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29.05.2013 05:55
I hope you are all happy." antworten
After reunion dinner, one family sitting at the dinner table, tea moon, several women while somewhat Jiuyi will all over the country, at all times and in all countries, small household affairs of the mixed things are moved to the table, chat was awfully. Bai Ruoyun thoroughly opened the chatterbox, become the focus of people, almost all topics have her participation, but also from time to time to open some small joke, say some small joke, amused everyone laugh not approach mouth. The woman at the moment, no business woman elegant arrogant shadow usually company, filled with affinity. The group had a special family together to form extraordinary people, totally immersed in a thick warmth. We all know Bai Ruoyun's intention, also can feel her heart. Lin Fei looked at the woman, especially if cloud, his heart is full of moving. Only Lin non most clearly, but also the most understanding of Bai Ruoyun's complex feelings, the woman missing tears, tears, tears of emotion completely the pharynx to the stomach, to bring you laughter, it is sunny. In order to create the joyful atmosphere, women not only rack one's brains, is the true feelings. In honor of Bai Ruoyun and other women's mind,Oakley Sunglasses Holbrook Cheap, Lin is not simply with a servant,Oakley Lifestyle, in addition to his women to pour, peel the apple peel an orange peel cut watermelon fruit, is a trip Pidianpidian running into the room, for the women used to coat against the Zhong Qiushen night cool. Imperceptibly is already midnight, finally in Wuma repeatedly urging, boundless white ruo-yun just nod answer, decided to end the rare meeting, ready to go back to the rest room. Lin but oh to Wuma side, reached out to her with his mouth, his ear whispered: "Mom, you know me, hurt me, I will hold you." Wu Mamin mouth look still talked to Aileen white ruo-yun, whispered: "see, Miss really happy today, didn't drink the wine, sir or to hold her." "Yes, elder brother Lin, I took the mother went back to the room, you go with the sister." It is the poem language will Wuma another arm round. "Mom, you not only hurt me, you are the most considerate Wu ma......" Forest not ramble in one's statement smile. "Don't be silly, go." Take Wuma monk poem mother and daughter happily go to the room. "Mom, you slowly." It is the poem language nestled in mom's side, with a happy smile. Lin non cheekily came to Bai Ruoyun side,Coach OP Art Bags, stretched out to hold the woman's arm, "wife, I will help you to walk." "I'm fine not drunk." With a slightly drunk on the face of Bai Ruoyun, waved his hand, stood up slowly, hands shake table, a faint smile: "I can walk, husband, you do not control me." "If the clouds, or let the forest not accompany you go upstairs." Aileen to the forest not smile: "so many years, I was the first time she drink like this." "Mrs. Aileen, today I'm very happy, really happy......" White ruo-yun pulled aside her hand, "her cousin, I hope you are all happy." "Sister-in-law, we know how you feel." Su Feiya smiled and nodded.
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