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29.05.2013 05:08
Listen again pushed the Tartars antworten
> Four hundred and tenth chapters exploratory essay Cheng stared at the fire of artillery, and my heart could not pray, artillery can open a few more guns, face can not see anything, night sè, flickering firelight, a lot of things all covered up. WWw! QUANBen! COM was another sound of cannon fire, Zhenjiang fort west side walls, masonry splattered the walls have collapsed a long period. Pham Van Cheng constantly pinching fingers to conceal his mind Ju Yi, although at this time is a splendid siege cannons, however, Pham Van Cheng heart was considerable fear. Chen Ning for a long time, turned yellow Daikichi: "The sweat, according to I look better, siege to try, and now has collapsed more than a hundred steps, and also has a wide enough place." Huang Daikichi considerable pleased, and said: "Well it according to the Constitution sets, there are more than a hundred steps, is enough, according to previous arrangements ministries to begin siege it, remember, or the old rules, one into armored, the other on the use of coating , if you can bang the best, the first attack on the walls of the Khan gave him carrying the flag, four clamor still kept a moment, sub-Mao Wenlong's heart. "Huang Daikichi not previously looked at the Zhenjiang near Fort has now broken a big hole, surface on quite pleased, although my heart knows, Zhenjiang fort can not be so easy to capture, but also save a little hope, after all, is now a hole opened so wide. ...... "Hum ......" horn began resounded throughout the battlefield. Zhenjiang torches outside the fort, suddenly become more and more, the figure is even more clear. Heng has been squatting above the second layer of the wall, heard the horn Tartars, Tartars should also know that some action, I am afraid will immediately siege, frayed nerves, this little calm down, siege, Cannon will definitely stop, this has been beaten taste, can be painful. Turned his head to look, just a little better mood, and sink a lot, the first wall has been Hong Ta, the topography of the second wall is higher than the first, they were Tartars artillery mistakenly that do not less, there are already several places loose, several walls battlements were broken, hurt a lot of people, a lot of people try to place clutching his bleeding endured not say anything, while others blew open in the pile of masonry re- code up, although they can not resist the cannon, but the arrow is used to file the Tartars, is enough. ...... "Ermao fear you?" Old soldier Ermao around to see their faces filled with "happiness" light, asked. "Not afraid, not that the point of grenades, throw it out? I would long ago, and threw over the Tartars ready to close the poll, which I will be a long time ago." Ermao easily answered. "This is not like before, this time, we have collapsed walls for a long period, we cross a period is to fill the walls, Oh, ten are not able to go back, twenty cents,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, you really afraid of? "This is after years old A military soldier, hear, see, are recognized, more than twenty cents more than the newcomer clear, though knew he would go to do, but actually seemed very calm, and there is no fear , and Ermao even joking. "Nothing, not that kill the Tartars what? I've got have practiced for a long time, has no chance with the Tartars one-on-one contest of strength, this time, to try to really work, there is no effort to see Bailian ......" Ermao not care replied. They are saying, this team of one hundred shouted: "Brothers, we assigned to live, let's go west on Canqiang period, responsible for plugging the gap rushed from the Tartars, the other would not let tubes, gone, brothers, follow me to kill the Tartars go ...... "Then, the lead and ran toward that part of the broken walls, and the old soldier Ermao immediately stopped talking, followed. Filled the drums of war, soldiers constantly bombarded with the heart of the warring parties. Ermao breathing heavily, just one breath, followed by their one hundred went to this wall, this wall to be in that part of the north wall of Hong Ta, Ermao against the wall, breathing heavily,Oakley Flak Jacket Online, resting. "You, you, you, you are all over, some large stones to move up, put the stairs to the closed, lest the Tartars come." One hundred view the terrain, and immediately shouted. Listen Ermao called himself seems to be in, and immediately ran down and began to move stones on the walls, this step is usually used to board the city, transporting goods stairs, but now because of the edge of the wall has collapsed, so this steps are no longer needed, the wall has become a shortcut on the Tartars, therefore, must be blocked up. Ermao then a small fire and began to concentrate on Hangchihangchi to the top of a stone, he was a soldier since learned one thing, that is, to obey, to concentrate on obedience and absolute obedience, and that instructors whip let him remember. " obey "word, so Ermao seriously doing this, as the cries outside the Tartars, he seems to hear, but also did not seem to hear, just concentrate on moving to the top of the stone. Zhang one hundred against the wall, with the situation outside observation periscope, a moment, there is simply not see, but the sound has become increasingly clear, the Tartars siege cries, footsteps, has largely can tell to what position. Zhang one hundred shouted: "That's following who, who else? Do not come up, the Tartars have come, not life, come quick, Tartars coming, do not lù head, this , not only in front of other lù head back and do not lù, walls but spoke son, just tummy, remember ah "Zhang one hundred shouted loudly, Tartars siege has