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> Four hundred and fortieth IX wind làng from Young reform for their own election this person feel good, from a historical point of view, when we dare to WeiZhongXian peak power to say "no," the man, must have their own ideals , philosophy, life has its own bottom line, who are one the courage to uphold, not afraid of people power. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm such a person, can not power, nor to go to win the silver, and more, was from the truths from his idea to draw up, just do what he thought was right, you are such a person does not have to win, naturally follow you, but he did on behalf of a group of North Korea has such a concept and stick man, so, actually deserves for his efforts, to draw down on him, a lot of the DPRK, "centrist", you will stand on its own side. "Zhenkan reality just an honest man, I have taken things here, in fact, just take a look ......" Yang Lin reform handed a copy of something brazing. Lin took brazing respectful, suspected huò looks. What? A village a méng science, expand the county school, fight for the whole world of children can admission? Lin brazing has shocked! Emperor This is crazy? Crazy, the whole world into the school children are such abstract ideas, Lin brazing addition to admire, is that crazy, I'm frightened look brazing emperor, the emperor good, not crazy ah! Is it yourself crazy? "Your Majesty, this is really ......, ...... it is too large, His Majesty's heart is good, can minister also feel that so many expenses to be under His Majesty how to support?" Lin brazing the heart racing, forced calm down a bit, this talk. "Oh, the world is everyone reading literacy is I desire, not saints have always said that the world Datong do? Can I think, the world's premise is that we have to Datong energy literacy, otherwise, ligatures do not know even the saints are who do not know,Oakley Active Online, to achieve world harmony, is it a joke? I have been learning as the holy rule of fundamental, so the sage's teachings, I was obsessed, so I just want to achieve world harmony, first of all, people of the world was illiterate, the world people are literate, you have to build more schools, Zhenbu say once for all to read, but they can start with children, so that all children are literate, so the next few decades later, world people are illiterate dream is not impossible to achieve, this from the sage said step closer to the world of Datong, ...... Oh, I also know that this program is very large, so large that I can not sustain the point, Zhenbu tender sudden child support from the whole world can afford to have read the book, but it can also gradually to perfect, a one of the built today one, tomorrow one through ten years time in decades, I plan to gradually completed, the saying goes, ten trees, takes a hundred years, I think, I lifetimes may not realize this wish ...... "Yang reform is a lengthy pass. Lin brazing hear that moved, not to say that the emperor has not been liked Holy learn anything? How to learn to understand the Holy Emperor so deep? Also set a vision so as to carry forward the holy science, for all the world willing pupils reading, which have to say, but big ambition, big and good, big crazy. "Your Majesty, the emperor also Zhennai is holiness, His Majesty the common people know there is such a vision,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, must be grateful, Your Majesty paid for the holy science, it is too much. ...... However, the minister had to say, Your Majesty, it is really expensive too great, even if His Majesty the money, known good financial management, may also prevent Majesty minister so, Your Majesty, this is a huge need to consume each year spending Majesty may think that how much silver it? "Lin brazing for the emperor's Vision deeply moved, but also feel the emperor too naive, too good to be true, too crazy. "Oh, actually, I calculated that, with regard to the population count my Daming absolutely needed annually spending tens of millions of children reading, really difficult, just beam repair, you have to be afraid of a few 10002000, ......, Oh, even I have money, and indeed unsustainable ...... "Yang reform smiled admitted, indeed, the material developed feudal society, the EFA nothing but an illusion, of course, this gesture is sure to put the foot. "Yes ah! Majesty, this is too hard, His Majesty's heart, the minister can understand, but also to understand that everything had to live within its means ah!" Lin brazing accounts also shocked to the emperor, the annual one thousand people reading, such a thing, can justifiably claim event is absolutely unimaginable spectacle, but that obviously is not possible, just the teacher's beam repair, you have a few 10,002,000 this year, the emperor carried out a ten million two silver relief, it is already known as unprecedented, and no latecomers, is already amazing, and if the emperor could retake the world tens of millions of ounces of silver for people reading this ......, nice, can be a bit too unrealistic right, so I'm thinking brazing. "Yes ah! This is really too difficult, I did not intend to do once, I overhead this year, too much relief thence 10,002,000 silver, north to fight payment of salaries, went to several 1002000 this year, fear is to die ......, I intend, year after year investment money, build more schools, more people will be incorporated into the universal education up, not on the five year, five years not on, year after year of devote more money to education until the completion of I target all children into school until the world, so long as we have more than a decade, decades, I ambition, it may not achieve ah! "Young reforms laughed, deliberately referred to himself how much money this year huā. Lin brazing whom big move, listen to the tone of the emperor, it is the school, spread holy science, communication sage philosophy is quite warm, if it is an earlier emperor told him this, he may not do much hope, That little gold from the