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> Three hundred and seventieth chapters wretched flow (two) Shen staff officer to the little praise for a while. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm total thousands of horses mouth are cracked smile son went up to the ears. "If staff feel that Xiao Zhi Shen has this capability, let him go try it ...... stone that you take your team Spies, to try it, I remember, the situation is not right, and immediately returned to me, do not try to be brave ... ... and another, called the brothers prepare ...... "horse thousand of the total quickly made up his mind, the beginning is on Shen staff said, the second sentence is its own nephew said, third sentence, it is said of their subordinates The. "Your honor, little known." "Yes, sir, your excellency." Stone that is called a young petty officer with twenty ride the whirlwind whirlwind other end of the valley Tartars brigade, being the rest of the cavalry valley, then the end of the rest, began to organize military uniform, horses, weapons. Du Shan amount of truth led his troops recorded the cattle, are watching the situation in the valley, they are without a telescope, the naked eye can only borrow conscientious observation, observation distance is closer to the mountains on both sides of the valley, a little further, it is a blur, this valley terrain is rather special, Du Shan forehead really carefully watching the terrain, for fear an ambush or something. Far heard in the distance horse close, and also a lot of horses, DU Shan amount of truth immediately jǐng sleep together, shouted: "Be careful, in front of someone coming." This team after Jinma Army Xun stop down and began jǐng ring up, there are a lot of people hold Daojian, to look to the front of the troops in the end what is backing. Twenty Ming cavalry rode toward the true amount of DU Shan ran over, Du Shan really quite surprised by the amount, when the Ming Dynasty so much courage, dare to ride only twenty washed their troops, their own here, but a cow recorded troops, nearly a hundred people. Du Shan amount of hold true habits xìng handle, very near the Ming cavalry is Choudao the time, if Ming cavalry then close relation knife scabbard, arrows winding, if Ming cavalry then forward Ben, brandished a knife and he will not hesitate to make bows and arrows to attack, then we must tima rush to go, twelve hundred paces distance riding, but a few bearing on too, hesitated and did not have time to think about , do not hedge, if Ming cavalry rushed in disarray, it may trouble. "Bass ......" DU Shan forehead really pulled out knives. After the gold behind the soldiers, also followed the sword scabbard, arrow wound. Hold the knife DU Shan amount of truth, quietly waiting for the Ming Dynasty into his "attack line." Ma Stone led the way, the rate of twenty anxious to ride away towards the Later Jin, a great team after the gold into the posture. "Stone, stone, Hold on, we will be pitted bows shè to ......" followed behind a stone horse cavalry anxiety shouted. "Rest assured, I had an idea ......" if not finished, horse stone immediately called, "...... Calls ......" the horse with a stop. Chung also followed the cavalry stopped just behind that stone to remind horse cavalry heart shouting sound good insurance, looking at the other side of the Tartars already drawn out the sword, arrows winding up, if then ran forward, it is estimated that was nailed dead things. "Tudan, impatient, we have at least one hundred twenty paces away from them then, hey, we are now the upper hand, you see that they dare we shè arrows do?" Horse stone although young, but courage is not small, There will be more mindless person. Du Shan amount of truth holding a knife, carefully grasp the best time to attack, seeing would play under the knife and began to attack, however, people have 忽然停下来 the Ming, DU Shan mountain forehead really touched This is upwind, if this distance upwind toward the enemy shè arrows, afraid people will Xiaodiao Ming teeth. Ming Dynasty people suddenly stopped the attack from a distance, so that Mrs Hill feel uncomfortable, sad, Bie Jin no place to make a son. "Everyone loaded gun son, check grenades, listen to my orders, do not panic ...... we are one hundred twenty paces beyond, we are also the upper hand, they will not shè arrows, even shè arrows, also shè vain us, and we just stood boldly shè is, you first prepare, I