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29.05.2013 04:43
he naturally understand the f antworten
> L three hundred and fifty second chapter in the ass today or tomorrow important these days, Yang Shaanxi reform are waiting for the latest news, the whole process too is a torment, a day spent staring at the sand table, gave birth to what Shaanxi, Shanxi doing, all are blind, invisible, intangible, Shaanxi raw thing, even seven hundred expedited, still need several days to be able to messages sent to the capital, but now, only twenty-five twenty-three gave birth to what he even as the emperor, but also think about what is a faster way to know the news. wWw.QUanBEN.CoMφφφ.l ¤ m rì ministers after several nights of hard work, to do all to do, stay here is useless, Young reforms that they scattered. Young standing in the sandbox reform to stay in front, there is no way, in this no telegraph, no phone, and no internet world, the world of distance is really great, Shaanxi had never felt far away from their own, never felt from China one place to another place far, the Ming Dynasty 400 years ago, Yang reform personal experience to the world of large, global village for the Ming Dynasty, is a myth. Platform attendants who are busy throughout the analog Shaanxi rebel may xìng, and to develop plans, stressful and busy, but in Young reform seems no closer in the news before, these are futile. Wang Chengen shook his head looking at the emperor, the emperor had not eaten for several days well, sleep well, although a lot of this platform arranged ice, quite cool, but the emperor estimate is still very anxious, has been in the furrowed brow , two eyes redness told Wang Chengen, Emperor rest enough, very tired. "Your Majesty, or else, eat watermelon block it, iced." Wang Chengen want to use something to divert the attention of the emperor, the emperor has spent a morning of this platform. Young reforms have something, restless, readily took the watermelon, eating a few bites. Then still stay in this sandbox, Shaanxi things involved too, if not handled properly, it will be their nightmare, wild boar leather things, and Shaanxi than it is not worth mentioning. Wang Chengen disappointed, frustrated their plan, the emperor is still facing the platform to stay. After a while, Wang Chengen came up with an idea, perhaps from the emperor to stay on the platform of "rescue" over. "Your Majesty, there is something I do not know when to say improper to say." Wang Chengen stone unturned to disturb the emperor, as the emperor against the old platform to stay, Wang Chengen think this is something he is not a good thing, the emperor was afraid my demons hysteria. Young minds still think most of the reform Shaanxi thing, wondering what else the history of life, prepare countermeasures, only less than half Wang Chengen mind carefully what to say. "Your Majesty, you can still remember that Li Yan Wing? Refinery that is that the cook?" Wang Chengen is really no way, then, to put this little thing can bring it to the emperor said, I hope to attract the attention of the emperor. "Li Yan Wing? Cook? Refinery?" Young reforms only used less than half thought out, half awake and asked to. "Back to His Majesty, yes, is that refining cook, said that His Majesty refining oil can help the man, he said he had put His Majesty to refining oil refining out, can be used to light lamps, would like to invite His Majesty Yulan it ... ... "Young reforms mind, this half back, with the words of Wang Chengen in thinking on the petroleum refining out? So simple? Young reforms eyes, broke a trace of jīng light oil can do, Young reforms know, naturally it extra attention. "That came out?" Young reforms jīng gas God suddenly grow a notch. "Back to His Majesty, according to the Li Yan Wing said, was out, said the oil over high heat, no oil, which can indeed refining when kerosene oil is used, Li Wing said he had found a way, would like to ask Your Majesty to Yu Lan ... ... "Wang Chengen see the emperor very much about this stuff, a little relieved, it seems that the news is good, the emperor very seriously, to break the emperor to stay, it seems that this time formerly known. "Well I did not realize that this guy is a talent, which is refining the oil to come out?" Young reforms in fact, is also hard to imagine, in the late Ming, will anyone know how to extract the oil, did not expect his reward go not out of the imperial city, someone came to tell myself that he would refine petroleum, as principle, let Yang reform below the glasses, can be refined lard, why can not the oil refining, as are oil, it certainly has the same place, the oil is obtained from the ground, but is a mixture of some mud, some dirty, used for cooking is not, but used when the kerosene is enough, these "simple" can no longer be "honest" then and theories, let Yang reform stunned, this has been refining the guy that Li Yan-wing, as his raw material, but the defenders used oil over high heat, which is used as a weapon, and now, all gave Li Yan wing it. "Your Majesty, but want to see?" Wang Chengen hope the emperor walk around, change the environment, the emperor had a few days spent in this sandbox Shaanxi, eyes, and bloodshot, Wang Chengen go on like this too much for fear of the emperor. "Look, look." Young reform can not wait, the oil can do, as the later people will know, in addition