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29.05.2013 04:47
the sky will shine brightly antworten
> Three hundred and sixty first chapter wonders (two balloons slowly drifting into that Edward Mun. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm ministers without binoculars, can see it clearly. Obviously, the above is actually someone, called someone can fly, is like this? That balloon ball more over the past, fast close to Edward door, still in Chang'an Avenue, when it nearly slow down. ever more clear, the ministers, the number of people with complex perspective a hot air balloon, and then the complex look emperor. around is amazing sound enthusiastic crowd, the whole běijīng city, have been rare this strange attracted to that hot air balloon above, first throwing to two couplets, is to be King of the Mid-Autumn Festival, an angel dressed beauty, began to sprinkle flower petals on top, one day female Sahua spectacle staged, and some people are not around, but knelt down and bowed and kept God bless Yang reform layout of the "spectacle", reaching ** That fairy petals scattered for a while, just took off from hot air balloon above throwing a rope, the following people quickly catch, fixed, even if it is for a hot air balloon set here, then, who dressed "fairy", in the above start "dancing", who "fairy" a red makeup and look beautiful rope dangling above ceasing doing a variety of difficult moves, can be described as extremely beautiful, can be described as extremely Jingxian, see the following people repeatedly exclaimed That "fairy" seems suddenly saw something, then dementia for a moment, then "carried away" from the rope above the "fall" , also followed the crowd exclaimed. Fortunately, who red "fairy" in the fast falling on the ground, when on, he hooked a leg rope, and then a nice turn, firmly dropped to the ground, looking around That man is screaming thriller "fairy" in the face of rapid change sè a few times, looked not far from the emperor, and then face sè and calm down, and then have climbed ropes and began performing more jīng color, and then here did not see the emperor Yang reform naturally know the red "fairy" who, as arranged for her to do this on a hot air balloon show, purely spur of the moment, do not see the beautiful red looking towards his side, Young reform is also sighed slightly. shaking power of this "spectacle", so that the entire capital of the people gathered in the city's central axis běijīng unusual point of view, it is talking about, telling each other this eternal spectacle of seeing it. days sè ; already getting dark up, lit a lantern around. few ministers gathered together, being heated debate forward to it. "Your Majesty how you can make such a ridiculous thing? let fly overhead? Or a woman? Shi adults, Sun adults you anyway, but also persuade His Majesty, how is this OK? Majesty as emperor, but to act on behalf of days, if everyone can God, what people can stand tall than Her Majesty, it is up to His Majesty set where? "an old man minister getting more and more anxious, finally, hoarse shout." Yes, Shi adults, SUN adult, adult and this is definitely overstepped, this is definitely not Qingrao, how can people God? ...... "" That, that's disrespectful, what Tun Town can God, and that His Majesty rì why after so Harbourside? That woman must be burned to death, that monster, you must burn ...... "" ...... Majesty play xìng not obliterate ah ...... do uppity, chaos etiquette, bad rules, but also overstepped ......, disrespectful, irreverent ah ...... "a group of ministers, gathered together to discuss anger with, but Shi Feng, the Sun Chengzong, Zhang Rui figure these few cabinet ministers, it is indifferent sitting there, listening to all his anger anger. Jui figure it can not stand up, stand up, and said: "Gentlemen adults are Knock, Shi adults, Sun adults, it is better, I'll wait right now go persuade His Majesty? see His Majesty is how to say? "Jui figure for those who can not stand the bombing, or ready to communicate with the emperor look to see what is the meaning of the emperor, this matter was originally Emperor Office, evidently, the ministers of the emperor do such a thing quite have opinions, they do not say these few cabinet Vizier what side is the emperor, the emperor dry it naturally has the idea of ​​the emperor, ministers intense opposition certainly justified. "Well, Madame Sun, you see it? Otherwise, several of us went to persuade His Majesty?" Shi Feng to also give something today downtown ignorant, not encountered this ancient times kind of thing, so he always liked from the book to find countermeasures, looking dazed, he can learn from examples, do not know how to do, much deliberation, or ask the emperor to go. Sun Chengzong nodded and said: "Well, gentlemen,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, adults, slightly An impatient, I waited to see which His Majesty. "Sun Chengzong for what happened today, but also some perception, however,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK, is not very clear, just know that the emperor in the study of some fresh stuff, even sent the Guard to go and many indignant minister This quiet down. Young reforms already seen below those ministers gathered to see several of his cabinet came, eating fruit side asked: "Oh, gentlemen, this is how the? seemed very anxious look? talking about what? "Young reforms first asked. Shi phoenix thought, said:" Qibing Majesty, Majesty ministers discuss this today rì trapeze thing that this thing overstepped that this thing is big disrespect for His Majesty Harbourside some impact govern the country, would like to invite His Majesty burned the monster ...... "Shi phoenix do not know what to say, and as a Grand Secretary, therefore, the ministers of the word" Paste "a." Ha ha ha ...... "Young reforms laugh. those officials already staring at the Emperor see here, see the emperor laughed and quickly turn head down." It already has a bird in the sky to fly, how people