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29.05.2013 05:11
could you put these craftsmen antworten
> Liaodong. wwW! qUANbeN! coM ** Pen Fun Club fastest update ** Jinzhou. Governor Yamen. Yuanchonghuan a man holding a book looking at, looks like reading a book, in fact, was quite agitated, Kanleyihui book really could not stand, and picked up the book on the case of Dibao looks Kanleyihui , has opened the previous Dibao looks, some Dibao, has been turned was very worn out. In this "boring" man's study, Yuanchonghuan not mind the taste, with mixed feelings. Mao Wenlong East Town and the Tartars played "fiery", fights numerous times, coming out of the news, not the Tartars thousand dead is dead thousands of Tartars and then, if it is before this news came Dongjiang Town, Yuanchonghuan scoff but definitely not that is true, but now it is completely different from many sources, he can determine the authenticity of it, first of all, from the point of view Dibao This message will not fake, Di quoted the emperor get the most attention is the authoritative and reliable, no matter, Dibao Ganluan say? Secondly, the news from the intelligence point of view, these things are true, and even more during combat hair down, saying it was for the officers, staff, generals and other reference, study wars, from the process of coming to see combat , Yuanchonghuan felt could not pick any problems, a bloody battle of life and death had come in their own eyes, there are some of his Yuanchonghuan news channels, anyway, in short, this thing is true. This is Yuanchonghuan "boring" because, before he far pride, proud, inspire people Kam Ning Dajie, but get more than two hundred head, but now, the battle is still being waged Mao Wenlong, get the head is He several times, in the end who is dealing with the main East prisoner? In the end who is the Ming dyke Yuzhu? Yuanchonghuan do not need someone to say, his heart also understand that this sense of loss, let Yuanchonghuan considerable "boring." Think of themselves in front of the emperor boastful, what five flat Liaoning, Yuanchonghuan think of here, is gratuitous blush, this whimsical boast, even if he himself wanted to come now, but also think it is too naive to be thought of the Emperor sand table "child" of the scene, still fresh in my memory, and then look at the emperor's layout, and then look at the emperor's measures Yuanchonghuan more "boring." East is Mao Wenlong and Tartars played "sound has sè", exceptionally attractive to the eye, and even gave the Tartars combat West, specifically to deal with him, from the nearest battlefield view, Mao Wenlong to put their lives insurance, clinging Zhenjiang fort, there are still a lot of hope of winning that time, Mao Wenlong once stays in the past, according to the head count credit, which is much larger credit? Kam Ning Dajie ten or twenty? rì minister after moving in those eyes, the eyes of the emperor, who was the first person to deal with the Tartars, the natural self-evident. Look west line, full-kuei did his men, although not as good as it sounds Mao Wenlong played sè, magnificent, but also played exceptionally "happy", many years, from the Mongols get there send things into the customs, it is no matter how many years a? Sheep, cattle, horses, goods, women, let those poor side of scouts properly pants Aoao called one by one, all jumped out to fight the Mongols, which is not seen for many years the scene of? Mongols became a slaughtered lamb? Many will even shut Yongbyon are clamoring to go along with full Gui fight the Mongols, the world is changing too fast, or you can not read this world? Yuanchonghuan exhaled deeply, feel the heavy pressure, both east and west line action, have a harvest, but he south line, which is the main force, and now, without any movement, just is, and Tartar son confrontation with the Tartars does not move, he did not move, he does not move, the Tartars did not move, as if a good discussion on both sides of the sheets pulled the sword crossbow scene, and now extraordinarily peaceful. * Pen Fun Club fastest update ** Yuanchonghuan thought here, the more irritable, more "boring." Prides himself reading break rolls book, an upright, Yishenshidan, filled with loyalty, however, how to break open this board, but there is no good way, the emperor's arrangement of "entanglement", do not care about the city, no more books win or lose, do not care Kill, do not care to escape so, anyway, do not care, as long as the Tartars not reassuring home to become, according to the meaning of the emperor, his confrontation with the Tartars, and so is victory, absolutely perfect to complete the task of the emperor, but He Yuanchonghuan reconciled, this continues, their TMD is a waste. Yuanchonghuan unwilling smashed about book case, book case "bang" a loud, book case paperweight, pen