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29.05.2013 05:18
do not take this scene seriously antworten
> Four hundred and thirtieth IX white rod soldiers burst, let deportment elegance Qin Liang yù tears up. wwW! qUANbeN! coM Young reforms saw a bunch of text from the white soldiers shot and will Jianyong; those shriveled text inside, saw blood spattered battle brutal; those beautiful words in the above,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, the smell of a bloody; also where fixed the lines, saw one active, holding spears, against enemy fighters. If not, when the Emperor himself, not because she lost the war, will lose net worth xìng life, the family will not be maintained, Young reforms in this pile will never dry, boring pile of paper looking for "saving lives" recipe not bī forcing yourself to see these boring text, it will not bī forced themselves through the text to see through the surface of things behind the words. Seen through the boring text behind these things, seen through these boring concealed the true text, Yang reform heart, such as himself said, one can see here, a thought here, the whole body of the blood is boiling. As a "xìng bid was" quite high shot on white soldiers, and not because of their "cheap" and lead their combat capability, "cheap", and not because powerful enemies on the retreat, the army has not only inexpensive " cheap "combat power. Historically, only combat force is not "cheap" army, but it is quite "cheap", cheap coach not only need to mobilize their forces, organizing logistics, you also need to prepare their own winter coat; inexpensive to major weapons only is a spear; inexpensive to order war, you need to trek thousands of miles to reach the battlefield ...... walking half. These dry words on paper, if one series, is a fresh life, written in blood and unyielding determination. Even so "cheap" army, even if there is not "cheap" combat power, but still failed to restore the Ming Dynasty doom, Young reforms between the lines from these words once again proven true xìng, "no godlike opponent, only pigs as teammates. "Chong toward history is an emerging" pig generally teammates "of history, even if there is so cheap, but extraordinary troops fighting force, the same will be pigs as teammates flooded. Pikemen so cheap, but it has several Ming record, if the Ming court in the "pig" Friends can be a little less, to give a little of these "cheap" pikemen a little space, this "cheap" guns soldiers burst out of power, you can rewrite history is definitely there. Unfortunately, these cheap pikemen, in Ming's "pig" Friends of the eyes, is not worth mentioning, not worth a look, do not put your fingers a little bit out of the crevices lù to these "cheap" white bars soldiers. If history can be a little on the front Chongzhen about these cheap "white stick soldiers," the limited resources towards these white soldiers slightly tilt rod look, history may not be the original that looks like. Young reform every thought of this, it can only Yangtianchangtan sentence: "fear God and opponents, afraid of pigs generally teammates." Friends of the pig Ming rampant, even opened the crossing xiǎo say only protagonist of the "Falange "This Goldfinger, pigs generally encountered teammates Mozhe. Blood boil once again after Yang reform gradually cool down. Still in the silent tears watching Qin Liang yù, said: "all I attracted the old lady cried, the sad thing, I really should not mention." Young reforms sigh a sigh of relief, for the history of the Qin Dynasty Liang yù, for the history of the "white stick soldiers" worth, an injustice; better for those "pig" Friends vigilant. "Your Majesty indulgences, minister panicked ......" Qin Liang yù the emperor's remarks, said to move the hearts of the vinegar, the tears could not fall down, said Men do not cry easily, the troops to fight, impressive record of nv will, even strong again, to sad, how could I not cry? "I for the old lady, white rod soldiers is fairly valued, I also understand that the old lady and white shot by soldiers grievances and injustice ...... Since then, I will not let the old lady sad, never let white soldier holding a pike pole to go and fight the enemy, from this day forward, guns, horses, and even warships, logistics, soldier's pay pensions and so on, I treated equally, for example, than the new army, new army what, I do not nothing short white rod soldiers ...... "Yang Qin Liang reform is seen yù and white shot soldiers of history, therefore issue such a sigh and say this is so, then where, somewhat for Qin Liang yù, for white rod Bing worth, there are alternate Qin Liang yù, shot on white soldiers bemoan the meaning of evaluation Qin Liang yù, tell jīng patriotic allegiance is not excessive, compared, Qin Liang Fei yù and there are many comparable similarities and even some respects, worse than the Yue Fei, but as nvxìng, no nothing Fei is so respected by others. Emperor's outburst, Sun Chengzong and Qin Liang yù two, each with their own