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clearance outside many military clearance outside many military antworten
> Two hundred and fiftieth IX mixed sea off Young reforms considered for a long time, said: "Yuan Aiqing, so that the customs, you are responsible for their own arrangements. WWW! QUAnbeN! COm training, I send to you a number of staff to assist you that is, the first in the customs training a small group to try, while experimental side to expand, there can also be the same as Mao Wenlong, will be divided into three equal forces, the first and so is the jīng soldiers fight to the death, and the East Krupp field requirement can not back , the highest-paid, it may have to recruit and East Krupp person vendetta act; second and so is the garrison soldiers, only requires defenders, generally do not require field, with only the first such operations, followed by treatment; third and so is the militia, Township soldiers, both as a former supplement I now also groping do, you see how? "Yang reform is not good Yuanchonghuan completely rejected this unified supplement, unified training, unified configuration is the development direction of the army after rì is Young rì reform after goals, but now Well ...... there is little to show for his record, for fear of them in some people's minds eye, or a doll not understand the military, military reform, if rashly, that time out of the what was wrong, only the cheaper boar skin, which is critical for two years, every year battle to fight, or do not complicate the issue as well. Young reforms decided to temporarily press this matter, and so his hand out of the military training that a few achievements, with the record, and then sailed adaptation, risk much smaller. Yuanchonghuan very disappointed, this is not actually a good way to push the emperor, no promotion, I do not know what the emperor was afraid, thinking. If it is past, and the emperor Yuanchonghuan might also argue a few, but now Well, Yuanchonghuan feel no need to fight, how to do that, the emperor should know much more than their own, the emperor himself so if it wants to do, then do it yourself so. "Chen obeyed." Yuanchonghuan replied deadpan. Full Gui Zhao rate teach strange watching the emperor, but also strange looking Yuanchonghuan, and sure enough, this Beijing's military and other armed forces there is a difference, the original legend of this is when the emperor pro-Beijing Army rumors are true . Why else would this Yuanchonghuan begged not to unify training, unified configuration, unified add to it? Full Gui Zhao rate teach are secretly steal joy, Yuanchonghuan not moving sound sè. "Well, you now also have heard Fang Hong-chan said East special sè a prisoner of war, I will then add a few words, war, we must first find out what their opponents who are jīng sharp, or slaves, Or take refuge in East prisoner of the Mongols, um, had to share clearly, do not commit to the time of the Tian Ji's horse problems, understand me? "Yang asked the reform of road, for fear of their own after the head of these men rì fat ignorant, the case exhausted all its efforts on the slave soldiers encountered jīng sharp to be thrown off balance. "Chendeng kicked." Everyone is together replied. Reform ...... Young finished off outside Liaodong see now that it comes to the East River, but now is not Mao Wenlong, Yang reform to prepare himself. "Just now, said the Mongolian right wing, also said Kam Ning defense, and now I talk about it ...... Mao Wenlong East Town" Young thinking about reform, began to organize the language. This is a problem Mao Wenlong, his hand is still stretched long enough, Mao Wenlong, where is their control weakest link, although Mao Wenlong from the letter had made very good, but the reality is that they themselves must pass Mao Wenlong control over the East River, Young reforms even suspect that, in the East Town, his edicts as Mao Wenlong it useful, but this is no way to do, East Town is Mao Wenlong single-handedly built up, many generals played outside the mess off the case, out of such a wonderful is a character, Young admission reform is not yet well controlled Mao Wenlong, talked, hesitated. "Dongjiang there, I have let Mao Wenlong military system in accordance with the three-pole to re-divide, let him send troops often contain East Krupp, Krupp Nutrison let East westward, can Lindan Han Jin Ning defense and reduce stress ......" says Here, Young reform began to feel there is nothing to say, this East Town, is indeed one of his weakness, his understanding is limited to East Town, on the eastern town of control, but also it is limited. Philip looked a party Zan, Yang reform did not say anything. "Speaking of the East River, I have one thing to say, the next two years, the customs drought, food, ammunition, supplies will become a top priority, I will unify sent personnel to form a unified government