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29.05.2013 04:33
I absolutely will not to interfere antworten
Xia Lan said simply: "the case is under investigation, it is considering some factors, I have to apply for withdrawal of the case at a higher level. And Bai Ruoyun is a suspect, even if she really is. I absolutely will not to interfere,Air Jordan 9 Sale, but will not go to the personal relations. Hou director, you this reminder seems redundant." Hou Dagui rolled his eyes, looked again to indwelling indoor white ruo-yun, selfishly said: "white if cloud as a very influential young entrepreneurs, why would she suspected of murder? Man is what kind of person?" Xialan some impatience, but still seethed explained: "the dead person is her father, also is listed as the suspect and her stepmother." "There is such a thing......" Hou Dagui's plump face looked very excited, "I've left the base for some years, didn't expect to meet such a case today. The small summer, I suddenly to the spirits, take me to have a look the files." "Okay, you come with me." Xia LAN with Hou Dagui to go to the office....... Hou Dagui read the files and relevant evidence, raised his head and saw one eye summer haze, "small summer, we the most important work, is the collection of suspected criminal evidence. But the statement we often identified as one of the most important evidence. According to the testimony of a witness, white ruo-yun suspicion is not small, her motive is very full. Her statement is only one-sided, no one witness,Oakley Lifestyle Cheap, credibility is questionable. At this point, your heart will know." I see. Xia LAN nodded, and she didn't want to say anything, simply to be the one. Hou Dagui looked at the volume continued: "of course, the evidence is not sufficient. Now the only thing is the lack of the arsenic source,Oakley Scalpel Sale, this will be the case plays a vital role in." "Yes, we are investigating." Xialan secretly stare at Hou Dagui. "Arsenic trioxide to control drug, should soon be found. The small summer, this case is very special, if you can not find......" Hou da-gui paused, he once again set our sights on summer haze, "your responsibility is not just working omissions so simple, perhaps on the back of the cover shield......" Xia LAN smiled, "director Hou, you give me a lot of pressure." Hou Dagui frowned, be poker-faced to say: "small summer, the pressure is not for me to give you, but our duty! We as law enforcement, not only to safeguard the dignity of the law, but to consider from the respect of every human life. Don't play favouritism and commit irregularities, know the law but break it. As the cadre, we must make oneself an example......" Xia LAN suddenly stood up straight, to Hou Dagui gave a salute, take the matter seriously said: "the director Hou, you're too good! I really think you applaud such words!" My pleasure. Hou Dagui was a proud smile, waved his hand, "the national culture we do not easily." Xialan hands down, puckering her Mei Liu said: "the director Hou, I want to applaud you at the same time, suddenly feel the face of some hot." Hou Dagui looked at the summer haze, asked: "is made some small > is not used to work
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