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the point of it is too antworten
> Hi father Nanjing city several large eunuch in charge of monitoring by the South Mint and taxes, the emperor's top henchmen. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm today, but also as Xu Guangqi general, waiting for someone to send mén to family wealth, sent yesterday that the Royal family wealth, a full seven to eight million two passed, even tens of millions of money super hi father, but also to shake blind eyes, from yesterday to today, the people are beaming. He is fishing for silver to the Emperor started, the first thing is to start WEI case, at the time where the officials responsible fishing from silver, to Nanjing, in charge of the Mint, is also a living fishing for silver, followed by tax supervisor, While it had entered, and silver paste can be taxed, anyway, is also a living fishing for silver, to the merchants to do now, he will naturally want to act as the fishing silver horn sè, no greater than he knew the emperor mind, and also made no mén beaten track than he cooked up, let him take care of yesterday Xuge Lao royal person, he sent for the people went to jī Ming Temple, also left a man, said to be custody, in fact, is to take care, lest someone royal unfavorable, Wang did not money supporter, some gangsters, who, inevitably hit his house idea to be dedicated today, but got up early in the morning, finding a way out of all entertainment, commanding silver concentrate wait Daikin send mén, the world really does not matter more readily than the ...... "...... Qiang, the Qiang, the clang from ......" Hi father was humming a ditty unknown , the United States and the United States waiting for the merchants give money on mén. "Father, Xuge Lao there brought a man, Huaiyang merchants Ka." Eunuch walked softly said. "Oh, so long ago it was coming? Feeling good! Feeling good! ...... Yes, today is Which adults given away over?" Happy father still immersed in the joy of yesterday, just yesterday it received a silver thirty-four 1,002,000, received his mercy, Xuge Lao history can be sent to give it away, he knew to be given attention is Xuge Lao Wang, So, today, Esen ask, ready to give as gifts according to officials in grades determine what today's harvest. "Back to the father, which is what adults ah! ...... Uh, no, but also adults, but not great yesterday, which is Xuge Lao side of the imperial guard inside." Eunuch is also a sharp-eyed little corner sè, see but given away over the Imperial Guard Xu Guangqi around a small head, you know that today this family house Multi-family wealth did yesterday, today is naturally despise this, of course, between the father and Xuge Lao Hei own relationship For Xuge Lao man, he did not dare to slander, repeatedly changed. "Well ......, let him come on." Hi father along with bad mood, pick a mood, ready to start walking process. Soon, the children of Ka Hei father was brought in front. Liang Jiazi brother also know this hi father, the father hi, is this the man of the city of Nanjing, craniofacial eunuch saw hi father, and immediately fell to his knees, shouting: "The Caomin Liang Yin Branch Koujian hi father." "...... You, you're Ka that, that what ......" Hi father see the man in front was too young, not able to control Ka seems an industry that everyone who suspect huò asked. "Back to the father, Caomin Liang Yin Branch, my father Liang Shengyuan is the master of the house Huaiyang merchants Ka ......" Liang Jiazi brother immediately promised. "Well, I heard that too, heard, yes, your father do? How not seen your father?" Happy father road. "Back to the father, my father was Caomin Guard invited to tea, and today fortunate Xuge Lao rescue, and finally you can take off jail the ......" the children of Ka Leung Yin Branch said. "Oh, no wonder then, our family felt strange, how would you do Leong main ......, get up ...... since ge lao has promised you, surely it has not happened ......" hi father glanced Ka glanced at the children, talking, looking at hundreds of merchants that Ka actually so on the road, so soon donate homeowners, Ka Hei father on the attitude of some changed and became better. "Thanked hi father." Liang Jiazi brother Liang Yin Branch This rose, respectful standing, this time, he had not previously is so desperate and crash, but added with some spirit. "Today, here, the so-called what, you know?" Happy father nor hypocritical, directly asked. "I know, you know, please also father to look over ......" Liang Jiazi brother Liang Yin Branch immediately sent his family wealth list. "...... How to engage, how was less than 4,002,000? ......" Happy father just glances, then furious, this point of silver, but also too little of it, Ka also several big merchants, But it was less than four million total family wealth, and royal one ratio, can be described as a world of difference, even if some gaps and Wang, the difference may not as much a few 1002000. "...... What are you playing our house it? ......" Present put that list on the floor, hi father Xu Guangqi not have to pay a good temper, where away from the capital, when used to head, voice, temper naturally large. "Father pacified, father pacified, please listen to the following explanation, because my father was invited to tea Guard, therefore, the home of some of the uncles, brothers, oldest maternal aunt and ran, go away, roll out a lot of family wealth, and because four RBI, Therefore, homeowners as one of the empty, not a product expires father, please father Meditate ...... "Liang Jiazi brother Liang Yin Branch immediately knees for mercy, and immediately carved tell him the truth, a mercy look. "That there is no king? Actually Ganqiang ......" Hi father was furious, but it obviously is to their own mouth ròu, where there are so snatched the truth, this is not a few hundred two thousand two silver , which was twelve 1,002,000 or more money. "Come!" Happy father immediately