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29.05.2013 04:14
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> Two hundred and ninetieth eight chapters throw blame, big things that imperial "moving" splinters. wwW, QUanbEN, coM "King imperial doctor, I hope that you as soon as possible a set of low-cost, effective, can be used in the battlefield above treatment, then I re-called army medical officer, in your training too hospital,Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses, learning to improve soldiers a chance to survive, I said, 'do not abandon, do not give up', as long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will not abandon I soldiers, where they will not give up hope, I this sentence, not only for the people, for Army soldiers, is the same, so it's important xìng, you can understand? "Yang reform this thing up to the political level. "Chen obeyed, His Majesty His Majesty minister understand the painstaking efforts, will try that." King imperial doctor very serious promised. "Warlike field, mostly sub Daojian or gun wounds, I hope you are too many hospitals in this regard Anyway, I can give you to find a good wine with debridement jīng, are you ready to give time to burn debridement knife clean fire, I see this rì imperial Serpent, I thought, clothes torn needlework sewn on, then, if a person is sharp sword cut his skin, the body, can also use the seam line, perhaps This is a good way ...... "" Your Majesty, but said suture of Kabuki? this technology existed since ancient times, is not novel. "ostentatious imperial doctor replied. "Uh ......, there is this ancient medicine of? I mean, if I was a soldier on the battlefield enemies Daojian the injury, such as the stomach was cut open, exposing the inside of the intestines, and I mean is to say, these things I used after debridement, can be sewn on with the line, so that it might be able to retrieve a life, I said, 'Do not abandon, do not give up', so long as there is a chance of survival, I do not will let go. "Young reforms originally just wanted to push the dark about medical exhibition, to their new army to provide a little better health care system, so deliberately said something to compare things before, do not expect there immediately This medicine, at least as a research direction or something. There know that he has now heard this ancient technique of suture, Young looked imperial reform do not believe. "Back to His Majesty, His words will never leave, this technique, ancient, and recorded in the annals above" Tangshu Zhong Yi Chuan "on the record of such a thing, [Wu] Emperor Tang Chaowu weeks since suspected plotters Prince make use of torture to Junchen copy swept Prince retainers, compel framed climbing. loyalists Jin An Tibet into criminal court, the Executive Management plead pull saber when the Church laparotomy, shouted, saying: 'Please split heart to Ming Huang Si [Prince 】 not anti 'knife over one's mind, and out of the five internal organs, blood flow is to ......, Wuzhou Huang Di as gold hidden among the faithful and move compassion, then make people satisfied that the internal organs sent doctors to Morus alba as suture, Fu of the drug, ...... Later, Ann Jinzang come alive. said is broken belly, intestines came out, blood all over the floor, and then through the imperial doctor's treatment, came back to life things, and the trick is to His Majesty said suture, which is true, there will never be a fake ...... "imperial comes to things related to their profession, it is quite confident, said this amazing technology, like a really general, like himself witnessed. This time, turn Young reforms surprised really kind of ancient things ah seems that in ancient Chinese medicine, does have a considerable achievement, but do not know how the later of these technologies is gone, is really a pity . "Imperial doctor, are you sure that this is true?" Young reforms skeptical asked, that this matter behind doctors, how to look like in the doctor protagonist ah gut belly able to open the patient to save over, not a little means can never be such a thing, and only those who relied on just crossing over with anti-inflammatory drugs plus a range of surgical equipment, and perhaps blood transfusion, I am afraid to be done to save the man's life, or , just a visceral issue out dirty, you can not solve ah "Your Majesty, this is absolutely wrong, otherwise, how will be recorded in the history books? gold that is hidden among the historic loyalists, the matter of rì After Effects is quite substantial, if not gold hidden among the self-sectional, I am afraid there will not be Ruizong emperor, therefore, the matter will never be false. "imperial reaffirmed, he told them to do this line of imperial , the energy leaving a legacy, and it is not much, even big famous geniuses in history, but also to write down the pass side Kabuki point, so, this magical medicine in history, can leave few words, That is very great, it will naturally believe that this is true. "Really? Well, I believe." Young reforms see this imperial're sincere, but also believe. Anyway, their purpose is to improve the level of medical science, ancient With this technology better and he was only Yang Everbright it, too evildoer still less his own performances. King imperial doctor saw that he persuaded the emperor, very happy, this is the line they indirectly affect doctors history, the best evidence, the most worthy of the proud and happy. "That imperial, since previously had this technology, so much the better, and now, Zhen Yao in the armed services can promote this suture body medicine, do not know how much to save the lives of soldiers under the vision I do, not too vain the. "Young reform is not nonsense, since such technology, it brought good use. That imperial embarrassed, and said: "Back to Your Majesty, this Kabuki arts, has long been lost, and now, no one can cut open the belly stitched still intact, the sick, and fear had barely able to