, almost infinite labor, it touches a good time to build a large Shanghai. "Slaves jotted down." Wang Chengen quickly moved closer and note the emperor's orders, while also waved his hand, so that the back of the attendant station farther, do not interrupt the emperor's ideas. "Zhenghuai Zhong how many people out there right now?" Young reforms asked again. "Back to the Majesty, Nanjing shipyard now has more than 15,000 people." Wang Chengen road. "Oh, let him make expansion of preparation, preparing for this year's fleeing cháo, Shanghai Shipyard completed as soon as possible, at least have to absorb more than twice the artisans, I again this year, the money I append pages shipbuilding,Oakley Sunglasses Flak Jacket Cheap, ship , merchant ships, cargo ships, fishing boats, river boats, these must be added more than three times, let him make arrangements ...... "Yang said of a reform approach to attract victims. No alternative but to all parts of North Cypriot people, as much as possible Cypriots. In addition to the additional warships and merchant, as well as to the Jiangnan Shipbuilding merchant discount, that, in recent years, Young reforms boat ready to burst, massive explosion ship, in addition to absorbing the victims, but also to prepare for the large-scale migration. ...,, Slaves jotted down. "Wang Chengen said again." Shaanxi Li Yan is the situation where a wing? "Young reforms asked again. Petroleum industry can be considered a move, however, everything at the embryonic, extraction and refining are still in the embryonic stage, Young reforms can only be a dead horse a living horse to follow, was looking for a place Cypriots,Oakley Polarized clearance, This we have no choice. "back to His Majesty, slaves remember, it seems Nengchan, but it is said that the price is not cheap, before some rì son, gave a number of tributes to it ......" Wang Chengen thinking for a while, was dug out from the memory so a content, this what this thing is for Wang Chengen oil is concerned, it is too far away. "Oh, why the price is not cheap? A letter to Li Yan-wing, let him do everything possible to mass production, do everything possible to achieve the lowest prices, Zhen Yao is the larger the better, oil prices as low as possible, not what tribute ...... "Yang reform memory, This kerosene, but much cheaper than vegetable oil, no reason to "oil" price expensive, unless one is doing the "oil" of the people did not take this well, as long as the "oil" out of the oil refining kerosene cheaper than traditional, this is not worry about sales, it represents a marketable size and scale requires more labor on behalf of, you can plug more people. "back to His Majesty, the specific I do not know, had years ago, he came to believe, but , when His Majesty was busy ...... "Wang Chengen said, hurriedly put his head down lower, it would be the New Year, the emperor was busy fighting merchants can do, where kung fu tube that mountain corner of Shaanxi what oil." Oh, quick point to go back ...... "Yang reform seems to think of it, there is such a thing come forward, I remember that letter above does have something about oil, but then can put their thoughts are on the merchants who can no effort tube That, now to deal with massive fleeing cháo the time, but had to mention this thing heart. ...... yes, Your Majesty ...... "Wang Chengen Burgundy up quickly enough, the emperor's pace, suddenly accelerated. Palace of Heavenly Purity. East Snappers. Young reforms are turned the letter, this letter is sent Li Yan Ji, this dog climb a general word, and finally let Young reforms have a sense of accomplishment, and finally found a man worse than their own writing, and not easy to D Si! Read together, Young reforms already know why this kerosene prices by 1rì Lao Gao, the first is the small-scale, large-scale refining method not found, and the second is to transport inconvenient, Shaanxi things want to run that place out, shipping is not cheap. "Li Yan Wing to go to a letter, telling him, by all means to increase production, to expand the scale, the scale of this thing is the bigger the better, the bigger, the more expensive it cost, what kerosene can also sell cheap and tell him, to absorb more refugees, the greater credit, earned money is secondary, let him think of ways, I just outcome, do not ask the process ...... "Yang reform road. "Slaves took down ......" Wang Chengen promised. "In addition, now that increasing the size of the carriage factory, Che Gulu more and more, carriage factory is also preparing to go south to open branch, I certainly after the Ming rì everywhere is the carriage, the carriage is now used on the Che Gulu lubricating effect is not very good, you