feelings. Sun Chengzong surprised, why would the emperor suddenly say such old-fashioned words? Seems to Qin Liang yù and white shot past soldiers understand very clearly that in order to draw a conclusion of tone, this astonishing, then, it is to make Sun Chengzong surprise, the emperor of the Qin Liang yù and white Rod soldiers respected, has been far toward full Gui Zhao rate teach. Qin Liang yù heart, is already Subway smells, installed many years sad, suffering many years, many years wronged jar, where the emperor this speech, have all been shattered, all poured into my heart. These sad, suffering, grievances but also to whom? Went on to say say? Only the pharynx in the stomach, I did not realize, there are so broken all day. "Your Majesty Zhiyu, Chen only Gannaotudi to report Majesty, the vertical one hundred die without regret ......" Qin Liang yù gradually closed tears, Yiziyizi said, if it can be as if the emperor said, giving White soldiers armed lever from guns, cannons, horses, and even warships, she say, the world was where she went, she was fearless, finished, and the line intact a solemn homage ceremony. "Please hurry up the old lady," Yang reform their own good in the past, repeatedly indicate Wang Chengen, Wang Chengen won the Emperor's eyes sè, quickly in the past, Chanqi Qin Liang yù. Heart to heart the words of one seat over, Qin Liang yù the emperor's favor rose again several grades, vested emperor so valued, so the trust, their confidence, but also hesitant what? Afraid of what? Had also some hesitation, some suspect huò, some rocking stand, this time, is completely backward side of the emperor, the emperor became a staunch party. ...... "I conceived on the basis of the white stick soldiers, expansion into a can in the field and in the East Krupp a long short horses, would not say win, at least have the support to live does not crash, and that was ...... "Young reforms and sincerity touched Qin Liang yù, Qin Liang yù get support, then, is the transformation of the army only cheap, and take his bravery, determination and blood xìng, to supplement his inadequate , then, this army will be an all-conquering, invincible army. "Chen Wei His Majesty the mission is ......" Qin Liang yù Rong Shi Emperor is actually very assured on the action, from the northern war situation, the emperor was not a stupid do not understand anything, and her shot on white soldiers, in addition to an ash pole really, the rest is a life, so, do not oppose the emperor touches on their own troops hands. "Oh, the old people still listen to I finish ......" for persuasion and collapsed to the Qin Liang yù, Young reforms quite happy. "Please Majesty next show ......" Qin Liang yù road. "In the white bar soldiers as the backbone, the formation of new army field, in the future, there is no white rod soldiers this argument, and later on all new army of ......" Yang reform started in accordance with their own ideas to say. "......" Qin Liang yù did not say anything, she's the reason why the white bar called white shot soldier soldiers, it is because in addition to an ash pole, she can not bring any decent thing, she could not give her military equipment, shot on white horses, let alone equipment, guns, artillery, and she can not afford equipment, now, do not rely on an ash pole fight, not "white stick soldiers" with this "helpless" in the name, possessed nothing. "...... Since it is a new army, and that in the future in all, are in accordance with the new army, the treatment, training, equipment, weapons, etc., the same does not flick down ......, I for the New Army requirements are very strict The new army training is quite bitter, this, the old lady might gotta lay ahead greeted the soldiers. "Young said reform. "Your Majesty, shot on white soldiers suffering most afraid of is that they followed the minister went to the capital, a little bitter, can endure." Qin Liang yù have heard of the new army training bitter, but they do not care, she But white rod soldiers come from the Sichuan capital, and take half a year, say fear of pain, which may be what? "That's good not afraid of hard new army soldier's pay monthly thirty-two silver, but not once made clear, the general to the soldiers in the hands of only 30%, as a copy is sent to another one into the home, as well as a copy, I here by the custody of future veterans, and I then make up some of the money, so the soldiers Fengfengguangguang home, repairing a few acres of land, or can be done on some xiǎo trading, and will not allow the soldiers when I was younger as I their lives, old nothing, nothing to depend on this, I hope the old lady who can understand. "Young reforms began to explain treatment to start a new army. Qin Liang yù slightly to think of the next, and did not do too much to consider, even if only three percent hand, is very much a month to get one or two silver real deal, if you have this treatment, the emperor how many soldiers, she can How many soldiers move from her home, to ensure all of them are