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29.05.2013 05:44
woman with exudes a thick love taste antworten
Meng Yuting sat in the car, looking at the sleeping Tongtong, show a complex smile on his face. The child in her arms, gently patted the little guy's ass, light way: "son,Crossbodys Coach, although you are not a good father, but he loved the more people. So, you are happy, it is lucky......" Meng Yuting listening to such words, Lin non heart feeling quite a lot, not consciously think of many things. Lift your eyes and look through the rearview mirror, can clearly see Meng Yuting mother and child. At this moment, a woman with exudes a thick love taste, particularly fascinating. At this moment, Lin Fei had just been transferred into a mobile phone on silent mode of vibration of a few, he picked up the phone, a faint smile on the face, after answering light way: "summer haze, I wanted to talk to you, you first." Heard Lin non this opening, Xia LAN have guessed someone, his side whispered: "you in the company?" "No, I stayed with mother jade, is on her way to take them home." "You're driving?" Xia Lan said in a low voice, "I'll hang up, wait for you after parking will call back." "Never mind, you still don't believe my technology?" Forest not bad smile,Air Jordan 10 UK, whispered, "don't call, is doing something, it didn't affect me, and you don't know?" "You......" Xialan paused, "there are still children, car safety first, hung......" Lin Fei mobile phone aside, to behind Meng Yuting whispered: "Xia LAN considerate, talking on a cell phone while driving is dangerous,Oakleys M FRAME Sunglasses, especially with children on the car......" Meng Yuting nodded, "yes, Xia LAN is a very good j its ng Cha, in her driving, our city J its ng observation is a new face, service attitude is more powerful than before......"...... The car firmly stopped at Meng Yuting's villa, small nanny has already stood at the door waiting to meet. Meng Yuting will be sleeping Tongtong give little babysitter, softly exhort: "slow down a little, you'll catch cold......" Little babysitter answered softly, with great care to your head cover, rapid return to room. Meng Yuting looked at the watch, "Lin non, there are more than an hour is almost noon, I took He Qiang and Yajie call come, eat a meal together again?" "Well, later." Forest not smiled, "your mother along the way is also very hard, especially you, go back to simple something to eat, and have a good rest." "Well, to R long, you drive slowly......" Meng Yuting smiled, did not stay, stand in front of the villa and Lin non waved good-bye. After leaving home Meng Yuting, Lin not call the summer haze of telephone, quickly, the phone is switched on. "Little wife, I'll tell you one thing." Lin Feile ha ha. "What is the matter?" Xia LAN without j ī ng lolled said. "Simply put, is actually a misunderstanding between jade and Ye Yong, cause a misunderstanding between the two of them was Liu Yuanjie. I pass and jade chat, can feel, if Ye Yong is willing to accept her, they may be." "It really is a good thing, ye Yong for so many years have been single, his heart should have the jade elder sister, I >
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