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29.05.2013 04:18
sit back and wait antworten
> Three hundred and seventh chapters sit back and wait for people to Sun Chengzong looked blankly new Dibao own hands. Www! QUaNBEN! COM emperor to crucify Baiguan, but no less hard ah even this Dibao this part, actually is a way to change a line from the original one into what is now a piece of paper, This Dibao really like the emperor said, one through the line, no room for changed to black and white ah "Your Majesty, deep strategy, the minister really admire," Sun Chengzong can only tell admire it. "Oh, Master Sun, this matter is not made of certainty is not enough, I also had to do ah rì this case you can see, you are good and they say, it is simply to bovine Shall you would normally communicate with them, it was refused energy. Only in this way, I can have a large Ming Dynasty to save. "" Your Majesty has said is very. "Sun Chengzong admitted. ...... "Great companion, this rì Chodo every move, everything down yet?" Yang asked Wang Chengen reform. "Back to His Majesty, slaves had commanded before, have a complete record, but also historian records." Wang Chengen replied. "Ah, so good, the inside of which are confidential stuff deleted, the other, it reproduces a given Fan Weicheng, let him put the debate on this rì Chodo process and the results are written up, the names of those opponents all eleven on the inside, the favor also write ......, "Yang told Wang Chengen reform road. "Yes, sir, slaves as people transcriptions which a copy sent to the Fan Weicheng." Wang Chengen also promised smiling face, the emperor happy, he naturally happy. "There are a very important point, and glass vegetarian initiative to pay tax, this matter must be written about, do not fall, the other call, have the responsibility, conscience, willing to learn fast glass businesses can also be self-reporting their own taxes, Zhenyao look at this world, in the end there is no conscience this thing. "Young said bitterly reform. "Slaves obeyed." Wang Chengen again promised. "In addition, the imperial edicts to suppliers, making sure that they declare themselves to pay taxes, and, edicts to Laozhang Ren Zhou Kui, let him not forget to pay taxes, long distances, let him have someone take drafts to the capital to pay the taxes, as well as, Tien Hung met, let him go to pay taxes, do not say I did not warn him ...... "Yang reform started up its own nuclear safeguards, rì Shaanxi, Shanxi, after which case an explosion that one swept through large Ming atomic bomb, can they save their own taxes in addition to businessmen this move, there is no other way, Young reforms in here to confess his hands to protect himself. "Slaves to understand, which sent edicts to the country husband horse, throughout the imperial business." Wang Chengen they promised. Sun Chengzong sip a Minzui, say something, Shanxi Merchants case an explosion, that is earth shattering, Sun Chengzong also want to protect some of them down, ready to ask the emperor, if he could pay taxes, rì after to avoid being affected, But before he could speak, the emperor has something to say another. "Master Sun, would you advise this rì I stood on this side of you, tell them, and said, I request that they voluntarily pay taxes on their own tax returns, of which reason, they can not tell them, just say, I lack money, need their support, let me see how they act, according to I say, do the robbery, even escaped, can be considered I gave them a chance, if I stand on this side of the next surface, secretly engage in surreptitious moves to when they were involved in, it is no wonder I do not speak sensibilities ...... "Yang reform coldly. Sun Chengzong sigh of relief, the emperor of this sentence, he may well find some of their own cheek friend, friends or old, so that they in any case, it also depends on their face, and some pay more taxes, so that, rì emperor after shaking, it will not spread to them, can be considered one of the Sun Chengzong wish. "Chen understand minister will inform them of." Sun Chengzong immediately promised down, to the time Ebb Tide, this line of life are able to seize, to see their own good fortune, and his Sun Chengzong is best, can only do here, to say more, do more, we must out of line. Young reforms mood, never been so straightforward, the matter go according to their own design, Shanxi dead, merchants finished, national merchants, finished, pull out the carrot out of mud, how much, and these merchants Guage, do these businessmen umbrella officials have finished, you can just re-according to their own wishes to create a new rule, reconstruction Ming dynasty. ...... June 23. Big Ming heart, with a new thing, everyone's vision of them into the course, this fresh stuff, not very fresh and there yesterday, but today, at the written content, it is people big or glasses which actually is the