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as long as the banks kept antworten
> Delete reform ready to give Xu Guangqi add officer. wWw, quaNBen, COm Unfortunately, reading the ancient office. Grade knife "what muscle training, Yang did not get how the reform has always been understood, then. Had recruited Wang Chengen emergency. Wang Chengen is a eunuch, if it is a general thing, instead of the emperor also approved a grant over this, however, this matter involves Imperial Master Xu Guangqi, um, if he still talkative, are not appropriate. worn by the emperor Wang Chengen no way, just whisper said: "Your Majesty, Master Xu has now rank among the less security, and His Majesty now do not want to change the Cabinet ? Can add a scholar's title, such as WenYuanGe scholar, or if you go to Master Xu relief, you need to meet the Ministry, etc., or can be linked to a letterhead Wang Chengen ministers feel that they are forced to. Since the emperor himself must be said, that since the bow say it. "Ministers? If and when the ministers, not out of Beijing is not yet? Does not the Ministry also moved out of Beijing?" Young asked, puzzled reform, which ministers do not just one? Xu Guangqi when ministers not no, but little relief Xu Guangqi was to go out, it would mean that the Ministry must follow out, otherwise it would not be gone Ministry officers? Wang Chengen stunned, and whisper said: "Your Majesty, this is just brevet, and reason, and does not actually work in the Ministry, is to facilitate relief when transacting official Wang Chengen tears ran like the emperor even this still do not understand. ah! that ministers can also be part-time? Yang reform and understood some ancient rules. "ah, you add WenYuanGe scholar. "Young said to be official promotion of reform, which it added. As the title of this ministers Yang reform should also be considered, is not put out relief Xu Guangqi, this had to think about it. Xu had wanted to refuse, but Wang Chengen but came out and said: "Master Xu, sire valuable advice, since it has been exported, then, absolutely no Fanhui truth, Master Xu Guangqi it still shocked about Shane, there is no more consideration, Shane up. This time, Xu Guangqi regarded scholar with the official title, the official became Vizier. And previous involvement with less security affairs that capacity can be much more honest. "Master Xu, this migration process is how thin defense, when the disease?." This? Huibing Majesty, um, there are army doctor or herbalist, where there Huimin pharmacy and medical officer, this is sufficient to ensure the safety of migrants to avoid large-scale thin disease Xu explained. "This will not do, and now are immigrants million joint, better than hundreds of thousands, so the Union think that we should think of a simple, practical, convenient, easy to operate, inexpensive to prevent large-scale outbreaks lean approach, with this big, edicts to the hospital too, so that they quickly find a way, immigration process, how simple, convenient, practical, inexpensive thin the occurrence of disease prevention and treatment, before a meeting tomorrow morning rush to join here "slaves obeyed, which sent Biography purpose ...... Wang Chengen agreed. For the emperor's autocratic, and several others have no opinion, after all, what plague thin, we do not want to happen, did not happen before the British contingent, but does not mean he would not take place, after all, now and in the Ming Dynasty, when a large immigrant and is not the same. Today is a short immigrant million, and the year is not the same protracted. "Thus says the Master Xu, together these immigration issue, it is confident that this mood,Outlet Coach, it cheerful a lot, huh, huh, Xu master, do you really want to do this yourself immigrants do for you? Can not have other people instead? "Yang Xu reform see immigrants go personally to do this thing, it is reluctant, in their own Chodo, less of a helper ah! "Huibing Majesty, this immigration case involving millions of immigrants, related to my Asahi after peace. Should not have the slightest negligence, the minister most familiar of these immigration programs, the most knowledgeable about this immigration policy, the minister going to be the most appropriate Xu shut the still adhere to personally go to Yes ah! This program is responsible for drafting Xu Guangqi was he who formulated, bear comparison to those places, where the need to focus on, how to handle the problems encountered, the fear of his master. already have in mind at the end. indeed , is the most suitable candidate for the. "Xu master or the first look at this relief programming, tomorrow joint civil and military ministers convened in Wenhua Lane deliberations relief thing, time to say it. "Young will be very hesitant leather or that he really is no one available." Yes, sir Xu said. All of a sudden, this Wenhua Lane, which fell into a silence. Xu Guangqi like to think of something, and said: "Qibing Majesty, the minister say there is a car do not know when to say improper to say," What, you say Yang Reform said. "His Majesty Qi Bing, Chen recruitment plan, and juvenile justice recruiting new army on side. Chen thought, is not to scale? Recruit more new army?" Xu Guangqi understanding of the military have also been done scraping New Army thing, many secrets of the emperor are aware of things, you know there's emperor in the recruitment of Shaanxi farmers, practicing new army, which is also a good way to solve the disaster, the emperor's pro-military, and that benefits a good forage a high, an elite said that there are 32 silver per month. If you take thirty-two money to hire Shaanxi farmers fear many as you want. Enrollment? Young reforms wondering, his practice twenty thousand elite new army, it would take more than two million two, but also enrollment, she also wants to recruit more people, but