afraid of death, kamikaze soldiers fighting white bars, and of course, she did not say these words, but said: "I understand." "The reason so to do, I think, the son of parents not easy to raise as big as their son to I soldier, as I effect their lives, the son of soldier's pay, salaries go a portion of pension, raising a family, and quite rightly, Rensiao this point, I hope I the soldiers, all of them have Do not forget, keep in mind, that no monarch fatherless man, I do not need his new army ...... "Qin Liang yù did not say anything, but Yang reform or self-serving commentary together. "Chen understand." Qin Liang yù did not say anything, just thought to myself, to say Rensiao, her hands, nor reap what kind of heartless lack of filial piety, if the emperor's men to her hair into three, and then sent to the family three percent , for fear that some family man give remitted to Liu Cheng, a month twenty-two of silver, the price, she can guarantee that the emperor how many qualified soldiers, shot on white, there are many qualified soldiers shot on white, pillars of that place, poor , not capital, is not a big place where people can think of, let alone death, asking them to eat, and they are willing, you win one hundred thousand soldiers, shot on white, she would say to push the East Krupp, where As emperor this Krupp like pains rivalry with the East? Of course, this is in my heart think about it, do not say it. "......, Training, must accept the new unified army training, this involves a unified command and operational problems, one can put tens of thousands of East Krupp attack a point, a plane, so I hope that the whole army, accept the same training, a loss of a point, we can timely deployment of reinforcements before they can run quickly, and will not arise because of uneven training convergence problem ...... "Yang Reform has said. "Chen Ming Pao." This is, Qin Liang yù'd understand that her hands are white white rod rod Bing Bing reason, it is because the subject of training and different from the others, each added strength, we need to re-home side pillars supplement, generally elsewhere who did not meet the white stick soldiers play. "...... Speaking of the training, the new army has always been a live-fire training, white soldiers will soon grasp lever guns shè strike, as cannon, I will complete with the necessary artillery, mules, Xiangju these are not the problem, if shot on white soldiers adapt xìng strong, or that it is necessary, I probably would not say ...... also equipped warships, with these new types of equipment, give the white soldiers, accompanied by a two-edged for flame rod bayonet, I think, shot on white soldiers will certainly invincible ...... "Speaking of bayonets, Yang YY reform surprisingly, the mouth on the cracked some inadvertently, to now, there is no suitable large-scale manufacture of steel bayonet, the kind of guns equipped with bayonets on the idea that there is some early, however, with white rods soldiers courage and the will to really stick to the white soldiers loaded onto the guns and bayonets, Yang believes that reform, pushing Hirano pigskin really no problem. "Chen thank His Majesty" Qin Liang yù long-boo breath, the emperor really is willing, she was called the white soldiers shot soldiers, and that is because of money, can not afford guns, but can not afford, therefore, can only be used cheapest guns to arm, and now I heard that not only is armed guns, cannons, but also live ammunition training, Qin Liang yù think, a long list of money constantly flew from his head, the emperor money, it really is not blowing The. "...... Well, I the new army, requires that everyone is literate, I the new army, a special responsibility to teach mén sir, illiterate people, can not, as the new army,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, even into the new army, but also can not be promoted, and this, be sure to keep the old lady soldiers say clearly ...... "Yang Reform has said. "......" Qin Liang yù knew the rules of this strange new army, the army had to literacy, that is, all of a sudden, she was between the pillars that Badlands, or how long, there will be ten thousand xiǎo reading literacy person ......, Qin Liang yù despite previously heard that this rule, however, still seems unbelievable. Qin Liang yù that looked surprised and puzzled expression, Yang reform laughed: "But the old lady did not understand why I would be so required?" "Back to His Majesty, the minister does have some doubt huò." Qin Liang yù also Straight said the emperor good talk, very trust yourself, then, but also no need to be too zoning. "...... Oh, in fact, simple, new army army, I must be able to understand the operational intentions, I must be able to execute the command, even fight to the last man, is still a new army seeds can still germinate and re- grow into towering trees, so literacy is a must, in fact, I think is to give each of his soldiers an opportunity to make progress, I hope that every soldier can become