think it is never overstepped it? I Harbourside God this man have anything to do? "Yang smiled and asked to reform." Your Majesty ......, but His Majesty the emperor, on behalf day rule the world, if what people can God, that His Majesty ...... Would not it be ...... "Shi phoenix prevarication said. "Oh? Oh, I was emperor do? God's son? Oh, I only know that I surnamed Zhu, name by the prosecution, I Chronicles late emperor, the emperor are all as the title, who did not Xianhuang with the emperor as Dili, Oh, this emperor word Well, Oh, do not be too concerned about, as transgression and irreverent, this thing, I know it, I arranged, I do not think there ...... "Yang smiled reform said, but my mind was scolded, if I really "emperor", you will not be those pigs every year several million ounces of silver owed taxes, do so now stuck, if I was the son of God, and certainly those one pig with lightning, lest underfoot. "Your Majesty ...... this, this is really overstepped ......" Shi phoenix pleaded anxiously, he knew their own thing their own, he was the Grand Secretary, is entirely emperor PA is, to say the emperor against, he is a bit of confidence did not, he knew he could emperor when Grand Secretary, if the emperor to be replaced, he always had to walk, with the emperor challenge, a little courage he did not, only is begged. "Your Majesty, leaving aside overstepped thing, but it is indeed a desecration of His Majesty, His Majesty the reason ......, but conform to God ......" Zhang Rui road map and then persuade Yang reform impatient waved his hand and said: "Well, gentlemen, is I the Vizier, the real purpose of which I'll tell you, lest you too for cāo heart." Young reform an impatient look. Several Vizier quickly seated, waiting for the emperor's rhetoric. "great companion, put every curtain down, I and several Vizier something to say." Yang Wang Chengen reform and let the curtain down. Wang Chengen kicked, put the beads used to block the line of sight curtain liberalized. suddenly, put sight separated. "of you know I can do this stuff is used to do?" Young reforms first asked. few people you look at me, I look at you, shook their heads . "This thing, gentlemen, will not see it what's the use? ...... God balloons that can be combined with this telescope, gentlemen, what conceivable?" Young reforms inspired road again. People have looked at the case and the former emperor of the telescope, This is something that we are familiar with, but also just seen one yet. "...... A poem does not know a few heard that? 'yù grander sight, a higher level'? This thing can rise to a two high Baizhang go, and then view the situation around the telescope, gentlemen thought that would be what kind of situation? "Young reforms with a little smile, then inspired road. Sun Chengzong first come to understand, and said:" Your Majesty mean? observe the battlefield with this thing? place at such a high plus telescope, keening, can be clearly seen in pure white, His Majesty meant to put this thing to use on the battlefield? " Sun Chengzong and military deal more, soon understood Emperor what to say, in fact, the beginning of Sun Chengzong have this meaning, but dare not say, now the Emperor himself out, he happened to be, along a stick. several other a Vizier surprised at Sun Chengzong, this thing could have this with? "Yes, Master Sun really good eye, and I want to get the same reason I do this thing, in fact, also, and I for one Zhu shame inseparable, others say, the former things are lost, for the future, I read the first emperor of the Confidential Memorandum, often read this passage, I felt all split liver and gallbladder, and I will give satisfaction Ming dynasty emperor actually captured, and this I Zhu, Ming is my shame, the shame, I must wash, will not let this disgrace repeats itself, I carefully read the Confidential Memorandum year and found a lot of problems, I thought, if the prairie, to have one thing that can stand high and see far, can keening ground movement are seen clearly, I Zhu emperor, I will not have to be the Ming emperor to scare mere tens of thousands of barbarians, will not give prisoners, I read it every paragraph, just think, we must prevent rì happen again, this shame, I was sure to wash the ...... not to mention, the movement in recent years, the East Krupp not small, I also think of ways to exercise restraint on the prairie cavalry ...... So, too, have a telescope, and this hot air balloon, Zhen Yao can stand taller, to be able to see farther, keening movement, I never expect too pretty ...... "Yang reform when he said these words, bite to say, a hatred looks like. Several Vizier emperor looked panicked, did not expect such a vengeful emperor, one hundred years in front of the old things, actually I remember so clearly, claiming to take revenge. "Your Majesty, should be avoided, but absolutely useless ah Majesty roaring footer, how can scraped earth? Majesty, must not Yu Jia foreign crusades ah" Shi Feng to fast fainting, listen to the emperor meant to Yu Jia foreign crusades Mongolia, a snow fort of the change year civil disgrace, and if so, that if a civil Fort changed again, then who will become the year of Yu Qian? scared quickly persuaded the emperor. "Nothing, and it is not to be I Yu Jia foreign crusades, rì later, I looked anyway, or to the East and Mongolia Krupp has a big battle, do some advance preparedness, prevention reproduce old things before, but also very necessary, not do? I hate the hearts, the hearts of the stigma that is sure to wash, I accommodating heavenly, A Great Ming emperors, which is satisfied prisoners thing, I was anyway, but also swallow, of you thought , I okay fun? "Young Reforms or a look, said bitterly. several Vizier in shock at the emperor, do not know what to say. theory was originally looking for the emperor, the emperor would have to persuade a result the emperor now It touches them becomes boring, people thought the emperor was military affair, thought was a big snow year