unfortunately, this is a little silver shortage, strokes can not afford ah! "This, together not too a small" just ZhongLian limited financial resources, recruit more. Afford ah! Focus twenty thousand fine first pay ten, spent linking 2002000, and then enrollment, United can not afford ah fear is recruiting! "Young reforms tell the truth for their own these few confidants, also what to say. Xu said:" Qibing Majesty, the minister heard that His Majesty intends to army divided into several steps, there are three? The first level of the elite fight to the death, and the enemy field requirements may even kill to the last one, are not allowed to retreat? The second level is the defense of the soldiers. Generally not field, but according to the city and keep? The third category is the township soldiers, militia, leisure time training, work in the fields, the first two back-up? "" This is indeed, now, in the Union's new army in. Is so implemented, in conjunction say twenty thousand new army, that is the first category, requiring fight to the death, and that time, Union and Eastern Krupp game. Afraid to rely on these elite of the "Qi Bing Majesty, the minister heard that the selection of elite soldiers are very strict, scraping training is rigorous, usually several options where soldiers can pick one, the minister can mean this option to increase the proportion of soldiers that, for example, turned out to be three options for selecting a soldier who can not be increased to five select a person, so, you can recruit a lot more options for soldiers, "as they can not enter the first stage, become elite, this "is not important, it is important to be. minister heard that the first alternative elite soldiers and soldiers treated very differently" Alternative soldiers basically only have enough food, "the minister meant, I do not know His Majesty whether he understands?, small Xu explained. Oh? Xu Guangqi mean? Could this alternative is to make your own soldiers to expand the base point? used to attract others to the treatment of elite soldiers, of course, can become elite is another one back things that a lot of people can either recruit more money they can save a lot and this is perhaps a good idea. "Master Sun, you see, Xu master this approach okay? "For the military thing, Young reforms still have to ask the next Sun Chengzong to see how Sun Chengzong said Sun Chengzong think the next and said:" Your Majesty Hui Bing, Chen thought, this elite soldier,Oakley Sunglasses Sport Cheap, was originally an alternative in many of the soldiers were selected . This alternative recruit more soldiers a little, um, no problem, really, this alternative soldiers and elite soldiers treated forage gap is very large, more soldiers came to recruit a number of options, not a problem, as can be elite this, to look at his own efforts and practiced Sun Chengzong favor of Xu Guangqi approach, which catastrophe is approaching, there will certainly be peasant rebellions, the extraction of local young and, indeed, for reducing the power of peasant revolt, a large help, this earlier, Sun Chengzong and emperors have been discussed, and now, has consistently supported this road sub. "Ah, since the Sun master also said no problem, then. Things just set, Master Sun reliably sent to the poorest county in Shaanxi to recruit more soldiers alternatives. Amounts do? Doubling it on, and now Young reforms Next to finalize this matter. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty Sun Chengzong promised. "Uh" Yes, that open the Yellow River, Jing River irrigation Yutian, do also merged into the immigration relief to go inside, this thing, Master Xu also wrote programs go inside. "Young Yutian reform remembered this thing,Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, this, too, and immigrants combined." Yes, sir, Your Majesty Xu agreed. "Ah, together look at this immigration issue, which is roughly true, the rest, to see how Master Xu arranged, in conjunction tomorrow will convene the relevant ministers to Wenhua proceedings of this matter. Soon as possible, Xu master it hard about it. "talked about it almost, Young reforms at the end, and the rest, to see Xu Guangqi, look tomorrow and the deliberations of the ministers. "Chen kicked Xuke Qi and agreed. Several confidants gone. Wang Chengen see it get down to business finally finished their little careful before the Emperor said:" Your Majesty, which has delayed lunch, have something to eat or fast Majesty the Queen her Also Gaima the said slaves to eat, Young reforms stomach growling up immediately, Yang reform was found, the time now, for fear that the time is coming for dinner, and this day is too busy for that. Young reforms random eating snacks. Wondered, tomorrow and the ministers themselves but also decided that the imperial immigrants, immigration matters, and the ministers had finished talking about casting silver thing, this coinage of silver money system, in this land of China, or the epoch-making first time, for fear that there will be many opponents, so that he had to prepare myself. Yang also changed gobble grass immediately shouted: "Great companions, sent to the Baoquanju steward called, together have something to do once thought to ask, Yang reform but resolutely did not want to delay a little time. Wang Chengen be Emperor a cry, startled. hear the emperor said to be content immediately agreed and said: "Yes, sir, Your Majesty, which sent slaves to send poison called Baoquanju people, Yang reform and calm down , and pondered, he still has to do those things. "Great partner, you said, those princes linked to borrow money, those able to borrow, who is stingy?" This coin was done, he related to money, think of silver, Young reforms think of it, those who prepare their own cases to their Prince menfolk by Reserve Bank of thing, this thing was to do the Ming traffic that slag, even eight