breathe." Imperial very embarrassed to say , just speak to the emperor ancient times, relish, very proud, and now, deflated. "Lost? Too hospitals are not people who would do this kind of surgery?" Young reforms happy over white one back. "Back to His Majesty, yes, now, no one can really have this trick." Imperial Unfortunately said. "I will not have this life-saving technology, how they have mastered, this is what ah I help soldiers on the battlefield, in the future I do not know how many people have been saved because of this medicine, I can indulge them regardless of how it ? I ambition, did you under white? Even before without this medicine, I also ask you to study this medicine since ancient times already, then you too hospital, indispensable to bring this medicine to learn, I But waiting for you help it. "Young lost no matter what reforms can not be lost, since the Tang Dynasty can do, there is no reason to die to the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty and the Tang level of medical technology, but with no qualitative difference. "Your Majesty, this ......" King imperial doctor began to feel the palace, is in trouble. "Well, King imperial doctor, and I do not say useless, I request is very simple, it is such a cutaway body, debridement and then stitched medicine, is sure to grasp, and to promote, as to how to master , that is your thing too hospital, if you do not come, I will do to another person, you understand? "" Your Majesty, this ......, Robinson ...... it is ...... "King imperial doctor Distressed, began to regret it , regret to say that the emperor should not be given just marvelous medicine, better now, become shooting yourself in the foot of the. "Well, do not bother, this medicine, since the previous row, now there is no reason you can not, do not you naturally do worse than their predecessors? Ability to believe in yourself, I is not giving you some medical devices yet? That wine jīng used to clean the wound, in appropriate as this is a very clean thing, that wine jīng burning fire, it is clean, no dust, as well as a magnifying glass that can help you now more subtle blood, where it can be cross-sectional go, there is not a cross-sectional, can be seen because of the more careful, more a thermometer to monitor the patient's body temperature, the patient's condition can tell you, with so many things, and your afraid of what? ancients not do these things. "Young Reform can be okay no matter what, the line should be OK, no more was OK. "But, Your Majesty ...... do such a thing, will be dead, when the family of the deceased to the struggle, would not be too bad hospital's reputation? Majesty or bad reputation." King imperial doctor is really afraid of this narrow escape technology, had to go to their own research, and God knows how many people to death, they are imperial, dead in their hands too many people, for fear he the guy and do not want to eat it. "Nothing, this simple, you just can not get advance rabbits, mice get to first try to find a suitable method in humans try again? Also used the I teach?" Young discontent this imperial reform the dumb head. "But, Your Majesty Even so, fear will kill people, and that time, the minister may argue that the one hundred mo." This imperial still would not give in, this gives disembowelling thing, once people against officials who this imperial fear is not become dry, and they do this line of doctors, so he makes this very hospital courtyard, is already the highest achievements of this line, and if this thing is broken rice bowl is definitely not worth it. "This simple, you first with mice, rabbits practiced hand, and so turn out to be almost the same, I'll get you some death row, or Hulu or something, for you to practice hand, so you practicing a 7788, summed up the experience , on the same subject, and their descendants to follow your way forward, should be much easier ...... "Young Doctors later reform school can be seen in how the teaching, the school where many physicians have heard horror stories, what went back body on anatomy lesson, and now, we should follow suit. King imperial doctor have the heart to cry, to be single-minded emperor he practiced this craft, he was killed not want to do, he began to regret that I did this kind of thing on the historical record, and regret doing nothing to brag about himself, and now good, they have to go and get this, get this, from the ruin, not far away. ...... "...... Your Majesty ...... and too many talented people in the hospital, the minister will urge the hospital too imperial arts who practice this trick, for early rì put this Kabuki arts excel, as His Majesty share those concerns." King imperial doctor is very cunning, like a long time, came up with an idea, since he was too hospital hospital so, men have a large number of people, why not let these people go to do the job? How better than their direct battle, say, the emperor but to reproduce this Kabuki arts, not a non-herself not, King imperial doctor immediately wake up, you can blame someone else gets it. "OK, Zhen Yao early rì put this technology to excel, and summed up a workable experience it, you will supervise the hospital too soon for doctors to do it, I remember intensify and confidentiality, I do not want trouble to talk of the town, you know? "Yang reform as long as people give him research this technology, as to who, it does not matter, for the imperial doctor did not see when it's slippery. "Chen obeyed, thank His Majesty Ron." King imperial doctor overjoyed, and sure enough, withdraw its role successfully, blame thrown away, this is the Kabuki emperor wanted arts, rather than the whole own this person. "Well, you're welcome, hurry back to busy for it." Young reforms to solve the heart of one thing, encouraging people to hurry of running it. ...... King imperial doctor away, away with mixed feelings, both happy and scared, but also with a trace of pride. King imperial doctor away, a person stay Hua Yang reform temple