clearly heard footsteps, Zhang one hundred suddenly remembered something, shouted. Ermao was bending down to pick up a few pieces of broken bricks, and heard shouting above one hundred, and immediately picked up these bricks, Hangchihangchi, high kick, low kick to move up, to block the stairs, have to be a lot of bricks, stones, otherwise, nor can it block, Tartars easily come up along the stone steps. Ermao the bricks, stones stuck in the stone steps, this quite satisfactory. "Grenade ready ......" darkness, heard the orders, Ermao not hesitate to pull out a grenade, unscrew the lid. Cries the Tartars had swept, and even has the Tartars who can smell the unique taste. "Target, wall gap, throw ......" Ermao hesitate to point to throw a grenade, the point of the first one, and then on the point of the second teeth. Intensive blast hole immediately sounded the broken walls, debris was flying all over the place grenades, Tartars climbing walls collapsed momentum as one snapped, and the momentum once much smaller, no one can in such overwhelming firelight not afraid. Then, Zhenjiang Walls Below, is a burst of thunder and lightning of the explosion, so that the noisy battle cry of the battlefield, drums thunder of battle instantly became quiet. "Well, fried well," Zhang Heng lying on the second wall, by the grenade fire, seeing this, could not help but call the sound is good, this grenade defenders, and she is still sharp, especially to deal with many people it is simply drawbacks, what ants previous siege, people bully fewer people here, no longer work. ...... Yellow Daikichi far looked into that part of the walls of large Jinshi Cu Broken teeth bite tightly, can look forward to a miracle, but unfortunately, that burst of intense fire and dense thunder told him that this unrealistic. "Come ah messenger, let ministries to intensify clamor, to create opportunities for western ......" yellow Daikichi clenched hands, unwilling ordered the road. "Chirp" ...... Ermao lying on the edge of the broken wall, his face filled with laughter, wheezes panting, while the same team with his old soldier said: "I say, Tartars on this point capability, while grenades down, and everything is gone, ...... Unfortunately, today, are not allowed to throw the hook, otherwise, do not know can catch a few heads it ...... "Ermao a sorry look. "Ermao, you can never head of the Tartars, and today this evening, is to hold a great credit, did not hold, Zhenjiang fort is gone, why do you want that head?" Old soldier laughed. "That is, if the fort did not hold Zhenjiang, that before you catch those head may be useless ......" Ermao think the next, that the old soldier said was right. "Looking at it, although we have grenades, however, is not a panacea ah grenade tonight, Ermao, you must take care of ......, my eyelids old jump ......" the more it comes back to this old soldier, sound smaller Finally only a little small voice, completely covered in this thunder of drums and cries. "Grenade ready ......" The enemy has been swept up, one hundred do not see the enemy can estimate to what mō place immediately shouted. Ermao time to think the old soldier, then unscrew the grenade immediately cover. ...... "Boom ...... ...... boom, boom ......" burst sky Leiguang flint, the entire battlefield is a quiet, those loud cry, those thunder of drums, the sound of explosions in front of this array, seems weak and pale . Yellow Daikichi clenched his telescope, looking at the situation of siege, teeth persisted. "Heralds, reminders drum ......" "chirp" filled the drums sounded again. Urging his soldiers on the battlefield was more crazy. "Grenade ready ......" one hundred head looking down at the city full of people, but also moving, just go to the crop leaves, though not crowded, however, may also wish to spread over a network generally, by the fire, Look at those shouting toward the walls of the Tartars, Zhang one hundred heart felt the slightest chill. "Boom ......, ...... boom, boom ......" Zhenjiang fort west wall and the collapse of this section of the wall on both sides of Canqiang outside, thunder fire broke out again. Siege of the wave, as if shot in the rugged shore stone, only a few splashes waves huā, then quickly disappear, pull back, and the rest, just drums, shouting, occasionally also heard an explosion from a distance , gunfire. Yellow Daikichi heart is in Ta, which Zhenjiang Fort grenade, it seems that a number of batch after batch, endless. "Heralds, and then reminder drum ......" yellow teeth Daikichi ordered the road. "Chirp" ...... Zhang one hundred higher than listening to this burst burst of drums, mind what seems to think, however, in a moment filled with this torch, Maner cry, guns, war drums are covered indefinitely. Looking out of the shadows once again toward the fort from Zhenjiang, Zhang one hundred without hesitation: "The grenade ready ......" ...... There was another roar of thunder plow, making the waves to shore stone huā, once again pull back . Some Canqiang not blown into the middle, after seeing this thunder, but also pull back. "Good" Zhang Heng in the second wall, watching the first wall near perfect stopping the enemy, could not help but call the sound is good, this successive siege, Tartars threw a lot of people are afraid of is here. Like with the Zhang Heng, lying on the second wall of his soldiers, but also easy to follow up, the original also swept away those tense, not the Tartars cannon fire, and this alone who want to attack come in, this is simply wishful thinking. "Your honor, the Tartars also this ability ah looked at today, following afraid to catch a lot of brothers who head it ......" an envy of his soldiers said they this second channel walls, it is not something. "It is not, Marshal