jump high. This sound is not only powerful earthquake house, outside the house do not know how, but also slips out of the sound came. Yuanchonghuan frowning, very irritable,Cheap Oakley Hijinx, I heard someone outside, asked: "Who?" Everything sounded a quivering voice, and said: "Master, are small ah! Have Captain Laibing news that lindane Khan also sent anyone to his head, and has come to Liu adults there again ...... "So out of the house is his servant, Yuanchonghuan pretext of not more irritable, Lindan Han send the head and he had anything to do? It was sent to Liu Jishan where to go, not given to him, if it is before, this matter is also under his control, but now, these contacts Outlying things, all the property of Liu Jishan tube, although Liu Jishan just a little seven ranking government officials, but the governor and he can equal. Yuanchonghuan more troubles, even Liu Jishan that regardless of the military, men without a single soldier of seven civilian goods have to get a lot of Tartars head, but who cares? Tens of thousands of hands jīng a soldier, Sergeant hundreds of thousands of party governor, but did not get a head all day, and the Tartars "sit", Yuanchonghuan distress, pressure from all sides, airtight. Yuanchonghuan Headless brain out of the den, xìng into the habit of "war room", a filled sand table, map a large room, which is also coming and going, very lively, this room is a reference to the emperor General Staff set up, now popular sandbox, Yuanchonghuan no exception. Salute the crowd, Yuanchonghuan without the slightest feeling, went straight to the edge of a large sand table, looked at his residence tall called Jinzhou city, then look away, a small town called Fort Zhenjiang, mind is immense trouble. Yourself how to do? Yuanchonghuan continued asking myself. They might learn that with Mao Wenlong, the whole city was covered in Jinzhou Tartars of the head, the body, in order to attract the attention of the Tartars, so that the Tartars had siege; perhaps, himself had to pick a few like Mao Wenlong there can be two Tens of hundreds of people tease Tartars brave, dedicated to tease the Tartars; perhaps his side will have the promised request, with their old men, full Gui say hello, so that these edges will play with full Gui autumn, do not This thing had to ask Your Majesty ...... Yuanchonghuan a person daydream looking at the sand table, and my heart is accessible without a thought, I just feel unprovoked irritability. ...... Forbidden City. "Exploding bullets?" Young surprised at this new reform sent Memorial, no small surprise. "Your Majesty, it is exploding bullets, Zhang Zhenjiang Fort staff said that in the night, because the Tartars dug a pit, the cannons are placed in the pit,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, so difficult to hit artillery cannon hit the Tartars, if there is On fireworks, it is easy to lay the Tartars cannon ...... "Sun Chengzong touching said. Speaking of moving, is this just arrived today rì Memorial, Memorial was sent to Fort Zhenjiang, Zhenjiang inside the fort wrote a detailed operational procedures that night, one of the most critical is referred to the opening fireworks, Zhang Heng think , opening fireworks is to deal with the Tartars digging this trick best weapons. && Latest chapter Baidu search: Pen Fun Club && "exploding bullets?" Young reforms quite surprising! Shrapnel only heard this kind of thing has been on Yang Ming can not confirm the reform was made out, or it is a gimmick, but to listen to Zhang Heng bring this stuff does seem to have this thing, Young reform heart live the "bang, bang, bang," the jump, if the Ming Dynasty has always had this technology, then get out again is not difficult, that is, weapons will be a great step forward. "Your Majesty, this matter may have to ask the soldiers battle Bureau, or Industry." Sun Chengzong said. "Ah, 对 large with immediately edicts, so rich Matilda immediately clear, I am not a big flower bomb Ming is such a thing, let him figure out if I return immediately." Young reforms immediately ordered road. As for the Industry, forget it, this military-industrial complex, obviously is a block of fat, he did not need to put money push it, and now grenades business, Ouchi done extremely well made, it is a good job to make money, and if Industry involved, some will inevitably have to point out, Young did not reform plan in this regard. "Slaves obeyed, which go edicts ......" Wang Chengen promised down, and immediately went to the edicts of the. ...... Wang Chengen gone, Young reforms before careful consideration to this matter since, wild boar pitted skin also know that there is progress ah! Nor is it moron. Positive thinking, Sun Chengzong and said: "Your Majesty, according to Zhang staff said, in addition to the East Krupp cannon digging, but