generals, Oh, do not want the general's soldiers, not a good soldiers, since the generals wanted, literacy is a must, I do not want to convey the operational command, directive, because illiteracy adversely affected by aircraft, ...... "Yang said with a smile reform this case, before the full-rate teaching and Zhao Gui said Guo, Qin Liang yù now say it again. "Chen understand ......" Qin Emperor Liang yù For this argument, quite agree, the only thing is, the army literacy, that much how much additional expenditure? Not the emperor, who play in this game? She even no money for weaponry only nòng root ash pole, where there is spare cash please sir? Ink, paper and oil do not like money? Young reforms like the next, and mysterious said: "...... In fact, I mean the core of the future soldiers demobilized, if illiterate, the future home to be a rich soil, you will not be deceived, to be in the village What's squire, also only take the next, is not it? Zhenbu I hope the soldiers always despised the poor soldier, I hope I the soldiers to life after I sold out, to have a good home ......, Ha ha ha, I can be considered a little something like this is that the old lady do not say it everywhere ...... "Yang reform laughing. Of course, this remark also full Gui said, the vast rural areas to the national security chā their own forces, is undoubtedly a great step in chess, the need for early layout, a lot of things are from inadvertently, from xiǎo at start of slowly accumulated a remarkable result, profound knowledge, what it means. "Your Majesty really kind, soldiers must be grateful, desperate to fight in His Majesty ......" Qin Liang yù emotion road, this argument for the emperor, Qin Liang yù not agree, veterans? Old soldier, but a core of the army, there are not enough of the old soldier hold the line, recruits can not battle, so that the old name of the emperor actually retired soldier idea, really is "surprising", this idea, and perhaps only the emperor can think come ...... "Well, I have wasted a lot of hour of the old lady, old lady started going to Beijing, not enough time to rest,Oakley Sport clearance, I will not say, anyway, Japan, longer, the old people do not understand, you can ask Master Sun , I here too wordy ...... "Yang reform ready to end the conversation, this time recruiting Qin Liang yù and white shot soldiers, quite smoothly. "Chen retire ......" Qin Liang yù ready rotation. "Wait a minute, ...... great companion and enjoy ......" Yang said Wang Chengen reform. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty ......" Wang Chengen smile promised, and then began to sing reward. "...... Ming dynasty emperor ...... tour ...... captaincy Qian, commander ...... Qin Liang yù, an imperial telescope, an imperial hand gun, a knife imperial, imperial poetry two ...... , silver two thousand, one hundred brocade ...... "Wang Chengen used as a high voice sings cadence will be the emperor of Qin Liang yù reward to sing out. [Luàn write, do not take this scene seriously. 】 "Chen Lingzhi, thank His Majesty Ron" Qin Liang yù quickly Kouxie for telescope, hand gun, knife, silver, brocade, which are well understood, except one more imperial poetry, this is what? Qin Liang yù was the first time I heard the emperor gave to others imperial poetry ...... etc. Qin Liang yù Shane completed, Young reforms and it said: "This is for your personal, in addition, I give you then send one hundred thousand silver coins As you mention soldiers came to surround the capital of the reward, the money, take it and give soldiers, ...... do not rush to put off, full Gui Zhao rate teach them there, the old man is no exception, I hope the old lady and White soldiers shot after a brief rest, immediately go into large-scale training them ...... "Yang Qin Liang yù reform to stop the decline, said. Qin Liang yù moved to not work, the emperor really is generous, it really is a faith, Kouxie again and said: "Chen Lingzhi, Shane," no amount of words have been needless to say, the rest can only act to prove . ...... Qin Liang yù out of the platform, this was an empty open that mysterious "imperial poetry." I saw the inside to slightly childish strokes reads: "Learning to Nishikawa Eight Diagrams, mandarin sleeve grip easily intimidated. Origin Heroine Gan Xinshou, why generals is the husband." "Zheng Shu brocade gowns suicides into, peach huā immediately make a long tassel. How many world strange man, who Kensha field Miles. "[wordy, more than two poems, is the history of the Qin Liang yù Chongzhen written to highlight the Qin Liang yù credit, quite rare, as one plot , or reflected, had four, including two chosen, since there may be, and then another two impress. 】 【Wordy about, this cross Phalange Party's Goldfinger, the reality version of the Ming Dynasty there have to say, the Ming dynasty was destroyed in a "pig" Friends of hands. No matter how poor, then no money, that does not have armed Marines commander can not afford it? 】 <
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