emperor and the ministers meeting on moving the whole process of debate. Fresh ah fresh, previously, the Forbidden City is a symbol of power, many things are foggy, too few words, even if there is a capability that can boast quite a while with others, there know, now, that does not know which through the Chief Secretary good people do good things, actually the whole process towards meeting all written down, so that the mysterious and strange Zaozhao presented in ordinary people's field of vision. Today this new Dibao, already sold off the goods, the newsboys were quickly back and forth between neighbors, constantly yelling with childish, trading for their own efforts, says no, today we can still eat a meal of white rice yet. Many pubs,cheap jordan shoes, restaurants, teahouses are full of people together, willing to spend money, and put up their own money to buy a take a closer look, reluctant to spend money, few people chip in to buy a Dibao, choose a literate to read , take a look at this great novelty of the Ming Dynasty, in the end is how a fresh law, which are filled with people who say that if they do not know, can not say a thing, is it too "earth take" the point? "Tut tut ......, very, very nice ah ah a year will be able to pay two hundred and two thousand silver tax, is only two percent, this glass studio, it really is endless digging Jinshan ah" teahouse, a middle-aged rich state people listen to others to read for a while Dibao, really could not help marvel responsible for the newspaper's old pedant up this white middle-aged man a rich state, which is how many times he heard this marvel? He considered, however, today Dibao, he had read seven or eight times, someone asked him to eat and drink, he read several times it does not matter. The teahouse, because it is said, the emperor had been here incognito, and gave vent over several candidates exam, therefore, became a place where many people sit back and wait, the restaurant business, it is good enough, scholar, scholar , rich, like to drink tea here, have come to take a chance, can not say when the next emperor Incognito, give yourself experiencing it? Apprentice, do not refer to rì can be? "Zhuang brother, and your silk warehouse, business is good, why people envy it?" A lanky also dressed and respectable, middle-aged man with this rich state fraternizing said. "Well ......, Maxiong, tell you the truth, my shop, one-year breath, to have him post a percent, not, semi, I have to laugh a dream, can not afford the money ah and glass studio , it can not be compared ah "This is called middle-aged rich state Zhuang brother tea while feeling, also shaking his head, glass studio is now the capital in the big favorite, even that towards meeting should involve fasting on glass , is to become the eyes of the people can not not say the topic. "Zhuang brother, you do not humble, silk warehouse that your son, that in the capital, are notoriously, a year before that money? I do not believe, Oh, you could there not afraid Majesty asks you to pay tax? Listen to this Dibao said, Your Majesty can not say you want to tax it, just to facilitate some businesses voluntarily pay taxes before they leave such a hole, what are you afraid? earn more, the emperor would not want you to a point Money, Your Majesty's credibility, it is still trustworthy, you say no? "This is called Maxiong people, but also quips, content on this Dibao, using a semi-vernacular write, read through the old pedant came out, they probably can understand, do not understand, ask the old pedant, the old pedant an explanation, they will understand. "Hey, hey, that is quite, His Majesty's credibility, it is a little no problem, say no taxes, and certainly is not going to send tax supervisor taxes, this touches do not worry, Oh, this glass vegetarian Well, this thing, I think ah, that the emperor and empress fun own it, and we ordinary people can these pingming nothing, Oh, Goddess of the two hundred and two thousand to the emperor, it is someone else chores, we will need to involve almost do? "This is Zhuang is a brother called ambiguous look said. "That is, it is,Jordan 10 Sale, however, Zhuang brother, you is not have to respond to the call on Dibao, the number of intersections tax ah this Dibao said, this tax, from the people, but also for the benefit of the people ah is against the alien invasion, but also to help the victims inside it, is by no means close to the emperor himself spending up. "This Maxiong sets the tone of this village brother. "Well ...... this thing ah I really Zuobulezhu, and to pay taxes, we will have to see 'classic' means, I also can not call the shots, doing the Lord's that club, is the 'classic' 'Classic' say pay, I'll pay, 'classic' say no to pay, I will not stick their money. "This surname Zhuang tells the truth, which in the capital to do business, not a little background, did a bit of background, That