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29.05.2013 03:48
to act on behalf of king antworten
> Young Reform Now, is thoroughly understand their coinage how this tragedy. wwW! qUANbeN! coM Men who are crossing the Lei Feng. Young reforms secretly depressed for a while, then, something is not clear for themselves, or not too hurried launched, or more, and discuss their henchmen. "Oh ...... Well, this thing, the total speaking, I is a large Ming emperors, welfare for the people, but also I as emperor obligations, which I regarded as the common people to do a good thing, right, BI Since strict, you go back quickly after article was written, and then set the currency as soon as possible Zhenyao, Zhen Yao release the new system as soon as the money. "Young reforms decided to face the reality, anyway, this productivity is a progress, Yang reform only from this point to comfort himself. "Chen obeyed." Bi Yan also had unhappy since the promised down. However, Bi Yan has followed since asked the sentence: "Qibing Majesty, that cast this thing?" Young reforms would like pulling his hair, landlord nor surplus, this can be supposed ah! Within their own treasury really bottomed out. "This time I will try to, and let out a part of the Ministry, it should not be difficult." Young reforms can only say so, step by step. ...... Yang reform, "deep sorrow", a brain disorder, would have had to be done, and now this thing a get, do not a little mood. Allow yourself a few confidants hurried Shane, Young reform a man locked himself in the platform, ready to let his head, good sober. Platform inside. A man sitting on a chair on the emperor, not a person, even Wang Chengen, also driven out by the Emperor, and only stay in the door. Young reforms confusion enough, put one's own mind emerge from the things, are all written on paper, in order to vent their own, organize their thinking. Immigration, disaster relief, migration, imperial, Xu Guangqi, rivers, food, transportation, around the lake, farmland, Yutian, coins, casting this, post, posts passed, Li Zicheng, banknotes, paper, cotton, wool, textiles, man-eating sheep, Glass, glass, fasting, and new army, training, Sun Chengzong, guns, artillery, warships, fleet, wild boar skin, Liaodong, Korea, grenades, Zheng Zhi, Taiwan, customs, Mongolia, Shanxi, salt, Japan, the eunuchs, Donglin party, coal dense mountain ...... wrote a table of paper on the ground is also falling over the floor. Young reforms finally write on the paper "money", so a big word. All this stuff, the core is only one word, that is, money, money can do anything, no money, and what can be accomplished, Young reforms have suddenly realized. Though all things complicated, but still not a money around the word. Young reforms face of this money word, looked and looked, heart began to settle down, the original angry, unwilling, upset, frustrated, blame, etc. negative emotions, began to disperse. Young reforms picked up a filled "money" words on paper, look up and see, look there to see. Although things ten million clue, however, as long as they will never catch a keyword "money", you can unlock all sections. Yes, yes ...... Young reforms come to understand, the mind, but also have a relatively clear context, but also know what to do it. Young reforms very neatly packed up the table, the floor littered paper. Put a "money" pressure at the top. "Great partners, great with ......" Yang reform loudly calling channel. "Your Majesty, slaves in, slaves in ......" Wang Chengen has to stay in the doorway, listening carefully through the door and there's movement, for fear of the emperor out what the problem is, it may be a major event, to hear the call of the Emperor, and immediately high sound promised, came running. Upon seeing a high spirits, full of energy of the emperor, Wang Chengen was relieved, evidently, the emperor was good. "Great partners, the hands of the stack of paper I burned." Young hearts be enlightened reform, all things are complicated appearance, the real problem is money. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty, which make people slaves to burn it." Wang Chengen promised. "No, here burn, Zhen Yao personally watched it to ashes." Young reforms insisted that these things are secrets of your heart, and to their future destiny, and took them off if given,Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses, is a ** annoying, this thing is not to let others see. Can only be burned. Wang Chengen although very strange, but still promised down, then let the two little eunuchs lifted a brazier in front of the emperor's face, burned the thick stack of paper. See that pile of secrets of his heart filled with paper and turned it into ashes, Yang reform was satisfied. "Great partners, within the book How the Church now?" Burn his own troubles, Young began to deal with the reform spirit of the times the problem. And all the problems, all the money around, but a word, naturally from the money hard word. "Back to the Majesty, everything is still good, the kid inside the book together who are trying to learn it, in hope that one day be able to sire effect." Wang Chengen puzzled for a moment, then explained to the emperor. "Yes,Coach Online Sale, you are notified soon sent within the book together, and said, I will hold examinations recently, select a variety of talented and faithful people, I go to work, so that they properly learn to fight admitted." Yang Reform decided to pass the exam to select eunuchs synagogues within the accounting books. This immigration imperial there, needs a large number of eunuchs as accounting, to monitor the migration process, the use of money, as well as to use their own money to place everywhere need to use eunuchs accounting, such as customs. "Slaves obeyed, which sent to edicts." Wang Chengen promised. "No, wait a minute, I still do, but also to go together, Xiao Shunzi, two Xizi these two guys also included synagogues read the book right? Send you called them together, I have something to tell." eunuch accounting is very important, as well as a more important things, coinage was sent reliable people to manage, monitor, Young reforms now trust, not much, ready to let the two men go. "Slaves obeyed, which sent handed down." Wang Chengen promised down, however, did not immediately go out, ready to wait and see what words to the emperor commanded. Yang Wang Chengen half did not see the reaction of the reform, and urged: "Go, go faster. I here waiting for it." Young reforms figured out all the problems related to the keywords that money, since it comes to money , then first administration, regulatory accounting who use the money, first do a good job again. Wang Chengen out a will, and soon came back. "Qibing Majesty, with Zhang Jiude Master Xu, Zhou Yanru two deputy difference to Shane up!" "Shane?" "Huibing Majesty, yes, Shane ......" Wang Chengen see the emperor a confused look, estimation, the emperor also do not know which rules. Thus, the whisper cautioned: "Your Majesty, you have nothing happen individually accountable for their imperial? Can now confessed, and so, they go by the imperial majesty meant going to do bad, and, Your Majesty may also personally gave edict? either silver bullet, or what rank deployed, and now you can do, otherwise, it is not good to go out of the imperial afraid ...... "So there is such a thing. "Then immediately see it." ...... "Chen Koujian Majesty." Three people came in, and bow. "Master Xu, a few are up it." Salute is completed, Young reforms called them up. These bits can be considered old, young man with a three. Xu is the most significant of the old, Zhang Jiude is that middle-aged, the youngest is that Zhou Yanru, only thirty-something, there are more than ten years experience of an officer, this would have to say the young excessively, three real teens Vice Minister rank, another two years, is to implement the country-level post. "Master Xu, ye few, about to go to the first line of relief, I send you nothing, and only send you one I hope, I hope that these immigrants can indeed the run, can reduce natural disasters give me great Ming Dynasty impact, so that I can be less of people affected by natural disasters, the pain relief if things along, then I Chohung; relief if things fail, then I looked bad, ...... revive the Ming dynasty thing, to see you three a bit. "" Chendeng will not disappoint the hope of His Majesty, must run errands, to revive the Ming dynasty ...... "A few people said in unison. Zhang Jiude experience, Yang reform generally know, listening to Wang Chengen say, this guy is up from a revised river, this is not easy, from the river into a river repair governor, um, not a little hard work ability, can never rise up, but also dry on the minister of works, this further indicates that people have a few brushes, Young joined the immigration reform plan this person, full of expectations. "Chen Zhang Jiude thank His Majesty trust of grace, minister must remember that His Majesty's orders, as one people, to help Xuge Lao for a good immigration issue." Zhang Jiude very excited guarantee not live up to the trust of the emperor, in fact, the thought was resigned Zhang Jiude officer, who like him competent to minister of works, can only say that is a miracle, and then stay in this seat, very fit, will inevitably be engaged in it, not as their own walk and get ready to