emperor silver huā squeezed hundreds of thousands two that are considered fairly tried, however, and now the emperor can be different from the hands of the money claimed to be endless miles this year, not on the nòng a 10,002,000 silver relief it? This is not, the North and the East is still fiercely fought a prisoner, I heard, no less huā money it spent more than ten thousand horse, I heard huā several million ounces of silver, so doing, If no relief, do not fight,Oakley Holbrook Sale, perhaps, the emperor could maneuvers several million ounces of silver, as well as 10,002,000 silver school also unknown, and if so, do not tell the whole world into the school children can read, it will at least be able to nòng 7788, and to this, it can be really is the world Datong, Lin brazing suddenly figured out. Lin brazing big move so far, two have to take the light, and said: "Your Majesty is really great perseverance, great perseverance ah! There are so persistence and perseverance of His Majesty, His Majesty will in the hands of holy science flourish, world harmony, it may not be Period ah! ...... this, His Majesty not necessarily come up with tens of millions of ounces of silver a school, in fact, Robinson felt that if silver per year thanks to a 1.002 million, sire this ambition can be considered to achieve a 7788, which also sufficient to demonstrate the great achievements of His Majesty, the holy will in me towards the pinnacle school ah! Majesty will also become the ages of the first emperor ...... "" Ha ha ha ...... "Yang reform laugh, really, I'm brazing such people, still very own ideals, who have their own ideas, their only slightly in the lù some attitude, who hit the snake with the stick, give yourself up on the ass. "Real just right, I at St science, it is support, and this year I have huā silver in the relief and fight up, and next year I intend to think of a way, to be a big deal, save a few million out two, designed to promote St. mén school, set up school in the country, everyone has the chance to read a few 1002000 is too few, but this year's harvest to be slightly better, do not put money in relief above huā , perhaps, set aside a 10002000 is not impossible, so, I dream of universal brotherhood, perhaps not fantasy, reality just thought it? "Yang Reform has released a yòu bait will gradually weights from a few 1,002,000 to several 10002000, Yang reform want to believe, I'm not ignoring this drill is several million ounces of silver, as well as an ideal, as well as officials of their own ideas, is not easily give up such golden opportunity, after all, is not that the emperor would take 10,002,000 silver to education, promote learning what saint. "Your Majesty Zhennai is ......" Lin brazing looked eloquent of the emperor, the heart has to take saliva, looks like the emperor is not nonsense, but not lie, if invested 10.002 million annually silver school, Lin brazing has been unable to Imagine what it was some kind of scene, Lin Yue Yue yù brazing nearly try. "Oh, I think so, but also know that this is not possible, I now even who is going to do this thing I still do not know it, but millions of ounces of silver this big move, ah, if the trust inhuman , is it something I missed? "Young reforms and road. "Your Majesty! Majesty, the minister willing máo then introduce ourselves to His Majesty to do this thousands of years of prosperity, unknown Majesty could believe minister?" Lin brazing has been moving my heart, in the face of millions of taels of school funds, facing toward After 10,002,000 silver level of school funds, which the Holy Spirit School pushed to the extreme, how can refuse? "Real I just really want to help?" Young reforms Decoration accidental asked, but my mind was not laugh, really, to win this school, just so on the line, to have combined their appetite, in line with their ideal thing, they will stand on their side. "Your Majesty, the minister willing!" Lin brazing has been dreaming of this millennium in a rare appearance of prosperity, and if he presided over forest brazing, no doubt, is he most proud thing. "Well! Real fu since máo then introduce ourselves, I also optimistic about the real fu, then this set, just need to have a solid basic plan, but also how to implement the steps, calculate about how much money each year to spend How much manpower, so that, in fact, just prepare a preliminary plan, then memorial to the throne in the form of reports I come here, to be the ministers discussed later, I re-allocated to the silver, the formation of Ya mén, and then the specific implementation, in fact, just Look how? "Young reforms laughed. "Chen Lingzhi!" Lin brazing has been happy if somebody, invested several million ounces of silver Holy learn ah! This is how the grand scene ah? It depends how much support from students studying ah? "In addition, I feel that this is too ambitious, real soon as possible to do, however individuals do, in fact, just to invite a number of like-minded people together staff matter, of course, in fact, just to note that the promotion of holy science, teaching, dissemination of knowledge but a sacred, tough thing, certainly do not let fame and hedonism, compliments of the people involved, or to the level I did not drift toward that several million ounces of silver that 30% used for its is not easy, and I expected it far worse, in fact, just to understand? "Young laughed reform, which really is hooked Lin brazing, let him nòng such a massive education program, he may have to convene a group of "like-minded" people involved, said like-minded, this plan a start, a group of centrist would definitely tied to his side, looked at a few million are sponsoring two silver models do, in the future there are what matter, and certainly have to stand their side, otherwise, it would not a few 1,002,000 silver is floating? It would not be floating golden prosperity, and this millennium eulogized reputation, is it floating? "Chen Lingzhi!" Lin brazing excited to kowtow. King said he understood that the plan is too large, in the