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29.05.2013 04:05
arranged the many customs antworten
> Two hundred and seventieth chapters specially formulated sinister tactics (two) people saw that a grenade emperor sea, have had to fight for rì after how new ideas, and see also the emperor gave the periscope this baby, After the war rì and others, but also will make the enemy puzzled, but happy exception, have been gearing up, anxious to immediately test on a test. wWW. quANBen. coM see the emperor's eyes, it is definitely not the same, and before that many of them are out of fear of imperial power, and now, out of their own true inner awe, since the reins. "Your Majesty, with this baby, with grenades, with the majesty of this play, rì later, even if the frontier city of East Krupp or want to touch me toward the Mongols under the walls, that are not Possible ah Majesty, rì, I carry on towards the walls of worry ...... "Zhao rate teach a change to tears just sad expression, now, is elated with the emperor to express their views. "Yes ah Majesty, there is such a weapon, there are so sharp tactics, East Krupp rì scared is not even close to my courage toward the walls are not ah Majesty, this thing, really is a good baby ah ...... just do not know, Your Majesty, Can a little more equipment? minister, went out also prestige prestige ...... "full GUI is now going to clean the Mongols, the demand for such weapons is not large, but full GUI for such a sea of ​​fire play is really a little obsessed. "Man Gui, why do you want a grenade? You go clean Mongols Mongols and the walls do not?" Young reforms asked with a smile, something that is tailored to the wild boar skin, weapons, tactics, no a not for wild boar skin, because the skin will boar siege, while the Mongols, is waste wood, waste wood also enjoy their own specially developed tactics. Sun Chengzong is on one side, said: "two, this grenade, you must choose a mighty cast first, the general investment arm by a second and third batch, which is cast on the wall down, new army is long-trained, so now you will have seen thirty paces, throwing distance of twenty paces, the actual, if it is used on the ground, the average person can throw fifteen steps, even more powerful, and After throwing right away to hide, you two cavalry, to immediately throw this grenade, to be able to throw ten steps, even if it is very powerful, and ten steps ...... and you had better remember immediately after throwing find a place to hide ...... otherwise, by his own grenade Zhensi, concussion can not blame Majesty without prior did not warn you ...... "Sun Chengzong explain the seriousness of this grenade weaknesses. "Your Majesty ...... Hill ......" full GUI look of grievances, such fun weapon is not actually used to him, it is to make him feel wronged. "Your Majesty, that minister do? Minister did not you?" Zhao rate taught as a full back-up Gui, this sharp weapon wasted, but also can not be reconciled, followed by Q up. "Oh ......, two do not worry, this grenade, just to show you, are heavy defensive grenades, specializes in wall use, cavalry used much lighter than this, the infantry also used lighter than this people ...... I still developing, so is your reliable ...... "Yang reform in the future also plans to put a few people to fall back on, of course, does not mean that a grenade, it is to bring this now after a few troops as rì Military reform of the pilot, how stingy do not give them equipment, high-tech weapon? Just the kind of jin forty-two defensive grenade, that thing, it is deceptive, only suitable for the walls thrown down, stand high, throw far, there are walls made protection, it will not explode into their own , or untrained people throwing up in the ground, ten steps away, who would throw? There is this black powder is not suitable for long-term carrying a grenade on the body, one to the internal friction between particles will make black powder danger of spontaneous combustion, and secondly, the long-term shaking, even black powder particles, there will be precipitation phenomenon, affecting the explosive power, Young reforms nettled, this black powder, so that now such an extent that almost say, in the end, the use of gunpowder amount is more than a pound, only now this effect, explosion power, we can only say barely passable, barely enough, in fact, hit the enemy's effective strength is consumed with the idea of ​​a grenade, it did not put their hopes in a grenade was decisive weapon, this black powder grenades, integrated, in addition to Heavy on the defenders have better effects, infantry, cavalry, with lightweight, it can only be said to listen to a sound. Young reform is also no way that he could not engage in any picric acid, TnT sort of high explosives, that it is too dangerous, if possible, to those who can actually engage in Taoist alchemy, Yang reform their own yet want good when the emperor, but also the courage to try indigenous refining picric acid, indigenous engage TnT ...... "ah Thank you, Your Majesty, thank you Your Majesty ......" full rate Gui Zhao refused to teach the child what the face of Harry back, and even climb kowtow to the emperor with a roll of Shane, where known, the emperor of this thing, but also a headache, that give them the cavalry grenade, it was a firecracker. Yuanchonghuan that scared the envy of standard equipment? How much and how much supplement? This is how generous ah yourself how not such a good thing, such a high standard. "Your Majesty, the minister implore His Majesty allocate more grenades, Chen Guan outside defenders, and the East Krupp direct confrontation, sire of this weapon is designed to deal with the East Krupp, designed to defenders, Your Majesty ......, Chen implore Your Majesty , be sure to set aside some of the ah thanks to this tool can be a