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Society Army can enjoy my Daming antworten
v> Three hundred and thirteenth chapter dedicated "this is not simple, some of you are frustrated writers specialized networks, previously dedicated to eating a bowl of rice copy Dibao who specialize in the manufacture of non-Di Bao, who refused to come out vertical Confucian war, then you call someone to replace them to write, instead of fighting them, to muddy the water, to understand it? "Young reforms squint, Xiaohe said forward. WWw. qUanBen. COm others do not know the powerful navy, twenty-first century people must know that competition for eyeballs thing, I do not know how many have seen. Fan Weicheng a dull look, looked silly emperor, overwhelmed, the emperor what they thought, it is generally difficult to get to know. "Oh, Fan Weicheng, do not stay, and quickly go, remember that Dibao want good sales, there must be content to attract people's attention, there must be a selling point, and if not, you will create their own, of course, I remember, Everything has its bottom line, so long as the bottom line, on the right, your position, try to stand in the middle, or rather, standing impartiality, so that you can avoid attacks by others, but also so that became the target of someone else, oh ... ..., yes, some of the views, more radical, or relatively biased, but it must, at this time, you can add later in the article 'view article represents only the author himself, as well as through the Secretary does not mean Dibao perspective', then, Or in the article followed by a period of 'edit, press', to explain their point of view, this way, they can absolve themselves of trouble, otherwise, ministers impeachment you all day long, and you can not stand. "Young reforms well-organized and began to work it up on account of a micromanager, which Dibao is too important, inevitably say a few words. Fan Weicheng one time can not digest the emperor, then gawk blankly, see the emperor's words over a long time, it dawned on me: "Chen Lingzhi." "Ah, go, remember that some of the previous multi-folded by copy Dibao eat people, These people, who are also considered, but unfortunately, hopeless career, has only to do this for a living, how to say, you can be considered the new Dibao smashed someone else's job, then, in relation to the others a chance to live, work, do not do absolutely you understand me? "Young reforms gave Fan Weicheng taught a well-behaved, which collapsed navy of the nomenclature it may be considered. "Chen Lingzhi." This time, Fan Weicheng promised quite fast. Fan Weicheng away. Young Sun Chengzong reform only smiled and said: "Oh, little means to allow Sun master laughed." "Otherwise, Your Majesty, I have made 'Governing a large country such as cooking fresh', cooking fresh who deserve such a detailed grasp of the furnace. "Sun Chengzong an original relation to this look. "Oh, come on, Sun Master, go to platform, there are important things over there." Young reform is not to say, Xiaohe out Wenhua. ...... Platform. Today, the platform has been packed into a huge strategic research, it is a strategic confrontation room. Full Gui Zhao rate teach are here to look at both sides of the men relish the platform war, this party does not know the ins and outs of the other party Versus way to get them an eye-opener. "Your Majesty drive to." Eunuchs gave a long sound, so suddenly come to a halt in the platform. Crowd quickly gathered together to greet Shengjia. "All free gift it." Yang said the word reform. Salute the end of all the talent, Xinjun attendants line is salute. "How, full generals, Zhao generals may also like here?" Young reforms laughed. "Back to the majesty, love." Two people spontaneously promised. "Oh, like to like, if you are interested, you two can come to a few games, practice your hand." Young reforms laughing. "Thank you, Your Majesty reminded." Young reforms came in front of a huge sand table, looking at the sand table, the two parties ongoing exercise, while the other side has been beaten to pieces, and win or lose just in time, their arrival interrupted this exercise. "Oh, who won this ah?" Young reforms asked. "Back to His Majesty, the participants win." Loud thunder Dayong immediately promised. "Yes, is not much Zhenkan troops here, the outcome has been determined ah" Young reforms simply judge a bit. "Back to His Majesty, yes." Ray Dayong happily answer Sangui a walk, he this group, they will be in charge in the new army boss, kill just entering a new platform attendants that was lost helmet Qi Jia, really proud. "Ah, yes, this rì, I deliberately summoned to come to full generals and Zhao generals, is to co-Mongol imperial army thing, that program, you have to deduce how the?" Young reforms asked. "Back to His Majesty, the students have been deduced completed, awaiting instructions of His Majesty." Ray replied loudly Dayong, Wu Sangui a go, he is the new army boss, answer questions, naturally return him. "Well, now rì, full generals, Zhao generals are here, they are rì after implementation of the strategy of Mongolia who you explain for the two Mongolian generals strategy it." Young said reform. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Lei Dayong saluted, broke replied. "Full generals, Zhao generals, the Mongol strategy before you know, this is based on previous big strategy I developed a detailed strategy in Mongolia, is the specific implementation of the road map, and you two under this program to perform Mongolian strategy." Young sweeping reforms and a full-Gui Zhao rate teach. "Chen obeyed." First promised full Gui Zhao rate teach also followed promised. "Well, Dayong, you both begin to explain it." Young told Road reform. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Lei Dayong again promised, and then began to explain. "...... In accordance with the decision of His Majesty the Emperor Society in Mongolia to implement the military regime, the military is not only the Royal Society to assist me towards the establishment of military operations, but also the Mongols peacetime production, life preparation, I looked more prepared according to Huang co-Army ; according to each imperial army of the credit agreement for some of their material rationing, or give different trade indicators, credit co large imperial army, will get more material rationing, more trade index, if it is wartime do not contribute, or contribute less, trade indicators will certainly cut; wartime, the implementation of three pumping a percentage into the military, help me towards war, but half of the highest, according to the decision of His Majesty, the formation of the imperial military agreement, which must be loyal towards me, and half-hearted or those dark pregnant grind, Unforgiven; according to His Majesty's decision, rì outside sidewall after any trade, must comply with trade indicators, there are indicators in order to trade, there is no index, depending on the as the enemy capital, may Heaven's. "Lei Dayong open from Mongolia to explain the specific means of implementation strategies. "......, Rì outside sidewall after the trade, must be limits, limited, resulting in tight supplies outside sidewall, making trade indicators of considerable value, you must make trade indicators become Mongolian contention 'fat' In order to make Mongolian trade indicators and war, and I looked, then tied down with trade indicators Mongolian imperial army Association, at low prices so the Mongolian emperor Association toward the army to fight for me ...... "" ......, in accordance with the instructions of His Majesty , two generals in the new army barracks after receiving adequate training before they begin to co army collapsed Huang task forces approached the work of co-emperor, who will be responsible for ONI, two generals are only responsible for operations, responsible for the repression Huang Association army, responsible for monitoring the imperial army for me towards fighting Association, time is about September,Oakley Glasses Online, two generals from the Bohai Sea, I looked Kam Ning defense began to wipe off outside and collapsed ...... "Ray Dayong continued. "...... According to His Majesty's instructions, and now, there are already some trust in toward the tribe, has completed the formation of the Royal Society Army until two generals began to wipe Mongol tribes, when there will be more good has approached the Mongol tribes became emperor Association army, help me towards the battle, two general task is to bomb military to suppress Huang Association to fight the Mongols Mongols, this is the core of the strategy Majesty Mongolia, while the exploits of the award, it is the trade indicators , as well as material rationing, and part of booty ...... "" ...... two generals troops will be responsible for co-Mongol imperial army demographics, exploits statistics, and exploits the assessment ...... "Ray Dayong continued. "Just a minute, I inserted a few words." Young reforms intended path. Ray Dayong to stop, then wait for the emperor. "Full generals,Nike Jordan 4 Sale, General Zhao, Xinjun standards are all literate, therefore, will undertake this task, I will not send another scholar to do it, Oh, So, you two since it is a new cf Army, in turn, added new army, so I said, you two back, to strengthen the soldiers in this area of ​​education, tell them to learn to read, Oh, I've said it before, illiterate people , promoted faster than others, illiterate not promoted, rì always after the retired soldiers, literacy, and I also go to them to arrange a job, although not necessarily have much official errand, but also ensure that the local level, there is a decent, as I will not sacrifice their lives when young, old, nothing to rely on ...... So, huh, two generals, in order to soldiers in the future, you had better soldiers ah stringent requirements not even read go silly big thick, but also strongly pressing to read, to Israeli soldiers to France Forced literacy, Oh, rì soldiers will understand I after a painstaking. "Young reforms inserted the word to their rural placement people, this is Young reform control the world one step, such things, rì will slow after the effective, once effective, their status, will no one can shake, his reforms have broad base of support before not as historically served as Budehaosi reformers. Therefore, Yang reform considerable attention this one, at the cost of enormous force soldiers literacy, which is the rì seeking a way out after a soldier, iron barracks of the soldiers, this camp will be to master the world, especially the vast rural areas of the weapon. Who dares to oppose their own, ask out from the barracks, rural discourse these veterans 答应不答应. Here it comes, full Gui Zhao rate teaching could not help the tears, they soldier, has always been no good end, we can say that most live pigs and dogs than life, with very few people can go climb, the other person, not quietly die of old age, is dead in battle, the older, Nabu Qi swords and guns, the most miserable and lonely, even if there is a way, a family member, the outcome is still the most miserable . Today emperor mention these things, they sad, heart weakness, it was hit, push lightly push lightly tears fall down. "... Woo ... woo, said the minister aware of His Majesty, the minister must be strict discipline, so that the brothers in any case, we must learn literacy, the minister never live up to His Majesty's kindness, I'll wait for His Majesty to be a soldier, it is wonderful I wait not to return, only stabbed one, to fight for the Majesty, Your Majesty requires Daoshanhuohai, Chen is also forging ahead with brothers. "Gui is a full-soldiers climb up from the bottom of the generals, the underlying soldiers suffering, most clearly, however, the emperor mention this matter, either he is the iron man, can not stand, a soldier suffering, who knows? Who is willing to intervene? , Who would bother too? Who better to their soldiers? Only one person only now Majesty. "Chen Yi strict requirements of the soldiers, so that they must be in strict accordance with the requirements of literacy Majesty, His Majesty will never live up to expectations." Zhao rate teaching is a military family origin, in this respect feelings, far from full Gui profound, although also moved to tears jealous, but far less full of emotional Gui as excited. "Well, I speak out of turn, should not mention