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29.05.2013 05:03
but along the darkened staircase antworten
Lin Feihuai a heavy heart left He Yongren's office, he did not back to the ward, but along the darkened staircase out of the outpatient building. 'horizon. Look, a few lights, bleak, hanging in the dark sky, a crescent moon in the pale clouds partly hidden and partly visible, silver s è radiance over the plant leaves have become golden palm red on s è, autumn wind blowing, shady trees. Last night s è,Air Jordan Shoes, lamps and candles of a myriad families, shops in front of flashing neon lights, road traffic rolling. The hospital that there has been a bit desolate place backed more cold quiet. Lin is not a pavilion to the hospital sat down, leaning against the cold stone, quietly bathed in the evening breeze, any thoughts on this as water night s è in the waves...... I don't know how long, Lin Feicai stood up slowly returned to the outpatient building, stop in the ward door step,oakley outlet store, across the glass, three women watched in silence in the room, their faces are hung with a little sadness. For a moment, Lin not pushed open the door and entered the room, look at Yan Shenglin's face. At the moment, is suffering from constant chronic illness he slept soundly, the eyebrows tightly knit into a ball, it seems in their sleep remains with the pain and discomfort. Ding Lu got up and walked to Lin Fei's side, eyes with somewhat anxious, asked softly: "Why are you so long? Si Qi sister said, you and he dean to fetch things. I went looking for you, Mr Dean told me, you already left, call your mobile phone, shutdown......" "Mobile phone has no electricity, I go out to eat something." Lin non smiled. "Really?" Ding Lu made a lip tenderness looking at Lin non, "you don't fool me?" "Why did you lie to you? I have never let my stomach hurt." Forest not patted Ding Lu shoulders, "you and Si Qixian to sit here for a while." He went to Yan Ruyu's side, and whispered: "jade, you come out here, okay?" "Good." Yan Ruyu nodded, stood up and Lin not out of the room. Two people sit in the corridor on the chair, Yan Ruyu Cu Liu Mei, the first open a way: "you is it right? Lin non, get my test results?" "No, their results have not come out, probably tomorrow afternoon." Forest than a faint smile, "if it comes out, I will inform you." "Lin is not, I know, their results should be out." Yan Ruyu stared at Lin Fei's eyes, said quietly: "but not expected optimism." Lin Fei did not dare and Yan Ruyu looked at each other, quickly lowered her head, throat moved, whispered: "jade, you don't make blind and disorderly conjectures." "Even if the parents can't help brother, there will be people who can help my brother back to health in the world." Yan Ruyu is tiny, "Lin non, after one day of adjustment. In addition, dew and Si Qi to my guidance, I've figured out. Indeed, when fate is not in their own hands, in addition to dare to face the courage, but also have enough luck. In contrast,oakley eyeglasses sale, our courage will be helpless and powerless, or more in need of external luck. I think, human effort is the decisive factor. Not false, but sometimes also have the reason. As long as the best, I can accept any results. >
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