went on and there's talk ...... "horse stone young, but very authoritative in gang probe Mali, courage is also full. Twenty ride began immediately loaded gun loaded gun Son Son, check inspection grenade grenade. Ma went on stone steps, shouted: "What is the opposite of people do not know where is the Ming dynasty site do? Tell me your name is not coming, then move forward, careful treatment you an outrageous ......" valley , the sound with the wind drift very far. Du Shan fast mad, and he wears the clothes after the gold is naturally after gold horses, and now, after the Ming and Kim played the bitter end, this child actually said to cure yourself a heresy, he is a big Bong Khan to make people come to play the Ming Dynasty. "Pooh ......, Which the children, the newspaper name, your grandfather nameless men do not kill a ghost." Du Shan scholar storyteller said, "Three Kingdoms" above, then try to look yourself of some of the. "Opposite say? I can not hear, louder ......" horse stopped pretending not see the appearance of the stone, and even hand holding ears, made a jug ears. Du Shan forehead really thought, think it is possible, he is a headwind, headwind talk may indeed hear, then, with a greater voice and said: "Pooh ......, Which the children, the newspaper name, you Grandpa nameless men do not kill a ghost. "This time, Du mountains are employed every effort, with the greatest effort to shout out these words, I thought that a child should hear the opposite side of the bar. Ma Stone listened, and loudly shouted: "opposite, wind, or could not hear, you say you are my family Marshal grandson? Marshal to call my grandfather?" Horse hear a stone hand holding ears do listen shape. Du Shan forehead really see each other or hear clearly, then, Cui horse stepped forward, muster all the strength, loudly repeating his remark. "Pooh ...... that which of the children, the newspaper name, your grandfather nameless men do not kill a ghost." Du Mountain amount really want this, and that children should listen carefully to the bar, the phrase is a storyteller with that school , the "Three Kingdoms", the armed forces against are so called, should be right, the level should be able to look yourself up. As everyone knows, this same word, shouted three times, no matter how good, then bad, then again, and then there is momentum, it also gave her very little momentum, the big bang, and then to decline, and thrice what it means, Du Shan amount of truth Behind some of the soldiers, have given up their own forehead really confused laugh, just about to fight, only simmer in silence smile. Horse stone almost Xiaopodupi, pretending anger shouted: "actually dare your grandfather, impatient to live, it must be after the gold jiān fine, brothers, guns wait." Stone horse cavalry musket behind those already prepared Well, hear the greeting, and immediately reach for guns, gold shè rearward click "bang bang ......" burst of gunfire. Du Shan amount of truth lungs are mad, thought of that kid playing yīn, and would not finish it towards his fire, and heard a "pop" noise, quickly dodge it, look at their team, not a gun , and this calm down. "Ha ha ha ...... Ming little doll, your guns, you can probably stick a ...... when firewood, brothers, kill me ......" guns in the past, the smoke dispersed. Victories did not see a horse stone a little disappointed, and said: "Brothers, playing quasi-some how one did not play ah," "rock, so far, how play ah one hundred twenty paces away,Oakley Lifestyle, and now this big wind , playing pigs fly. "Some people started to complain about road. Indeed, this Ouchi made, although it is quite jīng good, but that is relative, fight one hundred twenty paces beyond the human body, it is quite difficult to say jīng its accuracy, but rather that hit luck. Ma stones began to fret up, this one rifle shè hit, did not play one, this effect is far worse, seeing that the Tartars would rushing, which he designed and far worse, horse stone unbelievers said: "I do not believe this made him not hit Ouchi, watch me ......" horse riding across the stone was still amazed the occasion, taking guns, raising his hand is shot. Du Shan forehead really want to rush order, a "...... kill them ......" I did not say it. Opposite "bang" ...... "ah" Du Mountain amount of truth screamed, fell down from his horse. Horse stone that shot, just hit his head. The crowd panicked after gold, see their own amount of