also gives dug a pit, said East Krupp digging, you do not come out hiding in the pit, city head still grenades, it is difficult to remain into the pit, so that the siege night, quite a lot of casualties, the loss also increased, but also easy to not hurt East Krupp ......, Your Majesty, this Zhenjiang fort, fear is difficult ...... "Sun Chengzong sè surface with a trace of anxiety, Zhenjiang fort that thousands of people rely on grenades, rely on firearms, if the firearm, especially on the East Krupp grenades useless, then, is likely to restrain Zhenjiang fort, once Zhenjiang Fort restrain His Majesty the Emperor arranged thousands of miles fronts, fear will immediately crash, this is trouble. "Digging!" Young reforms realized that the problem is serious, think it pits, trenches, but the best thing to escape firearms, and this boar skin are not stupid ah! So soon found a way to meet a firearm? Boar skin can digging, you can trenching, can trenching, the trench will be able to, you can dig, a thought rì after the kind of movie scenes of trench warfare, Young reforms while scared, well, this boar skin evolved too quickly point their firearm has only evolved to 17th and 18th centuries standards Tartars tactics evolved to the nineteenth century, and even twenty centuries. Young reforms anxious to move around back and forth on the platform up, wild boar skin will be digging trenches, and that he is not the point of the new weapons control yourself? Young urgent reform up in front of moving back and forth in the sandbox, the news, so that these rì child has been relatively cool Young reforms distress endless. "Your Majesty, do not rush ......" Sun Chengzong very anxious to see the emperor, the emperor began to comfort. "Master Sun, how no hurry? Zhenjiang fort can now be dangerous." Young urgent reform of course, the era of trench warfare for firearms has what role, Young reforms have not been on the battlefield know, without him, film and television, both cat fight in the trenches yet. Today, wild boar leather hang of them touched the war, this battle can be really dangerous. "Your Majesty, Zhenjiang Fort thousands of miles away, sire anxious useless, say, Zhenjiang East Fort Krupp not already repulsed yet?" Sun Chengzong coaxed, do not know why, after the emperor looked to this Memorial, becomes very anxious, and in the Sun Chengzong view, although some trouble, however, and never worth the emperor so urgent, according to Sun Chengzong view, Krupp would take Zhenjiang East Fort, unless filled with life, and lives, not just the loss of East Krupp onwards. "Oh ...... Sun master, I support, but also how long will the skin island?" Young reforms anxiously asked them. "...... Back to His Majesty, and now is mid-October, and up to three or four days can go to the skin island." Sun Chengzong replied. "Thirty-four days? This is good, hoping to go up, otherwise, Zhenjiang Fort fear really dangerous ......" Yang said the reform with a little sadness. "......" Sun Chengzong did not speak, support and reinforcements Mao Wenlong those things, do not say anything else, at least have the Yalu rose water it, the water does not rise, then how warships have to go on, but now the Yalu River during the dry season, let alone the Beast Jiang. "Your Majesty, can Zhenjiang on the fort, have a look it does not rain, it all depends on God!" Sun Chengzong remind the emperor Road. "Uh ......, God?" Young reforms do not believe in God is not God, but I believe the information destroyer River, Yalu calendar year October has rained a record, it was enough, and this point, Yang reform believe that their grasp the big. Bureau of soldiers battle ...... while deserted them, and the emperor's edicts small eunuch a walk, rich Matilda Bureau immediately set off in a burst of soldiers battle the wind blowing. Rich Matilda the soldier battle Bureau eunuch seat sit quite comfortably, to give the emperor to make money, earn a face, you have to look at the high emperor, you can be popular in the palace ectopic, there face, so rich Matilda the soldier takes his seat battle Bureau eunuch, therefore, for the emperor told, did not dare touch sloppy. A little while, a feather fly soldiers battle Bureau finally calmed down, the rich Matilda smiling, came towards the Forbidden City. ...... "Your Majesty, the rich to Matilda." Wang Chengen aside reminds us. "So fast? See ......" Yang Zhenjiang Fort reform still considering the issue, the rich Matilda arrived, and act rapidly. "Slaves rich Matilda Koujian save the Queen Long live Long live." Matilda rich look of humble kowtow road. "Free gift it, Shih Ming-teh, exploding bullets thing, you ask how well?" Yang asked the reform can not wait. "Back to the majesty, indeed exploding bullets, but a long time ......" rich Matilda answered at once, this is the soldiers battle