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and the relationship between antworten
> Two hundred and fortieth IX into full Gui Jing Yang reform exceptionally good mood today, one gun to Beijing, and the second is that fools your Xun rushing to give money to yourself, nothing is more gratifying things. wWw, quaNBen, COm. A group of fools think of a car a car to their home banks to save money, Young reforms like eating honey in general. Their luck, it seems, is not bad. Wang Chengen out of work, one will be on the back, and said: "Your Majesty, full GUI, full generals to." Wang Chengen this one is like eating honey in general, no broken smile. "See, immediately summoned." Young reforms exceptionally good mood. ...... "Chen Taizitaishi, Dudu prefect, commander full Gui Koujian save the Queen Long live Long live." Yang is the first time I saw the full reform Gui, probably thirties look, looking, Biao defended strongly, probably more than one meter eighty tall, an honest look, wearing crimson robes, a complementary product unicorn child, wearing his post, does have a somewhat gentle air. [Should be his post, check the following information, usually an audience should all official positions, not the generals helmet or something else. 】 "But full Gui, full generals?" "Huibing Majesty, the minister is." Full Gui Hongliang voice answered. "Well, well, look at that perennial A military man, get up." Young pretty satisfied with the reform of this soldier, did not look like a sissy or frail, evidently, is a simple and honest honest guy, and that Fumiomi kind of guy who parades around the eyes Diliu another big difference. "Chen thank His Majesty." Gui filled up. "Oh, much rì Benz, full generals tough." Young reforms watching this guy, this guy is rì Qing after the first entry, when killed, and are loyal and reliable, this person is very satisfied, then, is this man grasped. "Back to the Majesty, not hard, year-round on a horse accustomed to." Full Gui quickly replied. "Oh, full of generals, how old? Word what? There who?" Young ** care reform began. "Back to His Majesty, the minister ...... about thirty five years old, the minister is a yokel, illiterate, has not yet famous, is the government declared the man ......" Man Gui embarrassed enough, this much, he has yet to find out From can remember, began military career. Young reforms watching this guy, I feel a bit mean, this guy is a simple and honest way, can do it from a product Taizitaishi, have to say, a sort of legend, or that it may not be the Ming Dynasty who did not give lower a climbing stairs, or, when the Wei Zhongxian them, nor are all doing bad things. Young reforms seen this guy's information, which, sadly, only a few trouble, now that she has this guy hold in their own hands and become their own hands with a knife. "Yes, since it has been my full generals towards Taizitaishi from a product, how no font? Thus, I will give you a number, how about?" Young reforms began to recruit this guy. "Thank you, Your Majesty Robinson Robinson ......, ...... minister finally have a word of ......" Man Gui an embarrassed look, this is no culture, do not know how much to eat losses, not even a word, so today's Prince Taishi, also have to say, this is a strange thing how. "I see you are loyal to me Ming dynasty, fierce combat, they give you a loyalist word it, how?" Yang reform road. "Chen thanked His Majesty love, minister, and finally there is a font, and later, someone else would not only be called a minister's name ...... Oh ......" Man Gui very satisfied with the emperor for his good, then, blushing neck crude, rude grinning. Young reforms saw, also think this guy interesting, Taizitaishi, do not know whose idea, did not know even a word, but also Taishi, really give the Prince to teach, would not harm a dynasty? "Man Gui, tell you this Taizitaishi the title, is how is it?" Young reforms asked, curious. "His Majesty back in May last year, around Jinzhou East Krupp, Krupp war minister and the East a few games, and later East prisoner back, Robinson possessed a Taizitaishi the title ......" full Gui is tell the truth, do not exaggerate or conceal truth. Young reforms very satisfied, Young reforms dislike most is the kind of people claiming credit for himself, hated not honest, this guy is honest enough, honest enough, is a good candidate. "Oh, I meant to say, since you as Taizitaishi, that I was born a prince if, rì after indispensable to teach you, you can not read, how can this do? Would not it be said that I rì after Prince is illiterate? ...... "Yang Gui joke reform and full. "This ...... this ...... Your Majesty, this ......" full Gui stupid, the emperor actually wanted him to teach reading literacy Prince, which makes him sweating forehead, if you want to kill, he did not blink, he took a brush