truth from his horse fell down immediately surrounded the past, just like the first time people did not shè a shot, then, courage is also bigger, did not hide, but also no possession, let the Ming Dynasty who openly shot there know, that the Ming Dynasty who shot to own amount of truth lay Malay. "Good" horse behind the stone, a burst of applause, more than one hundred steps away, the shot hit the man down from his horse, it is not easy, this is simply hit the jackpot, or a turnover true. Horse stone is very confident to recover his beloved Ouchi made, said: "See what see, do not hurry charge, riding the Tartars did not react, installed again shè a drug, good at running, will stay ran back, when I called one, just at a point of a grenade thrown on the road, shouting two, reported two people to throw grenades, you know? ...... I can now say to you, if not then shot today Do not eat at night are ...... no, meat are the property I am a man, you know? "horse grinning like a stone bigger than their subordinates who commanded. "Go ahead, stone, can look good, guaranteed not to be missed the ......" People have said, laughing at the sounding of the Tartars loaded gunpowder. Just do a little shame, twenty ride, shot did not, people will lay a horse stone shot to the head of the Tartars. Later Jin soldiers surrounded their own amount of truth, to see what happens, the first amount is really clinging Du Shan soldiers complained that: "The amount of death ...... really, really did not amount ......" Originally, the stone which the horse guns, good Sibu Si, just hit the face of Mrs Hill, a sudden to the old life. Its said to be good marksmanship stone horse, but rather that the amount Vanuatu damn hill, hit the child on the gun. After Jin Shibing behind exclaimed: "Ming Dynasty to fire, quick hide ......" "bang bang ......" stone with a group of cavalry horse, the horse relaxed firing. This time, twenty ride without venting, do not know good luck, or the Ouchi made of good quality, or gunmen have found a knack shè strike or not tense mood's sake, there are actually four or five people shè. "Ouch ......" "Ow ......" "ah ......" post gold cavalry the group, a burst of howling, apparently, was shot by fire, perhaps did not strike vital, and the pain screamed. Gold after this response came the soldiers, a few more strong force, and some appeal immediately raised the knife, howl a few words, with people Chaoma stones they rushed past. Ma stone has been on the watch case, see below gold cavalry rushing, and immediately smiled and said: "go myself ......", led the way toward the Ming Dynasty brigade ran. Cavalry bolted in front of the Ming Dynasty, the appearance of an escape, followed after gold cavalry chased a person's appearance to eat, do not know a good horse after the gold, or the intentional Paode Ming cavalry, after the gold team of people actually have to catch up with this stock Ming cavalry posture, came closer and close. Stone horse looked back from time to time, see the Tartars from their expected very near. Shouted: "Listen to my orders, the point of grenades hurled it to the back ......" "one ......" horse stone, then just off the sound, a knight as previously sorted order, a little later read, point of the grenade, put a grenade thrown out. "Two ......" Plus a knight grenade thrown out along the point. "Three ......" "Four ......" cry is, a rapid cry, five lit grenade to throw out. Unknown so cavalry continues to chase after the gold, because the narrow valley, so are a follow one, side by side, but can be over two or three rides. Horses fast, Ji Shibu distance, twinkling of an eye to go. "Boom ......" "Boom ......" "Boom Boom ...... ......" several more loud noise and shock of the valley again. Good catch-up team, instantly to stop down. Later Jin soldiers one by one all senseless. Some look back, and some look to the future, the team room, in addition to surprise a lot of people, but also scared a lot of horses, but there are two horses, horse gave cut open the stomach, bowels to the ground, the horse moment was not any dead, lying on the ground scream, struggled up, and the scene is very terrible, but there are a few unlucky, be the horse fell, falling badly beaten, and some more are being wounded by a grenade, legs I do not know where to go to fly, already pale face sè, seeing live much longer. Look at this miserable scene, after gold soldiers drew a breath, and then look at the