minister. Majesty also see a lot of attention outside the customs soldiers ah "Yuanchonghuan is now full of confidence,Madison Coach UK, just emperor flames that burst grenades to disperse a lot of sense to him With the cold breath of death, however,Oakley Sport Cheap, it seems, but even more chilling. Young reforms now, Yuanchonghuan this way, differing only in their forehead to write a "stranger not close." "Yuanai Qing, grenades nature is not without you,Coach Outlet Sale, you will be allocated a number, the customs Davao, you make a plan to see how much, I re-appropriate allocation, direct allocation of not too much, more , may also need to buy their own, of course, this is only for people outside the customs and all major forts, several big cities outside off, I still try to allocate a priority. "" Chen thank His Majesty. "Yuanchonghuan stand up, Shane. Young reforms considered for a moment, and said: "Yuan Aiqing, your time in the capital to stay long enough, you are the governor of Liaodong, sooner or later going to Liaodong go, few rì, went to the office go ...... "Young reforms put Yuanchonghuan stay in the capital, education for a long time, ill for a long time, finally was shocked to put this child out, himself gave him a killer, with this killer, should no longer lose the city, at least, should not be lose very miserable. Yuanchonghuan stunned, although the emperor has been said to putting myself as Liaodong governor, however, has been put yourself in the capital where rì finally put this out on my own yet? Yuanchonghuan mind, there is a little bit of expectation, there is a little bit of hope. Today, he is not him six months ago, Yuanchonghuan confident that he can block East prisoner's offense, to complete Majesty explain things. "...... Ron Robinson thank His Majesty." Yuanchonghuan Shane again. "...... You go to office, I can give you no more than a temporary, first with three hundred thousand silver coins go to office, rì will give you the monthly supplement forage ......, you must act in accordance with the arrangement I, and Mao Wenlong there is good coordination, once his side is tight, you have to pin down the west side of East Krupp one you are tight, you can also call Mao Wenlong contain in the east, I have been told over Mao Wenlong, he'll tie your ...... and you two, is the first line of containment East prisoner, be sure to remember that 'solidarity' words, ...... assist you train forces personnel, including personnel training grenade tactics, I have let you choose the right Sun master , and when you go, go with them to follow you, ...... work, when in distress, pay attention to propriety, not too reckless, all this situation, you understand? ...... you went to Liaodong, as far as possible in this twenty-three Within months, the grenade spread to every large fortress, so that the customs of the people, know how to use grenades ......, I let off outside the women and children have the ability to kill the prisoner East ...... "Yang confirmed to reform Yuanchonghuan supplementary pay, patiently give Yuanchonghuan straitjacket on. Young reforms under the cruel, wild boar skin to give a vast ocean of people's war, of course, moving people, not anything to force the organization, more than any lofty ideals, but the boar skin vendetta, silver, grain, Young reforms to use silver, leather grain wild boar's head, according to accounts acquisitions. Emperor work, there should be the emperor's Fan. "Chen Lingzhi ......" Yuanchonghuan awe arose, and then give the Emperor a standard line of gift. "Well, get up ......" Yang reform looked Yuanchonghuan Yiwuyishi finish line gift set is sigh, this Yuanchonghuan is put out, I do not know what will happen, only look forward to the . Liu Jishan better now, but also have a point ruddy face sè gas sè, just the red and green flying scenes, so he really is a big lost a back face, see yourself in front of many chiefs said and done, you know This is also said to myself. "Your Majesty, that minister do? Have such a weapon, even by a weak Korean contingent, to live in the East Krupp intrusion defense, think is very simple ah minister on the mission, full of confidence." Liu Jishan is now very fond their errand itself to Korea, so long as these three lines bombing tactics drills in Korea where the king again, that North Korea is not chasing his king to buy their stuff? This tactic is no restraint East Krupp guns of war, if the enemy has guns, the disadvantage of this method on the great battle, but the East Krupp cannon he really did not, so you figure, in order to endure the wall, afraid of paying costly ah "your thing, I know what you go to Korea, the first with five thousand grenades past, I regarded the king's gift to North Korea, let him look at the power of the sea grenade , then tell him, let him buy grenades, I can send someone to help him train bombing forces can also be appropriate to sell some new guns Korean king, in addition, that the Buddha Lang machine gun picture, you can also sell some of his ...... collocation " Yang said the reform. People whom tip the scales, five thousand grenades, so send out? This emperor really is not the money when the money Bingbushangshu Liu Yan Yuan find no words today has the opportunity, and now all of a sudden see the emperor to send five thousand grenades out, I thought I found a little of something can be said. "Qibing Majesty, the minister felt that this would send five thousand grenades at once, is not too many points? Whether you can modify it to read? Less one point for every two thousand probably enough." Yan-five thousand dollars that this figure too many points. Even if you want to throw a grenade effect of the sea, can come to a twenty times, it is a bit too much. Young hearts sun road of reform: It seems that this guy is not very good ah are