to write , as worse than kill him, the left branch of the right Well, Biede profuse sweating. "Ha ha ha ......" Yang Gui reform looked full of foolish like that,Air Jordan 3 UK, I feel funny. This guy is really foolish too cute. "Well, full GUI, but I was joking with you, and now I have not born Prince, to go to school age, do not know how many years will it, so be it, since you are Taizitaishi, illiterate, is absolutely not, I introduce you to a good place to I master, Master Sun there, followed by Sun master to learn to learn, first of all recognize the word, can understand Dibao to become, otherwise you this Prince Taishi, fear is when not become ...... "Yang reform ready to put this guy to add to the knowledge of the Army Academy, conduct some systematic education, in addition, norms of warfare and combat troops will, is necessary. Full Gui already Biede flushed, let him hear the emperor literacy, it is felt wronged, and said: "That His Majesty, the minister of the line does not have this Taizitaishi? Minister think that reading literacy, it is very uncomfortable , one saw the word, I felt lightheaded, Robinson would rather not have this Taizitaishi, they were reluctant literacy ...... "" wanton, court appointments, Taizitaishi but supreme glory,Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, did not you say, do not of? "Wang Chengen snapped, this guy's mouth did not cover the column, even kind thing to say, Wang Chengen also see the emperor this guy is good, fear rì after the emperor's love will, therefore, also scold a little, right when reminders. Full Gui immediately head down, a look I was wrong. Young reforms quite good mood today, but also thought it was funny, and said: "Man Gui, so to speak later be absolutely not, you know? Court appointments, not saying do not, do not, and this rì, I heard it when However, Zhenyao you go to school, but also for Hello, you say, rì after I write a letter to you, you will not read, to give you a secret will, you have to let others know what to see meaning, it not spilled the beans? saying, disclose the secret bad trouble, is to be sacrilegious, you say, is not the reading, literacy? "Young reforms flicker. "Back to the majesty, this ...... this, indeed, indeed the reading literacy, but full of rude Gui accustomed from childhood, one can see that the Chinese character, the minister's head explode soon ...... Majesty ......" Man Gui see Emperor own good, to speak kindly, attitudes also soft a lot, which the Emperor himself how wonderful and secret decree to yourself, this was and how good the relationship between the emperor, will have such a thing ah Gui heart is full very confused, the emperor how on my chuff so good then? "Oh, well, full of laurel, full Zhongming, you should not put off, this is a task I give you, for understanding a word a day, a year or two down, but also can read Dibao it, to go to such an extent that it almost, I do not want you to play and poetry, what are you afraid of it? And it was, I give you a look at the shop, called Sun Chengzong, you should have heard of it. "Yang Reform Road . "Chen Zunzhi, Your Majesty, but said that Sun Chengzong Sun master?" Full Gui asked cautiously. "It is, he is I master, learning a great deal, and you learn from him, it will definitely learn quickly." Yang Gui reform know it can sit Taizitaishi full seat, and it has a great appreciation Sun Chengzong relationship, which is full Gui relationship with Sun Chengzong, not general, if the full GUI is a cow, then pull a bid, the Sun Chengzong best. "Thank you, Your Majesty, the minister Zunzhi, the minister must follow the Sun master good literacy, in the future, but also to be a notice of management of people." Full Gui heard that Sun Chengzong, do not say anything, Sun Chengzong but his old boss, for he has Zhiyu provision of grace, full of admiration Gui on Sun Chengzong but very, therefore, immediately promised down, do not tangle what literacy thing. "Well, your troops, for the time being stationed go to the Western Hills, next to the master of the new army stationed Sun, I have given you stand a good castles, Are ye also, as long as that is stationed." Young people reform had long been ready to buy a . This work, already well in advance. "Chen thank His Majesty for His Majesty through fire and water, without any hesitation." Manchurian emperor Kwei see so good on their own, but also a little touched the hearts of students. "Oh, things is not Eloquence, I want to see is real action, full of laurel, your troops, their pay how?" Young reforms asked again. "Back to His Majesty, the minister's men, in the customs field are divided, generally relying on living parts of Tian, ​​in addition, the court also issued under the pay, in addition, often there Shangyin what it touches no shortage of food