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29.05.2013 07:51
Feng Tao didn't tell you how antworten
"Elder brother lin......" The horse with all his strength to sit up, with open arms to cling to Lin non neck, fell sobbing to his shoulder. .. ! "small, don't cry, quickly lie down, your body is very weak." Lin Fei holds the horse's back, will she slowly lay in bed. Yes, I am. Ma choked. "Small, don't say anything, and don't make blind and disorderly conjectures." Lin Fei put a finger lightly on the horse's lips, "Feng Tao didn't tell you how." "Well......" One side of the horse sniffed nods, asked softly: "Lin eldest brother, where is it?" "My old home." Lin non smiled. "Well!" Ma nodded, eyes softly asked: "Lin eldest brother, what's wrong with me, why always feel uncomfortable?" "You're just sick." "Sick, what disease, will not be...... Drug addiction?" Some nursing, she felt something, but have been afraid to admit, now in the forest than before, she suddenly had great courage. "No, just some small problems, soon will be good." Forest not appease the ma. For fear she will have psychological y ī n shadow, so vehemently denied her the real cause. "I was a nurse, know your body." The horse shed tears. "Small, you believe me?" Lin non softly. "Well......" The horse biting his lip and nodded. "Listen to me, even if you are addicted to drugs, I can treat you well." Lin Fei wanted to think, he hoped that by eating an orange addiction degree of time and frequency to judge the horse, "tell me about the oranges, how to return a responsibility?" "Every day I take some fruit to work, put them in the duty room on the bedside table. In half a month ago, I found that the orange especially the delicious, start time, a day to eat two,New Arrivals Coach, eat more later. Especially in recent days, the orange is a great powers, as long as I see you want. Eat after the heart and body will be very comfortable, it won't be long before it will feel terribly fatigued, also want to eat. Tonight, I found that the orange no, Feng Tao emerged......" Lin Fei listened to the horse's description, nodded his head, he took the towel to wipe the sweat from his face, woman, "from now on, you have to listen to me, okay?" OK, I 'll follow your advice. Ma shun from nod. "In the future you will live here,Jordan 5 Sale, tomorrow morning to give uncle a call, tell him that you study for a period of time to the field, let him not to worry." "Good." Ma eyes looking at Lin non, "that, my job?" "Don't go to that place to work, the hospital is bad feng shui,Oakley Fast Jacket, I'll find someone to help you in a hospital." Lin Feitan sigh, "the last president involved in selling organs, this Feng Tao is a Y ī n risks sinister asshole......" "Lin eldest brother, I was thirsty." Quiet horse stealing peep at the naked body, feel shy at the forest not smile. Just a moment. Forest not got up and walked to the kitchen, hot pot was boiling, he poured a cup of water, back to the bedroom rehabilitation medicine tablets containing Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort, rhynchophylla, Rhizoma Corydalis, notopterygium, additions in the inside. The horse has leaned tightly wrapped, leaning on the >
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