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29.05.2013 07:46
alive today have earned enough antworten
Xialan mind is always moving, without any hesitation on the foot, soon and Yu Xiaolong closer. In a j ng. Its one side of her observation just pulled out a gun, then be xialan reached out to stop, "don't shoot!" At this time, I do not know xialan hands when they have more than one shining knife, woman arch eyebrows tiny Cu, the Silver Fangs bite, suddenly stopped, the knife as a vulgar toward to dragons fly. "Ah...... Splash!" Yu Xiaolong a shriek fell heavily to the ground. Look out. Xia LAN at a full lunges at Yu Xiaolong J Ng said its observation, but still a bit late. "Puff!" "Uh......" The name of the j ng let down its observation was flat on the ground, his leg was Yu Xiaolong's poison dagger cut a large hole, black s è blood flowing from the wound to gurgle, after a moment he fainted. Damn it. Xialan frowned, he soared into the sky, he kicked the are using arms support up and Yu Xiaolong. "Bang!" "Uh......" Yu Xiaolong back by summer haze blow, he was flying out of five or six meters away, hand a loose, the poisoned dagger throw on the side. Xia LAN quickly picked up a poisoned dagger went to Yu Xiaolong's side, saw his two legs from the wound kept dripping blood, even let him leave, I can only crawl back home. Xia Langang is going to open, surly Jones from afar rushed to,oakley sunglasses store, he took the hands of the dagger, Yu Xiaolong walked in front, break big scold a way: "shit! Beast! You hurt us four brothers, I kill you!" He said the dagger lifted high. "Wait a minute!" Xialan down Jones, "don't kill him." "You want me to kill him?!" Jones to xialan pleaded: "four brothers in his knife on the virus, they have not!" Xialan paid no attention to Jones, but to Yu Xiaolong on the ground said coldly: "take out." Yu Xiaolong laughed, red eyes, shook his head and whispered: "I don't have the antidote, they are already dead,Nike Jordan After Game, even if there is no use." "Idiot, I kill you!" Another penalty J its ng gun to the head of the dragons. "You shoot." Yu Xiaolong sneer by mother tongue: "kill me, I'd be dead, alive today have earned enough, a life for the four lives, the more value." The j its ng listen to don't understand the words of Yu Xiaolong, frowning said: "what is he saying?" It 's nothing. Summer Lanbai hand, she bite lips, suddenly squatted down a cut to Yu Xiaolong's arm. "Uh......" Yu Xiaolong heard a scream, the arm out of a wound. Xialan holding a dagger said lightly: "see, the knife but your own." "Soon! Help me!" Yu Xiaolong glanced xialan hand knife, then have a look flowing black wound, suddenly scared face s è pale, frowning begged: "go to the shop there, there is a no brand of cigar,Coach Handbags Sale, peeling is the antidote. I beg you, beg you......" Yu Xiaolong twitches and fainted. Jones put her fingers under Yu Xiaolong's nose, frowning said: "good poison, he was dead." "Do it the hard way." Summer >
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