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29.05.2013 05:08
how could she take the money antworten
"Well, I wouldn't argue." Lin Fei nodded again, carefully looked at the river moon face, frowning asked: "new moon, just really all right?" "What just happened?" Jiang new moon smiled at. "You drew back, and to touch the temple by hand, is it right? Dizziness?" Lin Fei said: "if uncomfortable, while still in the hospital, and then went to the doctor to check carefully." "I just kidding as jade!" Jiang Xinyue smiled, "if it were not so, how could she take the money." "Really? You can fool like jade, but don't lie to me." Lin Fei some doubt River crescent to explain, he can pass God s è and breath feel the woman's body is very weak, not is pack out. "Really, I won't lie to you." Jiang Xinyue hearty laugh, his heart was filled with moving. "New moon, you must pay attention to rest, do not be hard." Lin non gently shook his head, "you these women are too strong, for the cause of their body make no way." Thank you very much. I'll be careful. River crescent nodded, with a sweet smile on her face. "New moon, is there nothing, or I send you back." Lin non whispered, "the way to buy something." "I thank you for you kindness." River crescent smile. "There is no need for you to send me back, here with jade. You may rest assured, my body is really nothing, I can drive home." While speaking, two people have been out of the outpatient building, came to the parking lot. Jiang Xinyue to open the door, Lin non will be fitted with a drug bag into the carriage, "new moon, be careful on the road, no matter at home or to the store, just give me a call, or a Clockwork SMS, reported a safe." "Well,oakley sunglasses store, I'll call you up." Jiang new open the door to sit in, toward the forest not waved his hand, smile way: "bye bye......" Bye. Forest without standing in the same place, silently looking at Jiang Xinyue's car and left the hospital, out of sight....... Leave the hospital not far, river crescent will the car parked in the street slowly, tightly wrinkly Liu Mei, kept pressing his temples. After a while, Jiang Xinyue unlock safety belt, leaned heavily on the back seat bags, took out a bottle of medicine from the inside, out of two on imports, took a bottle of mineral water pills, after about ten minutes,Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, she tie the safety belt, with great care to drive away....... Lin Fei frowned and went to the clinic building, a bench on the side of the road and sat down, took out his mobile phone dialed Song Wenjuan phone,Nike Jordan 2 Sale, "Wen Juan, had time now?" "Just got back to the office, what to say." The phone is Song Wenjuan exclaimed. "I'm not in the company, outside." Lin is not paused, "Wen Juan, the thing is, like the jade elder brother had leukemia......" Sorry? Such as how jade brother born of the disease? Oh...... As a jade......" "People to eat whole grains, was very sick and normal." Lin non said softly: "Wenjuan, you want to help the jade?" Crap. Jade is a colleague of mine!" Song Wenjuan will raise voice >
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