these things, alas ...... To the soldiers, there is no way ......" "Dayong, you went on to say." Young said a reform. Ray Dayong and then said: "According to the decision of His Majesty, I looked outside the customs controls will be implemented during the war, that is, toward my people, and shut out all be carrying weapons, these guns can hold weapon, and this point , and is different from the past, two generals need to take seriously ...... "" In addition, according to the decision of His Majesty, and I looked Lindan Han had reached an agreement, the two sides will jointly fight against the East Krupp, Lindan Han and I will send massive Jin dynasty Ning defense fused, beware Bypass East Krupp born into the customs of things, so if rì Lindan Han people after and had contact, two generals, note that both sides of the relationship, do not rush to use force, of course, absolutely can not show weakness, Lindan Han and I looked under the agreement, I looked outside sidewall two hundred years, all belong to the scope towards me, for my army towards resettlement Huang Association, out of the two hundred years, it is Lindan Han's site, which is, two generals important to note that today, I looked and Lindan Han also belong united collaborators ...... everything to suppress the East Krupp-based, according to the meaning of His Majesty, for me toward killed in the customs recover blood for hundreds of thousands of government troops, but to me outside the customs casualties enslaved people recover blood for ...... "Ray Dayong entire Mongol strategy detailed explanations, using the emperor's decision to this tone, help people Takahashi, full Gui Zhao rate taught only to listen to the copies. "......, Determined according to His Majesty, I looked outside sidewall, always hostile toward me, or that secretly through East Krupp tribe, must be cleaned, do not leave the troubles,Outlet Oakley Juliet, I looked outside sidewall, must not have tribal existence through East prisoner to prevent Lindan Han unreliable, those who lead the way Krupp tribes to the east, but can not let those who want to take refuge in East Krupp tribes, they went and joined the East Krupp, the growing strength of the East Krupp one point Therefore, these tribes is my sworn enemy of North Korea, two generals, according to the meaning of His Majesty, these tribes are required Unforgiven's ...... "Ray Dayong with a cold tone said the emperor Mongolian strategy. Full Gui Zhao rate teach also the hearts of awe-inspiring, it did not say the emperor on their own people, to their enemies, and that it is not stated, the ruthless emperor is the only mean two people understand the meaning of the emperor. "I interrupt you, say something." Young chipped reform interrupted again. "Indicator problem, temporarily put off, we do not perform, do not leak, it is important secrets, but exploits the statistical or usual, rì, the time is ripe, I will be replaced by the corresponding exploits indicators ... ... "Young inserted a reform, the trade indicators and rì killed after a bit of Shanxi merchants conflict, in order not to arouse his suspicions, Yang reform decisions or the first suspension of the trade indicators, such as kill Merchants, and then implemented too late, Otherwise, Shanxi knew the emperor to this trick, I am afraid that some people will smell the wind. "Chen obeyed." Everyone promised. "Continue ......" Yang reform plug end, then said something to continue. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Lei Dayong resumes explain Mongolia strategy. "...... Everything I dynasty imperial military agreement, in addition to key trade indicators, there are other indicators, such as co-emperor military children's education, but also there are indicators of credit for large tribe, sending some of the children can accept me toward the education, you can test me towards fame, rì Royal Society after the children of the military toward the officer in my official career, is also possible ......, which is given to His Majesty the Emperor's favor military co ...... "" ......, in addition to educational indicators and benefits, as well as including the Royal Society Army can enjoy my Daming advanced culture and technology indicators and benefits, like me toward the most advanced that these telescope, Huang HS army can enjoy, of course, have to have indicators; like me towards a high standard of medical treatment, which is not available in the Mongols, you can enjoy the Royal Society Army preferential treatment in this regard, His Majesty has ordered, rì people I looked after is not something the doctor, the doctor will not provide medical care, otherwise it will regarded as the enemy capital; like me toward the most advanced weapons like guns, imperial army, there are also indicators Association, ...... In short, the indicators will become rì after the Mongols did not survive the only indicator that they will be difficult to survive, there is the indicators, they will better life than the average Mongolian, flies comfort ...... easier to live, this is the decision of His Majesty ...... "Yang reform also listen carefully, this detailed Mongolia strategy is based on previous Sangui's proposal to Mongolia on the basis of indicators, once again enhanced version, there is, there is a lot of that is mine after deduction Dayong their masterpiece. Especially enjoy the Ming dynasty that indicators of advanced material culture, Yang reform looked after, quite satisfied, I feel the only way to reflect the Ming Dynasty powerful, the great and important, the only way the Ming advanced system, can be reflected , rì after the Ming and others to distinguish, to make one's own Ming dynasty Ming "Account" has a higher sense of identity, to the Ming Dynasty human rights and the rights of others to distinguish between can not let people outside Ming Ming unpaid enjoy advanced science, technology, culture and knowledge. Can not allow those who enjoy the Ming White Wolf gratuitous advanced, but also to fight Ming Dynasty, can not let the oppressed advanced civilization is civilization behind. Disobedience of the Ming Dynasty, when Savage went right. <
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