to a variety of oil, out of plastics, there is an important use of chemical fertilizers, this thing is simply old Godsend to humans golden thigh, yield several-fold, thanks to fertilizer reminder, of course, Yang reform now, do not expect to be able to come up with fertilizer, can become a kerosene oil is enough, not for anything else, is to increase the number of labor jobs, reduce the pressure of Shaanxi, not for anything else, the place in Shaanxi, scoop out the oil from the ground to. l Although rì head quite sinister, but Yang reform, but he is not afraid, and that heat intolerance towards rì performance is completely different, with a group of people, Li Yan straight wing "refining workshop." ...... In too liquid pool, find a place where Li Yan Wing refining, because this guy is "playing with fire", so the inner court of the people, give him to find a place in time to fire, this place is close to the school field, but also considered together and the group of people to play with fire, so frightened the elegant palace. Li Yan-wing had long been waiting, and he sent this message to go, things just came Shaanxi time, so get into the news, a dead letter, not the news, Li Yan-wing has been a bit disappointed to hear the news to come emperor, overjoyed , he wants to reach, and reach it. "Cao Min Li Yan Wing Koujian save the Queen Long live Long live." Li Yan Wing very decent kowtow, the emperor is everything to him, is his hope. Young reform is not nonsense, directly asked: "Li Yan-wing, I heard that you are refining kerosene out?" "Back to His Majesty, Caomin indeed a kerosene refining, absolutely can be used to light up, it is no problem." Li Yan Wing quite sure replied. "Good, good, good, give I look at your samples? Let me say how you are condensed out, if it is true, I will be rewarded." Young reforms quite pleased with this news, it seems Yang reform, more than killed thousands of wild boar skin more valuable, because the light of this lamp oil industry, we can not know how many people to feed, but also to feed the people of that place in Shaanxi, which in this particular period of the late Ming, is undoubtedly a very meaningful thing, than a little bit of military victory even more important. Li Yan Wing gingerly took a porcelain jar, discount up. A eunuch took to open the jar and looked, smelled, and said: "Your Majesty, it seems there is the smell ......, fear is toxic ......" The eunuch then just off should, come around guards were immediately put Li Yan Wing suppress, unloaded the arms, let Li Yan-wing move, Goodfellas, Ganna poison to the emperor to see, is simply not life. Li Yan-wing feminist general called up immediately. Fortunately, Young reform is through who have seen kerosene, diesel, gasoline, etc. various oils, still a little insight, and said: "Wait, I see." "But, Your Majesty, that smell, fear is toxic ...... "the eunuch said, embarrassed. "Brought ......" That eunuch see the emperor without any explanation, had to hand it over. Young reforms took the jar, look inside, is somewhat turbid oil, far lower smell taste, there is a special kind of petroleum products smell. "Well, let him go, this is not a poison,Coach Outlet Sale, it should be out of the oil refining when such a" Young reforms'm not sure it necessarily kerosene and kerosene deal not too long, perhaps this is diesel, kerosene may be , diesel, gasoline and other oil mixture may, anyway, in the extracted oil is not false, Young reforms did not expect to extract the pure kerosene or diesel oil, kerosene on the line as long as the other. That the Li Yan wing guards were released, after release, Li wing is removed only gave the hand guards were connected, trying to get it restored, pale face sè already scared, and a look of sweat, fear of looking the Young reforms, but also very grateful. "Back to the Majesty, it really is kerosene oil over high heat in a small condensed out from the time this way, a small light with it, we can really, no problem, very bright ......, no small courage to murder Majesty ah" Li Yan Wing scared explained. "Ah, well, little to see." Young said reform. Li Yan-wing guards were unloaded by hand, has been restored, with some trembling, the porcelain jars, pour oil into an oil lamp, and then lit the wick, lights lit up, because it is during the day, so the light is not very bright, It appears that this lamp lights, almost negligible. Li Yan Wing scared pale face more fear, which is this broad daylight lighting effect, if the emperor disdain, saying he lied, for fear that the head can not be maintained, just guards gave him the impression that it is too deep, the emperor authority, indeed let Li Yan Wing felt the threat of death. "Yes, yes, a bit mean, Li Yan-wing, you talk about this oil, how do you refining kerosene?" Young looked reforms have been identified, this thing is a petroleum product, as is kerosene, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, Young reforms not sure, look liquid, very muddy, it should be refining impure reasons, however, as long as I can on it, the other, Young reforms did not intend to ask too much. [In fact, oil can be burned directly used as a torch, but the smoke is relatively large, harmful to people. 