offices, out of which related to discretionary management matters, including personnel, cargo, taxes, etc., particularly food, ammunition, will be subject to strict controls, without permission, without the person concerned, but when the collaborators on the spot to kill, without permission, to sell goods outside the customs, also when the enemy capital, on the spot smite off going to go outside, I will go through this bureaucratic permits, without permission, shall be calculated in accordance with collaborators; want to do business, selling goods, must I allow this sector, without allowing the , upon investigation, confiscation of goods, persons killed on the spot, even after allowed, provided I can only sell goods, any entrained without permission of the goods, but also in accordance with the enemy capital of ...... "Yang commitment to reform to establish a customs This siege East Krupp, is to a full range of siege. Especially rì top priority two years after the food, this is not only trapped wild boar skin, but also to trap the Mongol tribes, including Lindan Han. Although Lindan Han Yang reform together, but does not mean that the reform does not beware Lindan Han Young, this guy, the whole one hundred and fifty, brains missing root ribs guy, once the force is too strong, fell out with the same open book. And they were all silent, and obey the Emperor's orders, full Gui Zhao rate teach naturally nothing to say, and now they are at any rate is the emperor "pro-military", and presumably would not worry to forage on such profits by smuggling, to feed the army things, also seen on less. Yuanchonghuan to be sip a Minzui, but did not speak. "I of this department, I temporarily formulation, called Sea Customs, Inland called Lu Guan, I land and sea off this hall, responsible for approving import and export, access to off thing, those goods can be approved by the customs, those goods can not be sold outside the customs go, but also the formation of a number of anti-smuggling team, responsible for combating smuggling of people, you have to be responsible for assisting, dare resist, people who do not follow rules and practices, in accordance with I said, on the spot kill, confiscation of goods ...... "Yang said patiently reform . "...... I purpose in doing so is a, Zhen Yao thorough the East prisoner starved, hungry lean, hungry, get on the ground, the East Krupp emaciated one minute each, rì, you wait and Eastern Krupp battle, you can add large a grasp of some people less dead, but also good for you, I do not want your body to become East Krupp medals on a book, you understand? "" Chendeng understand. "unified crowd replied, but also for the emperor this heart moved. "You get the idea, rì later the hall, where you have to rely on, I hope you lot, together, suffocated East prisoner ......" "Chendeng obeyed." Once again the answer together. "Well, this bureaucratic, not just ye two, where Mao Wenlong Dong Town, I will send off the land and sea, at sea organized anti-smuggling team, thorough investigation of smuggling, be sure to starve East prisoner deep forests ...... "Bingbushangshu Liu Yan Yuan thought, said:" Qibing Majesty, I looked right and Mongolia, the horse has always been the establishment of the city of tradition, land and sea off the horse seems to conflict with the city, which ......, the minister afraid they have trouble Mongolian tribes trouble. "Liu Yan Yuan decided to ask about, the sea off, it seems that another form of horse market, but also much more severe than the horse market, this horse market, is a large Ming and Mongol tribes outside sidewall trading center, look at what the emperor's land and sea off the horse market seems to have a great conflict, because this horse market in case of sudden,oakley sunglasses online, something to conflict, may not good, like the original, this civil Fort of change, but just by the horse market caused by the conflict. Young reforms laughed: "This thing, if in the past, I also think, weigh, and now, the right-wing is Lindan Han Mongolian killing almost How much is left outside sidewall Mongols? Could ye not afraid of them troublemakers ? This is a more stringent land and sea off when the Mongols if have any comments, or pledge allegiance towards me, when I looked into the imperial army Association, or waiting to be swept toward me on the two routes, and now Mongolia right wing, already not the year of the Mongolian right wing, and said it, I have to thank Lindan Han, this fool, I though to cause a lot of trouble, however, is not without a little good now, Zhen Yao strictly controlled access Mongolia materials, goods, Mongolia is just not the strength to make trouble, I let Mongolian life, he will be able to life, let Mongolian death, he will be killed, I do not listen to it, let him Zhenbu light trade, as well as countless imperial army laid siege Association him, and