some of the picking sesame seeds watermelon typical of the Ming Dynasty to the Korean war, and how much was spent? Big few 1,002,000 it, own it five thousand grenades, cost a few hundred ounces of silver look, with a ratio that 1002000 silver, it is impossible to see. "Liu Aiqing, I somehow also the emperor, that the Korean king, whatever the outcome, but also a country's main country does, send too little, would not look me towards shabby? Nearly as good as I resolve? Five thousand a lot? I forward a few In order to Korea and Woguo war, how much was spent? Could I looked Again in previous years, large-scale of Peninsular come? "Young reforms asked. Liu Yan Yuan stunned, persuaded the emperor to save money, it is the ministers xìng habit of thinking, and never considered other, one heard the emperor to spend money, it would surely exhortation, where the thought of something urgent is not urgent, it is important unimportant. "...... This, ...... this ...... this, Your Majesty are right ......" Liu Yan Yuan shame, and the emperor's the problem, he is not answer, and a few years ago, but for a large Ming Dynasty Korea Taicang accumulated over the years to fight to the death ah The big money spent several 1002000 a jīng light, and now the court owe a bunch of debt relief are still the Emperor's handwriting, but also that as the year went to war? This is not to try any dignitaries do? If so, might as well get points that defenders of the weapon, so keep the Korean people themselves had. "Well, do not say, Liu Jishan, as soon as you exit it, you go to Korea, following the layout I do is, in addition, I give you a quotation, there are a variety of possible towards me sell weapons production costs, selling costs, you take memorize, then burned, okay? "Young reforms come up with a list, this is Young reforms proposed arms trade directories, and transaction prices, producer prices. Since the decision to make arms, and it has done a bit more professional. "Chen understand ......" Liu Jishan immediately went on, took Wang Chengen fed to the list. And then asked: "Qibing Majesty, there is a minister asked." "What is the problem, go ahead." Young reform road. "Qibing Majesty has always been, to me towards the Mongolian tribes have the habit of a minister tours please contact Lindan Han when Lindan Han in order to ask for rewards minister, the minister how to answer?" Liu Jishan is Bingke of Decadence, have the right to read Ministry of War of the documents, letters and the like, he did not come into contact with small to large Ming Dynasty Mongols please reward the memorial to the throne, only to think of it, they have to play with contact Lindan Han Dong Krupp, for fear that Lindan Han indispensable to please reward, for their own career, Liu Jishan emperor decided Xianxiang point, if able to go to, it is naturally best things about their liaison, very important. "Please reward?" Young reforms would think. Some rì former son did see some tribes have requested reward or something, but Young reforms do not care, because at that time the strategy has not set, naturally not wasted money. "Nothing, Lindan Han for rewards on things, consult your horse is ......, time to say it." Young good to give much thought reform, decided not to, because they are badly shriveled, motionless, was shot dozens Wan two, now that 2002000 silver, seeing will bottom, Young reforms have begun charging rì son, and hands money, work efficiency, they begin timid, in accordance with Young reforms xìng grid, it is ready to use silver stoned Lindan Han's. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Liu Jishan unfortunately, did not want the money. "Today you for reading Xinjun offensive and defensive drills, I also said so much, I will finally add a few words, I arranged the many customs, mainly in order to deal with the East Krupp, East Krupp is my big worry for North Korea, I now The arrangement is not expect to be able to solve in one fell swoop East prisoner swap, as long as I can live even East Krupp siege victory between Krupp and the East, mainly in defense, fight mainly consumed, gentlemen should not be too impulsive, thinking what annihilate East Krupp thing ...... "Yang reform, although the crowd was saying, actually, is to remind Yuanchonghuan, do not mess dry. "Chendeng obeyed." Everyone should go to. Young spoke of reform today is thirsty, in order to receive his new confidant front display your own muscles, specially arranged for this play, from the point of view, Yang reform is very satisfied. Full Gui Zhao rate teach rì up after the command, I believe there is no problem, Yuanchonghuan, and now I am afraid is not courage, nor the power to kill Mao Wenlong, not only to their own town from the east Mao Wenlong sequence in Liaodong withdraw temporarily out which takes diplomatic power separated, but there is no support for his five-year level Liao, so down, Yuanchonghuan sudden, what if you could unitary moths, Young reforms do not know. ...... Liu Jishan returned, quietly opened the trading price of the weapons described the list, I saw that read: "...... grenades, heavy defensive re-jin forty-two, ...... each cost one hundred text, Sale Price starting from five hundred text, ...... "...... Young men today in front of the reform shows his biceps, Schweibill very successful, very proud heart, and I feel good. "Great companion, riding today, there is still time to glass vegetarian trip ......" Yang said proudly reform, this vegetarian glass wool business, Young ready to reform Tien Hung Tin chaise dad met, so naturally personally run trip, without further ado, today decided to go. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Wang Chengen promised. [Sense Xieshu "colleague Azusa child" in a reward and evaluation. 】 <
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