Ming shame, shame several Vizier an appearance. "Oh, is not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning, sire, tell the truth, I like the burn is advised that some transgression of His Majesty the thing, now listen to this just feel ashamed of His Majesty, Your Majesty think, Your Majesty think, higher than I waited many, Jun Chen Si shame, I Daming first Huang suffered insult, so do courtiers, and must have a dead heart to wash away this shame job ...... "Shi Feng to immediately change a tone, helping the emperor to speak. Jui Figure listened to the emperor's rhetoric, but also feel the emperor justified, Fort civil year of change, a large group of Ming Huang dìdū to barbarian captives, and this is definitely a huge shame big Ming Dynasty, the emperor has been obsessed with it is no wonder, then claims to wash the shame. "Your Majesty, the minister in favor of Shi Grand Secretary, then shame Jun Chen Si, then the shame, the former things are missing, and I must not forget the great Ming Dynasty, such as His Majesty said, the North East Krupp and expanding, and fear as the year in general, a war is inevitable, Oh, do not ...... can only say, it is already more than a defeat, and destroy hundreds of thousands of soldiers ah lost millions of people ...... Well ...... if this thing long enough, ...... rì If, after With these objects off outside to observe the keening of the movement, the East Krupp Ye Hao, Ye Hao Mongols,'ll never hidden from my big that war, when the other party and the reality my eyes, my lord, this thing, really is treasures ah "Jui diagram also speak of, so this seat on the Cabinet Ministers, for all these years and the East prisoner of war, but also know too much, the thought of hundreds of thousands of large Ming Dynasty soldiers dead, the loss of millions of people, but also hold a grudge , marvel, if I had had this kind of thing, you can see the keening of the movement, you will not lose so heavy, Liaodong outside off, almost a disgrace. "Yes ah Liaodong thing, imminent, has made me Ming dynasty lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and now there is the danger of further expansion, coupled with shame when I first emperor Zhu, so I was determined, must be able to come up with such a large-scale battle on the prairie around the weapon, such movement can be observed keening thing, gentlemen, may feel that I was funny, I feel this thing is overstepped, however, I would say that this thing, such as Zhang Fu-chen said, is a treasure ...... "Yang reform a smile explained. Several Vizier are following sadly, this matter discussed here, but is not necessary Zaiquan emperor, but rather to find ways for the emperor. "Your Majesty, the minister said this to go talk to the ministers so that they know the pains of His Majesty. "Shi Feng to sit still, we should immediately go out." Oh ...... the matter, gentlemen, but also try to confidentiality ah I the future, also counting on it to give it a surprise East prisoner. "Young reforms and Speaking. "Your Majesty not worry, I know how to do such." Shi Feng to immediately promised, such a trivial matter, and he will deal with the most. Several Vizier out. ministers were immediately surrounded, ready to listen to the victories. Vizier who looks like a no comment, but in a few high-ranking officials ear whispering for a while, these two officials face sè changed several times, refuses to talk about this thing overstepped things, but nothing arcane do not say until the time of the crowd scattered, some of the lower-grade officials, and quickly contact a number of senior officials and their own Jiaoshu to see in the end how, how all of a sudden do not mention this thing? officials and those who were in the low one senior officials of the edge of the ear whispering for a while, then, a lower level officials do not speak up, not to mention a mysterious matter, so that the emperor requested confidentiality of things, and soon became an open secret . Mid-Autumn Festival moon,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, constantly sensational fireworks into the sky will shine brightly. Sun Chengzong been sitting in silence around the emperor, accompanied the emperor moon, see "Boom" fireworks sound smaller, just could not help Lives and said: "Your Majesty, please inform minister, His Majesty the true intentions of doing this thing? Although this rhetoric Majesty's good reason, however, the minister still think what His Majesty also hidden hearts, Shi Grand Secretary them right, scepter Tianshou His Majesty is Harbourside, on behalf day rule the world, if this 'day' is no longer mysterious, no longer sacred, but an injury ...... His Majesty, "Sun Chengzong and emperors one person talking, more direct, direct that these words, these words, if it is other people, it is impossible to say absolutely Yang reform supine, staring at the moon daze, in the eight children of the moon, to hear Sun Chengzong ask yourself, laughing: "without him , is to grow a long Chinese people's horizons insight Bale Bale, some taboos and shackles must be broken, otherwise, the world can not change ...... "Yang said frankly a reform." Your Majesty, this is what you intended? "Sun Chengzong hear vague, do not understand." Oh, the issues of the day, Sun master If you are interested, can I go back here with a telescope, this kind of thing, is designed to observe the stars, than ordinary telescopes see also far if Master Sun moon with it, there will be very surprised to find ...... Oh, so I to this day, it is this attitude, I have a special calendar Bureau observed the day people Sun Master If you are interested, you can inquire about them ...... "Yang reform had never think of myself as anything," emperor ", never believe that he is the Son of God, for a history of seventeen years later will die" Son of Heaven "is, nothing memorable, nothing worth preserving, but is a lot of things have to be broken. seeking support.] <
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