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29.05.2013 04:45
came to the front of the woman antworten
Look around the room, smelling the familiar smell in the air, ears the words last night, two men, and that he is still be visible before the eyes of the lingering field. At this moment, Lin not in this waiting, faintly feel torture an unbearable, he would immediately see white if cloud, but there is a great fear; and the woman he wants to explain, but think how to explain it is an excuse...... The bathroom door, wearing white ruo-yun yesterday that robe walked out from the inside, Lin not hurriedly stood up, came to the front of the woman, clutching her hand, "wife, I have something to say to you." "I know, you have a lot of things to say. However,Air Jordan Womens, now I really tired. There is something, you'd better hurry up and said." Bai Ruoyun's face is still no expression, slowly pull out. Forest than a pair of hands froze in the air, stood there, the brain suddenly a blank. Bai Ruoyun turned and went straight to the locker, remove the pajamas and underwear from the inside, the robe off, changed his clothes lying in the bed side, pulled the quilt on the body, back to the forest not whispered: "say, don't say I'll fall asleep......" Lin non body tiny tiny one Zhan, bypassing the king Bai Ruoyun came to the side of the pharynx, throat, "wife, to see you like this, my heart is dead......" "You know how uncomfortable?" White ruo-yun turned over, is still not back to the forest, say coldly: "I thought you also received a woman, the heart will feel very comfortable!" "Wife, you......" Lin is not stuck in the throat, frowned and said: "I was not good, do something wrong. However, I still hope that you can keep calm and listen to me explain......" "I'm not very calm?" Bai Ruoyun said casually, "you is it right? Think that I will be happy to laugh it?" "Wife, I didn't mean that." Lin non feebly shook his head. "No matter what you mean,nike air jordan, come on, I'm sleepy." Bai Ruoyun's voice is somewhat impatient. "Well, I said." Lin Fei wanted to think, "wife, I know, are you mad at me. Do you think I put your tolerance for me, as an indulgence; I put your generosity, as you bully. In fact, it's not what you think, I also have my own ideas. In the car, you and I said, I was repeatedly refused her. But, in the end, I could not bear to see jade like that." Bai Ruoyun opened his eyes, turned and stared at the forest not said coldly: "you have the heart to see me like this. Now!?" No, not at all. Lin Feiyao shook his head,Oakley Radar Online, "wife, for whatever reason, I and Aileen Xia LAN they go together, have no time to tell you. But this time, I want to take jade things to say to you, that you should be able to understand me." I understand? You let me how to understand?" White ruo-yun smiled grimly, "you think too well of me, my heart seemed to like the sea is vast, even big enough to hold the world, all the women!" "Wife, I am not the >
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