front not far from the Ming Dynasty cavalry rode twenty, then I do not know is to go to catch up, or stop. Horse stone relief, their style of play was very successful, but twenty ride, you can stop the hundreds of people forced Tartars jīng sharp. "Olympic yo ......" heard the voice of sore riding in this twenty ranks sounded. "Tudan, how?" Horse stone quickly asked. "Stone, nothing, just ran in the back, away from the Tartars too close to the Tartars shè an arrow, fortunately we were upwind, but also run fast, afraid of the arrows, and even arms should shè wear, but also Well, now only go in one skin, bones did not hurt, raising two days just fine. "that is called Tudan, and a left sleeve has been soaked with blood. Arrow pulled down almost to his, being Ziya Lie teeth Renteng. "Quick, give Tudan tied up, do not let the blood shed in vain, and we go ......" Look at their side of the stone horse wounded, and then look over there a confusion of the Tartars, had also prepared to fight a musket then tease a tease Tartars did not mind it. With the cavalry, and ran back to the general whirlwind brigade. ...... A whirlwind rushed thousand of the total Maarten's side. Maarten with binoculars watching his nephew throughout the show, quite satisfied, with smiles: "Stone, this did a good job, it seems to kill an amount of truth behind bombing turned a few horses, seems to have died a few ...... "horse stone did not hit happy, said:" uncle, originally, is also preparing to tease them about, however,Oakley Sunglasses Radar, Tudan hands of an arrow, Ambulance matter, I did not play them, or else, but more than that point ...... "Shen staff said:" This has been a very remarkable stone ah, and you twenty ride, ride to face hundreds of Tartars jīng sharp, able to get out, but also killed several Tartars, not forcing the Tartars dare chase, this is big credit, Oh, little heroes ah "Shen staff have been concerned about the war in the process, to see the beauty, but also a pen to record, has just finished recording, only praise the horse stone . "Shen Brother, what do you remember?" Horse stone see Shen Bi is a pen and write, so asked. "Nothing, our staff duties, summed combat experience, huh, huh, stone, this time you play this is useful, it is consistent with His Majesty 'entanglement' word, I am going to sum up, go to the General Staff, Your Majesty know, will be very important, Staff is likely to promote ...... Oh, This is comparable to kill twelve Tartars more useful, huh, huh ...... Ma adults, I believe that soon, stones should be able to receive a ... Gaoshen ... Oh, congratulations, congratulations ah, "Shen said with a smile staff, their staff important duties is to summarize various methods of warfare, submitted to the General Staff for the General Staff concluded, refining, marketing. "Really? It may thank Shen grown up ......" horse one thousand to one hundred and twenty always immediately enthusiastic, affectionately called Shen Bi, and completely different from the previous kind of polite. "Oh, sir, you're welcome, valued Rong Shi ...... Your Majesty, stones have talent in this area, Oh, nurture it, will thrive ah ......" Shen Bi said, laughing. "Shen brother, if that leads grenade like a little longer, so we can throw grenades farther away from the Tartars, and so, the Tartars arrows on shè not us, Shen Brother, can you give staff Ministry to mention that allow them to do a little bit longer grenade fuze, probably much longer thirty-four interest, and even then a long fifty-six better interest rates, so far we have to put a grenade, even after watching the Tartars rì dare to chase us. "horse stone has been thinking about these things, and heard Shen Bi said to be in to the emperor, to Staff to write something, and immediately put forward their views. "Well stone really good skill ...... Ma thousand of the total,Coach Handbags Sale, I say, this stone is to have talent, this proposal is really good, huh, huh, presumably Majesty knows will boast stone, Oh, Ma thousand of the total, or Again, JiaGuanJinJue refers rì can be ...... "Shen said Pitt pleased, said as he pulled out a pen and paper and began to seriously record. Ma thousand of the total smiling at their own nephew, and then looked at the smiling staff Yiwuyishi Shen record, expression is very pleasant. Everyone around you is talking about, all with a smile on his face. <
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