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29.05.2013 04:51
Lin non caressing xialan back antworten
_ forest not jump down from the desk, go to summer haze in front, a woman shivering Jiao Qu in the bosom, light tone way: "summer haze, I won't leave you." "I hate you!" Xia LAN with powder boxing pear, beating in the forest not shoulder, sobbing complained: "I killed you! You killed the asshole!" "You play." Lin non caressing xialan back,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, self-condemned path: "is I is not good, you play hard!" Xia LAN stopped, his arms tightly ring in the forest not waist, head on the man's shoulder, said: "since you wronged, never leave me, but why and I say so!" "Because I know, in my side of these women, you are one of the most strong, you can say something like this, not to mention them. Yesterday, I and if cloud talked a lot......" Lin Fei will be something last night told xialan listen. Xia Lan after listen to gently nodded, staring into the forest of Africa, "husband, you are right, I just cannot do without you, without you, I feel you. If cloud elder sister, you, me, they, are very not easy, perhaps this is the fate. I also want to see if the cloud elder sister, so hiding it, is not good. To do so, at the time, I give if cloud elder sister call." "Good." Lin Fei frowned, stroking xialan wet face, with endless guilty light way: "little wife, just to let you wronged." "Said! I hate you. In order to prove your own guess, let me cry!" Xialan grabbed the forest not hand to tan, but gently bite a small mouth, and then stared at the man, coily said quietly: "do not ache?" "My heart aches." Lin non swallows the throat, will again Xia Lanyong in his arms, "little wife, I hate myself, hate me give you these people have varying degrees of damage. You said, people like me to live in this world, is it right? A very boring things?" "Husband, I forbid you to say so!" Xia LAN Jue the flower lip, stared at Lin Fei's face, "have you said, you in fact is one of the difficult. In order to us, you have to live, do not go to think, not only I cannot do without you, Professor Aileen cannot do without you, and so it is with other women. I think, if cloud elder sister is even more reluctant to you." "Little wife, to tell you the truth,Oakley Sunglasses UK, I have a prescience,Oakley M FRAME, also is in happen before you can advance the ability of perception. Although this kind of ability is not very strong, I can not fully grasp and understand thoroughly, but it definitely on my body, in a sometimes vague and sometimes clear form. It is this ability, I will be very afraid of. I fear that one day, if cloud would be gone from me. That horror and loss of feeling, like you just the same." Lin non softly: "as long as I do not say to leave you, you is it right? Will live?" "Well......" Xia LAN nodded, "I will." "Well, little wife, I will never say such words." Forest than a faint smile, holding xialan cheek, "if one day, if the clouds away, and you will not find me. You, package >
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