shouted furious. "Little in." Immediately came several small eunuchs. "Go ask Guard Xu Dage ......" said the half, hi father has stopped, this thing, he still can not be too impulsive, matter Xuge Lao side has promised to put Leong master of the house, that is , Ka in this matter, has "shore", and then go through through dynamic and high-profile prisoner Ka person concerned, and handle the flow of some merchants conflict ...... However, the thought of which two million two silver did not, hi father was angry to not fight one. "...... So ......" happy father moment to calm down, said. Small eunuch waiting hi father ordered, but what they got was so, it has been standing there. "Sit down ......" happy father instantly changed the face sè, harmonies and gas and Liang Jiazi brother Liang Yin Branch said. "Xie Gonggong ......" Liang Yin division also was from the ground up, some fear of sitting on a chair, and he knew why the hi father made such a big fire, and his family possessions, a considerable part of being swept away or lost RBI , as many less wealthy, even if there is a reason, others will certainly think he sī hid homeowners, Xuge Lao side okay to speak, evidently, this fear is not good to discuss hi father. "You can donate Ka family wealth, and through Krupp's Salt split is, indeed, a good patriotic loyalty merchants ......" happy father began to calm down, that he will not do so furious, this side is Xuge Lao release; That side is twelve 1,002,000 silver, had to think tall, start and Leong Liang Yin Branch chat up, ready to think of a run to recoup their losses, sitting watching as much money lost, not his father's style hi. "Multi Xiegong Gong praise, must take the next future business, man, not mercenary, always consider the majesty, the court difficulties, let Your Majesty, the court embarrassed, father to the next how to do, how to do it the next." Liang Jiazi brother Liang Xian Branch not stupid, Xuge Lao said that when leaving a few words, he also has been pondering, Xu told him that the future business man, that is, to tell him that this time they cross the border, the future may be out of business, doing business, of course, the premise is obedient, he wondered, and there are profound meaning, therefore, also used this phrase with hi father said hi father is ready to see what the reaction. Hi father glanced unexpected touches this Liangjia Zi brother, see this Liangjia Zi brother so on the road, sensible, but also had an idea. "You'd really serious, but also to understand the future things ...... Yes ah! People to look forward, not patronize their own, watching ...... light, you can understand this, explain your intentions, well ...... worth mentioning, our family is not much to say, since Xuge Lao already spoken, our family is no longer difficult for you, it will not embarrass your father, but one thing, you need to help you and your father, do not know are you willing? "hi father is responsible for making money, for such a huge loss, naturally will not miss, if he easily let go of the 2,002,000 silver, the emperor knew, but will not let him , he is fishing with silver started, if at this point the emperor suspected that he may not hún it. "Polite father, father just told what happened next, the next will do it, father to the next east, not west the next." Liang Jialiang hyun immediately promised. "This is good, too Xuge Lao allows your home naturally again and merchants case does not matter, the future prospects, not to say, however, and then before that, there are things you need to do your home." Hi father thought think, said. "Please express father." Liang Jiazi brother Liang Yin Division once said. "Your family wealth should not have only four million, those who have been swept away by the wealthy, but also on the recovery of the column, otherwise, we have a suit, you are a few million less, he was a few million less, we may play does not go home, our family play does not go, Your Majesty must Thunderfury This is a consequence you know ...... "happy father said coldly. "In the coming knew next to know, how to do, please express father ......" Liang Jiazi brother Liang Yin Branch immediately promised, and now their home is nothing else, you can also "home of the resurrection", not a wealthy man, but and hi father, but the emperor of the road to catch the line, which is donated Liang Jiazai brother after all family wealth suddenly understood that Wang really did not lie to him, "dead" after the emperor make a number of lives. Damn those people, those people the student, to see everyone's action, the sooner dead, inevitable sooner born, where he was handed Xu family wealth, the whole one man loose,oakley sunglasses cheap, those homeowners have been okay with him, he would not have to care about those wealthy man, so, the brain actually exceptionally clear and bright up, but to see the students hope, now hi father to let him work, he did not hesitate to agree, in his opinion, this is his home "students" performance , got into the Nanjing city hi father, his family and yet "live" came ...... "Originally, this is your father immediately put out, however, that your home was swept away most of the family wealth, but had recover, otherwise, do not go on this errand, so, need you and your father a show, go Guard stayed there a few days, to give our family a few days time, those swept away the family wealth to come here, Three days later, you and your father will be free, without recapitulation in the future something happens, naturally take care of our family, not ill-treat you, our family can understand the meaning of it? "happy father immediately decisiveness down, those homeowners must recovered, or, with his family to take the lead, followed by hundreds of thousands of people this possession, Which hid one hundred of thousands, do not pursue the matter, which have lost much money? But difficult is difficult here, his family has been Xuge Lao assigned to the "shore", was one