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29.05.2013 03:58
helped the woman in white sitting antworten
Lin non and xialan with water as blue entered the courtyard, the front is a four layer pavilions, two layer symmetrical around the gallery building, square, the courtyard, in addition to those who are able to down memory lane white peony, and several strains have experienced years of wind and frost Cooper, the old rugged trunk, branches Qiu Jin, towering. Cooper, a dozen dressed in black clothing young woman sit on the ground, the rain soaked their hair and clothes, but they would not budge, God s è naturally closed his eyes, concentrated meditation. Main hall of the door open,Coach Online Outlet, about hanging a red lantern, lantern above writing "heaven and earth" and "righteousness" with the official script, Douchi has light, very bright. Three people take a seat, a young woman in a few tea, water, such as blue smile way: "the master is in a good mood today, she is the best tea out of." Lin Feiduan cup smells, drink a small mouth, nodded, tut praise: "it was out of the ordinary tea, fragrance,Oakleys M FRAME Sunglasses, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, drink more refreshed, give a person a kind of Qiqiao Dayton open feeling." Water as blue pursed her lips a smile, gently explained: "if after a few R ì, you will feel the pubic region more filling, internal force increases, the surface is tea, is actually a division for the cure of a medicine, those recovering from illness, infirmity and people drink this tea, can make their body recover quickly......" Xia Lan heard some ecstatic, lamented the oriental martial broad J ī ng deep. "Lan Lan, you drink, it's good stuff." Lin Fei put another cup of tea to end to side of the summer haze. Talking, in the two floor of the stairs spreads the gentle voice of the Qing Ling: "two young friends waiting, rude." Heard a woman's voice, Lin not consciously shivered, a kind of unspeakable feeling arise spontaneously from the heart, the sound is too familiar. Another point, Lin had to admire his vigorous than Neigong and masterpiece, because he just didn't hear his footsteps, if the person is not to speak, even to him, I am afraid it is difficult to detect, he dropped the cup, to look past. Xia Lan also has such a special feeling, looking for the sound to look, she and the side of the forest is not the same, the woman before they are terrified...... But see the stairs a woman dressed in white next, the slender, pretty face, looked about thirty years old, the prospect of temperament, if change a business suit, clearly is a Siqi, but carefully feel, she should wear more mature than Siqi relieved, transcendental and free from vulgarity. Because of a prior introduction, water as blue think Lin non and xialan because she is not old appearance shocked, looked at the two men God s è, she smiled, no care, hurriedly stood up to welcome to the stairs, helped the woman in white sitting in the middle of the. The lady in white is the peony hall water frost, she motioned water as blue back in his seat, God s è coolly looking at Lin non and summer haze, see two people so look, not unhappy in her face,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, with a smile: "two young friends, be like the blue words, the my age to tell with you, will you scared. >
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