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29.05.2013 07:40
Rodriguez frowned eyes flashed with antworten
"I have one small request, can not know?" Rodriguez looked at the forest not begged. Lin,Cheap Oakley Lifestyle,.. not out of the living room, a recoil back on a sofa. He looked at Rodriguez and said: "I'm in a good mood today, you say." "I hope you ask before I die, I really don't want to sit up, really do not want to." Rodriguez begged. "OK, I promise you. This is easy to do, but I warn you, had better don't lie, if not, I will send you to jail." "Don't, I'll tell the truth." Said Rodriguez bitterly: "your Eastern proverb, called the dying men speak true. So, if you grant my request, you don't have to worry about what I say is a lie." Xia Lancou to the forest not whispered: "husband, Columbia had abolished the death penalty, why does he still obsessed with death, and so afraid of jail time?" "The South America area, especially the Columbia's known as terror,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, bloody, violent, he so many years of provide for oneself and live comfortably accustomed to, if he get there, it is a nightmare." Forest not loudly explains. Rodriguez clutching his chest, frowned and said: "what you said is right." "On a fart!" Forest not scold. Rodriguez's body is one Zhan, head. Xia LAN don't know Lin not make what is nervous, asked softly: "husband, you how?" It 's nothing. Forest not staring at Rodriguez asked: "why do you want to die not because of fear or prison, you don't want to tell the truth and we! Is that your wife and children!" Yes, I am. Rodriguez frowned eyes flashed with tears. Forest not asked softly: "your wife and children now? I hope to hear from you the truth." "They are......" Rodriguez whispered, "they are in the east." Lin Fei nodded, asked: "they went to the east to do?" "They were under house arrest in there." Rodriguez tears streaming down, "they had to live in the United States, identity is secret, but wherever bodyguards. Ten days ago,Nike Jordan Superfly UK, they went to the East holiday, did not think of to just to the east went missing. I'll send someone looking for a few days but could not find, and then I got a video, they are trapped in a house. Another letter, content is very simple, just tell me, if I were J ng to its arrested, I prefer to Dutch act also can't take things out of the east. But tell me, especially in East J its ng observation, also choose death openings. They are in a single day without news of my death, you killed my wife and kids. I was caught before you, think of Dutch act, but I couldn't go hand......" "What people were under house arrest?" Xialan softly. "Don't know, I guess is and I have had dealings with people." Rodriguez whispered. "This is the real reason why you want to die." Forest not stood up to Rodriguez, "see you is a feeling to the wife of a righteous man, as long as you tell the truth, I'll try to get your wife and children out." "Really?" Rodriguez swallowed to swallow throat. I'll try my best.
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