Bureau asked many old craftsmen come only after something rich Matilda believe wrong. "...... Well, then said." Young reforms relieved, Ming really have this thing, but unfortunately, I do not know how, there is no large-scale popularization of open, nor leave anything in the history of Wal-Mart. "...... Back to His Majesty, exploding bullets, this thing, indeed, but this is not easy to produce shells, high cost, and easy to crash, it is easy injuring yourself, always will blow guns, wounding the gunner,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, so, Your Majesty, This is actually the more you use exploding bullets less ...... "rich Matilda explained. "How about the price?" Young reforms asked. Silver for now myself, not a big problem, even then your weapon, and he dared droves of use, they have had a weapon into industrial production scale, and if there are more weapons will require industrial production, which is even better. "Back to His Majesty, according to Bureau of the old soldiers battle artisans that this cost is not cheap, it should be possible in a few two dozen top ...... two ......" rich Matilda finished, secretly looked under the emperor, this exploding bullets really expensive, more pit father, the Emperor not want to blame themselves at too high. "So expensive?" Young surprised asked to reform, the cost of exploding bullets, is a bit surprising. "Back to the Majesty, yes, it is indeed ridiculously expensive shrapnel, and its production is not cumbersome ordinary people can imagine, this shells, have been polished craftsman jīng heart, the shells polished smooth, this can be used, had to dig empty interior, ...... also prone to obsolescence, therefore, cost quite expensive, as well, sire, it exploding bullets, using them is not very reliable, often bombing bore, will be wounded gunner, Your Majesty ...... "Fu Ming Germany wanted to make shrapnel of the "misdeeds" talk, reminding the emperor Do not use exploding bullets, so as not to hurt, hurt the gun, does not pay, and now a qualified gunner, you can take the cannon are fed out, can not afford injuries, But think about their own identity, or did not say. "Thirty-four days? ......" Yang Fu reform did not listen carefully to what Matilda said, but would like to own the problem, and that the first batch of supplies may be three or four days at Fort Zhenjiang, and his playing was as soon as possible to blossom get go, and now apparently made too late, evidently, only to get into a craftsman, I hope not too late. "Rich Matilda, you will immediately find a few craftsmen making exploding bullets, bring the necessary tools ......" say a few words, Young turned to Sun Chengzong reform, said: "...... Sun master, could you put these craftsmen Fort fastest sent to Zhenjiang, hoping to catch them ...... "Yang reform only expect them to catch the last train to Fort Zhenjiang reinforcements, working towards their side shrapnel almost too late. Sun Chengzong puzzled for a moment, promised: "Yes, sir, Your Majesty ......" "rich Matilda, you and a few artisans that I concentrate to work, I will not forget them." Yang Mingde reform has turned to the rich said. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty, slaves must take commanded those artisans, will allow them to do things properly to His Majesty, His Majesty never wrong thing." Rich Matilda immediately promised. "Well, these artisans to send out, you find someone to look into this exploding bullets, see if I can improve in a more secure, simpler, more convenient, more expensive, I have rewarded, this thing, You must be more carefully ...... "Yang told the reform, they have this inner court, there are cattle B, Royal Arsenal, what you do, to those who do not like the other crossing is so hands-on, utter words, we can mobilize the whole of China forces, and this is obviously a considerable advantage, not white do not. "Slaves obeyed!" Rich Matilda immediately smiled and promised the emperor but valuable advice, and this, he is capable soldiers battle Bureau has come up, they have to show his face, and the last time that grenades, although each costing money is not a patent much, but now the production of hundreds of one million, and that money is not a small sum, and now get to the emperor that several grenades craftsmen have been developed, slide down him, but also get a lot of money, but more importantly that, in the eyes of the emperor, he was useful, more than anything else. Rich Matilda gone, Young reforms and some regret, perhaps he was too impulsive, perhaps this message to yourself too much pressure points, resulting in some confusion of their own, like Fort Zhenjiang message here, was how long? Yourself here fuss live, says no Zhenjiang fort where people already think of a better way. (<
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