and drink." Gui said full here, was very proud that he is a person through thick and thin and his men could, never corruption, the deduction of the following officers and men of silver, a soldier in the entire Great Ming army, can be considered very good, and this is the full Gui proud of the place, so once the war, soldiers were able to follow him through fire and water, but also have a relatively play troops. "Oh, yes, I know, full of laurel, your thing I have heard, not greedy sè, no deduction of pay, fierce combat, an exercise in me toward the brave and this, I know it ......" see the Emperor talking about his proud place, full of Gui is a proud look, he can do so, he can say, the entire customs, no one can do better than him. So, his troops are outside the customs can play the most, and this is his most proud of. "Oh, settle down first, familiarize yourself with the place, a few rì, I have something important to discuss with you, these rì, on the first moment of relaxation." Young reform does have a lot of things to discuss and full Gui , such as to clean off outside many disobedient Mongolia, Mongolian weaken the strength of those who take refuge in wild boar skin Mongol tribes that offended a large Ming very serious consequences, but this had to discuss with the Sun Chengzong in order to obtain specific program . "Chen thank His Majesty." "Oh, do not mention it a few rì, let the soldiers good rest, I then reward you fifty-two thousand silver, regarded these rì spending. Oh, to be rì after , may be necessary hard training, combat, and no such rì of leisure child slightly. "Yang Reform Road, over these few rì, in addition to hard training, is a horse kept interest rates in combat. "His Majesty Ron Robinson, but Robinson also given seed money last Majesty silver, yet it did not run out of it ......" full GUI is a very honest guy, he said a little while ago to direct the launching fees not run out of it, This gave? Full Gui feel embarrassed, so-called reactive power from Paul. "Oh, do not refuse, these rì, divide the money down, let the soldiers in the capital good stroll, rest, over a period of rì son, but I want to Dayong you, and that time, had no such idle , and you do not cry bitter tired. "" This ......, the minister obeyed, the minister can be hard, never tired of. "adhere to the full GUI to see the emperor, not decline, anyway, when the time to fight the Emperor ,Oakley Juliet Online, is a multi-kills. "Man Gui, I heard you on the Mongolian side, very familiar, right?" Young reforms asked, this time, be asked some practical. "Back to the Majesty, not the minister blowing, to say to the Mongolian side, no more than a better understanding of the minister, the minister was originally Mongols, they came into the relationship young, so, the minister is well aware of Mongolia." Says this, full Gui in high spirits, and to deal with Mongolia's experience, he filled Gui can say that in addition to his large Ming Dynasty, there is no second person. "Oh, Oh, is that right? Then you talk about this situation in Mongolia, and how did you deal with Mongolia." Young reforms are interested in this, before it collapsed a Mongol tribe, serving as co-emperor army, as their own eyes and ears, but also sent a Guard, and now, it is such a crucial missing executors, urging people, with full GUI, many of their plans to be implemented, for example, with the full co-Gui to suppress Mongolia Huang Jun, Mongol raids disobedient tribes, to assist their caravan collected in Mongolia wool, glass wool for something. See the emperor asked his proud place, full of jubilant Gui said: "His Majesty back in Mongolia, there is only one thing, that is, who's fist, who heard who the weak, who are being bullied, who Genghen, who live on it, so the minister to deal with the Mongols, there is only a trick, than they Genghen more powerful than they are, more than they kill, who does not listen to Shashui, is the way ...... "full Gui put his favorite things, with a few simple words, and said very clear, finished, triumphantly. It seems grassland, is the standard jungle ah Young reforms would like the next, and she's right, the Mongolian side, just Huairou, just good for him, it's useless, it took a knife, a knife to see who is more powerful, Genghen get to see who's heart, in that case, it will harden the Mongols do not blame me for it. "Oh, yes, and then said." Yang Gui reforms from the full mouth, got experience points, these Mongols, not too good, nor soft-hearted, only to kill, only to kill in order to convince the Mongols. "...... Back to His Majesty, no, this is the experience of the minister to deal with Mongolia. Really gone. Chen are using this approach to Mongolia to do things." Gui full look of embarrassment, very honest said. "......" Yang reform speechless, it really is