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29.05.2013 05:37
so a few pieces of warmth antworten
Dai Siqi looked from the door just shut the door to the hot cup of tea table, she gently put the cup, a hand to still take Lin Fei palm warm belly, tears unconsciously again fall down. The woman as if weeping and complaining light way: "Lin not, why are you so good to me...... Why. I know, you are good to me,Crossbodys Coach Bags, is from the heart, is no attempt...... But...... I don't want you to my good! On that day, I've decided to take you away from the heart! Have you completely forget! I was trying to do! Do you know? These days, I deliberately avoided you, don't you see. I is how painful, how difficult...... Then you gradually forget. But, you are just in an instant, just used a word or two, just inadvertently in the cups and tasteless water, just showing a few strands of concern, so a few pieces of warmth, let all my efforts to completely destroy! I will just build emotional fortress made crumble! Forest not, do good or bad! Hello! Now, you again quietly walked into my heart, and I, will decide on what path to follow? I have no past courage, just now, I try to forget you again. However, at that moment, my heart be very painful! You are not only a flower heart big * *, is a dignified and imposing man. You can deliberately words make me, provoke Ding Lu; but you can't take advantage of, but not the desecration of the body of a woman. And this, it is also let me be infatuated with. You asshole! You're a bad people wrong-footed smelly man! You are a good people y ù, not a good man! I hate you. The lights, lights, set the city Zhang Linbie Institute summer home. S è y ī n Shen Xia Yin sitting in the living room the center seat, sitting on the sofa opposite the city mayor He Yusheng. He Yusheng lowered his head, frowning, silent for a moment, looked at the Xia Yin said: "old chief, I now very distressed, called the public reflect the problem to us, and I was incapable of action. Most make me a headache, is I have no way to give them a reasonable explanation, so, I can only temporarily on the back of the longer in charge of notoriety. But, I really can not be reconciled, I don't want to watch a person of his mistakes, will we just won the hearts of ruin!" "Of course I know you very embarrassed. Tu Shubin is not an ordinary person, he came to the city only to gold, as far as I know,Oakley Hijinx clearance, he is going to next year to Kyoto office. These years, Tu Shubin rely on his father's influence,Poppy Collection Coach UK, in the Kyoto always hold about and give oneself airs, never put me in your eyes." Xia Yin frowned and shook his head, "Yu Sheng, it is a fact, I is the leader, Tu Shubin on the job, I should be able to control him. But, why is he so secure to rely on? Because his heart is very clear, although I am in charge of the nine provinces of southeast work, also called high, but can do nothing to his father." He Yusheng heard the Xia Yin words, look in the eyes with a hint of sadness, swallows the throat, said: "the old head, follow you all these years, >
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