has made, this rì allowed to hook the Tartars, you did not see, the following brothers did not throw the hook too, if to rì, fear head must break ......" Another soldiers argued. Listening to the controversy surrounding his soldiers, Zhang Heng think Tartars so fierce siege seems there is a purpose and will never be such a waste of aimless people. Daikichi ...... yellow bear his teeth, this is the first few times? Rushed to the man, still only splashes a wave huā gone, this play, really is torture. "Heralds another reminder drum ......" yellow Daikichi still ordered the road. The size of the surrounding Ming Baylor have long been such, not money, that sky sprinkle of rain grenades to quell such a burst of thunder burst took the plow, who hard to resist? Daikichi under yellow again heard the same order, and all of a surprised look yellow Daikichi. "Chirp" ...... Zhang one hundred listen more to intensify the war drums out reminders, live in the hearts of ridicule, and hard how people can compare? Who can not stand this mine plow explosion. "Your honor, sir, we are running out ...... grenade" darkness, a voice sounded. Tartars had been still laugh to die one hundred sheets, think of it that he forgot this point, and now this wall has collapsed, storage and transportation of grenade grenade quite inconvenient, seeking only to throw themselves readily, but forgot to replenish grenade is not easy. "Each flag immediately sent to the north to transport around the yard grenades, remember that fast ......" Zhang quickly ordered one hundred, it was the first time ordered to supplement grenades, to rì, just throw one, they can scare Tartar son, this time, has been linked to several times, seems to be ascribed Tartars washed up. Zhang one hundred face, sweat suddenly down, however, the dark, looming is more firm in the face. "Ermao, go shipped grenade ......" old soldier one to one hundred cries, immediately patted his side Ermao and let Ermao to transport grenades. The team's flag in the dark, but also a bit shocked, this thing can get his shots, but did not think, then also shouted: "Ermao, go, you specifically give us the team responsible for transport grenades. "Ermao did not think, immediately bent over, ran quickly toward the north, and now the west wall has collapsed, unable to come from the south grenades shipped, it can not take the grenade from inside the walls, only from the more northern curtain where to take, quite inconvenient. Listen four sound of the guns, listening to the cries of the Tartars siege, Zhang one hundred wiped the sweat from his face, calm shouted: "Be careful to use, do not throw too much, have to pick up grenades, will soon be shipped to ...... "the dark, can not see the face of the crowd, many people subconsciously mō a grenade mō himself. "Grenade ready ......" Zhang one hundred voices in the dark, loud sounds, covering the distant guns, the enemy cry. "Boom ......, boom ......" There was another explosion rang. Siege cháo water xìng habit of retreating, the siege, and just play for a while jī waves huā. Zhang Heng on the wall looked real, while listening to this explosion, felt something suddenly to: "Oh ......, come, tell both sides of the curtain quickly, as soon as possible to allow them to supplement Canqiang grenades ......" This array of unusual grenade explosions so many people hear the tricks. Yellow Daikichi far listen, hear the explosion is so far above the endless times, it seems that only a few times in half. Yellow Daikichi excited that he guessed it, Zhenjiang puli grenade though fierce, however, each of them carrying the number is limited, if it is normal to supplement certainly quite convenient, they might not dare to use life to temptation, but not today like cannon Hong Ta Zhenjiang Fort walls, presumably on that Canqiang people can not replenish grenades from inside the walls, so it's worth a return temptation, this time, be pressed against it. "Come ah orders, and then reminder drum" yellow Daikichi excited ordered. People are surprised to see their own sweat,Oakley Store, sweating is not always opposed to fill with life Zhenjiang fort it? How today so unashamed kept urging drum? "Chirp" ...... Listen again pushed the Tartars drums, Zhang one hundred face, reappearing Khan, the mistake is definitely mistakes, his cavalcade, grenades have been thrown almost, but too late to supplement , looking like a large network generally comes Tartars, Zhang one hundred faces, more determination. "Grenade ready ......" command voice still sounded calm. However, not many unscrew the grenade. "Boom ......" explosive sound, but obviously, a lot weaker. Blast waves in the siege between huā exploded, but apparently, not the kind of mine plow effect, many Tartars found that he actually can survive in this hellish Leiguang simply inconceivable, is hesitant whether or not to continue offensive, or as previously, go back? Yellow Daikichi looked far, heard an explosion this array, ecstatic, mad immediately shouted: "reminder drums, drum intensify reminder, do not stop ......" post gold the size of the Baylor, generals, surprised at their own The sweat, so it is, Zhenjiang Fort grenade is limited, can not be cast out of the infinite. This time, through the night sè, it touches the bottom line to Fort Zhenjiang try out, presumably, not a grenade, Daikin warriors should be able to board a city wall. "Boom ...... boom ...... boom ...... boom ......" encouraging people to keep drums sounded, just still hesitant to go on the offensive after the Jin Shizu who heard the drums, and immediately chose to attack. Zhang one hundred angry Yuandeng seen on the walls. Draw his sword, shouting loudly: "kill the Tartars ah"
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