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29.05.2013 04:09
is not you give the appearance antworten
> Back to the palace, Zhou Yang reform Queens see unpleasant mood, depressed. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM asked: "The emperor, how unhappy?" Young reforms swallow ah! Said: "North Korea thing, too little taxes, spending too much, rì becoming unbearable ah! Yes, Lao Zhangren matter how kind? I now see Lao Zhangren there again." Young Lao Zhangren look forward reform can be an instant hit, triggering south sugarcane thermal cháo. Thus, it can ease this late Ming social unrest caused by the annexation of land, reduce the population pressure. "The emperor, I have told my dad, and told him hard to do, but also called my brother to help. Certainly give the emperor share those concerns." Zhou Queen consolation Young reforms. "This is good, I hope there can be an instant hit Lao Zhangren to alleviate the pressure on the land toward me, otherwise my big Ming Dynasty was defeated country broken ending ah! This matter, you should always say in Queens, often write to urge it . "Young reform in this matter given the high expectations. Really do not want it spoiled, but since the Queen's father, Zhou Kui historical reputation is really bad, is simply synonymous with stupidity. Given the fact that he did not dare to say in a few to grasp, is completely dead horse a living horse medicine. "The emperor, Chenqie know, will often write to urge the. Would not let the emperor disappointed." Zhou Yang reform queen listened to such a "serious" tone to speak, has become thickened. Bad mood, love song, when Yang reform violent and impulsive, confused little Lolita Queen Jiaoheng endless pleasure and pain with in, teeth persevered. After a vent, such as injection, Young reforms mind before Qingming lot, cuddle with small LORI queen. Lying quietly, mind clear again, get money, get money, get another money. Engage in food, engage in food, and then engage in food. Training, training, re-training. They should put their minds to transfer up to it, rather than all day and those Furu "jīng English" men "chatting and killing." Handling money, manpower is needed to give yourself to come forward. Engage in food, but also need manpower training, but also requires a lot of manpower, their side is not a "counselor", nothing can give yourself who share those concerns, there is no "insiders", it seems that he had to look for an opportunity to get some. " talent "to do. The next day, February rì. Wake up, already a big bright. Yesterday in the upright shall be treated under Mao Wenlong thing, Young dreams Baidu specifically for this reform, the deeds of Mao Wenlong checked and found Mao Wenlong is indeed a "talent" to the defeated army started. Do flat Liaoning left captaincy general commander,oakley sunglasses sale, also known as the Emperor "Mao handsome", in the late Ming and wild boar skin fight them can be said to be thriving, you can also "guerrilla" boar skin, the record is fairly presentable , than that is what more than two hundred head victory is much easier. Unfortunately, and Ming literati jīng England were wrangling, the result was the Ming jīng England were blown away. It is, and the consequences of the Ming Dynasty jīng English wrangling, saying; "fear God, the same opponent, afraid of pigs as teammates." Presumably Mao Wenlong this sentence this deep feelings. He is the best portrayal, did not kill the enemy, but added their own people died in the hands of the same opponents [fear of God, afraid of pigs as teammates: how I played, the boss is not you give the appearance fees plus a little? National Day, it is now, how have tripled your salary, money? What, we just vote! There are more votes cast little, huh, huh. 】 Yang Chongzhen reform want this outcome, not much better than Mao Wenlong. Can be considered to be indirect to kill pigs as teammates, of course, the next is the Ming Dynasty jīng English their "group flutter" and finally disband, Ming this "copy" will be a play does not go. Young reform has come to a conclusion: and jīng English wrangling, very serious consequences. In addition, there are business Mao Wenlong mind and consciousness, but also a master, Young reforms that seem to find friends, and his will a 'rates slaves ", that Mao Wenlong to feed tens of thousands of troops, and having no funding, I am afraid that like themselves and also all day to worry about their pay, but also a "rates slaves" now, alas! This is "foreign land refresher" ah! The celebrate. Since Mao Wenlong can rely on to do business, raising tens of thousands of troops, and that himself to a "catch maoshan meat, see a portion." Mao Wenlong put a piece of business that he can keep it not thousands, thousands of it Army? Then with the bigger and stronger, the formation of a community of interests, which can be much stronger than what the patriotic loyalty. A sum of money to be assigned. Secondly, you can monitor the Later Jin Mao Wenlong for business, avoiding some of the "contraband" goods flowed into gold. Avoid Mao Wenlong for the money, take it and what to do