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she worried that more of this antworten
"You......" Xiao Jun gas glaring eyes, he knew Lin Fei very much, but 1.outwardly pride and heart depressive anger makes him courage greatens, disdain said: "your quality is too low, I do not like you not educated! Flash drive! Otherwise, don't blame me don't mention it!" "Well, my this whole life love is hard on me man, I remember, you said, has singled out three black belt in Taekwondo master. ..: "Lin not to look at Xiao Jun's car,Air Jordan Shoes, smiled," the car was good, but I gave up smoking, a lighter much good ah." "Well, you have the ability to put it." Xiao Jun said coldly: "in addition to some brute force, will play with fire acupuncture, I think you will not do!" Bai Ruoyun was very nervous, she worried that more of this forest will not make not sensible things, hurriedly catch Lin non arm, whispered: "husband, we were late, let's go." "Wife, you go first, I even today, he is a starting point!" Forest not saying softly, his eyes out of two cold dense. "Well, you have the ability to work!" Xiao Jun frowned with courage and said: "I Xiao Jun accompany you play to the end!" He clearly, Lin not doubt him here, if really started to ignore security, not around. Several security not far from the thought that this several people chat between friends, so deliberately leave some distance. However, they gradually found, two men from the facial expression is not very friendly. So, this several security came near to Lin Fei several people. These people are not the general security, they are all retired special forces. Also, many masters have much minions, they are behind big brother. So, they say security is much larger than the average, even if is powerful, if dare to here to make trouble, they won't show mercy. White ruo-yun scowl, whispered: "husband,Oakley Monster Dog clearance, if you care about me, and I'll go." Forest not frowned, he reluctantly nodded, facing the white ruo-yun ha ha say with smile: "wife, don't angry, we go......" "Hum! Afraid of his wife!" Xiao Jun coldly dropped a word. Lin Fei body tiny tiny one Zhan, frowning, stop. Bai Ruoyun gently pull his arm, say with smile: "husband, you're not afraid of me, but I love, right?" "Yes, I love you......" Lin is not suppressed anger, with Bai Ruoyun went to the lounge. Xiao Jun stood, fiercely clenched his fist, a coldly laugh after automatic speaking voice way: "want to rely on some small tricks will bring me down, not so easy. Money is what? As long as I live, everything can start again. White if cloud, I will let you taste the taste was calculated!" Bai Ruoyun did not hear what Xiao Jun said, but Lin Fei could be crystal clear, dark way: hope you just say, if really have such idea, death is not far away. Two people to walk side by side on the front gate of the VIP Hall of granite steps. From the outside,Nike Air Jordan, with the European architectural style of the VIP room is neon-lit have beautiful decoration. Inside the hall the dome, hung a bright chandelier >
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