an honest and straightforward person, but also honest and straightforward too cute. "Then I ask you now if you deal Zhenyao Mongolia, how would you do?" Young reforms asked again. Full Gui scratched his head, only to find that there is an official post on his head, not used, head down, thought for a moment and said: "Huibing Majesty, if it is now to deal with the Mongols, but also simple to see that the tribes do not listen then kill the past, cut those economic agriculture, Connaught extension, Daikichi's head, they would not dare disobedient, that is so simple ...... "Yang reform speechless, it seems that this full Gui brain, it really is a simple, Anyway, that is a word, to kill. Young reforms helpless, heart smile while, said: "It is full Gui, now, on the prairie, who needs imputed to it, who told me Daming disrespectful?" "Back to the majesty of this, the minister knows, now, according to Hill look for me unfavorable towards tribal very much, Neikaerka tribes, Horqin tribes, tribes Halaa careful, Chahar Ministry Lindan Han, I looked unfavorable for many tribes, speaking, have got to be ...... "full Keiichi something to talk about on the prairie, they're extremely easy to read, eat like a natural. However, Yang reform listening to headache, Yang reform simply can not tell who is who owns these tribes, and the Ming Dynasty who is good, who is bad, and the relationship between the Ming Dynasty. "Wait, full GUI, you say these tribes, I did not understand, you say understand that." Young reforms listen to those Mongol tribe names, hear confused, this is more difficult to understand than those of classical and clueless . Full Gui see the emperor is a headache look, feel fun, giggle a back, said: "Huibing Majesty, this Chahar Lindan Han, the sweat on the prairie, the largest tribe, probably I looked Datong Prefecture outside sidewall is; This caution also known Harqin rancid, I looked saying the duo Yan three Wei, belong Harqin, in my side wall toward the north is the town of thistle; Horqin in Quang Ninh, north east is East Krupp ...... "Man Gui Mongolia this thing, it is crystal clear, to put it very Shunliu. However, Yang reform listened to suffer, and most recently, only concerned with internal affairs, has been in handling money, no effort to care about things outside the customs, the previous data to understand a little of Mongolia, now, is completely confused. "Wait, this, full Gui later date, this rì right here ......" Yang Reform Listen dizziness, do not understand the subordination of these tribes, geographic distribution, and the relationship between the Ming Dynasty boar skin, to talk about things , it is out of the question, had been suspended. Gui is full of straight people to see the emperor is like a headache, but also Han Han smiled. Young saw this reform is not ready to talk about it no longer had to end this conversation, um, get familiar with the Mongolian side of the eligibility information only talk about things ah thought, said: "Great companions, the I telescope hand gun, knife used. "Young reforms to prepare a lot of things to this guy. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Wang Chengen promised. ...... Soon, Wang Chengen they brought the emperor to say three things, namely silver tube of the telescope, silver inlay hand gun, as well as a saber, saber Guard is a standard feature, show chūn knife, give full Gui's show chūn knife, but the knife show chūn top grade. "Man Gui, I give you this telescope, I wish you in combat, I can observe farther, earlier understanding of the enemy's movements, Liaodi opportunities." Yang said the reform, down the Throne, it is official put the telescope to take given full Gui. Full Gui quickly on one knee, hands over his head, took the emperor gave the telescope, and then Shane. "Man Gui, which is I give you a hand gun, I wish you like this hand gun in general, strong firepower, can penetrate the enemy and defeat the enemy." Young reforms and handed pistol grip full Gui Gui is still full one knee, took the hand holding the gun with both hands. Shane again. "Man Gui, this is the knife I give you, I wish you in combat, brave straight front, invincible, invincible." Young reforms saber again give full Gui, Gui still took full again Shane. "Man Gui, get up. I hope you will not disappoint I expect of you, you tune into Beijing, took a fancy to your faithful, seeing your team play, I hope you make persistent efforts, Tizhen enemy." Young Gui said that the reform did not tell full truths directly say the truth. "Chen Gui full, full Zhongming Majesty will not disappoint the expectations of brave enemy, to defend His Majesty, to defend the great Ming Dynasty." Gui loud table full of loyalty. This chapter from the book club 16k upload [] <
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