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29.05.2013 04:16
today to let you go." antworten
They will look in the past, always don't like to participate in such activities of Mrs. Xia Xianxie entered the banquet hall, followed behind them is a casual summer haze. "Smelly boy, today to let you go." Meng Yuting hurriedly pull back, along with He Yusheng and Bai Ruoyun meet up. "Uncle, aunt, welcome you......" Bai Ruoyun went to the Xia Xian couples face, smile and greet. Hear Bai Ruoyun so called Mrs. Xia Xian, a lot of people here know the relationship between Bai Ruoyun and summer home, they could not help but sigh, no wonder Bai Ruoyun a small woman can go today, her behind this powerful backer...... Xia Yin seemed to guess that many people think, he slightly toward the white ruo-yun smile,Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, deliberately to improve voice said: "if the clouds, so many years, basically no uncle took this dinner. Until just to the upper application submitted his resignation, to personal identity to you, in this way, the business has not helped you,Women's Jordan Sale, perhaps will give you any trouble, you will not blame me." "No......" Bai Ruoyun gently shook his head, "the business is on the integrity and conscience, can not rely on official backing asylum, business you didn't help me, is my biggest help......" He Yusheng led the applause, "white board chairman, the eastern most missing is you such a businessman, I give you applause." The banquet hall burst into applause, the applause of the face on the expression of different, conscience found shame, also regret after awakening, of course, more disdain............ As the guests arrived, Meng Yuting made a short speech, on behalf of companies is also one one reciprocal banquet begins formally...... Lu Hongtao holding the cup to Bai Ruoyun's side, he smiled and said: "if the cloud, for the project can be better development, as the largest investor, you should go thank guests toast. I know, you always don't like such communicative activities, we are partners, and friends, so, I should have to accompany you to go, we go." Thank you very much. Bai Ruoyun smile, "I am very tired today, also be wine, so in advance and guest greeting, again, I have already arranged for me to the Wen Juan." "If the clouds, how can this do,." Lu Hongtao frowned and said: "how can Song Wenjuan represents you, this investment is not a small number, impact is enormous, the guests want to communicate, communicate with you so, only you personally to propose a toast, to show their sincerity, otherwise, the guests will not satisfied." "It is not necessary, since they arrived at the scene, is my friend, not those cliches about friends." Bai Ruoyun very firmly shook his head, "if you want to say, you go." "If cloud said." Meng Yuting put a red bayberry hands holding onto the plate, stare at Lu Hongtao, "you go, don't make you have no appetite." "If the clouds." Lu Hongtao be poker-faced said: "our cooperation has just begun, the future is still very long way, your attitude now have the potential to affect our future cooperation,Oakley Juliet Online, and even the entire project >
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