can be done up right? Behind the house not a high official wore? Do not pay taxes, it was by those who "lords" who have the final say, they are contrary to the "classic" means, there have suffered. Hear the Zhuang brother says that this mysterious named Ma said: "Zhuang brother, your home 'master', that is above this one ah? Who introduced? Let brother also Zhanyangzhanyang classic style ah your home "named Ma said, while pointing hand share Dibao. "Hey, Hey hey ...... this, I may not say, looking for his opportunities, it can not be lower than himself or herself, and now, with this classic look after them, I'm doing this business has to go on it, ...... Well ...... I said, Maxiong your family who, who is above this ah? introduction introduction, let brothers also Zhanyangzhanyang ah "surname Zhuang alert said, then turned to set the named Ma lipped. Named Ma frowning, one complained face, and said: "Well ...... my family who lords, but standing in the inside ah Oh, handed down yesterday rì night on the words, so I'll wait for sure as soon as possible go to the emperor himself returns, do their own taxes, saying it was uncertain how much, however, less, it is not playing its own master's face? much, I this business, you can not afford to toss ah "is named Ma a complained that immediately attracted the attention surrounding it, but put on Dibao toward meeting yesterday rì written in great detail the contents of it, standing? At that time few people can do, not ten, did not see that this is not named Ma actually be able to cling to the party of God. A group of people, have cast curious glances, Royal party now but a big hot ah "Maxiong you that food business, not doing? Also business? Then we may have to go when the beggar slightly, ...... Oh, Maxiong , you say, which is not what secret ah? emperor how everyone hurried to pay tax ah? I see these things he reveals a public pool, the emperor does not seem an aimless man ah this one certainly did not have anything above say it, telling everyone it ...... "A person can, curious, discourse, the full yīn seeking taste. "Well ......, to have any secrets? Nothing more than the emperor want to fight face fills up the scene so that the following people do, but those of us who do suffer this trading, the trading of those of us who can not compare glazed vegetarian ah did not originally money trading, and now, to the emperor had to get money to keep up appearances, than not you ah cast a dear, there are gentlemen covered, what is not, do not cover the expense of time and money ...... "This named Ma complained . "Boos point, the sound point, walls have ears too." Immediately he was reminded, do not mess prison sāo. That talent to stop. The crowd responded with compassion, they are there mostly do not pay tax, the background is then kneeling, now Emperor heard the party to pay tax, but also gloat, I feel this guy voted the wrong avenues, and now to be more spending, and do a stupid thing. Old pedant these merchants sitting heap, very uncomfortable, want to go, but they want to go, someone asked him to tea, drink, just let him read Dibao, such a good thing can be a rare encounter, he To their own money into this teahouse, difficult, and there may be before, and now, is totally reluctant, he also wanted to come to sit back and wait a travel emperor met, can not say it turned the corner. "Well ...... I say ah it was just willing to post on their own to pay, do not want to pay, and the emperor is not forced, it comparable godhead decorum skin when everyone was okay, they do not do is as ugly not? "one person half-hearted, breaking their silence. "Ah, it is now, in relation to this, would like to post that they went to pay, do not want to pay, they should not forced, so many good, we are comfortable, they do not do so hard not?" Was echoed immediately. Able to spend less, who do not want it? "Right, right, is this the way ...... this ...... this is the case," so there is a group of people go along with chatting, the name rì son, by the way tea sit back and wait, they do not expect an official merchant, but are looking to change into a glass vegetarian second. This teahouse, not just sit back and wait for these merchants in, there are many scholars who in sit back and wait, but this scholar who never look down on merchants, it is impossible to sit with them, since both sides have been in conflict, however, the store like a a good idea, business people and more money accounted for a corner, the other corner to open up a dedicated scholar who for tea, be given preferential treatment scholar who, so both sides are considered peaceful coexistence in a teahouse sit back and wait. "Today, His Majesty wise enough, the next thought that tax is not for their own pleasure, fear of what the court is really difficult encounter, the next think, no matter what, get support Majesty." One scholar to tell their own