stay, which is not white rates emperor called ah Li Zicheng, although he had to deal with his ilk, to deal with wild boar skin, and even ways to deal with bureaucrats, but this spending money , it is massive, holes, is too great point, and now, with his monthly expenses are hundreds of thousands of ounces of silver in the big top, while their income, thanks to their East moved West Minato, sword easy road get a little money, relying on decent way, did you get the money by the usual way, then very little, almost negligible, this funding structure is clearly unlikely to last long, long way is taxed most tricky, but unfortunately , now is the non-collection of taxes Ming Yang reform fret. "Oh ...... great companions, I of the treasury in, how much money?" Liu Jishan again in Liaodong bombarded with silver, and pulled off and Lindan Han joint, do not throw money that is not possible, Yang reform sighed ask own butler. "Back to His Majesty, and 1,002,000 it." Wang Chengen master hand accounts of the emperor, the emperor will know how much money, do not say exactly how many, say it, for fear the emperor bad thought, the general said the percentage million ounces. "1002000? Everywhere overhead, hair dragon, Yuanchonghuan, Xinjun, Wu Sangui, as well as Liu Jishan, as well as Guard ......, afraid insist less than two months ah" Young reforms scalp tingling calculation of their own accounts. "Back to His Majesty, for fear that the." Wang Chengen sound promised. Emperor money really generous, but now this hole dead scared. "Two months later we supposed to?" Young murmured reform ourselves. "Back to His Majesty, to August, summer taxes came up, how, but it also somewhat money standing to the credit of ......" Wang Chengen also open solutions take the summer taxes to the emperor, to be honest, the previous emperor, really counting on summer two taxes. "Summer taxes? Then forget it, it is when there is no." Young refused to rely on reform and a summer tax idea, this thing, is to not even think about. "Your Majesty, do not rely on the summer tax, Ruo Lian where some futile and that the bank can also save a lot of money, Her Majesty is really short of money, use that money on the first cushion it, rì later supplemented on money That is, it is not, say, someone corruption deficit, and is turned down, do not they can not find the money to His Majesty? want to rebel fragmentation? There SUN girl there, there is not a breath, His Majesty to spend money if it's worth Turnover look over there. "Wang Chengen then ideas. "Ruo Lian there? Ah, it touches a way, big partners, to Ruo ripple messenger, let him put money ......" Yang reform wondering where in the end whether one spends money, where money, in part, to prevent others run, there is to be prepared OK bill, and it is a hassle ah even have to pay interest on the coming year. "Your Majesty ......?" Wang Chengen asked. "Do not worry, I think again, her body there ......, her body there, they first do not move, Ruo Lian there ...... I think ah think ......" Yang reform caught in a dilemma, Ruo ripple that bank the money, if spent so white, it is a worthwhile thing, that if he used the money to fight the inside, to Military Governors, your Xun, the King who know, indispensable to row a field, they cleared the door to war is a bottomless pit, and the kind of invisible bottom, if you know yourself to take their money to go to war, and their fear is decorum skin rì child has. At that time, Military Governors, Xun expensive, Baiguan stand together, that can be really became his loner. This matter, have to consider ah say, if the money into bank notes, there will be a very large amount of rows, a money can be turned into two, three, or even four, leverage is very large, Yang reform do not want to spend the principal line of notes, it is too uneconomical. Glass vegetarian although the outsider it seems, is a place where gold rì into the bucket, but unfortunately, if you want to put the national level, it is enough to read,Coach New Arrivals Sale, even to sell glass vegetarian, I am afraid not enough to spend a month of their own eliminated. Young reforms hesitate, this thing really can not but be careful, although the emperor looks fame, right infinite, but it really did not pressure can be quite a while ...... "great companion to Ruo ripple messenger, let him take the silver to Baoquanju, all turned into coins, I useful addition ......, then I of the treasury in the silver, all turned into silver, but also with all the time being saved to Baoquanju silver Curry, send massive, go Baoquanju guard, do I lose the money ......, Zhen Yao played a good show to the people of the world to see. "Young reform its determination, must find a way to solve the current dilemma, otherwise, do not Rereading destroy, not kill wild boar skin, pour yourself first downfall, his was the first bankruptcy,Satchels Coach Sale, it ridiculous. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty, slaves'll get on that." Wang Chengen promised. "Wait, then sent a message to straight, let him within a month, put them all into silver coins, I urgently." Young reform and commanded the road, Junko, is assigned běijīng Baoquanju eunuchs, two Xizi then went to Nanjing, are specifically responsible for monitoring coinage, this key position, Yang reform or just trust their own people - the eunuchs. "Slaves obeyed, which is handed down." Wang Chengen again promised, secretly also raspberry, just Ruo ripple where there are 56 1002000 silver, the emperor has 1,002,000 treasury inside, together, will have seven hundred million ounces of silver, and if all the cast coins, which have thousands of ten thousand silver coins ah emperor to have big moves, Wang Chengen had in mind. [Thanks "perfect Full Knight" "Rao Jing", "colleague Azusa children," the hit tours and tickets. 】 【Fifty-one twice monthly, seeking votes in everyone's support is to write down the momentum. 】 <
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