future, if implemented, it is even more alarming, he is certainly a man too busy to naturally have to find someone to help. "In addition, I have to talk about, you can never say that I made, just say that they are real own whim, so to do, and today this Palace of Heavenly Purity thing, but do not say to go out, you understand ? "Young added to the reform. "This! Majesty, that Robinson would not be greedy days of power, the minister did not dare." Lin brazing refused. "Uh! Real just need that, I was just real trust, just let reality just do it, as if it is for other people, I would not necessarily say that this thing, huh, this Chodo has always been on the memorial to the throne is not a courtier, I grant it ? If I put forward, I thought the people of the world to use the money to buy a good name, huh, huh, but not the United States which, in fact, just to understand? "Young reforms of course, have this power hlawga brazing head in the forest, with the The big credit, which he is not a God I'm brazing party is the party of God, the batch run along forest brazing education centrist, can be considered a detached party Dili. "Your Majesty Dade, the minister had difficulty obtaining clear its back, the minister understand the painstaking efforts of His Majesty, the minister Zunzhi!" Lin brazing moved to a mess, the emperor in order to implement holy science, to the world of the students were willing to give up such a big credit, to themselves, this xiōng pregnant, really is broad. "Oh, well, I will stay real just a few, in fact, just go back earlier, this plan will be worked out soon, and then called like-minded changes, discuss, improve, and then on a joint memorial to the throne, Oh, I like here through , our monarch, to do great things, to make the ruling and opposition surprise! let this two thousand years has not changed much since the holy science changed dramatically ...... "Yang Jian catch the big fish reform, no longer keep people up to encourage a few words, the forest solder off. "Chen Lingzhi! Event in this millennium, following to the holy science, will flourish in the hands of His Majesty." Lin brazing jī extremely dynamic, invigorating kowtow Shane. ...... Lin brazing happily gone, Young reform is also happily. Looking backward political forces and their side faction, happy grin straight. "Your Majesty ......" Wang Chengen come in, smiling, poured a cup of tea to the emperor, the emperor and the forest just solder the conversation, he heard clearly, this is to know what the emperor, the emperor of the greater chance of winning, he naturally happier. This road winds ...... bō, also immediately set off in the capital giant làng. An Imperial libation claimed to develop a multi-million ounces of silver a year, the implementation of holy learning, teaching what the plan, but has also combined some prestigious people, I heard what the constantly modify this plan, I heard over yet To memorialized the emperor, the emperor approved. This world crazy, crazy. Each year millions of taels of school money ah! This Imperial libation broken do not mind? Big Ming annual income of just how much the state treasury? He dared think so? Dare to do so. Street xiǎo Lane, restaurant wine tubes, immediately talking about this matter. This restaurant, because the emperor seemingly been to, so the distance became scholars, literati like to place. Although the emperor traveling incognito encountered few opportunities, but there are always opportunities. "I have heard that I'm crazy crazy good Imperial College libation not do it, what happens to engage in school plan, I heard, the group of people a great deal of heart, saying that all children should have the chance to read the world, I heard, the light is the annual school money, there are tens of 1,002,000 it ...... "This restaurant where everyone tea while talking about this latest talk of the capital, that is forest brazing school plans. "Humph! This is for holy science, in order to spread the saint's knowledge, this is for adults Lin plead the common people of the world, people count, count holy school, the court was about to such a good officer, would be able to agree and if His Majesty allocated under silver, which I towards no, but learn the history of thousands of years the biggest holy thing ah! "one scholar uneven look like people have said. "Lin Xiong, the next I'm not saying he did adults should not, but, it would be too bizarre, right, take the world where there are millions of ounces of silver to school?, No no no, the next is to say, the silver Where can you find to go? I Daming Ministry, could get drawn so much money? "previous opening people immediately changed his tune. "Why not? Ministry is not the money, there will not be no money Majesty, Her Majesty get drawn 10,002,000 silver relief, it may not take no sponsoring several million ounces of silver, that was spread sage, this is not the Millennium There's Golden Age. "who called Lin Xiong Lin brazing is very promising. "Lin Xiong, is quite right, I'm adult school plan to do something, also reported such a long time, and have not seen any movement palace, perhaps, also unknown Majesty will not be stopping it, can not say Lin instrument allows adults to make of it, it can be really a rare event in the Millennium ah! also I looked two years an unprecedented thing ah! "next to a people exclaimed. "My father had the honor involved in the forest adults they developed plans for some of its plans, listening to my father says the plan is huge, but the design of the decade, but for decades after the things, it is said, the ultimate goal , but the whole world, children can go to school, Lin adults their goal is more decades later, let the world people are reading literacy, with the ultimate goal of world harmony it, this year several million ounces of silver, but a start In fact, truly complete plan, each year tens of millions of ounces of silver needed it. "side of a scholar but also broke the news channel. ...... <
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