after the payment transaction. Kim Young-and post-reform ready to do "limited" business. Three years, the relationship can be closer and Mao Wenlong put Mao Wenlong tied in his chariot so lopsided control of Mao Wenlong back to the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, do not let it grow three executioner. Really is a good idea to serve multiple purposes. Thought here, Young reforms flattered, but do not know how to start. Mao Marshal and Chongzhen be no friendship. What to write edicts and inconvenient,New Arrivals Coach UK, a few things need to be secret. I can write without compulsory education body. Young decided to send individuals to reform. Who will be sent? Young reforms did not mind a reliable candidate. Young reforms in the brood, when suddenly thought, that Mao Wenlong troops who are mostly Liaodong Liaodong not that the twenty-first century Northeast do? This is not to say that Mao Wenlong's army, which is that of the Ming Dynasty, "Northeast Army." "Northeast Army, huh? Interesting." Young reforms mind. N number of subjects seen through the novel anti-rì Yang reform "Northeast Army" but is no stranger to ah! Say when the war broke out anti rì Northeast Army, shot tightly abandon the Northeast, to the customs, reviled by people in Shaanxi, and the Red Army fight, was a "Songhua River," it is sung tears, tears flow sounded, even guns are Nabu Wen. As one of the Northeast want to fight back, finally not a bird Chiang,Oakley M FRAME clearance, Chiang Kai-shek have to buckle down and indirectly changed the history of China, showing great resentment. Now here is almost a replica, no nothing new under the sun, Mao Wenlong is the Ming Dynasty edition of the "Northeast Army" who put that "Songhua River," a singing, that Mao Wenlong's army not shed a tear, Aoao called the fight to go back to the northeast, Morale filled, double attack, this and future generations of the Northeast Army same ah! It seems "Northeast Army" Whether it is in the Republican period, or now, are the existence of historical change ah! Thought here, Yang reform really feel wise decision. Thought just do it. However, this is, this is the person who sings it? That cantor small eunuch? It seems to sing this song, is not suitable for eunuchs sing ah! This was his job to find someone to sing. Then there is female, to have someone singing job. Where to find it yourself? Fireworks of the land? This! ! It seems! ! Young reforms would like to see this, but now the top priority is Gaoqian, engage in equipment, leveling. Right! Opera ah! Yourself how this opera to forget it? This is the quintessence! Can sing opera can not sing this song? Oh, and do not ah! Only flourished in the Qing Dynasty opera, which is what the Ming dynasty? Kunqu Opera? It seems they seek several singing groups, then combined portfolio, a combination of "epoch-making" in choir, singing this "Songhua River," and then "My Motherland." A sing two songs that Ming's troops also ran his palms? Thought here, Yang reform excited jumped. Went ahead. "Great partners, great with ......" Yang reform impatient. "Slaves in, the emperor, what do so urgent?" Wang Chengen rapid reform came to Young's side, I thought it a big deal. "Oh, great companion, is not urgent, but more urgent, alas ~, is this. I ready to go outside to listen to opera, do not know that a few groups more famous." "...... Listening to opera ......" Wang Chengen dumbfounded ! This is what and what? It was like listening to opera with worry? Do they fancy that a troupe of little lady? "Your Majesty, listening to opera, the palace has Jiaofang, but to pass play?" Wang Chengen whisper asked. ...... "Jiaofang ...... this, it seems that brilliant name spread far and wide Qinhuaibayan legend is Jiaofang's. Could ......" Young hearts an itch reform, secretly thought. Qinhuaibayan ah! This is such a big name first, seemingly, it seems, and he is now with a dynasty! Also think about it, it seems wrong, Qinhuaibayan are rising in reputation Ming, meaning that belch fart so on their own, and that Qinhuaibayan will succeed, and if you are going to belch fart when Chen Yuanyuan was been to Palace, In other words, now Qinhuaibayan, are all some small children, they want them to a "close contact", I am afraid to wait ten years. Among ignited raging chest and quickly extinguished the fire go. Wang Chengen see Yang reform a person where one would frown, smile for a while, and whispered: "The emperor, but to pass play?" Hear the words of Wang Chengen, Young reforms before they recovered. Thought: "ah, do not pass this rì drama, great companions, I teach you to find some men Square Division, probably dozens of bars, can sing the best and find more jīng through musical instruments, but also to dozens, I be useful. "[Recommended votes are cast a little bar, a book list tomorrow, although only a small list, I also take seriously. Book club thanks to the support of our readers. 】 From the Chinese network www. Welcome to visit friends read the book, the latest, fastest, hottest original serial work to do in the beginning! <
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