views, Young so long as the reform of the emperor, to do some things, but also to secure for themselves a lot of "fans." Today encounter things, there are fans out for their own defense. "The next thought that taxing such a thing, or was careful, the next also believe that His Majesty is not taxed for their own pleasure, but His Majesty has been added this year, nine per cent tax, and the common people have much to suffer, if coupled with business tax , tariffs, these taxes, people rì child it is more bitter? people buy something, is it more afford? lives more difficult? "It was also up against, of course, to put it fairly gentle, there is no direct BS-ing up. "The next time to think this way, it is because the people have much to suffer, so it did not agree with His Majesty plus land tax, it does not increase land tax, and business tax increase, it is His Majesty ......" This man would not finish, someone interrupted and said: "Ah ...... I said, two, one thing you do not fight it, this thing, and now the court already has a conclusion, no matter how you fight here, in vain, purely worrier, I think, or say something else. "it was certainly not going to listen to two people like fried leftovers dispute, and decided to re-open a topic. "Also, too, always talking about this issue, there is no effect, gentlemen, or talk about other things now." Someone out immediately agreed, after all, nobody likes fried leftovers. "Better this way, I think, everyone will guess the glass out of two hundred and two thousand vegetarian taxes, is not true, is the hat and no cattle, or pay less of it." Now it was up to gossip , the beauty, the emperor, large sums of money, which are all good gossip theme ah "Well, well, well being should be so." attractiveness of this gossip, is not generally large, after all, two hundred and two thousand silver, really is not a number, immediately endorsed someone out. "I see this thing ah, eight is true, I saw Li Xiong yesterday rì spent more than twenty pieces of silver to buy a glass mirror, gave the girl Meng Yao million spent building it, ha ha ...... this glass vegetarian ability to make money, I would be had the experience. "one who immediately broke out, incidentally, crooked floor. Sure enough, the topic of a woman involved in this building on crooked badly. "Oh, surely it ...... Li's brother is Outrageous, no wonder no jīng play this rì adopt it, the original yesterday rì ......" a person immediately follow, these scholars, his family was generally good, but are young, but when it is romantic. This man would not finish, this is all made fun of Li Xiong embarrassed face immediately retorted: "There's something, Meng Yao girl but clear groom people do ......" "Ha ha ha ......" a group of people laugh. This crooked floor very quickly, very quickly, too, after all, we come here, sit back and wait, not pleasure of an emperor is a corner listening to our conversation, and that they would not let us talk about the emperor to us a bad impression? "In my opinion, this matter will not have a holiday, and the world are rumors, glass Lent is the seat of Gold, is not fake this 20%, two hundred and two thousand a year should not mean imaginary." One scholar soon The topic took to regain it. "I do not at all, twenty-two to buy a glass mirror, which alone make this glass studio two hundred and two thousand silver, you have to produce ten thousand mirror it, although the mirror to make money, I see, nor can there be so many . "carried out a scholar doubts. "You just do not understand it, Li's brother bought that mirror, but the palm, on the value of two hundred pennyworth, you know, this full-length mirror worth? Anywhere from two hundred to more than a few thousand two also have ,Oakley Flak Jacket Online, you go to the glass studio that street look, hey, the whole street is filled with the kind of big glass it, really is a luxury to the extreme ......, earning 1.002 million per year, I do not think wonder ...... " "Yes, there are not only fast glass mirrors, and glass windows, even worse, there is the kind of telescope, but unfortunately, most people even money can not buy, I heard, people who buy this baby, must inventoried registration, provide proof of it, I heard, there are many amazing baby, tut, it can be combined with all money, and now there has been this kind of scales to measure temperature, earning 1,002,000 this year, really not too much. "This glass studio, where the capital is always a hot topic, one comes to glass, fasting, and that is the envy of the emperor, the empress households girl becomes a huge amount of money, etc., in short, have to say endless gossip. Consistent crowd nodded, kind of fasting for glass suction gold capacity, which most of the people inside have profound experience. People sit back and wait, while continuing to sit back and wait. <
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