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29.05.2013 07:34
Du Guangming shook his head antworten
Du Guangming just downstairs, Ye Yu from upstairs came, asked: "Captain, go home?" "No,Coach Classic Sale, you go out." Du Guangming casually replied. "So late, is to flirt with hot chicks go?" Ye Yupa in the stair handrail squint laughed. "Go!" Du Guangming patted Ye Yu's head, with a straight face said: "hair is not long, bad schooling! Forget your identity?" Its "J ng police can't flirt with hot chicks?! Cut!" Ye Yu's disdain, said with a laugh: "Captain, sister-in-law beautiful?" Du Guangming frowned, suddenly feel a bit sad, stare leaf Yu, "Why are you so much nonsense, to tell you the truth, one of my classmates jewelry stores were robbed, the robber threatened, don't let them report, I used to have a look." "Yes, and work." Ye Yu directly over the staircase handrails, fall in front of Du Guangming, "where are you going? Take me to you?" "Not in the urban areas, a person I can go. You go to bed, if not tomorrow, don't blame me spank you!" Then, he walked down the stairs, did not take two steps paused, took out the office door key, holding in the palm of the hand, "to drink, beer, as long as you don't wet the bed on the line." Ye Yu looked at the hands of Du Guangming keys,Jordan 12 Shoes, laughed: "thank you, Captain, is loyal. The key you back,Cheap Oakley Squared, I don't have it in your office." "Smelly boy, but here in its criminal j ng team, that kind of skill you or keep to solve the crime." Du Guangming put the key into the hands of Ye Yu, went down the stairs. "Captain, anyway is not flirt with hot chicks, I'll go with you, by the way you learn some successful experience and." Cried Ye Yu. "No, just go to sleep." Du Guangming once again stopped, "Ye Yu, you come here." How. Ye Yu excitedly to run to Du Guangming nearby, "agreed to take me to?" No, not at all. Du Guangming shook his head, put his hand on Ye Yu's shoulder, be poker-faced to say: "you are very smart, very warm, is when J ng to observe its seedling. We must do a good job, do a qualified J its ng observation." "Captain, you can rest assured, I don't do well, even if the summer Lanjie that are not." Ye Yu nodded. "Ye Yu, you listen to the summer office was right. But you have to remember, to do a good j its ng observation can't always rely on others to live, also is not for the others, the key to start from my own heart, I believe, are you sure no problem!" Du Guangming forced patted leaf Yu, "brother don't too long-winded, I go." The penalty J its ng team, Du Guangming stepped on the gas to it is Yang County, there have been midnight. He very far to see a lighted jewelry store, slams on the gas rushed out, brakes, his car is less than fifty thousand of second-hand car firmly parked in a jewelry shop in front of a red S è BMW 3. Du Guangming got out of the car, used x ì ng to carefully observe the details of jewelry store outside. Now, dressed in a sleek skirt young beautiful woman walked out of the shop, her God s è flustered, saw Du Guangming hurriedly and shouted: "the light, you can come." Said, woman ran a few steps.
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