let him see if you can come out from some refined petroleum li ...... "Yang reform thought, said, light to the" oil "industrial inputs does not work, and let the" oil "industry has produced out. "Slaves jotted down." Wang Chengen another road. "In addition, to see if I can make a carriage factory hold more stuff and more durable carriage to, and now the light is only manned carriage is not enough, it Shaanxi things shipped out ......" Yang reform and road. "Slaves jotted down." Wang Chengen another road. An inspiration flashed ...... Yang reform suddenly remembered what this boat can subsidize two Granville, shipbuilding and transport can be spawned, that carriage, he is not also spawned what? This boat can be subsidized, the same transport carriage, why not subsidize? A running water, a run on land can not be divided from each other, which is the birth must immediately "repairer" karma, whatever the outcome, also belongs to this repairer industry machinery manufacturing industry, but also conveniently slide spawned a steel metallurgy, steel and more , is not to build railroads? Steam engine train that was not a time to build up, but this is not a horse-drawn trains can not engage in a practice, although there are a lot of geographical restrictions, Young reforms can remember, Mara trains has also been in Tianjin and běijīng ran between several years, although some frustration and funny, the train can illustrate this Mara indeed feasible, this is the industrial and technological advances ah! Birth metallurgical industry, mining and coal industry which is incidentally also spawned up? This is the real deal heavy foundation ah! Gave birth to the machinery manufacturing, steel, metallurgy, coal, railway rì is not what should be put on the process? Very good, very powerful ......, a prototype of the industrial age has been placed in front of ...... Yang reform see the clouds are cleared out rì ah! Young reforms rude awakening, a nearly Yueyue yù coming out of the industrial age, you can still so confused over their rì son, headache medicine head, feet hurt the disease is, indeed should not, think That huge potential industrial era, what nomads, what is the problem of natural disasters, all are slag ah! Yang reform immediately figured out constantly Zazhuo own hands, delighted the whole face some "madness" of the. "Please take a trip to Sun master ......" Yang reform was surprised to find a "world", you need to find someone to come and share their own, the first one is the Sun Chengzong, even Sun Chengzong regardless of "political affairs." Wang Chengen emperor looked ecstatic face, seemed madness, constantly smashing good hands, and that situation is really weird, I heard the emperor commanded, promised down, and immediately went to the edicts. Young reforms could not move back and forth in the Snappers, which suddenly between Young reforms feel yourself these rì son, but added his own goal not lost his own deal with the problem of the most ** to the lost treasure that he really The Ming Dynasty is too invested, and merchants, and bureaucrats who fights too invested, the general trend of the world, most have their own advantages and most should be done to discard, and now suddenly saw himself should take road, suddenly, awake. Today Doudao the merchants themselves, the hands have a lot of money, more prestige to a head, more huge disaster waiting to myself that this too, and both are pushing yourself Ming industrialization provided the conditions. Money, this is the premise of all, and now his hands holding forty million of silver, with sufficient start-up funds to support those industries started and birth, capital chain is absolutely no problem, if promoted paper tickets The use of this forty million, you can be eighty million or even one hundred million ounces of silver to spend, this large sum of money, even those industries is a bottomless pit of money to eat, Yang reform believe, give him filled, those industrial must be able to grow from birth to be able to own a spoon that day. Prestige, not to mention this, to promote industrialization will certainly encounter many obstacles, huge prestige undoubtedly avoid these obstacles the best thing to do now own, who would stop? To the "Emperor, the party" as the core around a large number of party around himself emperor, who would oppose himself, naturally a large number of the party who went against God, now, who would stand in the emperor's antithesis? Acts of God, which in the past, is definitely a big problem, even to the life of this dynasty big problem, for it to start and promote industrialization, it is also a golden opportunity, without a large number of unemployed farmers, there