of those road trips to take the lead, and if his family donated the family wealth, but also let them go or continue to do his family's case,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, that can be followed no one would dare go down this road, the emperor finally arrived this road up the merchants, but give yourself blocked, so that he could emperor is missed event, waiting for his results, we can imagine So, he immediately decisiveness, decided to take three days is limited in these three days, to recover the property of those who have been swept away, still lives will be closed at Ka Guard, including the Liangjia Zi Di Liang Yin Branch should be closed to the Guard to go, so, do people create a full Guard case the illusion of his house, those swept away the money recovered, of course, time can not be too long, his family led the way as the emperor gave this route If others see him go this route, it's still got that end, are bound to not go this way, so, have to have a time limit, three days, the limit is hi father, three days later, such as those wealthy man almost recovered, and then Ka and his son put out, but those who understand the Guard to recover those who have been swept away by the wealthy, this way out is still able to walk, this road is still valid, the problem is still not , is the warning to those who want to cross the border ménghún merchants, do not deflect idea. "Father assured, what to do, father just told next depends father commanded that ......" Liang Jiazi brother Liang Yin Branch At this point, it is already well aware of, though not a wealthy man himself, but also to catch hi father this line, in the future to re-developed, it is not difficult, and now hi father called his work, it is a good opportunity to knot jiāo, immediately agreed. "Ah, this is good! That the past few days, they wronged you, in addition, your home swept away by whom family wealth, was swept away by how much volume gone, these have to be with you and your father , those homeowners will soon recover to, recover to the better, can understand? "happy father coldly said, this thing that he was under a lot of determination, but also bear a great deal of risk, He did not know this "road" carve long, in case "road" open time is too short, he's wasted three days, will be available to human life, the emperor not receive the money is not that, it is the Merchants have blocked the road all the bad events of the future emperor, but he also had to bear under the risk, that money must come here. "In the coming understand more Xiexi Gong PR photo." Liang Jiazi brother Liang Yin Branch immediately sparkle Road. "Xiao Xuanzai ......" hi father shouted. "Little in." Crashed a small eunuch replied. See hi father beckoned to him, he immediately went to the father in front of hi, hi father whispered a few words in front of him. He nodded. "Ah, go, another with Xu Dage say hi, say the past few days trouble him, Ka and his son, also asked him to take care of, our family had to go to Xuge Lao there ......" happy father whisper over , and commanded the road, this sentence is to say to the children of Ka Leung Yin Branch said. "Small understand." Eunuch smile promised, they led beam Ka Yin Branch gone, Liang Yin Branch in the house when, or a leisurely, radiant appearance, to the outside, it is immediately a miserable appearance, as if his house completely finished, like, still crying. Hi father to see this kid play quite like going on, a little smile, this kid, and so do merchants over the future emperor, and perhaps also a trained people can laugh for a while, they immediately went out serious, He had to go to where Xu Guangqi ventilation, do not give Xu Guangqi ventilation, fear misunderstanding, it is bad. Ka ...... Guard imprison his son are things in Nanjing where the merchants in the city, setting off a ** ō, some of the merchants had hesitated, more hesitant, or else go this way? This is also the point of it is too dangerous, have donated family wealth, but also imprisoned? Completely not giving way out ah! Not to say that this is a way out it? Many merchants have hesitated, but full examination Guard Leong family wealth ah! Even those who have been swept away by the previous, more care is Guard, basically there is no Zoutuo, and even some of the money collected Ka officials also fear Guard this "storm" type of attitude will be scared again and again return to the silver Ka RBI to show and Ka does not matter. This also makes a lot more merchants anxious to do this run was so stormy Ka, and the previous "sentimental" is completely different, is not to say, merchants case to finishing the stage? This way, is not to shut? Who is the next one? Many merchants thought of this, it is panic, four luàn channeling. Salt Ka is alarmed, Guard this "recovery"-style way of doing things in the past, so that his family felt the pressure to verify the capital letter was sent out,Coach Crossbodys Clearance, to wait until the reply, had a few days, but now Guard this style, really scary, and God knows who is the next one? 11,000 to imprison Guard, it may over, even if there is in Beijing, "relationship" dredge, fear is to take off a layer of skin. Guard "crazy" unexpected effect of handling, but also hi father did not expect was that he had originally Guard also worried too much action, scare some people, scared people afraid to go this route, I did not expect, Guard "Recovery" this sè, that the effect of rabbit hug grass playing a lot better, there are a few small merchants could not really suffering, frightened, check Leong next day, they went to his family wealth here to donate a ... ... that unexpected things, so hi father some happy, but also unhappy, and this is two small merchants, add up to ten thousand two hundred but the wealthy, and those big merchants than up, not enough to see. Of course, not all unhappy, at least Leong family wealth recovered a lot. <
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