】 To this matter, Li-wing only normal together, these rì son, he did not rì are not doing that night, he was a cook in the oil refining capacity, is also used to cook theory. "Back to the Majesty, this, in fact, simple, Caomin see this oil over high heat, no oil, but oil poured into the mud, the mud mixing and more, so put it as a small dog rotten rotten dead pigs a mud pond, direct approach to refining the petroleum refining, did not expect, really, and there are some similar lard refining, refining the refining of this oil he stratification, and waste products in the following, some of the relatively clear just above the oil, and lard a reason, when refining Caomin now this does not cover the lid, the final oil had fled, Caomin also think that some of these relationships, and steamed rice, steamed rice, it does not cover the lid firmly , ran a gas, not cooked meal, so Caomin it with a cloth around the lid surrounded, do not let it leak, and then press and hold the lid big rock, I did not realize that it touches the oil refining up a lot easier , that layer of clear oil, but also more and more, little has been refining a dozen bottles can all be used as kerosene ...... "Li Yan Wing seriousness with his unique refining theory, tells how to extract the oil. Young reforms heard, wanted to laugh, smile pioneer in the oil industry, turned out to be a cook; two laugh this petroleum refining, and refining lard actually a reason; three laugh at myself in the late Ming, actually it can engage the oil industry Although methods of soil can no longer soil. Young reforms sentimental one, the ancient wisdom of working people, it really should not be underestimated. "Well, since you can refining, and it is good, right, you two days, a trip to the glass studio, where to buy some glass pipes, glass jars, glass bottles, so that you observe this process of refining oil to see how this oil is divided into different levels, in addition, in the glass studio Rideau buy a thermometer, look how many degrees the temperature have any effect on oil refining, record rule, this oil, you want a large refining, To find a solution as soon as possible, I have Dayong, this time, you have the credit, I would have given you a Guard one hundred Dangdang, Oh, this is a positive sign, the sons and grandsons are in the mix at the Guard's ...... " Young reforms laugh, this is the official fan Li Yan-wing, had also asked myself one hundred Guard it is not hereditary. Li Yan-wing mouth fell open, a bewildered look, this is one hundred of the Guard? This is the officer of the? "Congratulations to Lee one hundred, now, you are also officers, and all wishes come true, not Shane?" Wang Chengen smiled and said, followed the emperor for dry, he has always had a good impression. Li Yan Wing This response came, suddenly bowed to the ground, and bowed Shane. "Well, Li Yan-wing, you have to then work towards finding ways to scale refining kerosene, to dare to innovate, to dare to think of ways to dare to do, this is your present sè, if not you dare to think do, now, you're still a cook, but, now, you are already one hundred of the Guard, okay? ...... you know I do not timid large number of kerosene to burn annually Ming, how many candles burning, this business is a big business, If you succeed, I will reward you some shares, so that you have enough to live comfortably descendants. "Yang smiled and said reform. Li Yan Wing is Shane, but also bowed again crying tears, infinite royal graciousness, graciousness ah is not only enough to live comfortably in his life, his son grandchildren are nowhere to be found. Li Yan-wing out of the "oil refining workshop" Young reform was wondering, the oil industry, reckon, have stepped up to get, do not further capital in the transport of oil, and have to go in the petroleum refining petroleum origin, this industry too Exhibition it is to solve the problem of a ** Shaanxi Ming Bao, perhaps,air jordan store, rì years after the oil extracted from the fertilizer is not necessarily, and if so, fertilizers that God gave mankind "golden thigh" must be available in advance of. And cranky for a while, no clue, but also worried there for the latest news, Shaanxi, Yang reform and rapid return of the platform, and today is the twenty-five Chushuben just two days, even if there is Chushuben Shaanxi rebel day news, it is impossible today reached here, just count rì son, Yang reform shook his head, he is blind cāo heart, even if born in Shaanxi what, they would not know, now, can do is other news, since it is sitting there doing nothing other news, not as something to find some real doing. Young look silly reform platform, sigh a sigh of relief, said: "Great companions, went glass vegetarian ......" In the platform useless, Young kerosene reform decisions first thing to get it, the kerosene out, lantern should also born. ...... Shaanxi. Zhou Yanru two strands feel like fire burning in general, which is riding hurt, and so he went to Ningxia Xu Guangqi running a poor town, let him fifty-six rì from Xi'an house to the town of the Yellow River in Ningxia, fifteen hundred Barry's distance, he must make two or three hundred miles a day Zhou Yanru road. To this end, he also graduated from Gansu specifically to discuss a convenient, get a lot of good horses, a person Liang Qi, intended shifts to ride, to a rì OK three hundred years, to fight fifty-six rì went to the town of the Yellow River in Ningxia up to him the instructions on the art of war, to do rì OK twenty-three Barry, only one person can do more than