I make this Mongolian steppe tribes gradually into my North Korea, let I of the Great Wall, built on the flesh and blood on the Mongols. ...... Ha ha ha, I take refuge in the imperial army Association, I will be divided into several other, Ken as I looked authentic, willing to sacrifice their lives for me towards, I Apart from giving their pay, food, the will to give them different trade levels, different levels of trade, can buy and sell different grades of cargo, a different number of goods can be traded , ...... Oh, I is, through the invisible hand of the economy, control live throughout Mongolia, I let the Mongols to their lives, their lives give me a big Ming Dynasty, now let's fight the Mongols Mongols, rì after playing so Mongolian East Krupp, more rì, the fight fell on people, even to fight barbarians,Women's Jordan Shoes, can make the Mongols to bleed, I say, you know it? "here, Yang reform is still very happy, it established customs, said up, really thank Lindan Han, the lack of root ribs, wing kill most of Mongolia, Mongolia, now the whole right wing causes no strength against themselves, their customs to establish and strengthen the management of supplies and out of Mongolia, with this hand curb economic Mongol tribes live, be possible, if the past, really have to think twice, if administered too stringent, says no Mongol tribes to unite the right-wing and their own trouble, there are points that concern their own, but now Well, the Mongols were Lindan Han kill this fool most of the rest, keep yourself trouble, it is not the door. Who does not listen to their own words, they do not sell anything to him, let him sell things to the Ming Dynasty, so that the strength of his tribe, and will definitely decreased rapidly, then the Mongolian emperor Association army laid siege to him, worry about the Mongols disobedient, then imperial army into several agreements, etc., depending on grade requiring them to be able to sell, purchase the type and quantity of goods, this way, that the Mongols, in addition to holding his thigh, and then there can be anything as their own momentum and then put "sheep cannibalism "of the class entered into Mongolia, which Mongolia, even if it is completely abolished. Liu Yan Yuan Mongol tribes beginning is also concerned because the horse market problems trouble, come up with something to what bee, now listen to the emperor was felt that the emperor did wrong, right now Mongolia, probably remaining 23 percent of the people, which point person, in order for the Ming Dynasty there is a threat, it really is white rì dreaming, not to mention the next several years of drought, these Mongol tribes, in addition to take refuge in the Ming Dynasty afraid, really no way to go , it is cold sweat dripping, which the emperor's mind, it is prudent, a looping a ring, if the strict implementation of the plan seriously, out of the effect can be nailed directly to Mongolia on the ground, no longer possible to turn around. And they were all scared of the emperor's plan, silent, Yuanchonghuan out, and said: "Your Majesty Qibing that Lindan Han do? How to deal with? If he and I were in the opening horse market transactions do? How to dispose of? If he can not stand me toward stricter border management, to give birth to trouble, how to deal with? "Yuanchonghuan rì and Lindan Han after direct contact, this can be considered early response to it. "Lindan Han? This, rest assured, he said, I also welcome him to our trade with North, but you must keep my decrees toward the taxpayers to pay tax, ...... I in order to reflect the sincerity and generosity, I will give Lindan Han open a hole in an extra quota, allowing him to buy a certain number of special items, beyond this part of the quota, it is not allowed to buy, and ...... Ha ha ha, I believe he would not have opinions, and who told rì food only after I have it toward one? If he is not, then this assistance, food, trade, union, and even reward, may have not, and now he offended the Mongol right, and fight to the death and the East Krupp, grasslands, all his enemy, if not my Daming help, but also, and my big enemy of the Ming Dynasty, fear or a few years, it will fall apart, Lindan Han although a little silly, but does not mean he does not know what happened competent, can not do anything ... ... "Young said reform Although the lips Lindan Han afraid to stir up trouble, but the heart is still in the gambling, gambling Lindan Han Mongolian offended right wing in the East after Krupp, did not dare to offend themselves if things because he and his horse market fell out, That is, he can be really silly extreme, and the world is large, full of enemies, except Yuandun exit this stage, no other way. Thought, then said: "Of course, does not rule out Lindan Han suddenly enemies, so blacksmith needs its own hardware, you have to work hard training soldiers, to be able to do