was a large number of labor? This is how to promote industrialization? No act of God, how to promote those industrialized find enough excuse? "Ha ha ha ...... ha ha ha ......" If you want transparent Young reforms, feel like I have a comfortable, one-hundred-and now look at a number placed in front of their own, in fact, there is not a problem, all of this will be the industrial era grind is splintered, and yourself, as long as the efforts to promote industrialization, and industrialization results firmly in their own hands, he is invincible. Sun Chengzong dry clean government rush to hurry, hurry so that the emperor himself what great things the church, approaching the Palace of Heavenly Purity, but heard the emperor extraordinary laugh, stunned and stood up, Wang Chengen know the emperor has in the "madness" marginal, he kept urging Sun Chengzong, if go to a later, God knows the emperor would "madness" to what looks like. "Chen Koujian Majesty ......" Sun Chengzong a door, immediately to the emperor to upright luggage, with "awakened" Some of the evil emperor. "Ha ha ha ...... Master Sun Come, I have great news and grandchildren to the master said ......" Yang reform really can not wait, and so much good news, how can a person stuffy in the stomach it? "Your Majesty, I do not know what the good news?" Sun Chengzong into the Snappers, see the emperor in addition to face quite red, the other everything good, especially the eyes, full of jīng God, Sun Chengzong calm down, the emperor right, there is a definite significant good news. "I prepared to give the carriage also give subsidies, like shipbuilding in general, Zhen Yao stimulation and spawned a large wagon manufacturing development ......" Yang and Sun Chengzong reform can not wait to share their experiences. "Subsidy carriage manufacturing?" Sun Chengzong mind playing a big question mark. "Yes, Zhen Yao vigorously spawned this industry, I let my horse traveled to every corner of the Ming ......" Yang shouted excited reform, the body is full of passion, full of power, which is precisely after industrialization brings power. "Your Majesty, this, this is why?" Sun Chengzong understand the question, but that southern shipbuilding subsidies southern forces, the means to win over the emperor, transport the victims, but that is a pretext nothing, but now these subsidies carriage which is to sing that at? Sun Chengzong is not think, that there are forces in the world today needs to win over the emperor, the emperor who now are to rely ah! "Oh, Master Sun, but this boat transport, which is also the transport carriage, subsidies the boat, why do not subsidize the carriage?" Young reforms flushed, said excitedly. "But, Your Majesty, this ......" Sun Chengzong this explanation unconvincing. "Ha ha ha ......" Yang sè a serious reform to meet Sun Chengzong frown, laugh, really, even Sun Chengzong, it is impossible to see which spawned a chain reaction caused by the carriage industry. Sun Chengzong is puzzled look at the emperor, the emperor can be really a bit insane oBil! ..., Sun master may think that once spawned carriage manufacturing, what are the consequences? "Young reforms inspired freak road." This ...... Once spawned, as His Majesty large subsidies continue, the world's people will flock to buy the carriage, the carriage production will increase ...... "Sun Chengzong immediately replied." Then what? What materials need to build the carriage? "Young and inspired reform path." Materials? , Wood, iron and steel? "Sun Chengzong carefully asked back." Yes, steel, large quantities of iron and steel, gave birth to the carriage manufacturing, which is the birth of the steel industry, Sun master may know, to refining steel, they need what? "Young reforms ruddy asked." Steel ......, iron ore, coal ...... carbon bar ...... "Sun Chengzong frown replied the emperor of this wave after wave of questions, really impulsive Sun Chengzong thinking." Yes, positive the coal industry and the mining industry, Master Sun shows that the birth, can accommodate the number of victims? How many victims solve the problem of feeding? "Young said excitedly reform." This ......, the minister understand, Your Majesty mean, subsidies carriage to accommodate more victims? "Sun Chengzong listen to say this, but added some to understand, if it is for the victims, this is indeed a viable option, this morning when the proceedings in Wenhua, that situation can be very boring, presumably victims of the emperor in order to solve the problems before came up with this idea. "Ha ha ha ......, yes, is not, ...... ha ha ha ......" Yang reform extremely happy, laugh ...... (<
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