just ride, a ride that many people do, but one day the line three hundred years, it is out of reach a dream. Zhou Yanru very frustrated, he is riding a horse bolted a day, but horses bolted, however, did not seem to run far, this and the art of war is very different, the book is a book, but the actual reality, people do not write books do not look at is actually how, many of which are with guess, Zhou Yanru began to curse people who write books to write what one person can do more than ride rì OK twenty-three Barry it. "Zhou 1000, and now to where the? Today rì how far we go?" Zhou Yanru ass burning pain, but in order to maintain the official authority, or sitting in a chair, but it sat a child along. "Back to the adults, then this rì, we walked one hundred and twenty years, today, has come to Yongshou." This surnamed Zhou 1000, in fact, only a sub-one thousand, followed by Zhou Yanru deputy governors come out to do this poor, heard the boss questioning, immediately came replied. "Only about a hundred and twenty? How bumpy the officer think that is a day?" Zhou Yanru began to feel pain in the ass up, the bumps law, but also only ran one hundred and twenty? That day three hundred years, how to come out? Zhou Yanru cursed those who began writing the book in my heart is not responsible for scrawl, chaotic series, what rì traveling thousands of miles, thousands of miles behind, it is impossible, he only walked one hundred and twenty years, it very tired, his eyes have been Britain dizzy. One day to go three hundred years, is in any case not finish. This week one thousand also complain incessantly, they are Beijing camp, when the thought out to imperial guard, should be a good job, did not expect, will accompany the bureaucrats to run one hundred and twenty one days, it really is to be his life, but also the life of these guards were. "My answer, then, one day to go one hundred and twenty years, has been a very serious, this is double shifts horse riding job otherwise, horses certainly can not stand, and can run like this, it is already the world rare jīng Soldiers can be done, if it is almost, and so far impossible to go ...... "This week one thousand although unlike Zhou Yanru ass as burning pain, but not better than one in this hot day rush hundred and ten, this is how hard a thing. "That day walking three hundred in it?" Zhou Yanru asked, one day to go three hundred years, he can be reached at fifty-six days of the Yellow River in Ningxia. "One day to go three hundred years? Adults, this is impossible, even by the Mongols known degree, it is impossible rì OK three hundred years, to be so, not only the people can not stand, even if there is a double ride, fear also dead horse ...... have to run a lot, this is absolutely not, absolutely impossible ...... "This week one thousand listened to the words of Zhou Yanru, scared half to death, a day to run three hundred years, he fell apart in the hands of soldiers insufficiency strange . "Impossible? Then what Iori rush, rush eight hundred years is how? How can one day run so far?" Zhou Yanru ass burning pain, but also know that if he does not within five days to Yellow River, afraid Xu Guangqi really give yourself a little "surprise",Outlet Oakley Oil Rig, Shaanxi, to what extent, he naturally understand the full participant, rebel or not, to see these days, just see if I can put victims before October Most transferred out. He understands that if dare to mess things up, Xu willing to forgive him, the emperor would not spare him, the emperor is not a good fool master, the Emperor means of living to the whole person, even if not the whole, he was afraid rì after going into the cabinet is impossible, and now rì ass and ass after a comparison, Zhou Yanru tangled. "Ah adults, you said that post, someone that was shaky and not replaced, or the horses they replaced, changed once every ten miles on the horse, so we can each horse ran the fastest thirty degrees where, like us, there are hundreds of people travel long distances, it is impossible for a number of horses for ten miles, coaching is simply not so many horses, naturally not ran rì line five hundred years, adults ... ... This, this is impossible ...... "Zhou Zhou Yanru from one thousand began to complain, and joked, rì line one hundred years is not enough to prepare rì line five hundred years ......, are ready to do the dead? Zhou Yanru weary, first, because the buttocks burning pain, and second, he must arrive within five rì on the Yellow River, in front of the message has already been rushed out with five hundred Riga, and if that time he did not reach on time, fear nothing good fruit to eat, according to this week saying one thousand, one hundred and twenty day trip only, that is, according to this degree, ten days he did not think of the Yellow River. Zhou Yanru began to tangle themselves in the end how to do, to continue to move forward slowly with a large number of troops? Rì reached after more than a dozen on the Yellow River; Or, by the inn's horses, horses are not substitutions, with the first few groups of people rushed to the Yellow River to say. Burning pain in the ass pain though uncomfortable, but if not now luck, rì scared that sat on would be no "seat" sit, today's ass important or important in the ass after rì, Zhou Yanru caught in dilemma . l <
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