calmly Lindan Han's enemies, more than usual assumption Lindan Han if enemies, how do you deal with, how to place beware of this, there must be plans, once the incident, immediately dispose of in accordance with plans ...... "Yang reform and accountability down. "Chen Zunzhi, the minister understand." Yuanchonghuan agreed. However, Yuanchonghuan said that: "Qibing Majesty, the minister heard that wall, outside the customs many places, are relying and Mongolia, East Krupp selling goods for profit, even Yangjun ......" "...... this I say, need your cooperation, I will set up in addition to the land and sea customs anti-smuggling team, but also require you to send jīng sharp responsible for inspecting the border, one to watch out for the enemy is, and secondly is to help apprehend smuggling, smuggling encountered, no matter who, against in situ cell killing, involving local generals soldiers, should be strictly for the purpose of investigating the enemy, part of the confiscated goods can give you assistance of inspectors of. "Young said Yuanchonghuan reform know what is relevant here, generals and soldiers, many are sneaky to get something for East Krupp, Mongolia side of things, such as what to take oral iron food for horses ah take ginseng or something. These are indeed difficult to prevent, Yang reform hearts sighed, only try to prevent the major aspects of small things, this really is quite a bit. "Chen obeyed." Yuanchonghuan promised. Young hearts sighed reform, the establishment of strict customs, Nana opinion, was to establish a large number of maritime smuggling fleet, and should first try to control the Bohai Bay, especially the strict control of large-scale smuggling along the coast of Liaodong may xìng, in These places establish strict customs inspection system, leaving those minor, can only say best. Customs things, Yang reform mood is mixed, pleased that the Mongolian side of good control, more worrying is the Liaodong this is a problem. "...... Oh ...... Well, this thing rì them later, and now, for the time being, so be it, I say one thing to hear both of you, and of you, but also on the relationship, and not much of you ......" Yang reform decided to skip this question, this can rì slowly adjust the overall strategy of the first guard outside finish say. Once again calm down, listen to how the emperor said. Young looked at the Sun Chengzong reform, said: "This thing, and North Korea related I decided that, to pin down the East Krupp west, ready to open up a new battlefield in Korea, this thing, it is right by the Master Sun, Sun master Is this policy planners. "Young reform throws a bombshell, ready to open up the Korean War. Honest, surprised everyone today has been a lot, but to hear this matter, it is surprising from ear to ear, the second Peninsular? You know, the last time Peninsular, but spent several million taels of silver, and now the second emperor of the Peninsular, which have to spend much money ah? Plus Mongolia wing, clearance outside many military operations, which takes only say that the emperor's mind everyone is amazing drumming, this emperor, a little ambitious. Bingbushangshu Liu Yan Yuan anxious hearts together, which the Emperor looked smart, now made from the mixed come, this Peninsular, much larger overhead ah Today the court, was in full swing relief, which also do have money Peninsular? If the first of several military actions by the emperor his own pocket, it also makes sense, after all the money is limited, many things are still on the set before, but now this Peninsular ......, Liu Yan Yuan anxious again. "Qibing Majesty, the minister something to say." Liu Yan Yuan impatient enough,Air Jordan 1, regardless of the rules, chipped it. Young saw a reform, said: "Oh, Liu Aiqing have anything?" "Qibing Majesty, must not open the Korean battlefield ah At this point, I was in full swing toward disaster relief, where there is money left over to Peninsular ah? Majesty, this expense, can be described as huge, I looked godhead, the front and rear but spent several million ounces of silver ah Majesty, with these money, might as well go relief ...... can be more relief to the victims ...... "Liu Yan Yuan emperor's ambition to scare bad, according to the emperor's engage in law, probably have to dismantle the throne room, or where there are two silver Peninsular? Young reforms watched, laughed: "Oh, Liu Aiqing, this thing, you do not worry, listen to Sun master how to say, then you can comment on, how?" Young reforms did not mind that he did not have the money as Wanli When such a large-scale Peninsular, however, they can use guerrilla warfare, with a grenade to drag in the Korean wild boar skin, put the blood of wild boar skin, at least, the battlefield in Korea, not in the Ming Dynasty, many North Koreans dead people and what does not. bk <
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