resign and stay home, a good the good fortune to go, but now what was selected when the emperor responsible for immigration deputy imperial river, and Xu Guangqi with this, Zhang Jiude think he did come, it is suitable for him, very simply promised emperor. "Ah, very good. I like you." "Zhou Yanru, you know, your biggest advantage is?" Yang Zhou Yanru reform and instead gave the political class. "Chen dull, please enlighten me Your Majesty." Zhou Yanru not unaware of their strengths, and that is the young, but this then had so said that if they know that the emperor also how to go on? "Well, not dull, your biggest advantage is that you are young, there are countless hours to learn, the immigration process, I estimate, not a year or two years to complete, it may take a very long time, Xu master poor health, you are a young man, to be more help Master Xu, how hard to look your greatest strengths, but also your biggest disadvantage, too young to government officials, and has been living in the upper layer, for ordinary people, for the grass-roots poorly understood, which you later official, there will be a great obstacle, I sent you down this time, there is a meaning, it is hoped you exercise more exercise, to learn more about low-level people's emotions, to understand their lives , which can be integrated into people, mostly from the perspective of the people think the problem, consider the issue, in this regard, and you have to master Xu and Zhang Jiude learning, in this respect, are better than you do, so you lay the foundation for your age and qualifications in the future cabinet is almost no problem, you can understand that I do not live up cut, you understand? "Yang reform this personal history, it is know, this guy, let alone a future cabinet, or future perennial Grand Secretary, so Yang reform on this issue, do not intend to rewrite history, ready to "respect" the history, let this guy in the future become a cabinet, or become Grand Secretary. With Young reforms earlier this remark, hard, multi-touch with the grass roots, to learn more about the lives of the grassroots, do not dry to the Grand Secretary of the future, but also the idea of ​​coming out of some lonely at the top. Zhou Yanru emperor had made the remarks, do not know what to say, excited, what does this mean? That means that as long as their doing good, the future cabinet that is an ironclad? This is not the emperor in the training yourself? The moment it was moved to tears, sobbing: "The minister nothing to thank His Majesty, only to comply with His Majesty's instructions, carry on with Master Xu, Zhang master with learning, multi-touch and the people, the future is good to serve His Majesty." "Ah, well, Yes, good work. "Yang praised the reform of a few. "Master Xu, the immigration significant responsibility, I will not say, the migration process, all for immigration, immigrants who benefit, favorable relief, you can handle on behalf of I, all local officials, Military Governors clan has dared to block, delay, bad, or poor person, I give you silver bullet, when necessary, to act on behalf of king, got to kill the fight fight ...... "The Emperor's words, so following a few people have exclaimed, This is really not the same Emperor Xu Guangqi, so much power, even the Military Governors also play together. "...... I know that when you apply for immigration, many of them involving the Ministry for Immigration convenient,oakley sunglasses sale, Ortega Xu Guangqi as ministers ......" everyone is breath, this power, which the rights of immigrants imperial, it really is not generally large. "...... Send another one brought one thousand one thousand elite Guard, specializing in imperial security ......" Oh ...... Zhang Jiude and Zhou Yanru they are invariably exclaimed, this treatment too that what the bar, great bar, a thousand troops to protect? This is to fight it? Also secretly proud of, which is dipping ah! Said the Emperor to protect the kingdom, let evil is also imperial right, although pairs. In other words, we are to protect the column. Young reforms have given the high treatment, which makes the other two deputy governors exclaimed, but Xu was very calm, Xu and two deputies are different, awareness and participation in a number of the emperor's secrets, know what the emperor would also know what to do, everything is still not true. "Chen thank His Majesty, must live up to." Xu said just a very calm one. It appears that expression is almost no major fluctuations. A little while, imperial edicts, did you get a powerful weapon on, face to face has given Xu Guangqi, Xu Guangqi Shane again. Did not say anything. <
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