hundred years expedited, put their own letter to borrow money over the princes there, it will take some time, a back and forth , one or two months later. The emperor Wang Chengen this. Question stumped, which is to ask yourself one emperor all day to say. Can not say things. Not allow ourselves to one of three small Xu hunger plus ... Palace. Is to ask yourself how those princes who how to borrow money. However, Wang Chengen soon abandoned these thoughts, Wang Chengen heart, has always been the first one emperor, others rely on, the choreography princes who will arrange it, as long as the benefit to the Emperor, that they can do. "Huibing Majesty, this, slaves do not say, this arrangement Military Governors, but the death penalty." Said go, however, prior to the emperor to make a shot, still very necessary. "Nothing, even though you say that there is anything that is linked to your Danzhao." Yang Wang Chengen this reform would like to hear how the locals see Ming Ming Military Governors those who have their hearts a bottom. "That said slaves, but slaves to say, and it is rumored marketplace, when not true, just listen to His Majesty when is nothing." "Ah, go ahead, quick to say." Young reforms urged. "Your Majesty, I have a large Ming Dynasty Military Governors, the" how do you say, your majesty these vassal if you are looking to borrow money, do not, Your Majesty, it seems it should be said Xi Chu, "Wang Chengen gettin 'warmed up, they find themselves like the wrong word . "Yes, yes, great companions, not to borrow money. Is Absorbing "Young reforms blame themselves, the thought of those of the Ming Dynasty princes, think of pigs, expect fertilizer flow of oil, think Gaoqian, Absorbing forget that they are normal, this and borrow money, there are essential differences. Merely" , Your Majesty, in that case, slaves that, as such, to ensure Absorbing Majesty to make a lot of money. "Wang Chengen thought for a moment, only to the emperor ideas, how to get their money princes of you. Only," Quick said. "Yang Ming reform Military Governors of you, no impression, but no contact, but no intersection, for these people, only some vague despicably vague memory for their understanding, that is, that time twenty-first century understanding, the first is fat, second or fat "only", Your Majesty, slaves thought that His Majesty be the first to write a letter, big words now aggressively court relief, fiscal tightening! treasury missing silver, Military Governors of you want to contribute to the treasury some of the money to save the Ming dynasty is tough, the solution to the plight of the common people point out the silver, is to Daming sake, not money, are the people disregard the safety of Zhu Ming dynasty, Zhu Ming dynasty boat despite this, have to write stern Some of this contribution to the number of silver can be written in a large number of "word tribute to princes, but also a little ambiguity, which is to bring those princes Flayer meat ah! "Then it?" Only ", sire, then, slaves thought that these princes who will certainly cry to His Majesty, the home of surplus small, no money, or only a small part of the money" This is definitely yes, we want to find those princes silver, asking them to contribute, afraid harder than kill them, but there is, there are some wise princes fear, fear will take the money out of the Young reforms concluded. Only, "It is, Your Majesty, indeed there are a few names has always been a virtuous princes, such as Zhou Wang, Tang, which few, if they are looking for donations of tens of thousands two Majesty estimated slaves to say a big problem down to business This "Military Governors are looking for donations, very difficult, with little effect, however, Your Majesty, which can write a letter, put money saved to benefit banks say out, Your Majesty just hinted, as long as the banks kept on a money, you can not donate money, future interest can be paid on time, presumably, these princes, would certainly save money in the banks to His Majesty. "Wang Chengen out this idea very damaged, giving them two princes road. One is to accept assessed, a sum of money is saved to the emperor's banks, this figure, however, also put money into the banks in the emperor's cost , so that the emperor banks of the Reserve Bank. regarded with Yang reform thought for a moment and said: "If someone does not contribute, do not save it? Then how to do? "This is indeed a problem, this great Ming Dynasty princes, or do not expect how enlightened." This, Your Majesty, it is nothing, sire only set to use this account, I believe, the majority of Military Governors understand the meaning of His Majesty will save money, or donations, gather one million is not a problem, and the rest, see the majesty of banks, the interest on saving money and sure enough there will certainly if the trend of Ao, do not hasten His Majesty, I believe, in His Majesty's banks . More and more to save money. "Wang Chengen concluded that Wang Chengen has been involved in most of the secret deliberations of the emperor, the emperor the things that banks, if his hand, so have this idea. Yang reform thought for a moment, that makes sense, they do not expect all princes are donations or to save money, a majority on the line, as long as the first batch to get the interest of saving money, presumably, it would not have to worry about the back, and on his family's cellar silver will mildew, put the emperor's banks, and the silver would give birth to silver, ten doubles, this attraction is not an ordinary person can refuse. "ah, yes, great companion, this idea really high, really wonderful, it is so to do, and then the next, Union of you is to give Uncle, uncle, brother, brothers wrote it. Ha ha ha, "Yang reform glad Now, they can get a lot of money, you can put the Ming Dynasty Military Governors their blood. <
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