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29.05.2013 04:24
Thomas aside from definitely said antworten
Toni. Alonso Cu Cu eyebrow, "worried that contradicts with my sister and the original intention, this arrangement will make her future not happiness......" Impossible. Hank shook his head, "Thomas has been in love with Milan, he said, willing to do anything for Milan." "Yes." Thomas aside from definitely said: "Uncle Toni, I will bring Milan happy, now I can swear,Outlet Oakley Juliet, I love her now, also loved her future, whether she will become what, I will love her as in the past. Because I love her, so whether her merits, or her shortcomings, I can accept, for her to be happy, I am willing to pay all my......" "Toni, you don't worry about anything." Hank patted Toni. Alonso's shoulder, "if Milan is married to Thomas, she will be happy." Toni forced a smile for a while, a look at the watch, "calculated according to the flight time, Milan could soon arrived, we went outside to wait for her." He dropped his wine cup down gently, with somewhat and uneasy, stood up and walked to the VIP room. The banquet hall door not far away, a fashion beautiful young female reporter to just come here Toni. Alonso tentatively asked: "Mr. Toni, Mr. Hank, I can for a brief interview, two." No, Toni. Alonso spoke at his side, Hank laughed and interjects: "feel shy, Mr. Toni and I am waiting for a distinguished guests,Jordan UK sale, she immediately to." "Oh, well, excuse me." After the female reporter was Hank refused, she did not feel disappointed,Coach Bags Sale, but is very excited, choose a good location, for the first time to the distinguished guests pictures. Other reporters heard this news, are also invariably come to the banquet hall on both sides of the door, waiting to see what the distinguished guests who...... The forest and the non - commercial vehicles Milan ride slowly toward the front of the hotel is coming, Toni. Alonso and Hank looked at each other, but Thomas is not happy, he gestured behind the entourage went to the roses took over, ready to see Milan, the representative of the gift of the love is. The compartment, Milan put the jacket off and returned to the forest than a bit, eyes don't want, light tone way: "I'm going to go, where are you going and the driver said, let her take you there." Lin non glanced in the rearview mirror, to Milan with a faint smile, "I would like to accompany you to join the dinner, do not know whether you agree." Milan doesn't seem to believe her ears, she tiny tiny one Leng, I asked: "do you want to stay with me." You 're right. Lin Fei nodded and smiled. "Too good." Milan no longer ignore the car workers, be overcome by one's feelings to her arms around Lin non neck. Forest not patted the Milan jade back, said in a low voice: "we're not late, tidy, ready to get off." Milan did not release the arm, looked up and looked at Lin non, light tone way: "you are not worry me." Forest not bad smiled, shook his head, "I is mainly to discuss >
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